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money claw machine

money claw machine for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TenAppsAndGames. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so fun but when you get to level 3 you I have to delete it because there's no more level to do it weld play on but it's so so fun
This game is a rip off, you can't cash out, you only get three machines to play, you get bupkiss, it is bs, im uninstalling this game now
could be better but that was a great attempt add more levels polish the game up a little and im sure youll get better reviews keep working on it
this app absolutely stinks all you do is just get the "real" money the app is so misleading with the advertisment
Lol, this looks more like a middle school project. For those who actually think this game to cash out....there is nothing that's says win real cash prizes. The description days get the money, and in this game you do from the crane.
I was looking for an app that I could make money off of. And I noticed this one, much to my surprize just like all the reviews here. i got no way to cash out, and no way to see how much money I grabbed out of the machine.
This game is no fun if I can cash out that would really mean it to my family but instead I can't cash out😢
There are no instructions, a way to cash out nothing just 3 claw machines and cant do anything. I played this to pick up money with claw then cash it out, but no nothing,
Ratings for this one need revisions. If a person is to give an idiotic piece of vomit garbage like this game +5 stars, they should at least level the playing field & give us the opportunity to go -5 stars. This snorefest of boredom would get my rating of -899 trizillion because this fool must have been drunk AF & needs to be fired with a capital "Get the F out and stay there". He could write "How to" books regarding "How to create the World's Shittiest game EVER". Yikes. What's the point? Booo
Id definitely give a rating of 0 if that was an option. This is about the worst game I've ever played.. why would you even make a game like this? 3 machines to play but after you play all them there is no way to cash out your earning, why even make this a game, it's Lame with a capital L..
It doesn't make much since, you just use the claw to get the money, but, what else are you supposed to do, 1 star for now, uninstalling
You want a fun game that's grabbing,u all should check out all the claw machine games so much fun,buy coins and claw to win, from plush to pokemon, dragonball stuff,Xbox1,ps4,Clawee and Open WoW are my number ones,many chances to win awesome electronics and jewelry,even have washing machine,they substitute a soft doll obviously&playstation 4!! So many goodies,Ive only been playing a few months its relaxing,omg was in a waiting room,successfully clawed,jigglypuff,i squealed in excitement
How is winnings collected. There are no instructions anywhere....its too easy. Don't give any information on the app anywhere....
This game is just a fake what is the point of losimg the data on your phone for fake money and it messe up my phone this is a total scame
Stupidest game I've played no instructions you don't make money when you grab it it's stupid do not download big big waste of time
The worst experience that I have ever had. Had to keep going out of the game because it would not let me continue. Each time (3 times) I came back in my prize from before would be gone. I rate this game 5 dung heaps.
I have not played it yet but it looks fun from the pictures and the money looks so real and why I gave it one star is because I have not played it yet so I do not know if it will be fun but it looks fun from the pictures so I gave it one star
Is there only three levels to this game? There are absolutely no instructions. I appreciate the simplicity but this app lacks clarity. How do you access your winnings? How do you advance levels?
I would give this 0 Stars if it was an option and the reviews that the other people are saying about this game is very true this game sucks.
I couldn't find how to chech your winnings or see what it takes to collect any of your winnings ! This is the SADEST GAME ! GOOGLE NEEDS TO REMOVE IT!
Just curious, plays like a normal machine but in this case r we allowed 2 cash out on all this money we collect, otherwise what is the point of the game
it does not seem to work also it is complete trashy game I feel so bad about saying this but it is true I'm sorry for anyone who plays this it is terrible FOR REAL SORRY
I download the game very poor graphics. It has no rules and doesnt seem to pay this game completely sucks unless your 4 years old
I dought it I've been trying to figure out how to collect my winnings but it's just 3 levels that you play over and over no way to collect winings. Rating as of now 2 send me a message tell me how to collect if I get my money then will give better rating
Waste of time I have just downloaded this app to see just how bad it is you can't do anything with it it's got no leaderboard like it claims in the right up there's no sign in with this game I really do seriously think that this game should be banned from Google playas it is a fraudulent game don't say that we can earn money off of the game when we quite obviously can't please Google play remove this game please
It doesn't have any information on it. It doesn't show your Wallet, nor any rules or other info. Hum!!???
no actual objective the game was simple low graphics and only three levels that have no point don't recomend
Feel lucky I gave it 1 star cause honestly it deserves no stars due to the fact that it wouldn't work for me sad I thought it was gonna be fun dont bother wasting time it's not gonna work
Waste of time it wont let me cash out at all no matter how much money i have or how long i play the game
Only 3 levels if I could give 0 stars I would no cash outside no anything worth your time do not install app
I am really glad to have this game. I get to see all of the money and catch it in the claws I wasn't sure how it would work because the other real life ones I have tried don't let me ever pick up anything. try it out you can see you have fun and relax.
The most pathetic boring 2-D game I have ever seen.. Only 3 machines to play and just completely b o r i n g...
Absolutely none of this description says "win real money" and people hate this game thinking "why can't I cash out my prize?" That's dumb!
I kept playing for about a week and saw no indication that I had won ANY MONEY !!! So , I uninstalled it . Not a very good game . 😕
This was honestly the worst game I have ever played only 3 machines cant cash out anything and bad quality so boring
You do the same thing over and over. It does not tell you anything about playing the game. You win nothing playing its very boring and a waist of time.