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Mission IGI Fps Shooting Game

Mission IGI Fps Shooting Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 9 Pixels located at P-441, Manchester. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The first level is exact copy of PC game IGI 2 Covert Strike mission 17 but the problem is the controls given in this game are very poor as we cannot move easily even we adjusted the sensitivity on screen need to improve controls for more on screen buttons so that this game would become more enjoyable
Very interesting game love it but need more interesting missions. And thanks team for giving us a lovely game. Well appreciated. need to add more missions in that game not to say that download more missions.its request you to please update and improve tha all missions available in one game related to that game only not related to third party. Thanks
Autoshoot option is not useful as if it is on then, lot of ammos are wasted. Please replace this option with enemy "Auto Target" so it will be very helpful in case speedy shooting. Also please make game most realistic such that weapons should not disappear after enemy death.
Good shooting game, but again single star for single mission. As other reviewers said it's not having more mission.. @Developer - you have created a nice game, but it would be much appreciated if you add more missions...
nice game. only the control and graphics needs to be updated. make more games like this. I love it and would definitely recommend it
Good graphics, moderate controls, gives the computer IGI version feelings, but one thing that I hate of the game is, it is full of bugs! Improve it and I'll definitely give a 5 stars.
Hopeless game. As we goes to complere it ads come and there is no way to proceed. We can not go back or proceed then how xan we comlplete it. Save point is also hopeless. Tge task we have completed remain uncomplete. So zero stars. Only one level available.
This game is so many problems I have faced. No Climbing options, no lying options, no extra bullets in this whole game. Please development this game. Only guns, health packs, bombs are available.
It is a good game but there is a problem in story mode is that after the first mission it says to download the next one please fix it and that,s why only 4 stars if you fix it I will give 5 stars
Adsss very poor .... what impression will a game give it to you if u just clicks the game icon for the first time after installation and a ads pops up???? very dissapointed .. ads after every 30 secs
I will give 5 star later when developer add ammo and healthcare facilities to shooter and save option to levels...it doesn't matter how much a game size goes and its also doesn't matter what is the cost for ammo or health packs when game is crazy....so developers go for editing go go go
nice game. need to make hard or easy option please creat save option so that we can save stage or progress. that is all. thank for creating such a nice game.
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Good app but to many ads and sexy words I hate it plz don't download it I want basically give then no star but here is no option they told in starting you lets part on my bed without cloths and all bad words I hate game again don't download it
Such a dumb ass game this is... Developers have some sense before developing any game.you will find n number of enemies and the bullets are limited in number to kill.
game thought is good but there are some minnor bug is there. after entring in last gate there is house were some gaurds are in the house. when u kill them u found one gate is there to pass out but that gate is on first floor. when u try to pass out there is hole in ground u get down from first floor on the earth and become death. please short down that error.make a right path from theare .
This game need some serious upgrade,opponent soldiers they always running while they stand,properties like cars n trucks must explode or be damaged if u shoot them dt can bring little fun,gun of my soldier disappear sometimes fix all that plz
Uninstalled immediatley. 20 second ads just keep on playing. you cant even click an option it will play an ad. Such a time waster.
This game is very nice...I really impressed by this game too much...I like this game too much...This is an amqzong game....This game is very interesting..Developer did a fantastic job.
It is best game i enjoyd alot it is good source to active mind . Best way to enhance mind power evry one must install thi app
Game is very good. As compared to all other offline commando shooting games. But, this is for the developer. When we enter the last temple, in which we go by zipline, when we land on the building instead of landing on the floor. We go down to the basement where there is no way out. And the 2 nd floors door in the temple through which we can come out when we enter we land down. Please developer fix this bug! And do respond to this query. Thank you. In the 1st level.
Game is very good and exciting but there is a problm in this game . It has only one stage or mission. I want many mission game. But it has not....
Its a very nice shooting game.I was fond of this type of game.But there is a problem.In the story mood there should have some levels.But,after enjoying one level,it’s shows a notification for download next level.I think the authority should improve this.Although it’s a good game and I recommend the Google users to download and enjoy it.So,I have 4 ★.THANKS...
Very Very bad game.This game need lot of improvement ....I think so this update will work...But then also this game is dump.
it's ok but disappointed, it says at the top load more mission's, and it doesn't let you when you try. i prefer the original pc version, also instructions are not given properly when playing the game.
Very poor and boring game. 1. Picking up a gun is so hard. Zoom and fire button seems same which is confusing, bomb button is just beside change the gun which gets wrongly pressed. After all this , when any how I completed the mission, the same started again. Eve. When I ignored the restart button. Thanks for wasting my time.
Very bad game with very bad movement aim and controls. And the watch 3 ads to unlock weapon pack is a scam as it doesn't unlock anything. Just an easy cash grab in the name of old good game IGI.
i say keep it up , try more hard and bring more games like this and i am giving an idea that make a open world game like vc and it should be offline and plz improve the controls
way to many ads. Before I even started I had to watch 3 ads. Every time I had to pause or check mission objectives another ad. Ridiculous amount of them. You can't enjoy or get into it when they have ad after ad.
Best shooting game. But I will say to improve controls and a open world game will be better. if it's open world gameplay will be more interesting.. THANK YOU. TRY TO BRING MORE GAMES LIKE THIS BUT OPEN WORLD. thanks
Do not download this game this game is full of bugs im not able proceed after disabling cctv cameras.ver bad experience the game is not as seen in the pictures
Game is good. Just switchoff your mobile data before playing to eliminate adds. Graphis is good in this much size app...But you only get one mission to complete and after completeing that , the game is fully over. Means there is no other missions
While looking for more missions, it says "No internet connection, unable to load more missions" although it is on. Worst app ever.
Such a wonderful and amazing commando fighting game. Full of thrill and entertainment. This game is brilliantly designed. Sound and graphics are awesome.
the is much more to improve, its just a try. when the mission is saved it starts from the same location but previous objectives are left unsaved, such a blunder it is
Only story mode is fantastic. All level modes are same. What a boring ! I sugest to develop more stories or missions like project igi pc game then I will give 5 stars. And people also love this game. It will be the best android game. Please add more missions
it is one of my favorite game but i really not happy with them because when i completed mission one after that there are no more mission while clicking on more missions its showing connect to internet but i m using my wifi connection still not getting another mission... kindly solve the problem asap
the game is awesome..but there is bug...at first when u hang on rope after open a door there is hole..u drop down every time..n health is goind decrease..pls fix it there is no other option on there
it has only 1 mission to play... gameplay was nice.. but there were bugs sometimes the commander just drops guns and nothing works we was only able to walk and getting short. more missions button does not work it says no internet connection.
Its stays on the same level after I completed the 1st level it acted like I passed to level 2 but it keeps staying on level 1, why does it keep repeating that level, I am ready to uninstall if not fixed, please fix it!
Game is so so.. Not an IGI game but gives somewhat feel of it. Well lots of loop holes and easy to play. But it's juat one mission for other mission one has to download other games from "More Missions" option each around 65MB size.
This game has no fun only the music is same to IGI PC but the graphics of IGI PC is so good but this game has no graphics.and it has only 1 mission No offline shooting game I thing has good graphics
It seems good in the start but it has only one mission. I go to more missions option but it always say no internet connection even I connected with high speed internet. Very poor
not working proper. ads comes automatically, if you want to buy something from store, ad plays but no purchase done, You cannot save game for play later...and lots of more. overall I love IGI but it's not working properly in app. lot of features not available like binoculars, thermal goggle, Maps or hint...etc