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Mobile Three Kingdoms

Mobile Three Kingdoms for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by MANASTONE located at 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 71길 29 203호 06096 (주)마나스톤. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Playing since 2013 on Samsung. Still playing and enjoying the game on IPhone up to now. Unfortunately can not login any longer. It seems that Manastone doesn’t support this game anymore on iOS. It is very sad to have to leave the game. Hope someone can support it!
I really enjoy this game, but it was 2 years ago, now, this classic war game became a farmville game, no one can stop it but manastone it self. Hope u read and consider this, if u want to make MTK great again.
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I love this game but once I reached King status, the game isn't fun any more and I'll explain why and offer some suggestions too, perhaps the developers could step in to help improve it a bit further. 1.) When I log on, my base always got attacked and I lost half of my troop and supplies. When I looked at the attack log, it never show how many troop the enemy have deployed. It would be nice to see their total amount of troop and their tactic that was being used so I can improve my defense. Speaking of defense, I wonder if upgrading my castle would make any different since those choose attack "weaker enemy" always success and upgrading my castle would raised my total power. So , for example if I deploy 0 troop to defend, my power still stay at 300k after I have upgraded my castle to 1000. 2. When I wanted to attack a weaker opponent, the game will said it has failed, but I have no way to see how they beat us with their superior defense. It would be nice to have a "scout" feature where we could see their total amount of troop and their tactic before we deploy troop that has an advantage over them. 3. I enjoy reading the war dialogues at the beginning but it get repetitive after a while. It would be great if the dialogues were shorter and more specific. 4. Almost forgot, every war or raid should be manual like on the Playstation to give defenders a chance and it would cost one manastone for auto attack. Thank you for your time. I have put my account on pause and I shall return in a few months to check on the progress. I love this game and I hope it get improved. UPDATE please check out the game call The Battle of Polytopia on Google store. It's very cool war game that has troop on horse back, archer unit and infantry. And the goal is to destroy your opponent units and take their castle. Omg.. Thats what this game need for the manual war I was describing on the above. lol Please please take a look at this game call The Battle of Polytopia on the app store.
Hi developer's and representives, its me condorx2, I created a new account to tell you about this game which you can implemented for the manual war. I believe a war should take time and efforts to earned our rewards, so I found this nice little war game call The Battle of Polytopia on the app store. Please have a look on that game because the objective of the game is move your units and destroyed the enemy units and take their castle. They have infantry, archers and calvery units just like in this game, it would be so cool to have that game in your game for the war. Love ya.
it sucks the system has many bugs. i was under attack and i cant revenge coz the record vs still 0-0. and he attacked me many times but the vs war record still 0 vs 0. the war has too many mistakes on wording.
This was my favorite game. Now, it's my only game. Besides bringing memories of playing with my dad on original NES since 1991, it's as impressive as it is fun!
51122 XDZ, attack when I still on protection, 51452 sueflus attack me 2 times when I on protection then I Try to attack back, it say corrupted, then this 51452 say country extinguish, please do something about them, let say ban them or remove their account, thanks
Dear Mana, I hope u don't give me a standard reply like u did with most reviews. I am not sure how profitable this game is to your company. If it is still profitable then u should take this review seriously. If it is not profitable and this game is no longer a priority to your company then just ignore this review. The recent illegal logging in, yes it is ILLEGAL, into someone else's accounts and stealing of items is totally unacceptable. Manastone has an obligation and responsibility to provide a safe gaming environment to its players. You should identify the person or persons responsible for this illegal act and ban all the accounts connected to it. If you don't set an example, your image and reputation will be at risk. Your company must make it clear that such behaviour is totally not acceptable.
I would rate it a 5 but I gave it a 4. They can improve more by improving the GRAMMAR of the game, then make instructions more clearer or information more in details
English translation could use some improvements. I feel that recruitment and after war safety should be slightly longer. Game is fun though.
It dosent matter how diffrent Devolpers make these game's from Dynasty warriors, Romance of the three kingdom's.. Yous Guys have done a brilliant job The art, The stats of the general's are accurate it's the type of game that makes you just want to get stronger and stronger very addictive ! I will be makeing purchases in this Game. Fair gameplay for the non payers you can sell food for gold and vice versa awsome game !! And ive tried them all on the consoles and in the app store so yea this is a new one for me but yous have had this game out since 2014.... I shall call this a we classic then ;) thanks. And if your unsure to download due to negative feedback ignore it the game works smooth no faults etc Dont waste time thinking about it just download it!!!
In game help can be a little confusing at times..the wording. A billion gold to start a guild..kinda steep! Great time killer! It has the potential to be a "Killer" time killer. 😎
The only downside.... Quest #11/15 Attack the Yellow Turban #100 with 1000 infantry is unachievable and is non adaptable to the players National Power.... I've wasted my retirement tries to try and meet the requirements and attack the tribe.. but, by the time you recruited those 1000 troops, your power is already over the requirement to attack the tribe....... Stupidest quest I'd encounter in all games I played.
The game drains you dry, Expensive, Time consuming, imbalance reward, Poor connection response speed especially on IOS phone, Tardy or No response to customers needs & problems such as.cheats.macro took years to resolve, stolen account items theft not punished. Just disappointing at such state the game have become. Most big.spenders like myself are quitting the game unless we see changes, better enforcement and compensation given to.victims - fair play encouraged
(2015-07) since the developer update we have not seen any macro . packet editor programs. Great Job manastone! back to 4 stars. will wait another month to see if this continues (2015-6) manastone released an update to stop the cheating. If it works, i will update my rating. (Response to Manastone on 4/29) I emailed you. Other players also did. No response. (Original) Very well developed game. In-depth hero system. A lot of fun. However, the game has been taken over by one or two players who are cheating, u
good game, Full of strategy, Every times I play this game. I gives 5 star .. need war log, in indonesian language please.. :)
Actually good game. But the system stucked. A lot of bugs. The developer seems has no intention to improve it. I don't know how manastone maintain this game. But i feel sorry that this game stuck so often. The game did "loading" and "loading" until you desperate. For 1 turn you need to wait 1 minute and pray it is not disconnected. It is said network unstable. Connection lost. But it happend only in this game. I believe their server is busy or underrated. Suck!!! This game seems utilize a very suck cheaper cloud server.
Tutorial abandons you and the game doesn't explain anything. Doesn't seem worth taking the time to learn it anyway.
Any players downloading this game please contact me at LUBU1V1 or SI-ZEN I am happy to invite you into my guild and teach you the game properly. I will provide you with knowledge items and strategies to compete and master the game. We are a close knit guild like a family and we are always looking for new players to join us so we can teach and have fun. Please contact me. I am ELYSIUM master my name is Frank. You will not be disappointed we can teach you the game and make it very fun for you. Thanks =).
Cannot attack at all. Either nation too weak or under protection. If cant attack nations weaker than 70% of my nation strength, why nation with 250% my nation strength can attack me? Always at losing end.
Still haven't received manastones from purchase 4 days ago. Wrote email and got responds with a request of info. Submitted info asked and been 2 days and no response back
The game is great and fun but it tells you that you can earn free Manastones from tapjoy so I did everything I needed to do to receive them but didn't get them so I contacted tapjoy and they fixed it although it took about 6 days on there end but I needed to contact manastone support I've been waiting on a reply for about 2 weeks and they still haven't replyed manastone has the worst customer support been looking into it ppl bought Mana stones from them and never received them the game is good though
Since i update the game, i cant open my account again. I just bought manastone to buy hero, but now all gone. I'm going to uninstal you from my android if not fixed. Very upset.
When will you fix the game? Its looks more like farmville than rtk. Emperor pause after turmoil and most account keep on pause without any penalty.
This is good games but now server already drop twice after i focus played this game and the high point emperor to much cant be take down....... I think need to change the point..........