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Monkey Ropes

Monkey Ropes for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by PlaySide Studios located at 75 Crockford Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I Like this Game its ,entertaining and so Fun. There is a lot of ads but its worth the wait!!! I Love the Skins you can pick from ,but you do have to watch ads or buy them but who cares! Monkey Ropes is Really Dope!!! πŸ΅πŸ’β€
This game is AMAZING! I love it so much, it is so easy to play and everything is free! The ads were annoying at first but if you turn off your wifi they go away! I absolutely love the challenge of this game and it's one of my favorites during this awful pandemic!
Not bad. Simple concept but challenging. Wish there were less ads of course but otherwise pretty good
This game is good and I used to play it when I was 6 or 7. I think it's when Its 7 and all the skins were free. Now u have to pay real money for any skin!! (except for maybe 2) So now I just play challenges and stuff with just 2 boring monkeys... And yeah as I just said, now I sadly play challenges and normal levels with just 2 boring monkeys...πŸ™„πŸ˜£πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬
This is a HORRIBLE GAME you cant get past level 1 and i would rate it a 0 out of 5 if i could. And yheres so many ADS.
This game is very fun and a good time killer. It's a fun amount of hard and theres no malfunctions at all. Smooth gameplay. I wish the skins were unlockable by gems though, instead of money. Ads and money? That isn't too fair. Good job anyways.
this game is life changing. i have never cared so much for a silly monkey. I also learned that if you tie 2 monkeys together, and put them on a dangerous mountain trail, they can make it out fine. i wonder how many monkeys you went through during the filming for the game graphics. thank you for this life changing, informative game! yours truly - Andrew
Great but sometimes in the trees if both monkeys are not on the platforms they immediately burst and die, if this bug could be fixed that would be great
There are way to many ads and when an ad appears at the bottom of the screen you can't close it because another ad will play and it will come back, and if you touch the ad you can't jump so you lose and the gameplay would be fun if the mechanics were good.
I would give it five stars but I can't on level five of the floor is lava challenge it is impossible because as soon as you get of the falling platforms there is a porcupine that is impossible to dodge then a dragon made of fire comes an you can't hit him but to dodge the porcupine you have to jump
This game is AMAZINFG. Like I love it. Also you can play without WIFI. It is so fun. And also when I am bored I play this game. And it is super fun. I love the chalenges that you put. I cannot pass the 4 chalenge of Lava!!!! It is super tricky. But fun at the same time. And also some people say that they do not like this game because of the adds but when I die I watch an add and it said: you can atart from here. And it gets trickier when you go further. I just love it. Make more games like this.
I thought the game was fun at first but I would have gotten more addicted to it if it weren't for the constant ads. I deleted this app after 2 days because the creators force you to spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game. Fun game though.
I really think this is a great game and it was really easy to get used to the controls at first. I just wish the ads were a little toned down and sometimes the birds are too low and you can't Dodge them but other than that I really do recommend this game, very addicting
I love this game it is one of the best phone games I've seen in a long time but I have to complain about the rag doling it is annoying and should be fixed most of the time I die over nothing happening and then randomly rag doling it's pretty stupid 😞
Good game design but you can't see anything ahead of you until you jump. Poor mechanic that makes it unplayable.
The game is impossible to enjoy, there are so many ads. There's an ad banner on the bottom where you're probably tapping to jump. There's one-two ads every couple of deaths. One of the ads' exit button launched their website. The gameplay itself is actually engaging, which is a shame because sometimes I felt like I saw more ads than game time.
This game is so addictive and fun! I love how you don't have to buy the characters, and can earn them from a gacha type thing. I do wish there was some sort of tutorial at the beginning, but it was an easy game to learn.
I bought no ads, and it just told me I had no wifi so it didn't work. Money was gone from my account. I tried doing it again, and it said you already own this item. Please fix.
I love this game! I wish there was a multiplayer option, but I always just take turns tapping with my friends and it does the job, but all in all an amazing fun game that is perfect for road trips! πŸ˜ƒ
I looked at the reviews but didn't listen PLEASE LISTEN! I got the into the game and immediately went into an add and then another one and another and another! It didn't teach me how to play but I'm not completely sure it didn't have a tutorial because I didn't even get to play. after the adds finally stoped I click 1 button and more and more and more adds started agian! After LOTS of frustration I gave up. Don't get this (runed by ADDS)game. I had to give it 1 star to post but it deserves 0 😠
it is a really good game and i love playing it,but the way the characters die are stupid i understand the creatures part but the way you can die on the tree is unreasonable.Maybe when one character dies let the other live on a time limit but still able to die if it doesn't die,revive the other character and continue the game.
Get rid of the porcupines and crocodile s randomly teaching up on their backs to kill you. It's impossible to deal with and is not even an obstacle, just a point where you die .
It's a good game but every time I die and the a ad pops up but it's really fun to play when I'm bored ^^
This app is amazing and I use it everyday! This app is so fun and addicting! I love all the little charicters you can get and the way the charicters die is really funny. The only problem with this app is a tree level glitch, but all is still fun! Keep it up PlaySide Studios!πŸ‘
Fun but not that fun nice game i got diffrents kinds of skin :) very fun who ever made this game should make more kinds of skinπŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Ruined. Used to be so much better but now you have to pay for most things. Its laggy and ard to play. Not to mention that there's an ad after every 2 attempts. Definately worse than before.
I don't reccomend playing this game, as it is clearly impossoible and you cant even make the first jump. Please Fix the game. Dont play please.
I love this game its so fun, The little characters are so cute. One thing that bugs me is that when you do the challenge levels and your stuck on a level you can't do a different level you have to pass that level that you are stuck on. please make it so if your stuck on a level you can do the next one.
May be a fun game, but you can't play long enough to really get better at it. Just ad after ad. I understand the need for ads, but I think because of how many of them there are the majority of people just won't give it the time of day.
πŸ—‘ game play πŸ—‘graphics no storyline no fun 😒 thought it would be a great game but I think the only way to help this game is to make it 3d.
Overall I love this game it is alot of fun and it is a good game to pass time with the only thing is that there are SO MANY ADDS it starts to become annoying but I still play it. But yes it is a good game.
TO MUCH ADDS... im listening to spotify and the adds just cut out the music and it frustrated me a lot so if u want people to play this game u need to remove having adds every game!!!! I mean that.
Its a great app!I just downloaded it and its absolutely great!Its has not much adds. Theres music.and its just a great game alot of people should get it!And the black one looks like a ninja monkey from adopt me in roblox almost!Haha, Anyways I really have no problems!:) I also love the toucan it just basically gives you stuff all the time! It doesnt pop up when wanting to. Its so cool!all the characters NPCS look so realistic!Like the alligator, snake stuff like that!It is maybe a bit cartoony!
I hate this game, do your self a favor and never play it, it's wayyyyy to hard and there are adds every second. It's Soo easy to rage.
This game is addictive and doesn't really get boring, the challenges are actually challenging but they're not impossible, the characters are all really cute and they're called jumpers which I think is really cool, the control are interesting but it's not that hard just takes a while to figure it out and get used to it
Do not buy the "remove ads" feature, because it does not remove all ads. Still asks to watch an ad when you die or when claiming coins.
There is literally nothing bad with this game. Ive had it for a few days and am hooked! Good amount of charactwrs,get lots of coins, and not too many adds. On the whole,AMAZING.
Awesome and Fun!!! I love this game it is the best mobile game I've ever had. I love the "Pride Sheep" because it shows that the creators support pride!! I would totally recommend. It is actually a challenge unlike some other games, there are also not as many ads as other games.
Thought this would just be another game I try for a bit because I'm bored and get rid of it after, but it's surprisingly really fun! The ads aren't super annoying either because they aren't after every single time you fall.
The game is overall really fun, but sometimes you literally can't avoid the birds, or if you watch an ad to continue, then once you watch the ad you fall and die again.
Very fantastic game the monkeys are very cute and all characters are very beautiful once u will play this game u will never want to delete it
One star! This game sucks after every 1,2, or 3 seconds it decides to put an add right up in my face this game also makes you doe when your not even doing anything it also makes one monkey land on the cliff thing and makes the other fall and in the add for this game it makes it so "EASY" but really it's not do not trust the add to this game!!!😑ps.A waist of my time!!!😑
Way too difficult. Everything is a leap of faith and you get ads crammed down your throat. Uninstalling
I really like this game it's a good time passer. One thing that I don't get is you ask for ad to give xtimes on the winning coins and Every single time I've watched your ad for it all I ever get is x2 and I've played this game a fair few days now. Why have others xtimes if you never get them!
Forced ads and microtransactions. Have one, not both. If you have both you're just a greedy butthole.
Good concept but waaaaay to many ads. I Uninstalled the app because of it. Im a little upset that I had to do that because it was a good game apart from the ads
Love the game, however there is a small problem. In level 3 for The Floor is Lava challenge, it has platforms that sink when you stand on them. It sinks WAY too fast for you to react and hop the other monkey on the next platform, and then the other, making level 3 nearly impossible. Please fix the sinking platform speed. Then this'll be 5 stars. Thank you.
Worst game mechanic I've ever tried it's nearly impossible to play, the field of view is so limited, you see where the monkey is landing after it's too late to get him on a ground.
THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!! It's so satisfying 🀩 and maybe a bit hard on some levels but I can agree that this game desves a five star rating.
I just spent $3.20 to get a special character AND NO ADS like the promo pop up promised. THERE ARE STILL ADS. Why do you charge for no ads and still expect me to watch ad's to keep playing a level after dying? I want my money back. Don't give them your money, it's a damn rip off. EDIT- it's been a week since I emailed the developer and I have still heard nothing. Really don't spend any money on this game. EDIT 2- The developer is still ignoring my requests. It's been several weeks now.
Very inappropriate ads keep popping up on my 7 year old sisters tablet while playing this seemingly innocent game.
I love this game and I've played it for a few years now and when I started it was fun until... You couldn't do anything with out an ad you miss click and change the level, BOOM AD! And this happens alot it's more of an ad than it is a game.