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Money Race Finance and Investing Game

Money Race Finance and Investing Game for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Relampago IO located at Lõõtsa 8 C-tower, D-entrance, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, has helped me to better understand investing and money management. I have realized my phone has trouble running it quickly for a long period of time.
It was alright for a quick playthrough. Didn't take long to beat all the levels. But after I beat the last one, I wanted to see how far I could get. After about 2 days my save data disappeared and I had to start over. But I didn't want to go through all 5 levels ago and wait for those spins. So I just uninstalled.
I love the game its just they make it hard to actually make a real earning. How am i suppose to even make a proper earning when the game has me spending more and giving me a slim to none in return. And another thing you guys need to add options for the player to choose allowing their choices to determine their own out come instead of giving random generated outcomes that are repeated
You can't play multiplayer game if you haven't Facebook account! It is better if you can play multiplayer game when you registered with email and you know your friend's email.
Its good at first,, but then ow can entrepreneur buy what he cant afford and not needs,, Later in the game I was 3x fired at my work but never hired need to be fixed I love this game but make it better thanks
The concept of the game is fine but it needs improvement in its multiplayer section. Other player often don't play their turns or are just offline. Sometimes they do this on purpose to disturb others. The developers should look into it. Either their should be fixed timer so that other get their turns on time.
After paying money to the app on the 2nd day it just stopped working completely.... Why is this game online? Make it offline so there isn't endless loading and freezing!
A good app for teaching the handling of assets vs liabilities, and learning how to make your assets pay you expenses. I just wish you could fix a property after something happens to it. Or if you evict someone you should be able to rent it out to another occupant. Otherwise good.
Pretty great game but honestly I have one issue: The game is really laggy on my S10, even when running on high performance mode. I tried clearing the cache and it still is laggy. The game seems to have FPS issues on my phone which is weird. Hope there's a fix cause it's a lovely game.
It teaches you the general idea to increase your passive income more than expenses. Then as the level gets harder, the app teaches the various circumstances that we have to be ready for such as suddenly being unemployed. Do you have enough savings to weather out for a few months and etc? Great app for those looking for financial freedom
Gameplay is a little slow for me, the pop up screen/s for each spin is really making it hard for me to play waiting for them each time. Otherwise good game, not pay to win.
I enjoy the game but I wish there was more growth opportunity. For example it seems once you get some of the bigger companies. You run out of stuff to buy. I feel like this could eventually be an amazing empire building sim/teaching. With more development into bigger reward, bigger punishment. Where you can make billions but also have to make decisions that could ultimately ruin you.
This game is an awesome tool for understanding investment and finance and I think EVERYONE should play this game. I have been playing it for years now and I should have just bought it sooner to save myself some time lol. One thing I wish you had in this game is some sort of mini game to 'will' yourself not to buy stupid stuff or find a job if you loose it because sometimes those things will just destroy you lol
Really fun finance simulation game. Gives me a gist on how hard it is to manage and budget money. Also, there only ad that gets featured every payday(4 rolls) which are skippable.
It's an interesting game, I still learn how to play, but I like it so far , I'm at level 2 with 230%, in multiplayer mode, I didn't play because other people I think they are offline and my turn never came, but so far I like it.
At the beginning, it is really good. First level ( financial survival) outstanding, it gives you key elements for harvesting pasive income, however, if you reach some sore of economic independence, next levels should be more challeging, on the contrary they start from the begining. You suppose to have money already and don't be working for someone else. It is a shame that you didn't take the time to make it more challenging and risky. When you have 500k to invest, you take risk.
Why can't I turn the sound off in the game?? App is functional again after the latest bug fix. Nice work guys!
RNG kills any fun that could be had from this game. Get a raise and then lose your job? Stupid. Wish I didn't spend the 5 bucks on it
Fun game to pass time with, i wish they would add more expensive business opportunities however, once you are in the hundreds of millions per pay period, stocks are really the only way to keep building income
Great fun and all but it is annoying to have to go back to the stock market everytime I buy a stock. Also it's annoying to have to go back to my liabilities menu everytime I pay off a debt.
Interesting game so far. One pro is even though you get turns based on time you can always watch an ad for more allowing you to play for as long as you want in a session. One thing I would like to see is interest rates and terms on the liabilities page. Maybe it's there and I just haven't gotten that far yet. Neat little mix of luck and strategy.
Very addictive game. Really enjoying it. I had an issue with one of my purchases. Wrote to the dev(s). Got a response very quickly. They also helped me fairly quickly to resolve the issue. Over all great experience
Super addicting game. Due to spin cooldown you can only play it for maybe 15 minutes at a time, but that's probably a good thing because I could play for hours
Cute and amazing game that is both fun and informative, teaching you a lot about finances. It's strongly inspired in Cashflow game by Robert Kiyozaki. Only thing I'd improve: The song plays in background, which is annoying for even small pauses like watching a video or listening an audio message. I have to close the game every time I want to listen to something else.
This is an very good game I suggest anyone to get it, however, you only receive tips in the start and that's it. It gives understanding of how money and debt works overtime but it doesn't teach you how to calculate your ROI (and all the info to calculate it ain't there) or anything so that part you have to acquire else where but indeed try. It's fun!!
Pretty fun to play, but I don't see how it's educational, I started the first level with thousands of dollars and a job that paid over $2000 a month, and magically own property already, that's all fantasy level economics, only people born into money start out like that.
This game takes a LOT OF TIME to load, and plus the overconsumption of data seems to be a trouble most of the users are facing. I've made and in-app purchase and im regretting it already. Hope this issue gets fixed in the next update!
Good and simple game for passing time, addictive, but doesn't get you to spend hours on the game just playing. Good exercise for brains as you got to think about basic finance planning and calculation, definitely recommend
I love this game, it give me ideas how to manage money. I'm not sure if this intended or bug, I can't sell my share when I keep playing. This made me lost opportunity to buy assets many times.
Fun educational game. It introduces the player on basic concepts such as cash flow, assets, and liabilities to help get you started on your financial literacy journey. Support team was also accommodating of my concern when I had a problem on my purchase.
I love this game. It's very practical to the real world. I do however wish I could leverage my credit line and score more. As far as the app itself it works perfectly.
Fun but would be better if it wasn't so internet dependent. 10th time I've had a SO take half the available money. Kinda kills the fun when you are trying to save without doing ads.
Great game! Wish there was a way to see the business stats screen shown before requesting a loan while requesting the loan - the cash flow gets skewed sometimes
The game is awesome, but if you can make it more like bitlife it would be great. I mean the player should have given the power to choose what car to buy, when to get married and have a child
I've been interested in personal finance and this is the perfect game for that would recommend very much. I would like to see a better interface when paying of liabilities cause that is also een good way to increase cashflow. I want to see the interest rates on my liabilities and be able to influence it buy how much I want to pay off. Same for when getting a loan offered
Great game...BUT IT USES WAY TO MUCH DATA. I WILL DELETE UNTIL FIXED IF FIXED AT ALL!!! Teaches you how to get ahead on your finances. They should teach this in school...about the credit card traps, how to save, how to invest I know it's common sense, and how investing isn't only for the rich.
Had given a good review earlier, After purchasing the premium version, my game progress went to zero from the higest level. It does not show I have premium, back to 30 turns from 90, no way of contacting publisher from within the game- Return the money or fix it fast.
This game could be so awesome but I will never get to know, I couldn't play it...the game is so buggy for me that it just became unplayable, frozen screens, being kicked to random menus, please fix! I want to be able to give this game an honest try!!!!
It is fun and I really like it I recommend this game. The only think I wish 🤣Is the money was real.
The most useful game ive ever downloaded. Changed my way of thinking and money management. And its gives great motivational quotes while giving you a fun way to learn about obtaining financial freedom by investing in assets and building passive income. Of course its alot easier to do in a game than real life but if you apply what you learn from the game in your life, over time youll be in a better financial situation. Thankyou for changing my life!!
I really like the game. The only problem I'm having is an occasional shooting game ad/interruption which requires me to restart my phone in order to continue playing the Money Race.
Fun game, interesting concept, very different. It does it's best, but the game is super unrealistic. I wish the RNG was better. The game sometimes forces slumps where you just lose your career, start paying out tons of expenses and so on. For example I started level 5, 20k a period job, no kids plus 10k every round. I'm now ten turns in, 4 kids no job, 10k in the bank and -18000 every damn turn. Tell me how that is balanced or realistic in any fashion. You should never lose a game to RNG
great game optional ads not pay to win. educational value is there and way more advanced than the rich dad poor dad game. developer responds when queried and randomness increases replayability.
Great game, however I can only play it on WiFi and cannot get it to load even with mobile data. Please fix this issue.
Overall this is a good game, works well, is simple in its complexity and focuses the player on thinking about finance. I am making my way through the levels with a bit of persistence. The only question I have is if I'm actually learning anything. I think I am, but maybe my strategies are wrong or could be perfected. An additional tutorial would be good to guide the user on this.
Love it...Big thumbs up....Perhaps developers can add more investment options/features in future updates. I am addicted
The game is good. I like the concept building your financials. One comment I can say is the tax expenses. Regardless if you have salary or was cut back, the tax expenses is the same making a huge negative. It is paying taxes you are not really liable to.
Mirror of real life activities in a simple game. This game helps understand the importance of positive cash flow and the financial statement. And the support is fast in case of any issue. Thumps up!
The game is great overall but my only concern is that the stocks' value should change by spin instead of time imo
Great app with small minor bugs that aren't detrimental at all. A little unrealistic with the returns of investments but overall a very well put together game.
The only game that will make you rich in life for real. Almost all the financial aspects and philosophies are embedded into this game and no one size fits all on how to become rich. Highly recommended! Update: after years of playing this game i still am. I hope to see improvements such as volatility of interest rates for loans, maybe buy and sell dream cars, boats (depreciating assets) etc. It will be a lot more fun! Especially when you're rich enough ;)
It's a fun and educational game. I wish it would notify when it's one's turn in multiplayer games and there are some minor bugs but it's easy to jump out of and continue a game. Teaches some fundamental truths! Unfortunately repetetive ads spoil the podcast experience
Being a finance person, I loved this game. Would like to suggest few points: 1. Add more costly business & investment options for player at higher level bc after reaching good level, nothing is new. 2. Player rankings: Either world-level or region-level. That would motivate to play more. 3. Option to add friends and compete with them on independent basis. Multiplayer mode is useless. 4. Improvement on display & graphics could be done. 5. Some more logical & real life approach to decision Thanks
The game was alright, it's the mobile game you should expect for. A bit of intrusive ads, ridiculous -$100 silverware expenses or eating a 5 star restaurant at your house for ONLY $1000+!! What a deal! Well prepair to suffer and watch ton of ads to progress in game. Though the game itself, is pretty alright. You have stocks system, duh. A market where you buy/sell assets of your own. And loans.. loads of them. What I disliked about is you can't spend on your own money for things you want. Empty.
Great game to learn about financial management. Would be nice if game can add hiring managers to run or improve the businesses you own and drive or increase profitability.
It's a great game but I can't figure out how to repair real estate. Would love some insight. Additionally I think the number of spins should be increased, at least a little bit.
Game is fantastic but there is a bug : The tune keep playing even when the app is in background or the phone is locked.
Definitely an easy fun and smart way to learn about the importance of investments for financial freedom. I wish there was a little more guide on which signals/a trend indicator to study in the stock option before investing.We are left to guess work for that. Unless the lesson there is stock is guess work. Include an option to sell off assets. Altogether a great game.
This financial Education game is very educative. I enjoyed it just like I used to enjoy monopoly and cash flow board game. Thank u the creator for this creative work. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 bcos at times the game is slow from loading when you spin.
Why can I play a game with a random player but not a friend unless I sign in through Facebook? Poor design, and what seems of it, a medicore game.
It's an ok game. Kind of does a good job of reflecting real financial decision making. However the spin counter concept seems arbitrary and after you reach the end of your spins the game becomes kind of pointless... The next levels should be based off of prior success. Not starting from scratch again. Just like in real life, if you succeed at building a solid financial base and income, you can use that to fund greater ventures that are perhaps more expensive and higher risk
Nice to learn about financial engineering and I have gain lots of knowledge with the app. Stock market tab could be improved as it is not doing a lot in the game. The business sales are all low hanging fruits with high start up down payment just makes the survival harder. Good to know how to get out the rat race
Alot more fun than expected. Good job. Would like a feature to pay more than needed each week. For example add an extra $100 per week on everything sort of thing. Dont really feel like the stocks are relevant because they never really move for me, only the dividends are I guess.. taken one star off as it won't let me watch an ad for extra spins after a purchased a pack.
The game is kinda good only for 10 , 12 years old kid , same concept for all stages and it sucks more data, 100 mb for 20 minutes of playing is too much for this kinda spinning weel game , You guys need to improve the concept of the game , add more features and remove the spinnin weel
I enjoy the game. I wish there was more information on how the levels were ranked. There is not much beyond make more passive income.
Love the game for the most part but when you click on ads for 2x pay, sometimes shooter 3d comes up and completely breaks the game. No open to exit or do anything other than shoot and download their app. I have to close the game down completely and miss out on the double payday even after doing the ad. Its unfair amd needs to be removed from the rotation. I run into it far too often.
Great game, is funny and educative, but it would be better if it had a lot of data like in real life as well as values of assets and time to especulates values
Horrible experience. Overtime, it gradually takes longer and longer to load whatever you land on after you spin the wheel. Fix this bug and I'll consider reinstalling. Shame.
Game concept is good. But it hangs a lot. It's like stuck in a loop after every spin. Annoying to see it. Please fix the issue.
"The best money game to learn how to improve finances and build wealth!" Really? It's like a shortened version of monopoly where nothing is taught, ya spin a wheel and the higher levels in the game keep going in the same way as in each previous, but with more money. There's no financial advice/knowledge and it's just the spinning of a wheel. Boring and not what is advertised.
Am I so old that I play a game about paying fantasy bills?!?! It's a decent game. When you start each level there is information about your objective, becoming fincially free. I wish there was more of that information. I also would like to see more realistic monetary values. Sorry but a toothache will cost you more than $50...
One of the best games about money i hvae played... It teaches basic principles that require attention to figure out, and turns out lovely. What a great way to get introduced to how money works. Btw, the quotes are killer. I love this game.
Made a purchase in this game when I bought it a year or two(or three, not 100% sure) ago on old phone. Now rediscovered with my new phone but none of my purchases saved.
I've only started playing yesterday but I like this game. Very educational and easy to understand how the gameplay is. I prefer it to be more interactive so I can play with my friends. And hopefully you'll make this game for iPhone users too cuz the game doesn't appear on Apple Store.
Very quick on losing a job, fix it because it's annoying.. Not applicable too in real life.. Get fired 3 times after get payday
Great game. My main complaint is that it uses an insane amount of data, I mainly try to play when I can connect to WiFi. I can't fathom why this game uses so much data, it uses more data than virtually any other game I have.
It's a great app to get more knowledge upon handling money to grow richer. I loved it and I also recommend to all for using this app to increase your financial intelligence. Thank you.
Fun game but I've run into issues with the wheel continually shrinking as I play until I restart the app
Fun game and teaches you many things about investing. But after playing for awhile in stage 5 I noticed a bug with the dividend payout. As I invested 588 billion into URP and the divident payout was supposed to be 4 billion but my income was capped at 2.1 billion. I tried to pay off my debts and my income increased but my expenses only amounted to 8 million. I hope that this will be fixed and I believe that this game has a lot of potential. Thank you.
A great concept but please get rid of the intrusive ads that always change my screen resolution, it is really annoying and I'd just prefer it if you could hide it
Very limited in the number of levels and seems to be nobody online to play against. Good to download and play the levels there are though.
THERE IS A BUG that when I pick the stock when they reach the peak to sell them (in multiplayer game) . The app is crashed and it return to the homepage. Please have a look about it. The overall is great. I wish there are some tips about finace managing in-game which would make the app far beyond normal app.
This game is not for people who already know how to get rich; unless you want to challenge your investment skills. I shared the game with a few friends who recently learned bits of what skills this game can advance if you play. Everyone should atleast know about this game and what it has to offer. If you play and don't grow confident in your future...try again because life ain't much different. This game is so amazing. 5 *s Even with the Couple bugs I found.
More educational than fun, it's gets you thinking about money, salary, and passive income. Wish there was more explanation for how credit score works and what interest rates your getting.
Fun game but too short. Needs new game dynamics for each level. Without that its just the same thing with bigger numbers
Fantastic game, I had played till now. This is the first application getting 5-stars by me in my life. It is the best app for learning financial knowledge by playing and enjoying. I want to play it with my friends but there is no any type of 'refer and earn offer.' Many of us will ask for this setting or offer in the game. I hope the game developer will understand and update for it. 😊😊😊
Game designed around financial education! Sharing this one with friends. Very similar to Rat Race, love both these game. Money race has a smooth single player experience and a rating score as you finish each game. Not sure what the rating actually means, but playing around to figure it out.
Unfortunately until the lost package issue is fixed I can't rate 5 stars - which I would, because I enjoy this game very much. It's a nuisance to have to wait 60 seconds for an action to be on standstill just for it to be unfulfilled in the end; forcing you to repeat it hoping it will work the second (or third!) time round. Edit:fixed
Great game. I gave 4 stars for it has defect. It failed (most of the time) when I tried to sell stocks. I just wanted to sell when the stock price is high, but my money is just stuck there. I can buy more but I can't sell. Am I missing something technical?