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Mobg.io Survive Battle Royale

Mobg.io Survive Battle Royale for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Clown Games located at ODTU Teknokent TEKMER SEM2 B9 Alictus Yazilim A.S., Cankaya 06800 Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is the best!!!!! Hey clown games can you give me all my skins back i factoy rest my phone so i lost all my skins so can you give me back my skins please clown games please!!!!!
I love the game but i think clown games should add more skins and new maps so we have more maps to choose and more skins to choose
Why can people just watch a video to basically get a huge advantage over all of the other people who actually want to have fun? Get rid of that and maybe its 4 stars. Also people are always spawn kill me!
.io games should put new modes like dous squads and stuff like that just like fortnite and stuff like other battle royale games and put battle pass like type stuff in the game. that would be fantastic! I know that they have seasonal changes in the game but that's not really all that great at all... well I mean not really great at all. but like a actual map and map changes to the mobg.io game play. and new weapons and new stuff added to the game. over time. please. .io games hear me out pls.. thx
Awesome game. Love it. Can you add a duos or squads mode so you can play with your friends? That would be awesome. Otherwise, great game. The skins are also great. Can you make Iron Panther easier to get?
i give an 3 star for the game...but i have only one issued encountered when i was in the game i've never hear some sound on it ...very fun but no sound,not thrill
this was so good to PLAY and "THINGS" needed to add: delete wespon change add item holder like minecraft,add some plane drop,add some spawn island,add some ristricting the area, add some time so you can see the time of the blue area,add some vehicle,add some solo/duo/squad,add some med kits,sport drinks and bandage,add some new weapons like pistol,rifles,sniper and more,add some new characters,add some supply drop, make the map bigger, add some houses,make the circlr sink everywhere. HOPE U ADD.
This game is awesome it has little ads and great controls i love it it is awesome so awesome so awesome
The game is good but not thst many weapons and no armor just power ups plus the players act like bots bot that challenging
This game is good but one problem I have is that switching the guns is almost impossible during combat and I've lost a few times with that bug
Delightful game It is very easy to play if you have fast fingers and some skill, I won my first match cuz' it was too easy... Just have to know what the weapon does and you have a 75% chance of winning... Anyway, great game! just make it as good as you can, I am your supporter!
Please adjust the difficulty of the AI players. So I start my game I died instantly even I have a damage protection. Great game but I so hard for the AI. I rate 5 stars when the AI is balanced.
It's impossible to unlock the 12 kills and under 90 sec skins plz change it I've played over 100 k games gotten 11 kills around 30k times and fastest win time is 110 sec plz make it possible and maybe I'll rate V stars
It's good but I just think it should have more features, such as maybe a reward panel for each win you get and TOO MUCH ADDS, it's a fun game but you just need to add more features that's all I think.
one of the vlbest games in the world but the only thing they need to do is put duos and squds and 50v 50
I think it is amazing but I would really like it so that you can also save data on the chrome books and more but other than that it is a very fun game if you think otherwise u r crazy! But yes please send me a reply on the the whole data save on chrome books
Hood game, but too many ads and hackers playing. Sometimes hard to win when the last player is invisble.
this game has a great concept but I would just like a few more things. 1: a new gun/guns 2: harder bots. it's way too easy to win. 3: more skins that aren't event only. I would go to 5 stars if it had these.
I like the game because the map is big and lots of people play the game.😊 This is my 5th favourte game in my whole life.πŸ˜†
If anyone says these game suck its dumb the way I like these game is there are a few players and that's good small map makes it easy to get more kills and also less guns and it's offline too soo if your Internet is bad just play these game. Love the graphics soo good ad more guns and can you add building love these game. Whish I could say more and is not pay to win game the ads are just posters not video ads so don't be mad at the ads. And theres lots of skins. And you can try it out soo is good
Clown Games is a terrible battle royale game maker for 1 list containing MULTIPLE SOLE REASONS. 1:It is WAY too hard to win. 2:There are ads ALL over the game and there is no Remove Ads option. 3:SPAWN KILLERS! 4:WAY too little variety in items. You get powerups,weapons like the minigun,shotgun,Ray gun,and triple barrel. That is it! No healing,boosters,armor,ONLY POWERUPS. 5:NO SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING!!! 6:THE "PLAYERS" ARE WAY TOO SKILLED!!!!! FIX THESE NOW!!!!!!!!!!
i will rate this a 3 star because when i spawn sometimes i didn't move yet and I'm already getting shot at and in battle royale games its not possible to kill each other at the same time but great gameplay
i hate this because game starting you already dead without gun and bots hiding in the invisible place so we can't see who come and hit without gun or low hp then he ads 30/15/5 seconds in 5 im fine but 2 of them its long for me jist i need skipped sometimes i dead in game ads showing up and next game and im dead agaian ads showing up again really annoying
For those complaining about ads, just turn off your wifi since its an OFFLINE GAME. Pretty boring since you're the only human and the rest are Artificial Intelligences, that I would always get 1st with the guns I usually pick up and use.
I love this game it's cooler some other games I play. I play this game on p.c. and mobile too. love it try it guys ok.!!!!!!!!!
love the game but ur playing agaist bots. i play with not wifi or service. i got like 52 wins and better than fortnite.
this game is really fun but turn your internet off when playing so you have no ads and no glitches or lag
bad cauz tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy adddddsssssssssss every single game which sucks update ur game its super bad so delete the game
It is so fun but I say they should add some game modes so that you can play with friends other than that it's so fun
One of the MOST addicting and fast past games I've played, I have 150 wins and 2400 kills that's just how addicting it is.
your development team sucks for one sole reason, YOU FORGOT TO MAKE A SPAWN AREA WHERE YOU DONT END UP JOINING A GAME WHILE PEOPLE ALREADY ARE CLOSE TO END AND YOU CANT EVEN MAKE IT RIGHT, think about spawning in and players are already shooting each other and you are already power gapped by the one in the lead so there is no chance to win and your game spawns players infront of strong players and they will end up being dead before even fighting
Good game would give it five stars but the guns are to op and to easy to find there should be more varieties of guns and you should make it to were you you can build do that plz good game tho
...if you enjoy being sandwiched between 3-4 firing guns each time you load, you'll love this game...
absolutely bad, thumb stick is trash, can be seen through bushes, you can trade kills and that let alone is why I give it a 1 star and there is wayyyyyyy more bugs.
Amazing game.... This is the best game I could play... I play this at school and now my whole school place it... Loved the gameπŸ˜ƒ
Mobg used to have Christmas, Halloween, Easter, ant other updates now I dont think they have them anymore so if you have any Christmas or other skins do not delete the game!
Really addictive game, You can tell since it was my 4th time playing it and i have more than 200 stars 6 wins and more than 155 total kills, Keep up the good work! :D
Fun game, made me mad so I cracked my phone but it is awesome that you dont need WiFi and just really fun. Awesome Game
Mobg.io is pretty cool, would be cool if they made it for a console. I would definitely suggest this game if you can't get fortnite
Good game, but i think that you shoud make the ray guns shoot faster ad do a little less damage and the shotgun should do more damage
Its guuuuuud but like I am not convinced this is online and if its not pls make it so it is or atleast anonline mode and make it so I can play with my bros :/
I think of fortnite on a phone when i play this game, because it is just like it, and its entertaining, too.
For those complaining about ads, just turn off your wifi since its an OFFLINE GAME. Pretty boring since you're the only human and the rest are bots.
i get spawn killed and too much ads every time i die theres an ad waiting for me pls fix this as of right now this game is horrible.
this is an awesome game there ads but not to many the controls are awsome as well over all its a really good game and clown I was wondering if you could make like a shop where you can get skins for your weapons and every time you win you get 50 coins please and thank also keep up the great work!
Not that many weapons and powerups... Needs more heat... Like, new weps and pwers... LoL... Idk... I play this a lot and i think i don't find it challenging...
I didn't try the game but because everyone is leaving negative reviews I give five stars P.S fair amount of ads
Its the best but please add some sound and its getting boreing because there is not no places and guns are so boring and it needs some allot of new SKINS And a place where you can log in with google and other please and yall game will be so much popular.
I love this game. I like 2d battle royale, and I was thinking if you can add an airplane so we can drop whereever we want instead of the game choosing where we should land. Also add duos and squads please. I want this game to be a good one. And can you also add a friend list.
How come a level 3 defeat me a level 57 in one hit with a shot gun how??!!!I have full health how is this possible!!!!!!!!!
Over all it's a good game but I wish there was a bit more characters (a lot more) different maps and modes.i am not saying it's bad but it can be improved
this game sucks dont even bother, you dont know how much times I've lasered somebody and they one shot me, big waste of time and is just awful
TOO MANY ADS. It's dumb af if you get launched into a game and then you instantly die and have to watch ads over and over. Cut down the ads and I'd raise my review. The game is good but all the ads make me not want to play. Deleted. πŸ‘Ž
Very good game. Decent range of power-ups and guns, but could do with some more. Also skin customisation and online play would make this game 5 star worth imo. However good game non the less
This is a fun game and its a really good game for kids i love the blue gun and i like how its kinda rare so its not so overpowered so ya good game.
This game is really good but there should be more gun selection and maybe slow down the fire ratell and raise the damage on the triple berrel
It's pretty fun i would all ways be looking for a fun .io game to play but I always get bored but when I found this game I can't stop!
Thie game has many adds in this u cant eben win and everyone is a bot because everyone would attack first and i know its a bot bacause it happened 8 times.