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MLB 9 Innings GM

MLB 9 Innings GM for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game, don't love the developers. We've been waiting forever for the new patch and unfortunately this game is extremely pay to win. Regardless, once you get started you need to keep grinding to get a decent team, but at times the struggle seems worth it. It's tough sometimes to compete though, tons or players in who pay for this game hardcore or hack and get away with it.
garbage I had so much stuff in my head at how good this game could be but when I clicked the app it took over 30 minutes to just get to the game part.The tutorial was awful it's hard to know what to do in the game. When you play in a game you cant be a base coach or a bench coach. You don't say when a new pitcher comes in or where to shift your players in the infield or outfield. This game is a disappointment and I wouldn't play if I were you.Its a waste of time and takes up a lot of memory.
Good game but very frustrating because I have really good players but I constantly loose. Please make your team more likely to succeed.
Lots of potential but the match making is t even close to competitive. You'll never be put in a league that has you rated better than 5th. If your team is 1500 points there will be atleast 4 other teams way better and one that's over 2000 points. You'll always make the playoffs and always play those teams and always lose every game against them. Maybe if I put real money into it I'll get put in a league I can compete in
Great game but need to make it where you can have more than one classic/legendary and season player in your lineup. You end up with all these awesome cards you can't put in your line up. Other than that the game is great.
Game is fun but low rating because of the falsely stated probability rates! Chances of upgrade/successful trades are 50/50 not 80-90% successful as stated! I tried different things in game that have a 75% up to 90% chance of succeeding but failed MULTIPLE times in a ROW. There is no way the stated percentages are right. I understand that there's a chance of fail, so just be honest! Horrible! Also, it doesn't matter how good your team is, you lose to team that is far inferior on the regular!
Its a very complex game with a huge learning curve. I love baseball and wanted to like this game but in the end its just a hot mess of simming garbage. I dont feel the need to spend hours grinding and learning something when I cant determine the outcome through my play. I downloaded the game on 2 separate occasions and both times i felt cheated. The core of this game seems to be simming games and upgrading players and thats not enough to hold my interest. Uninstalled this simming junk.
I got the playgame now and the twist and turn of building the team. Technically best and the Graphic is good also. Please fix the the necessary return button. I keep on going back to main page and return to player roster.
It's fun , just nonstop temporary network errors are really pain . Hope soon this is gonna be fixed cause on the other MLB from you I have no issues at all.
Everyone DawnIaod (WHAFF) App for FREE MONEY Now. Absolutely, Lovely game!. Really It's veryenjoyable Cool level game. I am in level m.put one annozing thing about this game is that therest team had got much better weapons thanthe left team. I've been getting more feed back whatsoever regarding my game that freezesi out of m games to play. I lost a lot ofpoints because of this issue, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet con-nection. The game completely freezing. Please mix this hug, this has been going on the new.
Its ok. After playing for over a year there's no good rewards ...just low grade cards. Hard to enjoy when you keep getting low grade rewards. Even after training your players to max levels.
I used to really enjoy playing this game. It was fun and kept me busy trying to win. I'm getting externally irritated with all the updates I have to do to play. It seems like every other day I have to download additional files just to open the app
The gameplay is fine. Graphics decent. What makes this game absolutley awful is: 1) no customer service 2) Korean only events (all the time. Rest of the world doesnt get access) 3) monthly events : crappy recycled 3-4 week events that are finished in 7 days. No fresh ideas. No fun twists. Just literally play 100 league and 75 ladder games 4) No transparency for player ratings. You have triple crown winners be rated 82, and guys who bat .325 during a sept call up get an 85 Stay away. Far away.
4.9 needs a little better explanation on how to do things and a lot more vintage player's besides that it's perfect ..
The Tutorial was annoying because I couldn't access the options to turn off sound for like 15 minutes but once you get going the game is very fun and enjoyable. Ill be here a while.
As sims go, this is the an enjoyable one, but there's no apparent way to access an items inventory. Your cards are very low-power in awards.
Loads of fun but you often end up in leagues with opponents way above your level. Winning 6 out of 150 games Is very frustrating
I don't like this this took forever to download it starts from 1 from 112 it tooks 3 hrs and it's still not working in already at 111 and it took for ages and it didn't go to 112 😡😡
Get a clue ... Your league creation algorithm is a joke Club scores of 1700 get paired with Clubs of 2300 is stupid... Also... You give 20 upgrade tickets to start. Just spent 20 tickets on getting +4 upgrade on one guy Your chance of success if ridiculous … Guys This game could be so much better
Wish it could move slower so you could read gameplay! As a former Dodgers season ticket holder I love it!
I have no idea what this game would do for me and playing MLB 9 INNINGS 20. I logged in using my Hive account and all it does is load. For two days now. Already did troubleshooting. I'm not going to email devs, just going to uninstall and forget that this even exists.
Never got past the main screen when it said user verification. Always crashing. Never downloading again
The free agent negotiation is the worst system ever, spent 4.5m with every boost and still couldn't sign a player. Suck one Scam2Us. Maybe make the actual 9 innings game playable. Lags constantly. Money hungry scumbags
If you like games of strategy, this game is very good and programming is well managed. They stay on top of in game glitches and resolve them fast. Customer service has improved. Alot of the problems with CS can be improved with fluent English understanding reps. The game is the best MLB card & simulation game on the mkt. Its affordable for P2P and free accts can survive with hard work. Negatives are lack of roster spots to collect cards, and offerings get stale. Recmd game to all.
I like the game, but what really ticks me off is that you are only allowed to use a certian amount of players. Like 1 season player, and 2 franchise players. So could you please change that?
Downloaded this for the free item in mlb 9, but it wont go past script download 78/83? I tried it twice and still no go. Not worth the time for a .99 gift😂😂. ERASED
Want to completely delete team and account and start over from scratch but do not see an option to do so. I like the game but the fact that there isnt a "reset data" or "reset game" in the options is horrible. every other game that i have played has had something like that except for this one.
Any game with ads for its own store is a pos from hell. Must be dead if it isn't even updated for the latest android gestures that are 2 years old. Now there isn't even a back button in menu. Instant uninstall.
Don't get me wrong, game/graphics are great but spending 96,000 in game coin currency to get ONE level upgrade out of possible 10, bit ridiculous! I do like & enjoy the game/graphics but nearly 100,000 in game currency to move ONE player up ONE grade level? Seriously development or rather, the people who really get the money. Game is entertaining, hoops to jump, not so much. Point being, do NOT spend real life money on the game, it'll only lead to disappointment!
Very unresponsive I downloaded this game through the promotion tab on MLB 9 innings and completed tutorial and have yet to receive reward or $1 promotion for downloading the game while playing the game had to restart several times for a task to show as complete
I'm waiting forever just want to load I'm just sitting here for 3 hours on my couch it's just not cool I take a 5-hour nap still
If you like games of strategy, this game is very good and programming is well managed. They stay on top of in game glitches and resolve fast. Customer service is terrible. I speak English. They never answer questions or issues properly. It takes 3 to 4 emails for CS to understand the issue and thats not guaranteed. Same problem for 3 plus years now. You say the light is off, they say the light is suppose to be white please turn off. WTH. Lost in translation is understatement.
There needs to be a way to guarantee upgrading players, like using coins vs AP in regular MLB 9 Innings. Coins are too hard to come by and too expensive to buy to waste every time I want to try to upgrade someone and watch it fail 80% of the time. It's impossible to get your players to a level to compete in the higher leagues unless you want to spend a small fortune on a mobile game. I was having fun for a while, but feel like I've hit a wall of not being able to win without paying up.
I dont know if its a problem with my phone (wich i doubt so because i play high requirement games with it) but i just installed it and i cant start the game, it closes and it pops "the game has stopped"
I really enjoy MLB 9 Innings 20 and decided to give this a shot since i enjoy manager games. Pro: It's a stable game. Lots of players. Many player upgrade options. Solid strategy options for both players and teams. Lots of free goodies. Con: There is no "back" button to return to a previous screen. The layout feels cluttered and unintuitive compared to MLB 9 Innings. There is no color-blind option which makes differentiating between certain player grades difficult.
This game can be a ton of fun at times. However, the poor explanations and awkward phrasing for tips makes it hard to understand how certain parts of the game works. There are frequent "temporary errors," that become tedious to both with. Additionally, MVPs in league seasons heavily favor pitchers even when a batter had an objectively better season and stats.
I would do a lot to get better players but that is a bit much. The app is heavy and you dont get to swing the bat. Takes awhile to download. Dont think it is worth it.
Yes needs to be away to guarantee of upgrading players. It’s disappointing when you buy gold and use it to upgrade for it to fail. You just feel like your try to suck more money out of the players. Apart from that good game for me.
Potentially a very good game but ultimately the game is stacked towards those who spend. Offers you odds of 84% to keep an elite when trading yet I have lost as many as I have won at that rate. Don't waste your time or money on this tripe.
Good game but wish you could trade player to other players and do better at upgrading players. I have two players of the same color and it won't merge them together. Kinda of frustrating, but still a good game.
After 2 years, I still play this game EVERY day, and my original review is still true today! "Absolutely love this game, it takes time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it is incredibly addictive."
I've been playing this for 2 years now and the main thing I want to see put into this game is a market to list our players to sell to others. There have been lots of players that I have "traded" and got nothing useful, when other users could complete a team with something I don't need. One of your previous games had this option, so I know you can add this.
The game is good. But I give 2 stars because after training most of my players after a championship season, the following season I start losing alot of games??? And when my energy is down to 10 I start to go on a winning steak. Shouldn't i be winning at full energy??well need to be more flexible with the bullpen options. In mlb teams can opt starters to the pen. Cash rewards are limited. Frustrating game...need to spend money for my kid for him to enjoy
There is a lot going on in this game. You have scouting reports, analysis for up coming games, players condition, upgrades out the wazoo, and a lot of other things that keep you playing. Might seem a bit daunting at first but play a game or two and mess with your teams roster and things will start coming together. So far my STL Cardinals are doing pretty good, just wish they could get some of the players I have in real life.
I think it's stupid that you guys have put a limit on the types of players you can have active on your roster. Such as 2 [Classic, Franchise Player], 1 [Season Player], and 1 [FA Player]. If you changed it to no limit, I would recommend this game to everyone.
Ok, I like the game but you are burning people out. How many game changes have you implemented in 2020? At least 4. Positive yes, but you have again, added more roster variations & player cards, yet only expanded rosters by 100 when >100 needed. Each chemisty adds more variations. Why trade if there isnt enough spots to hold new cards for new teams? Now too many events. Weekly? 3 wks?. Don't care 2 play. Pull rates have gotten worse slowly. Pull back. Ppl are getting tired of playing incl me.
Very fun & well done game, but the games against friends are just a simulation. That is a huge disappointment.
Couldn't log in after last update (2/2/2020).,then uninstalled and reinstalled but still no response. I can't send you an inquiry with my hive ID# cause I can't open the game to find out what it is. Losing a lot of rewards from events. And I'm sure my club dropped me because I haven't been playing. I see others are experiencing the same issue. I hope the upgrades you made were worth losing so many loyal players.
I love gm games and was very excited to play this one, but it just freezes on the login screen and it doesn't let me play. Please fix this, as I would Still love to play this game
In comparison to other games of this kind this one is top dog by far . The developers here did much better than another very similar game . The game isn't hard to get the hang of ,and if ur a baseball fan this is the game for you . Absolutely addictive.
My pet peeves with this game are: 1. The mid-season slump that always seems to occur in League Mode. When the season starts, my players are all clobbering the ball. Then, for some reason, around the middle of the season, it's like they all came down with the Corona virus. Half the team are suddenly in depleted condition, and the other half are held hitless until the late innings. This does tend to go away as the season winds down, but the middle games are frustrating, to say the least. 2. The tendency for the game to crash during Ranked or Friend Battles. This usually happens after an opposing outfielder makes a throw to a base (usually second), and then suddenly, the throw goes wild, or the fielder just stands there frozen, and then I get the message that "a network error" has occurred. The game is then lost, resulting in a forfeit for me. And this usually happens when I'm beating a comparable or superior opponent. 3. Speaking of which, why can't ranked or friend games be saved like league games, so if you're busy, you can come back later and finish them? But no, you have to play those the whole way through, otherwise you forfeit. 4. Fly balls that get to outfield fast, but linger in the air longer than they should, so that the opposing outfielder has time to run up and catch it. So many times, I've seen outfielders run a good distance all the way to the corner of left or right field, and then dive on their stomachs to catch the ball. That bugs me. There was only one Willie Mays. And yet, every opposing outfielder seems to turn into Mays whenever I hit the ball like that. I have yet to see an outfielder make an error doing this. Don't you think that once, just once, when they flatten out for that diving catch, they'd miss the ball, and it would go for a triple or an inside the park home run? That, I'd love to see. 5. There should be extra points awarded for: a. batters who hit more than 2 homers per game. b. runners who steal more than 1 base per game c. batters who record at least 4 RBIs per game 6. The ability to purchase specific players without an auction, or trade with other gamers for players. I have diamond players I don't use, but for some reason, I can't combine or release them. All they're doing is taking up space on my roster. I'd like to trade or exchange them for players I want, but I can't. I've made these issues known to the powers-that-be at Com2Us, but all I get is usual runaround and or/lip service. I would be nice if they would actually address these issues.
i tried playing this game a while back after wanting to try something new from playing the other 9 innings game and i gotta be honest, this game ha alot more stratagy put into it and it makes it alot of fun. not as good players have a hcance at being better based on your chemistry and team composition. i really recommend this to anyone who wants the full general manager expierence and have fun time doing so.