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MLB 9 Innings 22

MLB 9 Innings 22 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
fun game although you don't usually get the best players unless you spend money and even then you barely get them..
Pretty good game. You really don't have to spend money to play there's events all the time and everything it's been probably the first app I've played for I haven't had to spend a ton of money to have fun.
AI is STUPID!!! The fielders do no make the easiest and most fundamental throws to the proper bases. Also the do not make an effort to try and throw a runner out. Instead they hold the ball or a second then throw to the cutoff when the clearly could have thrown a runner out. Please fix this!! Also the batting makes 0 sense. I can throw high and tight and he will crush one oppo? What kind of logic is that??? Please address these very basic baseball issues and the game will be 5 stars. Thanks.
I love the app but I have issues. Almost impossible to throw out a player because the ball is almost never thrown to the base. Second I have had the same roster for years why aren't the players updated each season. Please update the rosters.
great game most of the time. the only thing i have an issue with is league mode which i play 80% of the time why is it that after about 70 games into a season and it really pisses me off all of a sudden where i almost break my phone or to the point of uninstalling the game is my team cant hit the ball for me it takes all the fun out of the game to where i dont want to open the game anymore. and i was wondering how in the heck do you train a vintage card past 10 any suggestions.
Great game, but WAY too pay-to-win. I understand it has to be hard to make an elite team since your roster doesn't reset every season like other games, but the best players in the game (Signatures) are basically impossible for free-to-play players to get. Even if you manage to grind one out, you need a ton of luck to pull a player you actually want. Diamond increases are even worse. $100 (or $50 "on sale") is laughably overpriced and one free diamond increase a year doesn't cut it.
I love this game... graphics, game play, features all good. Store is lil crazy pricey . $9.99 then straight to $29.99 c-mon man... lol. How about a $15 or $20 spot
Easy to learn, kind of though to master. Players are relatively easy to train to level 10, then it takes a bit to get to higher levels with them. You can make the games as automatic or as interactive as you like. Playing more interactively earns you more rewards to use to make you team better which is as it should be. You can also spend as much or as little as you like to beef up your roster. All around really good game.
PvP is literally unplayable. You'll either get a whale who claps your cheeks with a home run every at bat or you'll finally find a winnable game and the game servers are so horrifically bad that it'll disconnect you and either count it as a loss or forfeit the match you've been working 15 minutes to win. A huge part of the game for ranked coins which get very good items. But when you keep getting kicked out of wins it literally makes the game a legitimate waste of time. I won't spend more money
It's 1 of the better baseball apps I've played it's actually really good except for all the points it says I won but for some reason never recieved or the video thing to watch to get stuff well it's never actually been able to show a video
Overal is an OK game. However fielder reaction to throw can be improved. Is too slow. Base running in some instances is not the best. When a play allows to go extra bases it doesnt and does the opposite. When it should stay on a base, just runs and cost a game, all this when having the base running mode in auto. However came to find that when using manual base running, it's much better. Still need to improve fielding reaction. Too slow of a response.
Extremely fun to play BUT games keeps randomly logging me out. This game is designed to restart the entire season every time the account is logged out and logged in. Also very hard to grow; pay to play kind of game.
This is a great baseball game! There are ADS in the game, however they are short & fruitful with various "Ad Reward" items. Although they can lock up & become stuck in limbo, preventing the ability to retrieve ANY AD REWARDS, & will become consumed by the game, and lost forever! They do update a lot, so the game is up to speed with all players new & old, their nuances, their looks, (beards, long/short hair, etc.)& other related parameters! Overall a great way to keep busy!
I love this game. During the season or after the season. The only problem I have is sometimes when you exit the game it starts it all the way over. Even if you pause the game you're in. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes it'll keep your progress other times it won't. Other than that no problems. I would like to see like replays or even challenges so you can challenge plays and watch the replay to see if a play is worth challenging or not
You need to fix the pvp mode. Everytime I get in a popup comes up saying waiting for the other player to do something. I have waited 5 minutes on this screen and nothing. I have to force close the game and restart it. I need those 550 ranked coins every week. Please fix or I'm deleting the game and never playing again. I have spent over $1,000 on here. I need to be able to get into pvp so I can get my ranked training up
Be careful when spending money as the game is rigged to favor those who do, as well as decrease your chances of winning games in the post season. If you're someone who loves situational baseball, this is not the game for you. Fielders don't make logical and realistic decisions, such as throw to cutoff guys, or they go after the wrong runner entirely, and always a poor attempt to throw out a runner at home. I could go on and on. There is more to a game of baseball than just hitting and pitching.
This is the best game ever! I usually don't like baseball but, This game is awesome!! It has alot of details to the game! You can buy stuff from the auction, play different game modes, and open packs! And the best part ITS FREE! I would recommend playing this game.
The game is very fun, is an easy way to teach people about baseball as well as the top players, but the money they ask for relatively less useful items is insane. Ex: 49.99 for 1 random "top level" player and some small items included, 99.99 for in game money that wouldnt last 5 minutes and could possibly not benefit you very much. Also no trading or selling players so income and a good team without big real money purchases will take a LONG time or luck drawing free or earned players.
If the COM2 guys wouldn't ruin the game with faulty updates that cause it to crash during every single league mode game, it would be great, actually, the best MLB mobile game on the market. Only a 3 star game right now though.
Great graphics fun.. The only reason not 5 stars is how long it takes for game to start up even on wifi and if you get an incoming call or bring up text over app it restarts the game and takes long to load other than that great game to pass time
I really love this game and play it all the time, but one thing is I got 2 diamond packs and pulled a 67 diamond and a 75 diamond🤮. Please fix it to where diamonds can only be good players.
This game is ridiculously bad!! The more you play the more ridiculous it gets.** Update since last review** The game has gotten much worse!! It's impossible to build a competitive team without spending money. The customer service is horrible and incompetent. This game is garbage.
I would have told someone why I was kicking them out, but not an email, text, nothing.kicked out & assuming can't return but don't know because again wasn't told anything so imagine my surprise when I went to find this app with all my other apps & it's not there, I thought I overlooked it so I kept looking.i communicated through contact us several times after I had lost my phone connection & when I was told I had 2 accts. I wrote to tell you to kick out the oldest one I didn't rem. Pw. For.
Very very good graphics, very easy and playable for the masses. But as usual it is more geared towards players who pay to make there team better. For interest I just saved up 40 premium packs which takes a little time, but out of all of packs not one diamond card and 8 gold so much for the percentages... Gotta make it a little better than zero percent
One of the addictive game i played... BUT...... Without inapp purchase you will just go hitting and hitting innings but you cant find 2nd diamond player... Game sucks so hard that after some time you will loose hope to find another diamond player card and you will unistall it.... Hey developer, you suck.. game suck...
it's ok. but it will not allow me to release players that I don't want. it's just I want to be in control not the computer. also the game tells you that basic players can't be EXP level up. so why does it give you the same players almost every time. get this basic players pack. you'll get a lot of basic players pack more than the rest of the packs.
I personally really like this game, always have. I have a couple issues with it, though; that I've had since day 1: It's almost impossible to throw someone out from the outfield (ball is thrown to relay about 90% of time against better judgment and personal wishes, triples are extremely hard to hit and good players and pretty rare and hard to come by (I spend real money [not much] and it doesn't change much).
I enjoy the game I have only one question sometimes I can't get though a whole season game restarts loose out on my season once that happens I have to start my season over.
An OFFICIAL MLB GAME that got me back into baseball. I am watching live games again, but with a better interest in it! I am addicted to this game everyone!! My phone has been through so much gameplay. Its come to a point where I should probably get a new device soon because I am wearing it out; however, it's worth it! A+
Its great for the first few days.... Then fun stops and paywall starts. I will admit when I read the other reviews of people saying it was rigged I laughed.....but it is. You can tell right when u hit the paywall. If you play PvP you have no chance. I dont even have a diamond player yet and it matched me with someone who has a whole team of em. Dont fall for their trap!!
I'm F-ing done! The fail rate on upgrades, training etc.. is insane. It is impossible to get anywhere in the game without throwing huge amounts of $ at it. Literally nothing in the game works out if you don't spend $ on it. It's not worth it. I understand the need to turn a profit but the developers don't understand things like value and worth. Your excessive greed will cost you customers.
I like this game to the point. I play it up to 3hrs a day. i like the layout of the the line up , also the events. i would just suggest giving away more upgrades so the players don't stay at one level for long periods of time. And the occasional fair (foul) balls the one where they are clearly in field and the get called foul . Good Job though keep it up.
Great game. Very realistic. Love that I can select each pitch, and full control over which way the batters hit the ball. Only wish is that they had more regular promos to help advance the players abilities. I can get a little boring waiting a month to get one diamond level ticket for one player. They should offer them in the shop for those of us die hards that want our favorite players at diamond level
Fairly good but, fielding in the game is so annoying. Almost all of what would usually be a hit is robbed by an amazing play 100% of the time. Utilize the defense stat and make defense dictate chances of webgems
Great game! Great for baseball fans, some things could improve. Sometimes during games, speed is irrelevant. There are a few other things, but I won't get into that. Overall great game, really fun.
So far so good. I don't really play a whole lot of online mobile games. This one though is actually pretty cool. Its simple, which is great because like I said I don't do the games alot. I like that it doesn't take forever to play a game or trade or upgrade. I really would recommend this especially if ya got younger kids and your trying to find something yall both can play together but also if ya got to socially distance.
This game is great if you have a thousand dollars to drop on it, if you can't drop that kinda money then you better have 5 thousand hours to play it. Too much give (time) and not enough get (rewards) also there is in game ads for rewards and they just straight up don't even work, Everytime you try to load an ad it says "this ad is in preparation" I've uninstalled and re downloaded, logged out and back in. Nothing fixes it. As far as gameplay, it's really solid. Especially for a phone game.
This is as good of game as their is on the phone theirs a few things they can fix to make it better like some of the fly balls to the out they try to say u or ur opponent trap the ball when its a clear catch other then that i love this game
Love this app but wish it had more errors _ fielding errors and throwing to bases which there is not any. Also, Sometimes it feels that the app is bloated with stuff ,so it is not clear what is being offered
Love it!!! Can be a touch glitchy at the worst moments and the in app purchases are a bit exuberant but all in all excellent!! Wish it came with tutorials tho as to how to use the game in its entirety.. Trading, free agents, etc. Lots to learn and it takes a whole bunch of dedication.. But definitly worth it!!
Houston we have a problem... Only one little minor issue / bug... Every time I go into the special shop... I get locked in!!!uuuggh I can't go back I can't get home page back... I'm pretty much stuck I can't do anything even if I pay for something. I have to close the app and then restart it... please help!!! uggghhh... LOL, but nothing can ever change the fact that how much I'm in love with this game no matter if I win lose or tie it doesn't matter always much to do and always fun
Game has a lot to do, lots of anniversary freebies. I spent a bit in this game and I dont mind as it supports the company in making newer and better products. However, as I've played through this for 3 seasons, it's comes at a price. I have a full team of diamond and gold players going against bronze pitchers. Gold 103 w/110 contact, 112 power, 115 eye cant hit out of the infield against a bronze pitcher overall 53 rating? 103 speed cant steal 2nd w/catcher @65? Fun for free though but fix stats
Loved the game but I can't access my account anymore. Changed my password and just get continuous error. Completely locked out. Unable to play, lost my daily bonuses. Contacted support but not heard anything yet.
Great baseball game considering its not a console. I'd like you to add for players that don't know in settings you can have more control over baserunning , fielding & pitching . Which becomes exceptionally good when you play on manual instead of auto, you get more control of what your players do . The card collection idea is fun and keeps it interesting, game is updated daily so overall really good game .
I would like to see the addition of a sound effect if the ball was to hit something like a scoreboard, lighting, etc. Also, I think it would be great to be able to sell or donate items between friends who are also playing the game, whether points, players or whatever.
It's a blast. Hours of fun, not overly complicated. Have only played one game so far but I'm hooked! Updated May 9,2021 I absolutely love this game. I've spent over $600 already...but it's well worth to me. This game is far and away the best game I've gotten involved in...I'm hooked! Where is Griffey Jr? Must of wanted too much money to use his likeness! Need explanations on what all the things you buy or win, what they do, it's difficult to figure how upgrades and all the skills upgrades.
Fun to play. I like that you can pick your pitch and location. The only thing is they don't throw the ball hard in the outfield. They literally watch the runner and then lob the ball to the cutoff man when they could of gunned it home from shallow CF RF etc. You should be able to steal bases too. Fix those and you'll have a Grade A game.
Game is great, I enjoy playing it and play daily. The rates on diamond players and good items from league are atrocious, but thats to be expected from what is essentially a gacha game. This latest update (v6.0.6) has caused the game to crash anytime I attempt to view an ad. Hopefully this gets patched soon.
Great game all around. Been playing for years. Would be cool if they added some old stadiums. Wish they had an option to purchase montreal expos logo for my jersey and play at olympic stadium. Want some Montreal Expos options please. Enhancement Request ;o)
I think the gameplay is solid. What I DONT like is the garbage cards you get UNLESS you drop thousands of real dollars in the game. I enjoy baseball games. This one is by far the most money hungry. And on top of the prices of some of the stuff, what you get DOES NOT EQUAL OUT TO THE PRICES!!!! I'm uninstalling my game. It just isnt worth anymore time in my day.
Absolutely love this game... well, honestly, I'm pretty much addicted to it lol. Of course there's things here n there I could gripe about some, or that maybe bug me a bit at times, but that'd just be me nitpicking n way too petty. Besides, the good far outweighs any of the bad in my eyes, overall. For me, the best part of the game has to be the gameplay
Great graphics and great comody if you want to have an experience go ahead there is a bronze silver gold diamond cards the reason why it's 4 star is because u get 1-4 diamonds at the begining of the club and after about a week they go AWAY but not all do only the ones that you start with. This game is challenging . Stay safe at home!! Bye
Great game really enjoyable just u have to be committed to it to enjoy it or else it will get boring but for anyone who loves baseball this is the best choice. Just a couple of catches. After u finish a season u cant change teams without deleting and re downloading it. Also u cant really choose ur skill level. One more thing, it's not very realistic whenever ur pitching sometimes because you will throw a fastball down the middle and they'll miss it and then they hit the curve on the outside.
Updated review: The events, promotions, updates, and improvements they've done leading up to and while the new season had been postponed have really make the game more rewarding to play. And, as always, they do a great job with stadium graphics are great. True to my word, increased to 5 star since they finally added prime combos! The best improvement they could do now is to allow one trade ONLY within a club every 3-6 months. Also maybe a way to swap skills from one player card to another.
Very awesome graphics and stats.. i LOVE stats... maybe one update you could start keeping track of doubles and triples.. lol.. but really great stats and i love this game .. i do wish it updated easier .. or less... it takes forever to finish update .. sometimes i have to uninstall and then i have to start season all over again..
Very addictive and fun, the only problem is that the defensive players look like they are lazy, only reason I say that because a lot of "outs" could have been actually done right, other than that it is a great game and I highly recommend it 👍
What with master league mode crashing and taking you back to the main menu 50 times a game saying something is invalid
Love the game BUT, I hit the "play defense button" by mistake at times and we need a way to reverse this. Once you hit it you have no more control over the play. Please fix this!
This game is awesome! Since I don't have a gaming console, I use my chromebook to play games. Usually, sports games are laggy or don't work, but not this one. It is an awesome game just like MLB The Show. I have seen MLB The Show on Youtube, but I can assure you this game is just the same. It is super awesome and I play it almost any time I get the chance. I love baseball and I love this game. 5 stars.
I love this game it is super fun to play when you are bored. Me and my cousin play it all the time. However i can not play it on my ipad any more because when i go in to the game it won't stop loading. I really love this game and i want to play your content more but i can't. So if there is any thing ya'll can do to fix it please do. If not thanks for listening. I hope you can take into account my feelings if not have a blessed day and hopefully i can play mlb 9 innings 22.
I loved this game when I first started but after some time I realized that they just want your money because they want you to buy packs till you get a dimaond and you get out way to easily.
Extremely fun to play BUT games keeps randomly logging me out. This game is designed to restart the entire season every time the account is logged out and logged in. Also very hard to grow; pay to play kind of game.(updated with additional star due to response)
Way to easy to hit. It's more like slow pitch softball. Opposing pitchers throw in the strike zone about 90% of the time. Pitchers that throw 100 in real life don't even come close in the game. Opposing team won't pinch hit for a pitcher?
I love the graphics and gameplay and the fact that I can simply get straight into a ball game without having to poke through a bunch of "pick-a-pack" screens before I can actually play anything. But do all the teams only have white uniforms? It doesn't diminish the gameplay, but is noticeable (to me).
Game plays well enough to do League Play without issue. Clutch Hits Mode freezes frequently making it nearly impossible to progress in that mode, while Arcade will also freeze, but not as often (about 1 in 30 games). Overall a fun MLB game, needs some smoothing out still. Takes 45 seconds to 1 minute to be able to play after opening app.
I've been waiting all my life for this game to be developed. I'm totally happy with this game and you guys did an AMAZING job of it. Can get pricey, but plenty of fun even without spending $. Suggestion #1: Improve game box scores to match real-world box scores. Suggestion #2: Provide better instructions.
Gameplay is fine, but very RNG based on both pitching and batting. Main issues are that the game is extremely laggy, which greatly affects this game, especially while batting, and that the HIVE login occasionally causes me to log out and lose my progress in league mode. Pick 'Ems are probably the greatest positive, in my opinion, though the window to do them is way too early (11 pm- 11 am central ). Would suggest making them available from daily reset until the game(s) starts that day.
The game connection was good until the update. Which totally screwed me from accessing the main server to actually play the game. I can get on the app but can't get to the main server. So the update was not good for me.
I really enjoy this game, but I have a few issues with it. 1) Better upgrades on players, I have a few of the same players an can't combine them very frustrating so now they're just taking up space. 2) There has been numerous times I was safe or it was a leget hit and some how the computer made the play. So the CPU needs a bit more realistic feel on that end. 3) Better mix of legends and outfits on teams and one other thing where's the mascots? 4) Broken bats we need that. SxTxL
I can say that its nice to see you guys constantly fixing the bugs and making the game seem soooo realistic but there is a problem the game has that really frustrates me. Why is that the Free Challenge and the Reward Line Rate Up constantly having me watch a video to get rewards but it doesn't reward me because its making me watch 2 or 3 ads before i get the reward? It takes too long to download. It's already a drag to watch these ads at every turn. Great game but its becoming very frustrating.
Overall fun game to play. Good graphics, mostly accurate player ratings (sometimes disrespectful). Would be better if players received a star for every day they play consistently without resetting every month, in addition to monthly checkin(ex: if I play for 1000 days straight, I think the least I deserve for my commitment is 1000 stars). Also, over priced. $100 only buys 12000 stars, which isn't even enough to buy a good player from the Auction.
Great game, love playing regular season games per year, my only problem with the game is that when you condition your team, players that havent played yet are losing energy before they start playing. So if thats gonna happen, why condition the players at all? Then the starting players who are playing, in 3 innings theyre condition is way down. I think this needs to be addressed and corrected. Any backup player shouldnt lose condition and energy when they havent played yet. Spend lots of $ on gam
An exciting game with a lot of features & ongoing goals. Things that could be modified to make the game better are the following: 1) Adding an annual draft and minor league feature to the regular season mode.... 2) More accurate ratings of players (Example: perennial all-stars should not be rated 80-85 as a gold or diamond version, they should be rated higher than that... and hot rookies shouldn't be 85 or 90, they should be rated lower.)... 3) More vintage players who are Hall of Famers.
This by far the best game I have ever played on my phone. The most realistic game play I've seen in any sports game. I love the depth of the season mode and the stat recording throughout the game. The developers do an excellent job updating the game and creating new events to attain new players and keep things interesting. I very highly recommend this game!!!!!
Great game HOWEVER I have a suggestion, when a phone call comes in on a users phone it shouldn't automatically be a loss and cost them a game, please address that issue. I have an idea, when a call comes in and a user answers the call, automatically go into auto play instead of forfeiting game. PLEASE! It's frustrating and annoying lol. PLEASE. UPDATE: SUGGESTION ACCEPTED. GAME IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.
Im disappointed with the developer.. I got bug on end master postseason.. Im stuck on next button and there is nothing i can do except quit the game.. I've already email more twice since 2 days ago and there is no replied due to my problem.. I love play the league but after 162 match i played and got this bug even worse than that the team and developer looks like doesnt care with user.. Im utterly disappointed.. If i can give ZERO stars i'll do by now..
Yeah games real great, but they basically tell you that you're fkd if you don't spend thousands of dollars in the PVP which is basically the only fun part. People spending thousands of dollars on their teams and they basically just hand them the games with random mistake pitches that they go yard with at the most opportune moments regardless of their skill. It's basically a fkn joke and ruins the game. The prices are fkn ridiculous to buy stuff in the game. It's all about money not skill.
While the overall game is great, the odds of getting gold or diamond players needs to be a bit better. I had, at one time, ALL silver players. I was getting crushed. Once I spent some real cash, the better players were unleashed. Some of the stuff you can buy doesn't really match up with the price. Also, when hitting, it seems near impossible to hit a triple. I'm 42 games into a regular season and have only hit 2 triples. I have a decent speedster in Whitt Merrifield. He has the 2 triples.
It takes WAY too much effort to get a good team with good cards for free, I appreciate the app is ad free but the prices for like a single ultimate pack is ridiculous, everything's price needs to be lowered, nobody is going to pay the full price of a AAA title on a console/pc for a pack of fake cards every day for 10 days. And to think people would is just foolish. Make the likelihood of getting gold and diamonds about 2x more likely maybe 1.5x
Got a push notification that "****** has appeared in auction". So naturally i opened the game up. 40 seconds into the 4 hour auction time the player was sold out. Definitely not going to give you my money when i dont even get a chance to use the currency that my devoted time earned me. So what im basically telling others who are reading this...don't waste your time on this. (By now the devs are writing an apology and asking me to contact support. I'll be heeding my own advice and won't)
A must have if you like baseball!!! I've played this game from its humble beginnings and it keeps getting better and more realistic. While I wish there was a little less loading time, this game is simply amazing. Well built, fun, and as close to really playing baseball as you can on a phone. A big congrats and thanks to the team that built it. I love it.
This one of my favorite games, but they need to bring back card upgrades for normal to bronze. What's the point in getting a player you really want and that is somewhat rare, if he's stuck at normal
I've played this game for years, here is my current biggest criticism. The amount of diving catches made by the opposing team is crazy. You'll think you hit the ball into the gap at least 3 or 4 times per game and the outfielder on the opposing team will make a diving catch. They will never drop the ball, diving catches have a 100% success rate. This is not realistic in the slightest, infielders make errors in this game, outfielders should drop some of those balls that they dive for.
Good graphics, easy to play, competitively challenging. Can do better with the play by play announcements.
This has nothing to do with the game. The game is awesome and fun. But its something to do with your customer support. They are not helpful and take 5 days to reply. I've been trying to get my account back since late may and still can't get it!!! Please fix the customer support.
Would be 5 stars, but devs don't fix the unfair matchups in PvP, Ranked Battle, Clutch Hits Mode and Club Battle. It not possible to win most times. During games, runners go for extra bases when they clearly won't make it. The baseman has the ball before the runner is even halfway to the base. It's absurd! It's also a monumental task or costs money to get diamond players and is rare if they're any good.
One of my favorite games. Could be simplified so you're not bombarded with sales ads. But, still, its my goto.
Dear all, The game is great, but at the time of updates to androids, the game stays days without working, I have been trying to update and the app block. And at the end you lose all the benefits of sequences games. I hope at some point comeback to work, because It is frustrating.
Love the game-play. Its honestly better than most of the X Box MLB games I've played. That said... Its dumb that you have to pay 30 dollars every time you want, literally, just a chance at a needed position gold/diamond player. Hate developers that try to wring out every single cent they can.. Who pays 99 dollars bi/tri-monthly or whatever it is, for, maybe a diamond player, that's probably a position they are already set at? I have 3 diamond players total, and 2 are closers....SMH.
Good graphics and gameplay, but I have a couple of issues with it. If you get kicked out of the game other than a league game it is considered an automatic loss. When you're in the middle of the season and they determine that it is time to start the next years season, you have no choice but to start over, losing all of the stats you have accumulated towards your goals. Also you hit a ball and it hits the foul line it is a foul ball. However the computer consistently hits doubles on the line.
Awesome game when a outfielder catch a fly ball and a guy is running a base and the outfielder can try throwing him out at the base the runner is headed the outfielder throw the ball to the cut off man when he can make a play at the base that the runner is advancing too. Other than that every thing else is prefect
I enjoy playing this game and it is challenging and I have a 80 overall team and haven't received the 80 overall achievement box yet, also you don't get an opportunity to search for legendary players and hall of fame players to purchase with the coins you receive in the game
It's obvious when this game doesn't want you to win a game. Suddenly every swing you take is a weak pop-up or grounder, and the opposing batters will get hits no matter where you place your pitches. Not to mention that the CPU's baserunners can see into the future, just happening to run full speed on a hit that looks like it could be caught in the outfield. Still, this is the most competent baseball game I've found on mobile, so it is what it is.
Fun baseball experience but has a problem that should not exist in gaming. Surprise mechanics aka loot boxes kill what would be an awesome game. You will never get players you really want due to it. No clear path to players you want just random casino lootbox surprise mechanics. I don't mind a long grind game but give players a path to collecting cards rather than BS casino luck. Fun gameplay, awesome stadiums and authentic player animations but 100% BS player acquisition.
You guys are very close to ruining this game...I've been playing for years and have loved it...but your game balance is becoming ridiculously hard...arcade mode has become impossible...this match game is the dumbest event you have made how are you supposed to remember where your match selections are 24 hours later...this is the least amount of time I've put into this game since I downloaded it like 4 years ago...please fix your game balance.
Had issues at first but was my device's problem, love this game, graphics and overall design. Like it much better then mlb tap
I am from India. Since last one year I play this game. I love it and the fantastic game ever played me. Hats off to your development team. I always waiting for your new update and what new developed. My suggestion for your team pl arrange team selective diamond 💎 event in 2 or 3 months. Also prime players.
I enjoy the game. I would like an All-Star game to be added in July. That would be a lot of FUN. And I would like for announcers to say when a MLB record is broken. I am playing league mode. I no longer use the bronze-silver-gold gear because the game has become to easy. Even with all settings turned on to manual. I thought I saw mentioned a Master League Mode, but I couldnt find it. Is there a Master League Mode? What is the best way to make the game most challenging?
Who designed this game, Dominion? The play is so fixed, it isn't funny. When I have a runner on second, and a lefty hitter at bat, he will never pull the ball to right. It will usually be a push grounder to short or third, so that my runner on second cannot advance. Also, if I have a speedy runner on first, my batter will more often than not hit a sharp grounder to an infielder for a double play, even if I have the runner on first going with the pitch. There's more, but I'm out of space.
I love this game. It is very addictive. One thing I do recommend is a revision to the league mode reward system. It could be so much better. The gift boxes side of the system is okay but the rewards you get is really not worth the time put in. I also think a premium membership with added perks for being a member would be awesome. A trade system for cards would really make the game stand out from the rest even more.
2 days ago in the off-season event I accumulated 30 batting chances and was supposed to be granted a free ultimate vintage pack. However I did not receive the pack even though when I clicked on the event it shows that I have collected it. Other than that it's a pretty great game
Love the game, just want a couple things: 1) all-star game and home run derby in league mode 2)fans in the stadiums Overall though, this game is great, a good substitute for MLB the show.
Overall a great game but I trained a player to a 84 overall. Then I saved and when I logged on the next day he was back to the original overall. And I was not able to train him anymore. and as I played I noticed that some of my players overall came down. For example I had a 91 overall and over time his overall was dropped down to a 88 overall. Please tell me why it does this and please fix it.
First off i wanna say that i enjoy the game but after all the updates that are performed on this app, it always seem to be another problem that occurs after the updates. The update either cause me to take away stars, leave the stars where they are or give more stars for progress but now, when the game promotes other game apps while playing the 9innings 2021 game and i decide to try a game out that was required to watch to receive prizes, after ad ends, the game restart, causing loss/frustration.
I swear people complain about ANYTHING just cuz they suck at the game.. I spent ZERO dollars. Not 1 single micro pay, and i have a team full of diamond players in every position. Even my backups.. U just have to play the different modes to get stars n points, n put time into the game when ur bored.Upgrade ur players, buy packs, etc etc.. Definitely the best baseball game out there by far. Just learn how to play
Cool, realistic game. Though the commentary is smooth, the announcer is often off in his play calling & some player introductions are missing. A replay system would be nice. A dedicated Lefty versus Righty batting lineup would be a perfect addition. A detailed help menu would be beneficial. The menu system takes a while to master but it's deep. Batting and pitching mechanics are fun. The recently updated player modeling and animations plus the stadium graphics are great. Highly recommended game.
The game play is great, however the realization is off a bit. For example really hard to hit HRs. Even in season play after 80 games played the leading computer controlled teams leader in HRs is only 5 HRs, unrealistic,
I would give it 4 or 5 stars, but the issues that prevent me from doing that are pretty glaring. I've played about 500 games and have hit exactly 4 triples. Every single time a ball gets hit to the outfield fence, my outfielder runs directly into the wall instead of TO the ball and stands there for a second or 2. Every...single... time. The outfielders never throw the ball directly to the base even when they're like 50' away. I think I have one outfield assist in all those games I've played.
Ah, nothing like a close, hard fought win in ranked battle only to have game freeze on one of the post game screens, turn black, reboot & find out it got counted as a loss. Why shouldnt I be punished for developer ineptitude, makes sense to me! Just like my worst starter & worst reliever being chosen by AI at least 60% of the time, why would a manager pick the best when the worst is available? Why shouldnt a catcher try to go 1st to 3rd running bases on routine single with 2 outs?! Thanks devs!
This is probably the most console like feel baseball game on a phone. League mode is good for casual players. (same order of games each season). You will hit a point when you have trained all your players to Level 10, where the game gets boring because it takes really long to upgrade your lineup. The other game modes are kinda fun. You can't change the camera in arcade mode for some weird reason. No real ads during gameplay.
Fun but .... $$$$ Very addictive. Very fun until you realize you cant progress unless you spend money. Great game, but you better have plenty of cash to spend!! Customer service sucks too. My suggestion: MOVE ON TO THE NEXT GAME!
Good game for the most part. The commentary could be better. Hearing the same lines over ad nauseum get a little boring after a while. Having control over the base runners would be a bonus instead of the game deciding when they're going to go for extra bases and get thrown out when there is no way they could make it. Minor complaints but the play-by-play commentary really takes away from the enjoyability of the game.
Great game. The graphics are out of this world and by far the best baseball game I've ever played. There are no glitches, just because someone is too stupid or cheap to get a decent phone to play this game on. You can absolutely build a great team without money. It just takes time, patience, and grinding it out. If you don't play and don't join a club (and play in the club) or take advantage of arcade or PvP or ranked then your team should suck. Play a lot and get good.
I had to redownload the game when I had a 102.7 ovr team. I was also in the 2022 season world series up 3-0. The game crashed, and wouldn't let me play unless I redownload. I was not a member, as I had no idea what hive is and did not trust them. Would not recommend giving time to this game. Only road trips.
Good game but u spend money on the game and u get pretty much nothing!! Thanks a lot!! they also give u the worst players!!!!!!!!!!! all day all my cards have been 59 to 62 couple 70 one maybe 80👎 and that out of like 100 players or so!!! come on!!! game could be so much better!!! the new mlb 21 not as good looking as 20 wish i didnt update it! after 21 update seems u just keep getting same bad players! im about done with it now!!!!!! to bad its always about the $$$$. Worse every year seems
Great game, love playing regular season games per year, my only problem with the game is that I would love to watch other games after I play mine, especially during the post season, if u guys could do that, this would be the ultimate baseball game in the world. It's already great, but for me that would be the game changer. I got my brothers, son and cousins hook on this game. So if u guys could fix it that we could watch other season and post games, that's the ticket.