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Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Epic War located at 228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Do not waste your time it's a cash cow making developers multi millionaires to progress costs yo £80.00 nearly x that by 50 million out of reach for players only if you are mega rich can you play
I have been playing for day 1 of the MS coming out. At first i loved this game. It was simple and only needed to spend a little money on the game. Ofer time it got out of control with new troops and reserch and upgrade. Now the game is all about Cyber troops. All the old basic troops i spent cash on are worthless now. To much in the game. Its hard to follow and i play alot. Shame what they did to the game.
Yes, this game is free to play but PAY TO WIN. Most mobile games along these lines are. I think it's an incredibly fun and challenging game due to the complexity that has been developed in mech dimension over the last 2 years. So it costs money... big deal. If you have it, spend it and enjoy. If you don't have it then there's free games like Farmville and others. Don't complain and bash the game because you thought you could compete and you can't. It's not MS's fault for that.
Absolutely the worst app to download. You will be robbed and screwed over every week by Epic War. They don't care about the players, only the money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!! Mobile strike employees have the biggest/most powerful bases. You can spend 30k and they will still destroy you....STAY AWAY!!!!
Game glitches, causing you to lose most everything you've worked hard to get. They're complaint department response... most often they don't even respond, if lucky you'll get a sorry
The game itself is a good way to burn off spare time however, advise, don't buy into it unless you are well off This game caters to the RICH if your not contributing thousands, your voice/complaints/issue will not be heard/fixed/resolved there are to many hacks that steal an weasel their way through this game I've been hit three times an nothing was done not even a response my bank had to resolve these all in all it's your voice myself I don't put nothing in I just plug along
This app is not fit for purpose .constant crashes ...google play policy is if the app does not work then they will refund .....this policy is lies they will never refund and just try and lie there way out of it .....BE WARNED THIS APP IS A FRUAD ....USE AMAZON FOR PURCHASES GOOGLE PLAY ARE THEIFS WORKING ALONG SIDE THIS APP
Although this game has a lot of potential it is a total waste of time. There is no way to become competitive in this game without spending vast amounts of money. You get very little for your money and some spend thousands of dollars only to lose most of what they paid for when an opponent spends more. The game makers have also been giving less and less rewards and have now resorted to reducing hard earned or purchased power so that people are forced to spend more.
Developers are greedy, unless you're mega rich and can afford to spend ££££'s every week then don't bother downloading. Yes the game maybe free to play to an extent but all the decent stuff needed is only available by spending.
totally the worst game on the playstore far to many faults in the game i was attacked 10 times i never even got a notification that mg shield was running out and never even got a notification i was being attacked even hours afterwards still no notification and sum1 called KATI is useless not once did she raise the matter of concern about the problems on mobile strike all they are interested in is bringing new packs out daily also weekly they are not bothered about the players at all
Must be rich to even play and packs are garbage you literally but same stuff again and again packs start out at $5 then go straight to $20 then third and only in game packs can buy are all $100 . never drops . also WATCH OUT they do not do refunds for accidently pocket purchases or anything refuse to . and they literally put the buy button on every single screen and two light taps and accidentally spent $100+ dollars for not locking you're phone before put it in you're pocket . F this game .
A awesome game but prices need to come down on packs so that people on a fixed income can get them to
Game is only fun if you have about $1,000 a month to throw away on it. Remember someone that spent $2,600 to max everything and then others gor the same for $20 that sunday. A very sad but true fact and the reason I quit playing
Good game but the the game developer is greedy make the packs cheaper and why do you get old items in packs which you don't need ???? No more packs for me to much dead money wasted
Game is good, but when you start you encounter bullying by way of dealing with continue killing of your troops. Get a good alliance an you can build up. For starters slow to building up but worth the challenge.
Game is good to a point, now people in game have found a way to control the games structure by taking the commanders of said bases and holding them until the basic challenges are over an only killing said troops to ad to their kill ratio. Game is now for bullying only. Not worth playing.
This is a horribly run game. The packs are very deceptive. They put a lot of redundant items in packs. They also inflate their value by adding things you can't use because buildings have to be unlocked first. This game is a SCAM at best. The game runs very slow and there's always glitches. They constantly bombard you with requests to buy packs. Although it can't be proven it seems they create almost powerful accounts that force people to buy packs to survive.
I will be honest this game cost more than buying a Playstation TV and games...i have spent over 2000 ....yes 2000 ...and I'm still no where ...you need to spend hundreds a week and even then you won't be unstoppable...dont fall for the trap like I did ..buy a gaming console instead
Avoid. 100% pay to play. They state its not but you will get destroyed by the players who do over and over and over again.
Just another to win, Avoid like the plague. Feel bad for a nice guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger being used to advertise this shite.
This game requires a 100 dollars to improve your base quickly. I would rather buy a 100 dollars worth of groceries than a game that you spend 100 dollars on and 30 minutes later asks you for another 100 dollars
Terrible terrible terrible! All they care about is money. You will have to spend tens of thousands on this game to make any progress.... and then they'll make the packs you spent your money on obsolete and you'll have to continue to spend to stay competitive. Horrible game.
I recived a message from technical support that my account was suspended from state chat...for 24hrs due too inappropriate content...How can that be... State chat itself is always been and continues to be a chatter of fitlh..and disgust..as a war would be Now my base is dead. I have lost all my rss..my soligers are dead..and my com and soilgers are dead..if the management...has issues then email the client first dont just shut down there game..more MS..BS
It was great when it first came but has not been able to compete against newest military MMORTS such as Art of War: Global Conflict and Empires and Allies. Furthermore, the action-packed trailer with A. Schwazzeneger was deceitful. The game was statistical with JavaScript-like visuals but no action I hoped for. I played for a week, got bored, transferred the alliance leadership and left for good.
Unless you are rich and can tollerate help and support not listening or resolving issues i would steer clear of this game Fair warning
It's more pay 2 win than anything. While you can play for free, you are at a significant disadvantage when not paying. And even then, it just encourages you to spend more.
This game is useless the packs the sell to you arent enough for you to catchup in begining if your joining back.This game has a policy where you can't ask staff for items but the funny thing is that.Why can't players just ask for one item literally they added cybernetic troops so players have advantage on lower players and Lower tier troops has %1 damage then they die in Seconds. I think this game is very unfair and Should fixed by Making old troops stand 50% damage. I WISH I can help this game
Folks DO NOT DOWNLOAD..this game is purely a CASH COW for Epic War...AKA...MZ...Machine Zone...FULL ON SCAM...and a waste of your money...you would much better off buying an XBOX and buying all the library because one thing is for sure...the amount of money you spend on this SCAM...you'd be able to buy the entire XBOX ONE library of games...you have been warned amigos.
Its Kinda hard to beat opponents team when a hugh computer enemy blacks out your pixel or smartphone not equal when they can cause my mobilestrike signal to pop offline you get rebooted they capture your commander not equal and question and answer stuff messed up like i said.
Too many new ads and very aggressive marketing. Gameplay changes frequently increasing the likelihood of losing the game.
I came back to this game after about 4/5 years, was great back then. I find the game now awful, its been made to pay your way in order to win, forced to buy cybernetic packs only to also know that the people in the game aren't active and its very quiet! Its an awful game now and I am not happy with it at all. Thank you for letting me waste my money playing it.
Money Pit - Don't Play This Game. I fell into the trap of spending money only to get nothing for it and I ended up deleting the game. Like everyone else says, you cannot and will not advance without spending lots of money. Don't suppprt these A-holes.
A has been. Uninstalled about 3 years ago. Everytime you reach a particular power they make changes to game play and make you completely obsolete. Fortunately caught on and very little money. Don't even install. There are much better and reasonable games out there.
Game is always broken, something new doesnt work daily, terrible customer support, response time is weeks while they have no problem taking 1000s of dollars from each player and cant even produce a working product, not worth the install. Terrible team builds this game
This game is Money Grabber it wants and forces you to spend $100 and more and this game has NO refunds so if you spend and Get something I would suggest you to Think about it you will regret. mech and Cybernetic are samething sales changes price they want you to buy I understand games do this but this type of game is way over line. it also Runs Into issues and game invester can't improve it.if you played before and came back you will regret it because they added stuff not good for poor players.
If you are new to this game you won't be able to get to the strength of others in the game. They have removed most of the new player items such as warmonger badges to upgrade your commander past level 101-150. You may be able to find an alliance to help you but alot of items have been removed to make way for the high paying players new items that you can not use if you are a low level.
MOST EXPENSIVE FARM GAME. This is not a strategy or war game but mostly FARM game. You can't play this game with out spending money almost daily. Nothing is free here
This app is a con, a total money pit, you will throw money at it like its going out of fashion. Packs are worded in a way to make you think you will get more than you actually do. Packs are ridiculously overpriced at £78.99. A pack can last you a day and is obsolete in a few weeks. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME
the developers if this game so not fix issues with this game. they only blame your device, internet connection, and tell you to change your service to a different one. All they care about is how much money they can get it if it. now you can't even put a ticket in for anything. do yourself a favor don't hit that download button!
The game play is fun but unless you want to invest money into it so you won't be victimized all the time don't get it because it's set up so you will always be attacked by people 20 to 30 or more levels over you so its hard to advance up without paying any money.
It is a total pay to play game. ALSO if you are still going to download please make sure you have the kind of money this game will take for you to be able to just hang. I wish I would have known this before I spent thousands. Smh
At first the game is interesting, but there is a never ending need to update and gain new equipment or resources by purchasing a 'pack' costing $145 (Australian) every time. Lots of players buy a pack frequently. But the game stays essentially the same, build troop numbers, gain the right equipment, then engage in battle for a few seconds and see who wins. There is no strategy, just who has the most troops and equipment and has done the most research.
To tell you the trueth you killed it now no one is have fun it use to be fun i would of gave it a 5 but you killed it
Great game for wasting money, it is pay to win only, unless you have a spare $30,000 to throw into your account, you will not be able to dominate. If you request help from support team, your requests will fall on deaf ears, they want your money not to help you. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Google needs to remove this app from the app store.
totally the worst game to many faults in the game i was attacked 10 times i never even got a notification that my shield was running out and never even got a notification i was being attacked even hours afterwards still no notification they are false advertising on packs promised to put you on level 140 but only after you buy it's then to late as I found out it only put me from level 108 to 119 total rip off and they are still promoting the same pack they never even said sorry or anything.
Constant crashes with android devices. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. THEY DO NOT VALUE THE MONEY YOU SPEND.. AT THE END, They never admit that they had issues on their application. WORST THAN THAT, Google dont care about that either.
This game started out very reasonably priced. It soon became a matter of monetary indulgence to be a power player. Ive played this game for 4 yrs. Made a number of friends and now I cant get the MS to load on my phone. Tech support blames my phone needing an update. My tablet hasn't been updated and it works fine. I think I've made 20 complaints to nonavail. Its BS TO MS!!!!!!!
The concept of the game is great, But I've spent over $30k on this game and I was one of the top dogs. I stopped playing after the mech update.. Why? Because the 30k didn't matter no more. You got a free "all buildings to 1220" item. Not to mention the billions of infinite resources and speedups for free. Sly developers basically stole $30k off me. PS. The game wait times takes you not hours, not weeks but years. I'm not joking lol. Wait times get upto a couple decades
Too expensive...Pay to play. As soon as you buy items they are obsolete within 2 weeks. Game lags and freezes. Lots of dead bases because players leave due to the expense. Also time consuming. I enjoy the friendship with other players but most are short lived because they leave for the above reason. I regret time time and the amount spent to play this game.
Tried it, too much to do. You have to pay, and State chat is filled with obnoxious players who refuse to help you unless your rich. Bounty feature is useless. This game has too many kill events. This is pay to play with no shot to get ahead. Going to take my base some where and die.
Most of the players I enjoyed the game with have quit primarily because of money. The game has two new packs of upgraded gear and weapons every week. Tough to compete, and some members of my squad spent well over a thousand! Not me, I was the bait. When someone lowers shields to attack me, my squad teleported in and banged them up. Power in numbers!
I love this game mobile strikes it seems fun and cool but now this game is getting overcrowded with so many players bade they give us a large room or space and plus they should not add not much sci-fi theme,mech, item,building and unit because this game is going to be boring 😴🙄
was doing good until I tried to get on and play and I don't make it past the home screen of the game and now I am getting zeroed and I can't get on to save it and all my years of playing this game that ain't never to meso I was wondering if they going to reimburse me for all my stuff I lost
This game is a money pit and their customer support is terrible. It's nothing but a pay to play game because if you want to play free forget it you'll sit and wait days/weeks to progress. Yeah that sounds like fun. NOT! Customer support is useless anytime you have an issue. I spent a lot of money on my team only to lose it because I can't log in and their so called customer support won't help even after proving it was account. Much better, less greedy companies/games out there. Look elsewhere.
The game was more fun when it did not cost an arm and a leg to play. Now only those who can shell out $100 for up grades can really enjoy the game.
No positive reviews as I thought. The game is a money pit, designed to make you spend hundreds of dollars for useless game packs. MZ has crappy support teams too. The game is rigged for saps they conned into paying to play. Someone needs to sue them for fraud ( my lawyer's looking into that). The developer is making a ton of money by using naive people. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANY MZ GAME. DONT SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED. MZ thrives on being greedy and draining your wallets.
Would not play. I used to play all the time with some friends and then we quit for a year or two and I come back and it said my account was banned for violation of their terms. I don't see how inactivity is a violation of their game but would not recommend at all.
You have to spend upwards of $1000 a week to keep up with the constant upgrades. The developers too into getting into your credit card and not maintaining the game. MONEY HUNGRY B*****DS. DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU HAVE UNLIMITED FUNDS.
Just got the game today and already seems to be a lag in the game. Not sure whats going on, internet is working its just the tutorial part of it.
This game is a money pit. It has continuous glitches. Very poor player support. To become strong enough to be able to defend yourself will cost $100's of dollars. If you dont play yet, dont start. It is designed to drain your credit card
Horrible , never ending money pit. Very greedy! 99.99+tax for very little to help in actual game play! Way to much to buy and more like work than actual play.
Worse than State of Survival and King of Avalon combined. Unplayable unless you spend lots of money. Even if do do spend the money, you will find yourself playing in an abandoned State because players don't stay very long...
To be honest a lot of post on here about the game(mobile strike) being pay to win is pretty much 80% acurate there are some times your base is better but then there comes the dude that spent $20 more than you and just claps all your troops the game has alot of potentail but is already a failing game just becuase the game devs just want so extra money. So yes this game isnt a good game its pay to win.
Amazing. I spent £200 and now I'm progressing. Everything is so clear and the missions are class. Epic gamer vic roye if you install. Also recommend buying the starter pack it inforces in the first minute of playing for the ultimate chicken dinner.
You tell them what can of problem you have with this game the y won't help but the want a positive feedback.
Worst Game. The Motto of Developers are just Money. They don't understand the fun and enthusiasm of playing a game. they just concerned of how we should keep making more money with new techniques. I love Arnold but really supprise to see him on this game icon. YOUR DELETED.
Just don't!! When it first came out I installed it, tried not to spend anything but unless you do it's literally pointless as you won't be competitive. I've seen people spend tens of thousands on packs to stay on top, totally ridiculous! The developers don't give a toss when there's a problem, they're too busy throwing piles of your cash in the air!! It's a con, just don't get involved, simple
If you spend money buying a pack and they give you the wrong one they will not help you and correct the problem. Basically, they like to screw the players and tell you to have a good day. If you haven't started playing this game, do yourself a favor and don't download it. I can guarantee you that at some point they will screw you and they will never fix the problem. Many friends have already quit this game because of this problem but ms just doesn't care. Dont play this game.
Looking at the last update, 10th Sept. That's around the time it stopped working on my 2017 Samsung Galaxy A5
This game is a rip off. Very buggy. It used to be Rock solid. Intermittent crashes, chat outages, gear preset problems, deny any of it is their fault. Blames your equipment (iPad pro 11 and s20 ultra) and yet it happens to everyone. Rally one base and it may go to another base instead. Had this happen losing many troops and traps. Last straw. Google needs to remove this game from the app store.
Games hacked from packloaderd from global control point Head tags.As they smurf hack accounts. They kick players from game server offline. So they can hack,smurf players that spend money,or players they can't beat in game or others that refuse to join there pack loader deal sites. Most are in game service techs doing this or claim to be,as they email you after splash screen that it maybe froze screen load Do to WiFi connections. I know over1,000 bases hacked & $5,000 in cash gone do to this sh!v
Constant crashes every update using Android devices.. Customer service dont care about their users.. copy and paste reply that does not relate to subject. They always blame us for the issue and claim its working on their side.. ZERO Rating on customer support...
In order to do anything in this game will cost you thousands of dollars, that is literal! You are required to buy packs at $100 each, that make you feel as though you are getting your money's worth, but most of those items are completely obsolete or outdated. Example: getting 100 billion VIP points in the pack, but you actually need SuperVip points to pass the Level you start at. I addressed this issue with them, aswell and was ignored completely. DON'T waste your time or money on this trash.
Most expensive pay to play out there. And the way the game is made, you will not grow without paying. The high level "paying" players will just ruin you daily. Very expensive in the long run with no real satisfaction. Wouldn't recommend
PACKS are USELESS and their gaming performance Really sucks too many issues. They can't take a look more closely.I also bought a pack and at very beginning in Jan 13,2021 and should have player appreciation Token and the pack it didn't give me. I contacted a staff none of them helped or Tried to all lazy and won't still understand.They were trying to help or even tried to help.Most of these changes in game are useless I'm giving this game 1 star.
Can't believe they have removed peace shields and teleports from crates in gold store...they have been in there since start of game now all of a sudden in last week or so been removed. Not impressed at all !
I was play since first time this game launching. Until now, game performance, developer & especially support very suck. They just steal your money, want you spend more money with released new pack everyday. But if you send ticket for game issued & problem, they never fix it Never have solution 🙈🙈
I started playing about 6 or 7 yrs ago. I joined with one of the top alliances but after about a year in I had to quit playing due to a change in job profession. Worst of all the alliance turned sexually abuse in chat.THAT " IF YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE BOOSTERS IT WILL TAKE ALMOST 200 YRS BEFORE YOUR RESEARCH AND TROOP TRAINING IS COMPLETED. I WOULD HAVE TO SPEND AT LEAST $2500.00 A MONTH IN ORDER TO EVEN STAND A CHANCE OF SERVIVEING FOR EVEN JUST A MONTH. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME PLAYING THIS GAME.
to many glitches and getting to expensive for spending thousands of dollars per player the game should at least play smoothly
been playing 6 months game is getting out of hand not 1 good review about this game paid up to 400$ for first 3 months and new stuff is out everyday so pointless to buy packs ms you suck✌uninstalling... cyber all over again smh
This Game is very very Addicting, FUN, n loads of enjoyments for the 5-6 Years I've been playing MS !!!! But it can be a very costly Game too, And MS is very GREEDY on New Releases when in Packages to Buy too!!! But i still love this Game anyways!!!!!🙃🙃🙃🙃😻😻😻🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃 Also I've met about 20-30 Good People/Players from around the Whole Too!!! And i do have like 5-8 Great Friends too from Moblie Strike Gaming Inc. Too!!!!!!
Oh, starting off is good. Reaaaalll good! You are minding your own buisness at level 8 the WHOOMP! A level 70 swoops down, kills all of your troops. That is entirely unfair. There is nothing preventing a level 110 from attacking a noob. And you dont even get to retaliate! You are not told where his base is! If you want to start this game several years after it came out, be ready to be disapointed. I'm thinking about deleting.
Money Greedy Thieves. In the description doesn't mention that you have to pay almost daily to get somewhere. All things you could get in challenges before now are only available in paid packs. AVOID THESE MONEY GREEDY THIEVES Also is misleading you by saying you can grow slowly if you don't want to pay. With out pay you get no where
Not only are you thrown in a currently high over powered (State) some account receive a semi catch up token, but not all so you start this game grossly out matched. Customer service acts like they don't know what you are talking about also. I have had a horrible experience. Not to mention the money it takes to get anywhere just don't do it!
don't play this game unless you've got lots of money to play with is that the only way you're going to be able to play this game because normal troops just get slaughtered buy the Titan troops which you have to spend money on to get them
Cost to much ti play i have been playing this game for years i spent alote of money on it and the change up to cyber we that were playing before that had to spend much more and the stuff we bought before we cant even use even the game packs have alote of stuff but there is 80%of it is stuff u cant use note that we should have renberse use for what we paid for and lost cause of the change up
This game is definitely pay to win, however the amount of detail that has one into this game is worth it. I really think the devs deserve some appreciation from it's players for the level of detail and gameplay. The graphics are really good, and again, the detail is fantastic. I myself did not have to spend a penny on this game. I joined a really nice alliance with some really strong bases and they helped me out winning wars and defending my base, giving me lots of resources and reinforcements. The game is pay to win, but if you play patiently and join a good community, it's just as good. Personally, I don't play this game to "win" it, I play it to talk with the community and for my own entertainment, I recommend that you try it out.
Downloaded the game to see, it looks trashy af and doesn't feel and look natural compared to their later FFXVANE version but both games are a Pay to play. They allow you into the game and do SOME stuff for free but to really enjoy the game, that's where they get you, have to buy to replace all the damages or wait long periods of time. Spend a possible 6 months of prepping and enjoy maybe 5 minutes of it before someone else that paid $$$$$$ deatroy all that you had worked so hard to achieve
game stops after 2 minutes of game time. hangs up bad. no 30 day peace shields. game is focused on pay to players. I have 2 x30 peace shields left and after that uninstall the app and wishing I had the money back I paid in this game. terrible anymore.
I'm playing this game since day one of its conception I like it but at times there are things that I believe could be improved upon and sometimes when you send in a ticket you don't get a response and when you do get a response it's a very generic response which is frustrating
Money Greedy Developments. They will empty your pockets just to play for a day or 2,then you will need a bank loan. This game it should call farm game, constantly they bring new researchers, new troops ,etc. Never stops. Doesn't matter how many thousands of Dollars you spend today tomorrow your base worth nothing. AVOID AT ANY COST,Much better games out there and much cheaper. If you buy a Mercedes-Benz will cost you less than what you'll spend here in a year
Crashing a lot. Dnt even load.. poorest support from customer care. Copy paste answers. Expensive than any other game. Two world dimensions and all are same just very small changes
When I first started playing this in 2016, it was an excellent game. You could farm, gather rss, and be competitive. Within a year, it was pay to win only. I still played for about 3 years, wasted a ton of money, and at the end, walked away from a once unbeatable base, to what is now not even worthy of farming for rss. IF YOU AREN'T LOOKING TO SPEND 50K+, PLAY SOMETHING ELSE.
I don't understand why you have made me start from scratch. I was up in the levels of the thousands like 1,732 but just because I got a new phone, you refuse to recognize my old acct. Though it still had the same phone number & email address & credit card number. ?!?!?!?!?
Game is getting old..same old stuff to do over and over and 135.00 to buy a pack is just too much ..Why does Canada have to pay $35.00 more than everyone else I get it's exchange rate but 35 bucks really ?
Junk. Total cash grab with zero chance of winning without forking out hundreds on packs and power ups. It would cost you thousands to even consider being competitive and the build out for your base is so super complex you'd spend months just trying to figure out what to upgrade. And once you do, you'll have to spend more money to be able to upgrade. Years ago this was a fun game. Then greed took over the idea of quality game play. Now all worlds are forests of dead bases left behind.
In this game 5 things unfair the packs if you join back from a year or 2 ago. You have to purchase to catchup but the catchup pack Has Nothing good in this game they changed everything to unfair position Like if there's cybernetic stuff you will need commanders unlocked to get it wait you don't get it because the first or two packs you purchase beginning of the Game wont give you commanders Quarters All you get is token unlock and upgrade blueprint.
I played this several years ago and purchased quite a few packs. I have tried to download this recently and due to extravagant changes to the game, it will not even download. Disappointed.
Do not waste your time it's a cash cow making developers multi millionaires to progress costs yo £80.00 nearly x that by 50 million out of reach for players only if you are mega rich can you play. Eg to upgrade a building nearly 60,000 days, yes you heard it right if I could blow up my HQ I would do thinking of destroying everything else.
It was fun in the beginning, but now they want money from you at an inflated price and they don't give you anything in packages, what I want to say is that they've become so greedy. My advice to you is not to download the game... One package $100