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Moe Era

Moe Era for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Comfy Company located at г. Москва. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thought this game was going to be a silly slice of life VN but it really has a deeper meaning behind its story. Don't base this game of the icon are the images, it's actually really good.
It was good, but if u dont read the texts carefully u can't understand it.... Keep that up.. Btw i liked the story. And The graphics were great
At first glance, I assumed that it will be just like one of those DDLC rip-offs but I was wrong, you really can't judge a book by its cover. This story has a certain "element" that belongs to a certain male character that makes my stomach turn since I was there myself, reminding me every time that I was a few steps ahead that there is something stored in the future. Not suitable for people who are looking for dating sim but if you're into psychologygical stuff, this is your cup of tea. Good job
It was pretty sad at first when I knew that I couldn't continue the story with the girl who I liked(Marta), and all of the story is just a sort of life challenge, the story is really deep even in Ermy's game part, I am glad that I have played this game in my life, it is...marvelous......! According to the words that Teya said in the final moment, did it mean that there will be a SEQUEL?!
Man I don't even know what to say, I don't think I can even accurately put this to words but I'll try. This game changed me then gave me short term depression. I never realized how insignificant I was, but it doesn't matter to me now since I have found my reason to live
First of all, the Lo-Fi BGM man wow, 10/10, really lovin it !. The story is great, character personality are great, cool visuals and this game brings me Doki-Doki literature club vibes for some reason which I like it. Hidden gems like these are something worth founding because it felt so distinct than those generic mobile games, so much thought was put in it and the fact that this game doesnt contains ads and no paywalls just made the game more special, diffrent in a way. Overall, a great game !
Game was perfect it is so good but only thing is the lag that cause the crash. Im currently playing the piano in one of the scenes and then when you're in the piano part it will start lagging then it will crash. My phone meets the recommended specs even higher yet it crashes everysingle time
The story is good and i love this game....man i wish i can end up with someone, especially when the time where we almost kiss and black screen pop out what a bummer, i mean my heart is beating so hard, anyways i love it..... although i need google for the true ending tho
After edit: ( IF THE GAME DOESN'T OPEN MANNUALY GIVE ACCESS MEMORY) The game is good and the best thing about it the developers are faster than the other game developers I have played. The game is good, story is good to. You can feel the emotions getting to you I prefer all of you to play this game
I have never cried playing a visual novel before, this has been a first and might I say that I enjoyed those tears I shed. I never expected this game to be so deep and philosophical and I never thought that I'd connect with it on a personal level. Honestly I think this helped me realize a lot about myself so I wanted to thank you for this wonderful playing experience.
The best word I can use to describe this game is "convoluted". It throws philosophy after philosophy at you, some contradicting, some seeming to contradict only to align themselves, and some that burn out and go nowhere. The overarching message, however, is the vanity of man. It tackles it in a way that is honestly refreshing: with no regard for what may be considered offensive, but still vague enough to not be taken down. The "true ending" could have been written in a more concrete way.
The story was just good. Very simple. The guy dies,then angels give him more time to find out if he is a good person or not. Very simple. If you try to continue the friendship ark of Ermy and make more story of it, it was verry better than just finishing the story at the moment that they say : ok let's be good friends.
It's "manageable" like you can get a bit invested into a character and route for instance Nana and wanting to see what comes next but they cut it at the point you want to get invested, it's hard to understand, all over the joint, cut short and overall just meh.
The game was confusing at first it was giving a deeper meaning about what it would be like being the person that frequently gets rely on. The fact that the visual novel provides a simulation on what you'll do during this scenario. I have completed the game and the ending was inspiring! I can almost relate one of the characters there and the rush of motivation that you have change the person's perspective about what life means for them. Professions, activities, and more! I adore this visual novel
Amazing yet entertaining, this Visual Novel app doesnt even just telling about a romance stuffs, it even tells you motivate your lifestyle through those beautiful girls words with each of them have a differents of motivational subject points towards the player character. Totally recommended to play this educatively yet heartwarming romance visual novel!
The graphics and music are good, but the the story is too all over the place for a game that's trying to explore deep topics. It got me confused and bored eventually. I hoped that the story or dialogue was a bit more concise or direct so that it's easier to follow through the game.
Its good, the story is good but there is something missing or its just that the story for me is just incomplete
Its a good Visual Novel, the story is best, and then the art is so eye catching. I hope next update the developer will add more language option like Bahasa from Indonesia, it will make me and more player from Indonesia feel happy, and when Moe Era do that at the future, i believe that the download will increase significantly. Thanks to developer to make this wonderful game, and i hope you can bring bahasa to your game, so sorry fo bad english ...
This game is well made, and it gives me some ddlc vibes at first i thought it was a horror game but the longer i play it doesn't seem scary and you can play piano and the graphics it didn't lag at all this game can kill boredom it gives me great experience i recommend this game for everyone. It deserves a 5star
I only wanted to complain about a problem,that is when you go to several section in main menu or chapter(mostly the minigames),my phone getting lagging and it's interupting my progress in the games.So,can you guys fix it?It will be helpful if you do.Thanks
Great game. Characters are nice and the story is interesting. I reccomend going into it blind, I wouldn't describe it as horror or anything, it's just better to go in without knowing the characters personalities.
Absolutely Amazing!!! The aesthetics were so appealing, and the music was wonderful! While I didn't fully understand some of the plot, the dive into philosophy moved me, stunning me into silence by how deep and true it was. My only regret was that the ending isn't very fulfilling, but other than that, I love it! Keep up the good work guys! The world needs more people like you.
This is as good as a free visual novel can be. The art is great and the music is comforting. I would normally be more critical if this is a paid game but as this is free, it's fantastic. Thank you, developer.
The game is... interesting. The game is supposed to make you think and while it does accomplish this frankly 90% of the dialogue can be skipped. While I found it entertaining theres a lot of unnecessary talking. It describes the girls personality well and the game is very cultured but the overly intellectual discussions and the random topics do nothing to drive the point of the game. It's not bad but it could have been done differently to greater affect.
A great game but I believe it needs to be a little longerlike make a Monera two with the same characters but more to the game more competition and more options this game has a lot of potential and you've almost reached it hope my feedback was helpful good game!
The story is great, not only because it's a well writen visual novel but because of the fact that you can learn some helpful tips to improve your way in life, The visuals are amazing, and the musics are nice. Obviously a lot of effort was put on this game even to the smallest of details and overall I had a great experience with this game and I enjoyed everytime I had with it.
It was a game I highly reccomend for stoners. It is aestehically pleasing along with a good storyline. What I like about the game also is you sometimes have to do some thinking. Yeah a really good game and I cant wait for the next one!
This is one of the most incredible games I ever seen since doki doki, mostly because I love how I'm in discussions and actually learn a little something along the way like what I found was interesting was to learn how each different female will explain different true things from reality like how Sina explained that all stores have the most popular items from the costumers eye lvl,and I didint failed dating Sina I didn't date the other two because I was simply wasn't interested,FIVE STARS.
Had to play it 3 times. Then I realized. The Endings. Are not what I expected. Yes it may be scattered philosophical thoughts, but if you read it to the end it makes sense. Its not a linear VN like it says in the description. Can't wait for the results of the one year. "I'll be there."
Game is really nice! I wished there's second part of this. I tried every different routes and I got alot of bad endings, but it's really good! It's challenging. Ermy's game is giving me Doki Doki Literature Club vibes. It's sad that ermy is really getting treated like he didn't existed at all. It's really sad that when I went to hang out with him, I forgot to play his game and that's why he left. I tried different choices just to get ermy's good ending, but I'm currently trying to work on it.
There's a first for everything. I never expected this game to be so deep and philosophical. I personally enjoyed almost everything about the story. Visual novels lately don't follow the same old plot line that used to make quite a few up. I respect those that break the mold and use new ideas, and this was definitely something I enjoyed. I hope, if the developers do more, to carry on until the very end. I look forward to more of their work. Though I am curious as to what the scroll represents.
The game must be one of the smartest I have ever played. It was very appealing and the story was fascinating. If people like literature and philosophy, this is the game to play.
This is a great game, this really suited me, well I was browsing for new games, and when saw this game, I've become interested, so when I played this game this cleared up my mind and gave me motivation to face my life as I am now and achieve my goal someday, I hope they release the sequel soon, I'll be waiting for it...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love this game!!! The story, the characters, everything in the game are the best. I hope, there will be more games like this created by this company in the future! I think, this company have the bright future if it continues create games like this. 5 star!!! Congrats
Well, for a free game, I can't say it can get better. While there could be improvements, they are not necessary. Anyways, it hit me right in the feels. It feel like the game called me out personally, I did get the true ending eventually, but I feel like I cheated the game, and disappointed it. In the end I am just an Emry who would have gotten the "bad ending" in real life. I know the game tries to give advice, but... Motivation is hard to come by.
A Masterpiece. You may get this game thinking its a cute anime-style game but you will leave this game with a memorable life experience. This game really makes you think and question about your lifestyle and your contentedness with how your life is going. And it is perfectly philosophical, not over the top. And cute graphics are the cherry on top. Must try.
The game straight up bullies you with the message that "it's never too late to reinvent yourself" and that you need to have a set goal in life as to avoid to become one of the vast majority of people whose lives amount to nothing. The characters are interesting, it would have made a better slice of life romance than a short burn philosophical story of someone that HAS to make a choice in order to escape a mediocre future that awaits him/her. It's an interesting read if you have a few minutes.
Not to be enjoyed by everyone, but personally I love to put some time to understand the meaning behind the media and this game does require that. Kinda wish there were more choices and endings but that might be an elaboration of the concept. Moe era has that warm and cute atmosphere and it definitely inspired me to look into the subjects characters brought up, love when the games do that!
A really intriguing visual novel for anyone, regardless if you're a beginner or not. The story has been an emotional roller coaster and I'm pleased to say I've enjoyed every single bit of it. Though I'll say aside from the wholesome good endings, the bad ends are the ones that really got me, especially when something crazy happens. Overall, it was a memorable game that I would recommend.
Here's my personal thought on my review: Story: 9/10 Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9/10 Character Design: 9/10 Gameplay: 9.5/10 Overall Experience: 9.5/10 Sadly I can't write a full review on play store like I usually do on Steam, but this is my honest review. This is the best visual novel I've ever played on mobile, and I definitely wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for this. I honestly surprised why such a great game is completely free. I hope you will make a good game like this again in the future!