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Miya's Everyday Joy of Cooking

Miya's Everyday Joy of Cooking for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really great if you love matching games (is it called like that?) With little cute side stories with it! Then this is for you! The whole game is so cute! Especially Miya's cat Nacho! his name is so cute too! or is he a she? Nevertheless, the game is perfect in my opinion so I'll give it a 5 star!
I love this game. It ie very cute and a stress relief reliever. I just don't know how to earn coins because it says no ads available to watch.
The art and graphics are great, and I love the story and the gameplay. The colors are nice to look at, and I like buying decorations. I also love that it's offline!
I just got this today and I love it! The levels are mostly easy but still fun to play. Over all the art is rlly pretty and the cat is rlly cute! 💕 I accidentally spent all of my coins 😟
I instantly recognized the art style! I've loved this artist so much ever since I read their webtoon comics and realizing they have a game AAHHH! I love it instantly!
Lovely and pretty game. Loved it. It's just that, it gets a bit boring after unlocking the living room...
Super love the game but the sound effects are lagging for me. They tend to slow down and makes my gaming experience a bit dull. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
this is one of he most entretaining game i ever played that was of cooking ,had short story nd the lil cat dance after winning a lvl.but there's only one thing that needs to be fixed.it's when u enter the game again the whole beinning story keeps coming nd u have to skip every time u enter.other than that it's a nice game love it
Really fun game! The graphic design is very cute. I love how there's a story with cute visuals. I'm really interested to read the webtoon of this game. Lots of love for this! ♡
overall, rhe game is quite great. but the main thing is: whenever i want to watch ad to double my reward or spin the roullete, it would say that no ads available and my network connection is fine. please fix that 😩
🌸 💫 this is a cute game!! 🌸💫 🌌 I recommend this game to those who like match three games and want a really cute and aesthetic game 🌌
It's a great and fun experience I love your art style and your animation I love everything about this game I also like how you put mini games in middle when you finish the cooking, serving,I forgot
The art is adorable and I love the dishes. I'd love some more items in the store for the house but it's a great relaxing game.
So fun and cute! I love the illustrations, stories, and animations! Very fun too! I love seeing the new things that come every chapter!
This game is extremely adorable. I love how they added a backstory, Social media, And more stuff. It's for sure an adorable game that makes you think.
I am playing the game. Its really good and different than normal candy-crush tyoe games. The stories, mini games are really nice. I am really loving it. Since i love love food, i would love if you can include giving recipes of the things cooked like passing such n such level would unlock a recipe of the things cooked
I love this game REALLY! This game has a cute graphics, cute character! I love Miya's cat! So cute! There is no ads in this game! Trust me! You just have to try this game. I love this game, yes, yes, yes!
At first I did not think I was gonna enjoy this game. It just seemed like a run of the mill Bejeweled clone. Don't get me wrong. Thats what this is. But the atmosphere alone changes your mood when playing it. It's so upbeat and light hearted that you get a sens of joy when completing a dish. This game is really enjoyable for those who want a quick fix of (for lack of a better word) The comfy. TLDR: Good game, had fun, art best part.
This game is great! So calming and adorable 🌸 I truly recommend it to everyone (especially to people who want to take a break from school, work, stress, etc.)
I generally don't write reviews, but this one is definitely worth it. In this game, you play puzzle games to help Miya cook. With the currency you get, you can buy things for your cat, Nacho. Totally an amazing game with amazing graphics, and heartfelt stories.
I find this game quite relaxing because of the light graphics and cute storyline and to get the most realaxed turn down all brightness and put put headphones it is so cute!
Great game. Even in levels that seem impossible, boosters and ads help to clear them. I just keep playing and playing and they have put in a lot of effort to make it cute and keep it interesting with different challenges and even little stories. Also I love moving the cat around.
This game is so cute and aesthetic like I literary love it. its interface and the game in general is cute af Like I can spend hours and hours playing it.
Super cute and simplistic-styled Candy Crush game of sorts. With this though, I appreciate the side stories to each reciepes and the Instagram-like attachments that shows each meal as you complete sets of levels. Update: Y'all, I beat every single level so far and NEED AN UPDATE haha. Excited for the next set of recipes!!
Overall very good. Cute and charming. Fun to play. And I love it since it's offline, no need internet connection. Best time killer. But would be better if there's trail behind our matching, because we don't know where does it go when we match the ingredients. Also, diagonal seems not working? Or is it can only be activated diagonally once? Thanks for the game though. Keep it up! ❤️
Cute and relaxing ( ´ ▽ ` )b The art is so comfy~ This is a matching game with quirky gameplay mechanics to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, it also suffers from randomly generated puzzle piece placement which may lead to being forced into restarting a level while somewhat adding to increased replayability at the cost of in-game currency and time.
The graphics are very cute and adorable. The only problem I have is, it is so hard to finish a level :( now I'm on my 400+ but I'm struggling. Sometimes it took me days just to finish a level. Nevertheless, I love it!
It's so cute!!! This is the best game i've ever played, it is like candy crush , but a better version hahaha!❤❤❤ hearts from me, you will never regret it i promise, and there's little mini games to earn money too!
This is one of the best match games. The art is beautiful, there are only ads if you want to watch them and there are lots of mini games and decorations. Highly recommended!!!
This game is very cute and also has a story line which makes it even cuter. there is also different mini games that kinda relates to the story so you'll never get easily bored. Also I have been looking for games like this and finally found this game that can be played offline which is a plus 💓 though you can get more benefits if you watch ads and play with wifi.
Good so far. Puzzles are fun and not too hard but not too easy. Ads and rewards for watching ads are fair.
I absolutely loved this game and I played it for at least a year or so but as the levels go up it gets much harder and you pretty much lose everything when you spend everything on extra moves and coins. But, if the creator was able to fix some things and make the harder levels a bit easier I would consider playing this game again. THANKS. So, after deleting the game I realized that I was wasting my time because not only was I wasting money but also my time. That's why I gave this game 4 stars.
This is my ever so favorite game!! It is so cute and fun and addictiing, I play everyday!! I love it so much!! ❤️❤️ I definitely recommend you to download it, you will not regret it!! One of the absolute favorite things about this app is it has no ads at all unless you watch it for a prize/gift!! Other games simply make the game so full of ads that is so annoying, but this game is the absolute best!!
this game deserves 5 stars cus its really cute and all i really appreciate it. but sadly there are not much going on. i hope there are missions and quests to make the game more challenging. the kitty cards are also a bit useless cus all you can buy using that is decorations. this won't probably last long on my device cus it'll be boring over time i'm sorry ~.~ i hope to see updates when i come back :'>
AWESOME! the game is super fun to play and gives you a lot of chances to try again. The art style is adorable and all the food looks delicious! Watch out though; the game play is super addictive!
I really enjoy this game. The story, the puzzle, and the side game is incredible but maybe try to improve the room or added a new room would be great.
So cute!!! I usually get bored of games quickly but theres so many little details in this one and its kept me entertained all week : ) thankyou!!!
Edit 9/11/20. No new stages for the last 3 months. Last stage 835 beaten months ago. purchased all items and everything done. Need more stages. Have 20,000+ coins, 200,000+ card points and 1300+ lives. New stages please! Initial review- Can play 5 new stages daily that are always different. Game is fun and is just challenging enough. Ads after every stage, but only when you win or if you want a few extra moves. Use your in game points to make a cute kitchen or apartment with cute items.
One thing that isn't on most games is: You can't do anything accidentally. You can't accidentally buy something and waste all your money and I love that 🥰 It is what it looks like with no fake promotions
Gary, not all swap puzzles are "bejeweled clones" yknow? The game is fun, lighthearted and super hecking adorable like♥ My lil gay heart is so happi from how wholesome this is. I have played this once back with my other phone, though never actually played much. Now I will be playing it much much more often❤🧡💛💚💙💜
starting over again since I was using an old email last time but I seriously love this game so much that I just couldn't relax without it, great job!!
Lovely and beautiful! Calm but fun and engaging. I love all the things you can get for your kitty and the little games that you get every 5 levels.
the art style and visuals of this game is what lead me, now that i played it for a few hours straight it's really addicting. i haven't downloaded games for a long time besides an otome game, and i didn't really expect it to be this fun. it's relaxing and theres nothing annoying about it. 5 stars from me ♡ edit: i suggest adding more cats and more interaction/options with our partner!
I thought ads were few and far in between, but 1st ad appeared at lv50 and 2nd ad appeared at lv53. So ads start at 50 and re-appear at intervals of 3 levels? It requires you to be level 146 or so to unlock the livingroom view, levels go pretty quickly.
The game is beautiful, amazing, awesome, sweet, interesting, amazing art style and story BUT no ads to watch, so I can't increase my coins. Asides from that, I could give a 6 star rating. (◕ᴗ◕✿)
i really like this game but sorry sometimes theres ads that cannot be closed. please fix that. thank you.
This is such a great, kawaii and fun game as well having just the right amount of challenge! I'm not one to usually rate games but this one is so good that I just have to. Thank you so much for making this! :)
Is fun but the things that I bought a few days less than fourteen days, go back to zero..... As if I didn't buy anything.... Was it like this.. I mean the concept.. And also about the level it just keep getting more and more ridiculous becuz we need all those ads and the boost(?) To pass the game and less steps and it is impossible to pass the game without any boost(?) And ads... Slow down, also sometimes malfunction
this one is good to play when youre offline.i visit it once in a while and its better when you have a lot of coins.overall,im satisfied
A cute and great game perfect game to do when you're really bored 😜 graphics are great and cute, the reason I'm rating this four star is because if you want to achieve stuff you need to watch an ad which I don't like cuz you won't be able to play it offline at all yet great and cute game
Its a very good game, good graphics. I gave it a 4 bec there are some levels that are harder to pass thru. And some of the power ups can't even help in clearing the stages.
It's so cute and a relaxing game it's fun to kill time and keep yourself busy they have hilarious comments and the couple with the cat are a perfect match.
The visuals are cute, the levels increase in difficulty as you go. The story keeps you interested to know more.
I absolutely adore this game! It's artstyle and character design is so cute! I love the tiny cutscenes. This game makes me feel warm inside and is really relaxing after I had all my school duties <3
The game is fun and not too hard so far. The characters and the food are cute. The story line behind the different foods are interesting.
Hands down, one of the cutest matching games ever. The art is AMAZING, the day-to-day life of the protagonist is relaxing and relatable. I only wish there were less ads.
Really fun and cute game!!! I was wondering if you guys could add more views in the next update!!? I think it would be really cool to have a view of the bedroom, washroom, balcony, or garden!!
This is one of the best games I've ever played, and so far I have no plans of uninstalling. I can't complain about the ads SINCE THEY HELP A LOT: boosters and rewards. As for the levels, they're perfectly balanced from "easy" to "difficult" that you can't help but get excited by the challenge! Overall I love the game.
A very casual game :) I just wanna say I've played until level 537. If you can simply win a game without challenges then you'll get bored soon too so stop complaining the difficulty of the game dude btw I have some suggestion, the "little games" provided are quite limited. Hope you guys can invent few more ya :) thanks to developers heheh It's really interesting!
Well it is good game. The art is also ok. The only suggestion I have is that i hope there is a way that the player can progress in the game without watching too many ads... although it is understandable that playing for free need to watch ads, i just hope there is another way of watching ads and at the same time not necessarily ruining the flow of the game because of the need to watch ads. Thanks.
Great game. Even in levels that seem impossible, boosters and ads help to clear them. I just keep playing and playing and they have put in a lot of effort to make it cute and keep it interesting with different challenges and even little stories. Also I love moving the cat around. Edit: retracted a star because the game has not released a new chapter in many months.
Hello, I played this game because it looked really cute and I was absolutely correct. It is still one of the cutest games I have ever downloaded, and to think it's free. It barely has any ad, you rarely run out of lives, and the art is unbelievable. The gameplay is innovative but not too complex. My only issue with the game is the difficulty. At first the levels are super easy but once you get to around level 100 it takes multiple days and power ups to finish 1 level. Overall, highly recommend.
The game is cute and pretty simple at first, but I suck and can't get very far in the game lmao. It could just be me, but it gets very hard and I can't get past a certain point no matter how hard I try.
Overall, the game Is good but, I really wanted to restart all my worl so, I tried everything like uninstall the game, remove the data (Play games and Settings) But It's still there, So, I would really appriciate It If you make an update, that can restart all your work.
This game is amazing and really helps me pass the time. BUT the only problem is that the puzzles get too hard after a certain level and you can only complete it with powerups. (But sometimes you can't obtain it) If the game manages to fix this I might give 5 stars. Overall, an amazing and fun game <3
The game was repetitive but if you like games like candy crush and other similar puzzle games then this will be great for you. Levels do get harder. The story was cute and kept me hooked. I enjoyed it and it's perfect for when you have free time.
Thanks! Not only is this an enjoyable game, it's a doable game! Very nice piece of work and a breath of fresh air for me :-) Once again, thank you for a great game. Well worth it!
I believe this game is well-designed for casual puzzle game. The sounds and artwork are brilliant, cute and pleasing to the eyes.
Cute and fun game! After only 2 days from installing, I really liked it. As the game progressed, the puzzle grew significantly harder, which can get frustrating; Nevertheless, would recommend!
the love I have for this game, it's so cute and the stories are wonderful, I can play it offline and online and it's perfect if you're looking for something peaceful and nice to play - it's a perfect slice of life game <3
I like & enjoy this game so much, everything works well up to level 700 but when I download a new recipe, I lose all my posts on the yummygram which has 50 posts now, the replay recipe button is also stuck at level 700, I want to uninstall this game but I have played so far to level 746, I don't want to start again, how do I get all 50 of my posts back? please help me to fix it
I've played this before and everything was smooth. But when I downloaded it on my phone, the audio and music gets very glitchy and sometimes it's very laggy.
I love it so much!!!! i dont think it's too hard, and it has lots of options to watch ads for moves and things like that, which I like to use. sometimes very seldom it gets buggy and freezes and I have to restart the app, but it helps me not get so angry about video game levels lol so
Litrally the cutest game ive ever played❤, the game is super cute and wholesome, the characters, the chapters etc are really fun and really nice to play, i found minho really handome 😗, i think minho also need to be seen the game more as he's rarely be seen, out of that i love this game! You'll not regret playing this, im sure❣️
Very cute and funny game :D I love to play this every time am sad or angry, it's really calming so thank you!! I definitely love to play this but I thought it was offline :( but other than that great game!:)
I love the game very much. I downaloaded and i love it !!! Its so adorablex especially the flsshbacks and scenes. They are so cute. I love thr story and the delicious food. Ugh, but the process of making one single food takes about 20-30 mins. Sometimes i get tired, but overall its great in the end.
This game has so much potential to be a great puzzle game. Really love this. Just please update the game.
This game is awsome! The theme is very cute and the cooking is very easy! There is a pet cat and a BF miya have. And also there is a huge story about miyas cooking lifestyle! The cooking have 3 steps: Preparetion, Cook and Serveing. Ita sooo easy, funny, cute and amaizing! Must download app for cat lovers! (Normal people will also have fun very much!)
this game makes my day. i really want more people to notice this. to be honest, i dont have anything bad to say. this game makes my day. ((please make more games like this)) -けめ
Addictive. Graphics are cute AF! Cute storyline too. I can't skip levels twice tho, send an email. Will edit if they reply. More minigames plz! Fo~od~ Edit: I just looked at the screenshots, and relaized it's an older version. There's currently 10 lives max, more decor items and catergories and 4 boosters at the bottom, and a credit card thingy that's the main currency for decor.
Hi, I like this game, its cute but when Im at the " Kimchi Fried Rice " level I keep failing can you add more moves without ads ? I hope you do, Thank you
Cool. Especially for cat and cooking lovers! But there is one problem. The rewards provided by the game are very less and if you wanna get more of them you must pay. So, it makes it obvious to spend money on the game.
Love it but some errors while playing please fix that. If there are no errors I will give five stars for this game.
Super cute and simplistic-styled Candy Crush game of sorts. With this though, I appreciate the side stories to each reciepes and the Instagram-like attachments that shows each meal as you complete sets of levels.
I love the concept of this game! However, the only downside to it is the background music. It becomes distorted after a while of playing. Please fix this bug. Thank you!
Great style of the game, i really enjoy the whole vibe. Also the mechanics are also pretty unique and various, so it doesn't get boring
Very cute. The intros to the new dishes are nice. WAY too many ads. Way too long too, some of them last half a minute. You are also forced to watch an add to continue to the next stage. The mini game "Pounce it" doesn't work very well.
The game is easy and fun (up till this point at least). The art style is cute, so I'm definitely going to check out the webtoon!
the graphics are amazing, totally what sets it apart from the other games. but the levels get progressively more difficult, and the moves aren't enough to pass, kind of a stereotypical feature of a puzzle game. overall worth playing initially, but gets frustrating after a while.
uninstalling for two reasons: 1.) accidentally tapped on "skip level for 300coins" and it didnt even ask "r u sure" the fact that the game gives you 1 coin per 30minutes and it doesnt even let u claim said coins without internet despite the game being OFFLINE. 2.) its ad bait. the game starts ridiculously unfair that it shuffles so much. so you'd run out of moves and watch a 30sec ad despite only needing 1 extra move instead of 5 since it gets easy after the "watch ad to continue" part.
this is the most wholesome and fun mobile game i've ever played! my attention span is pretty short and i usually get tired of gamed easily but i have been playing this for months and i absolutely adore it. the art is beautiful, the storyline is adorable and it's just super fun! i definitely reccomend it to everyone :)
This game's aesthetic is so relaxing, the mini games are entertaining, the extra scenes are so adorable and the music is calming. One of the best I've ever downloaded
The game is Really Great!!! Coming from "Stories of those around me" and "Salty studio", I loved that the author kept on the same art style in the game too!!! Overall loved it!!
art style cute, game fun, story interesting, hotel trivago - Love the game so much 💞✨, It so fun. I've been using it for a year , as the level gets higher the game gets harder, and when I surpass 15 levels (i guess) their will be a new short cute story, with adorable art style which is so interesting
If you're looking for a game without intrusive ads, this is it. Very cute characters, fun gameplay, and it makes me want to buy the developers a coffee.
I'm loving the game. The art style and the sound effects make is a whole lot cuter! Although I wish there could be more mini games to earn money. But it's perfect as it 💕
It's a great app but the sound like a robot if you press some buttons in the game the sound is not compatible in the app because the app is cute and minimalist.And the sound is like you're playing in a robot game.
A very relaxing and pleasant experience. I enjoy cooking irl, and I enjoy this game in some of the same ways. Overall, could not be more pleased with my experience. :)
This game is super cute, it somehow relieves my stress. It is not just aesthetic cuz you can buy things with what you earn it is also offline so you can use it without internet which is very useful when you're bored. I love how everything looks pretty minimalist yet adorablee, I also like that they include some mini games (short games to be precise) when you reach every 10 states. Love Love Love this app, PLS DO NOT CHANGE IT ANYMORE UPDATE IT BUT DO NOT CHANGE IT ANYMORE, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT
i was so excited when i saw this app because i recognized omyo's art, last time i saw it was 2015 they're webtoons are my fave!! 😭 the game is super cute, it's easy and relaxing and i like the bonus games as well. i rlly like the music, the stories and ofc omyo's art💓
I've been playing this game for several months and I absolutely love it. Sure, some levels could be a bit repetitive but I could always use boosters and extra moves to clear them. I'm currently waiting for new levels so I'm just playing the daily mini game. Keep up the good work, one of the fun and relaxing games I've played. If you have time to kill or want something to do while waiting, this game is the best choice!
So cute. The illustrations are beautiful. The only match 3 game that I could really continue playing❤ Super recommended
I loveeee omyos comics!! And this game was no disapointment to them. Super cute game with short animated stories and lots of colors!!
The game is cute ans simple. I love the pastel art style, really gives of the relaxing vibe. One thing though, weird as it may be, I find it kinda down that she's already taken hahaha. I know it's based on a webcomic so it's a given. Bit anyways, the game is really great, good thing it's smooth and simple. Thank you developers for the hardwork.
The game is overall fun and challenging. Through each level, it gets harder, making it more interesting and the "want to beat this level" aura gets even more greater. I've recommended this game to most of my family members and friends, and they all love playing it. I love this game, the art, everything is just wonderfully made. This is by far the best mobile game I've played.
This is a very fun game, but it tends to freeze a lot when i watch videos. Will install again in the future!
Ohh my gosh, I am a fan of omyo webtoon creator. Then I found out that omyo has an app I was so shock.. When I first so it on the recommendations in playstore I was "Oh It looks like omyo's art style" and I was right.. Guys please dowload it and support my idol webtoon creator omyo by subscribing omyo's webtoon story (pretty please). And this app is so cute, hehe so so cute (of course omyo's art it is) Cute story and so so good cooking(hehe) I love you omyo😚❤ I will always support you.
So cute! I love the graphics, and it's hella relaxing. I love that when you finish a level, the game doesn't force another level on you. You can go at your own pace, and that's awesome.
5 stars for the game. It is cute and i love the characters. 1 star for customer service because I purchased a coin package, it claimed server error, I didn't get ANY coins, but it charged my credit card. Sent an email about it. Which is ignored for a week or so now, so i won't be purchasing any more coins/package until it's resolved. Or never again if it doesn't.
It's very cute and the ads are not bothersome because of perks. I really love the art, fun stories and the cat (#1). I just wished there are more interactions with the characters. Overall, lovely and delightful game.
Love it! I've really enjoyedy playing the game. It's one of those games that are very refreshing, perfect for daily entertainment. The art and stories just kept me going. I just wish more levels update and there's an "Accept All" button in the mailbox to receive all rewards in one time.
Super fun its a good game to play when your board or you wanna pass time. The art style is super cute and the little animations in between are a nice touch and its not constantly bambarding you with adds. The bonus game add a nice element so you dont get board of the same thing every time. Also who ever reads this have a great day!
I've been having a lot of fun! I've only been playing for a few days, but its very relaxing and entertaining. The lack of star ratings for each level is one of the most noticeable things, but in my opinion that makes it better. I was never a fan of being rated on each and every thing that I did in matching games like this. I always felt as if I HAD to get all three stars. Overall, the developers not including star ratings in the game makes it better. The colors are beautiful as well.
There are never ads available for extra moves, but the ads work just fine for everything else 😠 I have a stable connection.
I absolutely love this game.The graphics are so adorable.It is simple,easy to play and relaxing.I play this game when I am bored because this game is a boredom killer.I am addicted to this game.I suggest this game if you are some kind of person who get angry easily because this game canmake you relax.Whatever, I really really really enjoy this game.
Out of curiosity I downloaded this game app. Good think though 'cause I was bored watching some stuff. Really enjoyed this game and I got so into it. I love the way they created this game app its like an animation and its soooo cute. I hope they can add also a dog like a beagle cause i love dogs.
Its so cute and fun!! But yeah...you know...the things is SOO expensive..but i like the new story every game and its become more harder and challenging...love it!♡
Im on level 31, and let me just say this is a great game!! Its super fun and cute and the art is relaxing and nice, the food look amazing and the music is lovely!!
It's so cute! It feels so casual and it helps me wind down for the day. The food drawings are super cute, that's what makes this game worth it over any other tap game
I love this app very much!!!! But the only problem is When I want to buy new room it needs real money Can you fix it please...
This game is a lot of fun, but recently it stopped working. It won't allow me to move any of the ingredients in the levels.. It only allows me to tap on the matching pieces. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no changes. Reached out to customer support via email and no one has responded.
Awesome app. This is a korean app btw... And it's just so awesome. The features are so great! There are less ads compared to other apps And that's the main reason that the app is great!
It's a really awesome game and I like it very much! But when I play it I get really disturbed by the music of the game I don't know what's wrong with the music I used to play this on my old phone and the music was awesome! But when I play it on my new phone it really hurts my ears but other than that the game is great!😊
This is the other side of the Candy Crush madness. A calming game with plentiful opportunity to earn in game currency without paying. Ads are optional and the game play is simple yet fun. Definitely a game to play when life is stressing you out and you want to chillax.
1. no more update, no more level to play except for daily one 2. accidentally press 300 coins to continue, and the app doesnt even ask me whether i really want it or not 3. i max out everything and i have like 100+ power-ups left . nothing to play anymore
Very cute and casual, perfect for playing when you just want a momentary distraction. The art is top notch and i highly suggest players to check out omyo's other webtoons! I like how the ads are pop ups instead of small banners. That said the puzzles gets a little repetitive after 100+ levels (some other matching games has more shape/blockers/bombs) but overall it's a nice experience.
I just can't describe my joy playing this game! The art is amazing, and all the dishes are so detailed! The moment i saw you had instagram, i followed! This is really worth it! Too bad i can't add another star...
It is exactly what it claims to be, relaxing, soft and enjoyable. It is something to play if you are sad or stressed. The illistrations and story are cute and calm.
One of my favorite matching puzzle games, very interactive and doesn't smother you with ads. It's the type of app that I want to pay for because of how well made it is. The levels are cute, the little stories in between are darling, and the gameplay is addictive. Overall, pretty great game.
Been playing this game for half a year now! Its super fun!~ Some levels are quite hard and you need boosters for them, and the only problem is that its hard to ear coins, as you need coins to buy the boosters. Other than this problem I have, its a kawaii and fun game!! \( ´ ω`)/♡
Two big issues. Firstly, this is not an offline game when you force players to watch an ad after a few games to even continue playing. As if that weren't annoying enough, the games become ridiculous to point where you need to use tools to clear the levels. I will not pay to play this poorly constructed game. Uninstalled.
This is one of the cutest games ever! The graphics and colors are amazing and pleasing to look at and the gameplay is easy and fun! If you want a game to relax and have fun then this is it! Also the drawing are adorable and I want to thank the creators and the webtoon artist for this game!
This game is super fun! I reccomended it on everyone. There is no lags and no ads. It have a very relaxing music. And the stages and mini games are challenging and fun. But my only problem here is, when Im on the level "Kimchi stew" it lagged and crashes, then kick me out of the game. I tried do open it again and again but nothing happen. Just a white blank screen😐. Pls fix this, I really enjoyed playing this game and highly reccomend to anyone😊.
So far, this game is one of the cutest, laid back match-3s I've played. It's a little repetitive, you have to play alot of the match-3 games to finish a dish. But honestly, the levels are great. Not too hard, but not too easy. The story and art are perfect. Just so, so cute! If you want a slower game with good art, a good story, and a match-3 that keeps things from being too slow or boring, you should love it!
Super cute and fun! Easy to play and cute story line. I also love the cat. That's mainly why I picked up the game, but the illustrations are great!
I really liked the game. It's cute and the mini games are a nice touch but after playing for about 2 days it stopped working. It kept on crashing and I tried waiting it out but nothing changed. It's unplayable now but it's nice when it isn't. If the crashing gets fixed then adding some more minigames would be cool but it's not necessary.