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Monogolf for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Livito located at Avinguda del Cid, 66 2º piso, puerta 5 46018 València Valencia. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've downloaded hundreds, maybe even a thousand mobile games over the years. I am extremely strict with them and don't rate most highly. But Monogolf is honestly one of the best mobile games I've played to date. It's simple, minimalistic style while staying addicting makes it the best game possible for a simple rec. like on a bus, etc. Great game and doesn't get old.
Monogolf is a fun puzzle game masquerading as a mini-golf game. You must get the ball into the hole in one shot. It's simple, but each level introduces new gimmicks and hazards to get you thinking, and there are dozens of levels to play. There is even a fun level creator included (though there is no in-game way to share your creations). Add in unlockables like ball colors and custom level parts, and you have a fantastic game. This simple, fun experience is what I look for in a mobile game.
Simple, yet great game. Comes with a level designer, a bit if customization, upgrades, and plenty of levels to keep you entertained.
Excellent, easy to learn but hard to master. I find myself playing this game in my free time, I realized the other day that I have been playing this game for 3 years. It is easy to lose track of time playing this game. Fun levels that are challenging. Plenty of unlockables. There is so much content jam packed into a game about golf. I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone.
The game was very interesting until version 3. I liked the music, and the style and the arrows, (which actually looked like ramps) and the triangle ramps, all that before version 3. Sorry, but it was better before version 3. Change it back, and I will rate 5 stars I'm not asking you to take out the stuff you added to version 3, But I'm asking you to re-add the stuff you took out!
Some of the most pure fun I've had with a mobile game for ages! Easy to learn but challenging to master this really rewards you for practice and persistence and the lack of ads unless you choose to watch them makes it a much more enjoyable experience than most of the games out there. Definitely pick this up if you're looking for something to pass the time. Edit: The final set of 105 Tesalia levels is one of the hardest challenges I've had in a game, but that makes completing it so worthwhile!
For a small mini golf game, "Monogolf" i really didnt think it would produce this much fun. Its a great time killer aswell as a way to show of to your friends, "I beat this challenge, can you?" I would recommend it to all of my friends i know because this is an excelent game, i have been playing this game for atleast 4 hours, in total! I would not download any other minigolf game, knowing there is Monogolf
This is a very enjoyable game and I love the variety of level types and my only question is, is there a way to publish my created levels so other people can try them?
i found this game years ago and i started playing it again, its still really fun. one thing I have to say about it is on a tablet its kind of hard to reach some of the buttons so you should shift the buttons to the side a little bit based on what hand you use (i like using my left hand)
All the items are AWESOME! I have a record of higher than 200 stages, and i believe it was worth the time. Perfect for when you either want to play some levels made by others (AKA map packs (which also requires you to beat all stages and then reach to the same stages in which then has different effects and attributes in areas)) or just try the Arcade (the place where to get more items for the editor) or even challenges! You making this game know what you created and you know its good too! ✅
Incredibly fun game, the restarting when you die element is a very unique and clever idea to add to a golf game, and the challenges are very fun too. So far I've only gotten to level 137, but I've enjoyed it a lot, and can't wait to try the others. i would like some more upgrades though, not that i can think of any but just a few extra things would be nice
This game is great , it ' s loaded with many different gamemodes along with a ton of community made levels ! I haven't seen any other moblie game allow user created content to be submitted its great. They ' re are a hell of alot of things to keep you coming back to play
A great all-round game that's truly fun but it can get very tough seemingly at random with how it seems the difference of a pixel to the left or right can shoot your ball in different directions even more when you make sure the hits have the same power but this time it turns into a bullet when you need to be precise
I just want to thank this app for accompanying me 2 years ago when I was admitted in the ward. I had a trash phone with a awful battery life and no way of charging without a power bank. Luckily, I had this game to keep me company for most of the time. I downloaded this game again just for the memories. Thank you!
THIS WOULD BE A 5 STAR However with the latest update I sinply cannot play the game anymore. Every time I try to open the app, I am given a message saying that I don't have the right library architecture or APK (or something like that). I'm really not sure what that means but due to that I'm leaving this as it is. However, for anyone else looking to get this game, I strongly reccomend it. If anyone would be able to help, please let me know.
Please, read this review! Monogolf is a one-putt style golf game. Sounds like a casual game, right? WRONG. There's no force-ads, there's a level editor, and unlockable features, and smooth music, and OH MY GOSH this game is GREAT! Devs, one thing you could do is two community tabs. One is for Community Challenges (which is the one here already) and Community Featured, where every week you take 10 levels (or however many you want) every week to feature. Thanks! GET THIS GAME!
I think this is a fantasric mobile game with all the qualities that a great game has. You can pick up this game very easily and have fun with it right away, and you can even create your own levels. I think the game and the idea around it are great, but I do think there could be some changes that make this game blow up. First, i think there should be something to actually grind for, like challenges such as every ten levels you get a new ball, and I think the art and design could be smoother :)
This game is really fun and a cool little golf minigame and the editor is great too! No real complaints with the game, honestly.
Pretty enjoyable. I play this when I'm bored or on the bus. My favorite feature is probably the course creater section. Pretty solid game.
Man, this is one of my all time favorite phone games. I used to play it on an older phone until the phone broke. I finally redownloaded it and I still love it. I got up to hole 282 but I am willing to try to get farther. The create a hole thing was a brilliant idea. Thanks for the amazing golf game!
I really liked the game and it was simple and to the point. I hope the devs make more games like this. I played this game 2 years ago and it's still one of my favourite games.
Awesome game! What will help more is An new game to create I suggested Make an matching 3 game acts like candy crush type! With an level editor Called matchrule Create your own levels and items to share online! Create more than 100 levels! Even play an unlock items each 10 levels Gets harder You got amount of moves to do it in Nice idea? Thankyou if you say yes Kind regards Ryan
This is a fantastically satisfying game. I love that, unlike most golf games, getting the ball into the hole while it is still traveling at full speed actually counts. Some words of critique: A few levels require a little too much precision and don't really follow the difficulty curve. Also, the level skip ability feels way too OP. After you get used to how the timing works, it becomes way too easy to pull off on some levels.
It was awesome! I loved it! I would love if you created more games like that! Thank you for the awesome experience! Also if you were to make a sequel you should have an upgrade that allows you to move the starting place
Monogolf is one of those games that's fun for a short while, but becomes very dull and monotonous after about 15 minutes. Furthermore, when repeating all the levels, it becomes impossible to aim the ball accurately due to the targeting line quickly becoming blurry and fading away. This was obviously an intended feature by the developers to make it harder, but that doesn't make it a good one. How about just making harder levels, or bringing back the time limit from older versions of the game? 2★.
Great time consumer!! 5/5 would recommend if there's times you're waiting for something and want something to do.
Just one change. Re doing the whole game from the first freekimn whole!!!! it feels like I have been punished for cheeze cheets while in truth i am suffering one. Due to a simple blind spot(I remember my 1st BASIC game I loved it tomuch,it was a a flawed game and I never even tried to change it the same blindness mothers and parents can have) Still I give it 4 and a half stars or five even but please. S stop the hate you create thank you
Virtually no ads, and a lot of fun! I've had 3 phones on which I restarted my progress for this game and I don't get bored!
Brilliant! This is somewhere between a crazy golf game and a physics puzzler. You can play it as a quick time filler, or really get stuck into progressing levels. Highly recommended.
Excellent game. I got it day one when I got my phone and I've played it consistently since. It's a great S-Pen game too. Over the year or two I've played, it's only gotten better. This right here is a little indie developer that inspires me as a game dev. Truly living the dream, and doing it right.
This is a rare game that doesn't shove ads in your face every other second, in fact the only time I've ever been shown ads is by choice when I wanted to get more balls to continue my game, no microtransactions either, just a really enjoyable experience. The level editor is really fun to mess around with as well and the stages can get really challenging, it's really rare to see a game that's this good on the app store and I emplore people to check it out!
I've had this app for a while and I can say without a shadow of doubt, it is 100% worth playing and keeping. 1. The graphics are great 2. I love the calm background music (It reminds me of elevator music) 3. The gameplay is easy but not too easy all the time and fun When I need a quick game to play to kill time, this app is my go to app, I've gotten so good at it and know all the levels but it's still fun. My one and only complaint is the community levels that seem near impossible sometimes.
Great game, progression is easy even if you aren't that good at it (like me!). It is nothing like other golf games, not even in the same category as them. It is a very original game, I might even go so far as to call it an indie game. Some small issues like the levels are a little hard to edit when you create them, but overall a great game.
One thing I can say about reviewing this game is that I can tell you that its probably the best golf game on the mobile market. There isnt many advertisements theres, a level editor, a reward system, and plenty challenges that turn regular arcade courses into time trials. This game is fun.
Was very fun especially in all the holding classes I have at school with nothing to do, the later levels get super hard but all in all I'd say a 10/10 game to relax and play. Also the level maker is super fun to play with.
The graphics are simple, the gameplay is straightforward, and overall Monogolf just provides a phenomenal gaming experience. Once you get to the wobbly levels, however, the game picks up in intensity, rewarding players who know the levels by heart. Another great thing about the game is that it doesn't require you to remain on one account, your skill stays with you. I've installed this on a new phone, and none of my progress saved, but it was pretty easy getting back to my level again.
I enjoy Monogolf very much. I highly recommend this game for someone looking to play a simple game without interruptions. There are no ads in the game unless you want to continue when the balls in that game have been used. There is also a creative mode which allows you the freedom to design and play your own course using the materials provided. I enjoy the classic arcade style and the physics involved in playing as well.
It's a fun distraction with quite a few levels. The ads are not intrusive at all and the level editor is also a cool bonus.
an overall solid little game. a lot of depth to the level design and a decent physics model that definitely encourages developing skill. upgrade path is engaging and the very minimal pay to win mechanic is definitely appreciated. only one ad per playthrough and thats only if you want a few extra lives. its a nice balance element that you can only watch the ad once then its a real game over.
It is a really fun game but the content is lacking and the Google save cloud is not available. You should add the Google save cloud in order to transfer to a new device. Then in the content, I think you should a game mode where players can post their level and other players will finish it with. All in all the game is really amazing, I just really want the Google save cloud. Thanks ❤️
despite having to restart from level 1 when you run out if balls the game is fun. its listed as an arcade game and that lends to the feeling of being an arcade game. you can get more balls to start with by beating levels and earning hexagons. and even use the hexagons towards upgrades that help you get a better second shot. ive been playing this game quite a bit and just earned a trophy!
Not only is this game super addicting, you can actually play it without an ad in your face every 2 seconds - infact, it feels like a robbery to play a game this good with ads. The levels are fair and well designed. The challenges are actually challenging and I'm only up to the 4th one. Each new concept feels original and not a slightly different version of the last. Awesome game!!
Very fun, simple and challenging. Plus the developers didn't try to overload the game with monetization, they just made a fun game. Download the game!
Monogolf is a great game. Me and my friend both like it very much and love creating awesome levels. Recently I got to level 239 which was very exciting! I recommend it because it has a creative course creator and the main game has hours of gameplay. If you're bored and want to make something fun, just install Monogolf!
Amazing Game!! It's a lot of fun and is really good if you have extra time but don't know what to do with it, I love the style that the game is in, I love the fact that it autosaves your progress (which can get a bit annoying sometimes), but they have a button to just start another game! The controls are a little weird to get used to, but I give them a 4.5 (if i could)! All around very good game!
The game itself is good. The challenges, however, are sometimes too difficult with even the luckiest of tries coming up short by a few seconds. The community levels are a joke. There're levels that are far too difficult and levels that are laughibly horrible and are just free holes.
One of my favorite mobile games, simple yet so fun. All the holes in this 2d golf game needs you to get a hole in 1 to pass the hole.There is also a golf hole creator that I spend most of my time on now I finished the main holes. All the courses are small, which is the only bad thing about this game. It would be cool if there was somehow a 2 player mode.
This is a pretty good simple minigolf game. You have one shot to reach the goal and it is possible on every level even the darkness levels. You're given a few balls to start with and each level you beat gives more points with which you can buy upgrades or additional balls to start. I've only had this game for a few weeks and I've gone so far my putter indicator was "useless" and I had to make each shot without guide. The ads are perfect too, a 30 second spot because I'm bad is pretty good to me.
This is easily one of the best Android games I've ever played. Monogolf is unique in that there are no ads that pop up every 20 seconds, and there are no in app purchases that will make the game easier. It is not pay-to-win. It is simple, and yet difficult and addictive. The first levels are easy, but as you go on they get very difficult. My personal record is level 234. This is a great time killer and doesn't get boring even after weeks of playing. I highly reccomend this game.
Fun. Ads implemented in a tasteful way. Didn't badger me for ratings until I completed a large portion of the game.
It's great! You just have to start from the BEGENNING after lose, if there was an option to start from first level of a chapter with limited balls, it would be better.
This game is so simplistic yet addictive. They took a good formula and added so much to it. Just maybe an idea is to add the ability to play other users levels. Best part is that there is no pushed ads. Props to the dev
I loved this game so much. Played it for months and was super excited but also sad when I beat it because it meant it was over.
This game is well worth your time. The main levels have clever design with varying mechanics. Certain levels and mechanics are frustrating, but there's enough of the game that is great and 100% free.
Amazing game. Fun, addicting, challenging courses, and doesn't force you to or shove ads down your throat.
Purely a simple game. It's a great time killer and yet a challenge. I've been playing since 2017 or so. I have little to no complaints about this game.
Very good game if i dont say so myself. I love the puzzle and fun game. I love creating hard levels to challenge myself and friends
I'm making this review short and to the point. The game was very casual, not necessarily fun rather it was to pass time (which is what you'd be looking for in such a game). However, after the first 7-8 levels you run out of balls to use to continue making shots. Your options are to watch long a** ads to get ONLY 5 BALLS or restart completely with all of them... Needless to say I uninstalled the game before I found out whether you can purchase more or not. Either way, the game down right sucks.
Honestly I didnt find any ads in this game because there are some games like this game which shows ads in such a manner that makes you feel that you are just watching ads and not playing the game. This game is not like it, though it is not that famous. I love this game, its a really great game to pass time and play with your family
Good game, great for passing time when bored. My only gripe is it does not support phones with taller aspect ratios, and I have thick black bars on the top and bottom of the UI.
Very fun game! Love that you have to time your throw, and have to think strategically(especially with the teleporter stages) also like that you can make your own level 5/5 amazing😊👌👍
I really do enjoy this game, the satisfaction of getting that sweet sweet hole in one is great! It runs well and looks simple but great and when you run out of balls just watch an ad and the people who are always like "I see where this is going ads to get more balls this sucks get a life" can't tell me otherwise, the feature is great and supports the developer because it's the only way they get money. Overall it's a pleasing game and I enjoy it.
The game isn't a bad game, I am not fond of games that put you back at the beginning over and over. However the upgrade system makes this more bearable because you know the next time you play you will start off better. The challange is fine however the online levels seem as if they haven't even been tested, some are near impossible.
Not a bad little time waster. Doesnt bombard you with ads and has a really clean classy interface. Most similar games ive played get a bit painful in terms of waiting times and making it intentionally not as good. This ones just simple fun. Enjoyable chamges of pace too. Thoughtful level design with innovative ideas is a nice touch.
The main thing I love about this game is the course editor. I'm a huge sucker for level/course makers in games and always spend hours making something interesting. As for the core game, bit boring in my opinion. Like you just do the same courses in the arcade mode over and over and then you beat your score by like 10 courses and then you fail again. I'd say to randomize the courses in the arcade mode so you dont expect the same course over and over