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Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a good choice for all Miraculous lovers. I recommend it but the only problem here is that we can just run, collect things, escape from obstacles almost in every level. In a very few levels, we can defeat the supervillains. Also, I would like it if they show the *daily life* of Marinette and Adrien. And please allow us to *buy* all the characters. I know it would be a bit difficult to fulfil all of these but please do try. Best of Luck!
This game is sooooo Miraculous! I absolutely looooove Miraculous! This game really suites me! Thank you Crazy Labs for making this game! And thank you Zag for making this show! But...it lags very much sometimes when I try to jump over or slide under or go on the other side it doesn't follow my instructions ! It's a great game but please do something about the lags! I can't even play level 50 because of the bugs!
This game is awesome but it always glitches and the animation is really poor,although you can climb walls,fight bad guys ,but shouldn't they have their powers and also why do we have to pay for kagami and bunyx it is so not fair .we have to pay real, actual money that stinks and also it loads for a reeeeeeeeeally looooooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change that.
It's awesome as I'm a huge admirer of miraculous. I loved the levels and all but it's not smooth enough. I'm looking forward for more amazing and cool updates!
Yo,I love this game and it's levels but on an older version there were animations for the transformations and abilities in levels,so maybe in options you could be able to turn animations in-game on and off for a better experience overall.Other than that,the games great!
I rated the game five star because its fun and challenging and it kept me busy for 2. hours but some times it freezes but i think the environment that we are playing in must upgrade and it is almost like subway surfers but a little different and its entertaining but it should be more interesting so they should dazill it up a little
I love this app completely it's really fun for miraculous ladybug lovers and the graphics are a really good however paying $7.99 a week is not my favorite thing I do feel that it should be decreased so more people can play the game and they'll make more money I think it should be $7.99 a month instead of a week
The ads during game are sexual and violent. My 5yo girl can no longer play this. Fix your ads. Not paying $30 a month to remove ads.
I hate this game ..they are not giving free videos so that i can continue with my game without having to play from the start of the level!!i utilized all my butterflies still!!i just had to take one weapon to complete 3 stars in that level!Miraculous is Ridiculous!!
It's really fun but you have to be a member to get some characters. Tha tears why I created it 4 stars
I love this game but what annoys me is that I have to buy the free trial to play with kagami and alix but other then that the game is pretty fun and addicting I like how the characters look like and I love how each level gets harder each time you play, can't wait for the next update!
I love this game it's perfect but I have few suggestions for this game that s about while collecting the powers catnoir s cataclysm come on screen in that way every super hero s power could have an effect so that it could be beyond cool and when it comes to levels there are only 80 levels Iam a bit upset and u can add more superheroes from season 2,3 like Pegasus and multimouse and add a level with villans like hawk moth and Mayura ofcourse and also add more places like the choles hotel andmore.
TLDR: Game too greedy. The game is a great time killer. Stages have various tasks to complete such as collecting a certain about of items or performing various actions in the game. The major downside is that several characters are blocked by a weekly subscription of $8. While it does offer extra in game rewards and no ads, this seems extra for other characters that don't play any differently from one another. What's even more disgusting is the fact they still offer microtransactions.
I am a huge fan of Miraculous :Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir TV Series. I also like this game. But it should more optimised and reliable.
I'm a huge fan of this tv series and i was looking for fun game of it. And i'm glad that i found this game! In the game I can choose any of my favourite characters like, Adrien (cat noir), Marinette (ladybug) and Alya (rena rough)
This the the best,I love miraculous,and in this game oh my god the characters the levels everything..... amazing!!!!! But,yes there are really soooooo many ads,so if those ads will not come,many times then its purrfect,game..... but,other wise it's too nice,must install...
This game is soooooo much awesome I really really loved it and it's my favorite too I'm happy that you guys made this game that's why I'm rating this game 5 stars thank u so much but there's a problem I wanted to share I installed this game in my phone it worked perfectly fine but it doesn't work fine in my iPad obstacles buses and doors are invisible and bcuz of these problems I can't pass the levels please if you can fix this problem so please fix it ❤️❤️❤️thank u once again
I luv this game and I luv the Series and I completed all the level I finished 80 . Am waiting for more and I have all the characters except bunnyx and kagami. Could u make it so when we get all of the characters (Non-Trial) then we unlock the trial characters cuz the trial cause for money but I still love the game. Five star rate!!👍
I like the but they should add more levels and make it a bit difficult but they should have more super Heroes but the game is fine I hope the game gets better and better any way the game is wonderful 🙃 Hope you like it to
I need some more fighting an action that is my opinion and I needed to be very hardvery hard that's nobody in the world can beat it that's all I like it but only thing it's too easy so you have to try and work upon it the game boy or somebody cuz it is very crazy that you create that game but no one will make it more actually you know I like that so that's my opinion so you better fix it up and then let me know and then send me an email address that's all everybody got one fight cuz everybody.
Really fun and good to play offline too. My only issue is I have to start all over every time something happens to my phone. Edit: Rule one of business- you can always lower the price but should never increase it. This game broke that rule with it's subscription. Still hasn't fixed the issue of not being able to save progress to a cloud server to move files between phones.
The game is fun but there's a little bit of legs and bugs and I don't really like it you can really play I like the moves I a little bit like the graphics but it's just that when you like move and all that stuff it was like a little bit of like glitches like when you slide over it just doesn't want to slide over I think that's just about but the game is fun so I'm just going to give this game three stars
I give it five stars because I love this app it is soooooooooooo much fun . You can get cool characters and gp to Gabriel Agrest mansion and more . It is just like the show I love it and I am also a huge huge huge fan of the tv show . Thks game is not bad at all. But I would apriciate if they allow people to get Alix and Kagami for free no membership or vip . Also I would like if they took out the ads from the top they are pretty anoying .Thank you Crazy Labs and Zag for this awsome game .
This is such a fun game! I recommend downloading this game if your miraculous fan, Its not hard to earn currency, for characters. And it's just really fun and addicting in general! However, the price for the premium characters is WAY to expensive, I've seen plenty of games that you get more than just characters, for 4£ a month,let alone 6£ A WEEK- So, maybe sell the premium characters separately instead of for a time limit and together, you'd probably earn ALOT MORE. Overall, 👍
I love the app! But there is a few things I miss, like when you collected a certain amount of the kwamis food you would get a cut scene of the superhero change like in the show. And since when do you have to buy chat noir he used to be free and now he's not, and every single character is so expensive plus you have to have VIP to get the new characters which to me is lame! But overall I like the game but I wish it didn't change as much.
I actually love this runner game (Miraculous ladybug edition😌). Thing is, I wonder if there's a easy way to save my data? I would love a Google save maybe, something to ensure that my progress doesn't dissappear incase I get a new phone some other year👌 I'll be waiting for Cat Blanc, nice to see Marinette Noir and Adrien Bug in the game 🌌.
The game is fun. I like the graphics... great time waster... it's a standard run game. No special extras. Just run and try to finish the track without slamming into things. But it's good. Not $7.99 A WEEK good. Who was the genius that thought that was a good idea? Seriously. Bigger games with more to offer either charge a flat fee or $10 a month on the high end. $32 a month for a run game? No. I would maybe pay $7 a month for access to the VIP characters, but not a week
I LOVE THIS APP!!! ♥️♥️♥️ IT'S AMAZING! I also like the update of misterbug and ladynoir that you've added but I'm giving it a 4 star as some characters are Costing a lot of money like 260 etc. and I don't want to pay for the characters. I understand you need to earn money but I want the characters free especially Ladynoir. If you can give Ladynoir as free it would be a great pleasure :) Thank You
I had fun! At least for a while. I only had this game for a bit when I noticed an issue. (this may just be me though) First, I noticed that moving the character doesn't always work. Sometimes the game might not notice at all while other times it may do a action I didn't want it to do. I would also reccomend trying to add a bit more differences in the map, more characters that you buy with the in game currency, and if you haven't already, try to add other heros. Besides that it is a good game.
An amazing game I am sure you will love it but the only problem is that you can't get all the characters without activating VIP membership but still it's a great game.
I like the app so much! Because I looove miraculous... Thank you Crazy Labs for making this game. And thanks Zag for making the Show. But there are many Adds in the game.
Standard running game, and it's fun for sure. But if y'all are gonna keep updating it, adding more characters that let's face it, most people can't afford or will refuse to buy(7.99 a week?? 😐) can y'all add more levels? It takes no time to reach level 80 and it's been at level 80 fod so long now, please add more levels
🐞🐞This is the best game I have ever played. Each thing is wonderful and enjoyable. The characters and voice are like the real miraculous ladybug. Thank you so much for making this game. I really love it🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞
I Liked this game very much.this is much better than Subway surfers.it it has different levels which make it more challenging for me and I like to play this game very much and it is very enjoyable I had given 4 stars because I need more levels in this game. there are 80 levels in this game and I want more interesting levels in this game . and another reason is that we cannot buy more characters in this game because we have to pay money I want free characters
It was awesome but I don't know where were the walls in level one or level to or something but that's ok I still like marinate bye!
I love this game,this game was great and I really love it!This was the app that I never seen like playing like Ladybug and Cat Noir in a Action Game.
This is an amazing game i really love it, it's very addictive, but the reason I'm giving in a 3 star it's because it's SUPER LAGGY and i fail numerous times because of the lag. So i suggest TO PLEASE fix that!(That's mostly the reason) and second of all is the amount of ads, i suggest to lower the amount of ads because it gets VERY annoying! And i can't even play peacefully without getting an ad every 5 minutes! So please fix those problems. Overall i really enjoy the game.
I have loved this show for many years and am now so happy that there is a game about it. It's so much fun to play, I started playing this two days ago and now I am already on level 21, It's a really addicting game that you can almost never put down. So many characters to collect, so many different levels and you even get to battle some of the akumitzed villains from the show! So much fun for all ages and would recommend to my friends in an instant so that would be an instant great job
The game is good actually, But the game always glitch....While i was playing it my screen stop and then minutes later i died and i have to watch a ads just to play again.....Pls fix this..
It's a very nice game with different places to play in. I just think it would be nice if they tell a little story about a person getting acomatized, then lady bug or who ever you pick will run after the acomatized person to save them 😍😘
As miraculous is my favorite character I love it so much.And this is is very nice. But the carecters did't look the same as in the cartoon. And the thing I hate is kagami's picture on the starting.
This game is super assome and this is so much fun to play it it has super heroes they also transform in ladybug and you have to make 💰 and buy cat noir and other cractors
I love how they add new characters, but not everyone can pay to get them. Also I already have all the playable characters that I dont need to buy, and I completed all 80 levels. Now I'm just waiting for an update for more levels. However, it's a really fun game and I totally recommend to Miraculous fans.
The LAG is horrendous in this game. Whenever you pick up any of the important items when running in a level, the game will stutter and lag. Which is an immediate game over in a game that requires the player to react within a second. The LAG makes it impossible to beat levels without having to watch ads repeatedly. Because the lag was implemented in the game ON PURPOSE to force players to watch ads. And don't get me started on having to pay $8 a month to unlock everything in the game. P-U!
This is an awesome game.I love this game so much ,I could play it all day.I think its a game of patience. Although,there are only a few levels of fighting super villians. Mostly, I just wanted to say that....."I LOVE THIS GAME"💝💝💝😍🥰🤩😘
The developers of this game have some bugs they need to fix. First of all while I'm running with a character I just fall through the ground and crash. Second, while I'm running with a character, my tips of their feet grind against the ground. And third, I just run through stuff and crash. So can you please fix those problems please? I still give it 5 stars though.
This is the best game ever 😅 you can be different characters that they have introduced there are so many different levels!! Hooray 🎉
This game is so amazing, super awesome,super cool,fun and miraculoustastic. I love this game so much. It's so appropriate. I am a huge fan of miraculous ladybug and this game... it take a little more data to install it but trust me it's worth it...
Wow!!!now that's a wonderful game...it is very awesome with cool characters...Mister bug needs around 6000 or some more ladybugs but ladynoir is in the VIP mission!...l did not get bunnix,ryuku, ladynoir and king monkey but a good one with loads of fun
Okay I like the game but there should not be a trial so you can get them all and some people want to collect them with those ladybug coins and also the characters should be lower but not too much
These is stupendous and stunning but to unlock all characters you have to go through VIP trial that's what I dont like about it but it's pretty cool. It freezes sometimes and it has a glitch which can crush the game. ☆☆☆☆
This is my favorite game, it's a lot like subway surfers, but based off the tv show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. It gets harder after each level, and I love challenging myself with each level. I recomend whoever watches this show to play it, and whoever doesn't know it to go watch it and play this game! I love each character in the game and think they look a lot like them. I would love to see more then 80 levels and more characters after season 4 or the movie. 😊👍
I simply love this game. But I gave this 4 stars cuz it freezes and while I'm playing it, it doesn't let me play songs unlike other apps.
I love how it is 🤣 designed and it even have attacks and you could expirience feeding the kwamis and you could defeat super villains and I has the real form of the characters and it keeps getting more characters after new episodes are launch and has the characters to which ladybug gives the miraculouses too
I love playing this game. Thanks CRAZY LABS for making this game. It has excellent quality and the characters are also excellent but one thing to say tht I hv to pay for ryoko and bunnix. Plzz do something abt it bcz I love these 2 characters 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 do something abt it. Anyway I get 5-6 gifts everyday thanks . But plz do something abt the paying thing bcz I am abt to finish this game too
I am THE BIGGEST FAN of this series SO BADLY, that Ill DEFINENTLY play this! This is also an offical game, (and series too😉) that it inspires me to make a video about this series !!! Well, soon, but still, this game is "perr-fect" for a fan who loves this!!! Thx SO,SO,SOOO much for doing this, creatorz, and I hope you can add moreupdates/games in the future. Ooh,also, when I said "videos", Ima new youtuber lol😉😆
It is a amazing app it is just like the program I love it so much I cant get over it I would have only one problem you have to pay for some characters witch I hate because I love the characters and it is a good app and it is the only judge meant that is have I hope there is more of these games
The game is would be nice if it would able to respond to my sliding finger on the screen, then there is the lag. And of course the annoying traffic. I know the devs wanted to go something similar as subway surfer and it would nail that if the traffic would be a bit less crowded. I might change my review star when these issues got fixed.
I started to play that game since 2019 . Many updates have been realized but they didn't improve the game , they didn't either add new levels nor bosses . They just added new characters and the funniest part you must purchase them with real money !!. I am going to uninstall it now !! Enough I gave it too much chances !!
So this game is ok but the lag and the ads i dont like, half of the times the ads glitch, theres too many ads, then the lag i sware its so laggy, it glitchs 24/7, please fix the lag, and put in less ads, all in all this game is great!
This game is so fun and so enjoyable,i love it how you can run like a miraculous super hero because this is what a miraculousfan loves.#MIRACULOUSFAN.Although i have some trouble issues about the lags,when you like got the exp or magnet thing,i lag and i also expirience those situations that i can't move my hero to the place where i wanted to.Pls fix this crazy labs and thank u cause u are brilliant making this game so that leads me to 3 stars...stay safe and more ratings to u crazy labs♡
The game was hard to control, it sometimes can't read my finger gesturing them to jump or slide. All in all in was great and it wasn't a repetitive patterns. I just hope that they'll do something with the game's sensitivity touch.
ITS SO COOL, honestly I can't buy preamuims I like them all but I still can't get it... I just have chole and ladybug and chat noir and Luka and alya and nino🤩 I still want them all and stop bringing adds it's annoying me it's not that bad it's cool so guys as a player of this game rate a 5 star ⭐ 🙂🙂🙂🙂 I love the game download it guys it's much adds but it's so cool ☺️😜 thanks for creating the app!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩I really love it's so cool at all 😍🥰🥰😍🥰😊😍🥰😊😍🥰🥰🥰😊😍😊 LOVE IT
I love this game so muuuuuuuch. I love that there are so many level and charecters this game is just amazing. I do not even know how to tell you that how much fun i had playing this. I can not wait to get 3 stars in other level. You can tell how much i like it because i literally finished 5 level in one day and 5 today. This game is awseome. I wish that there were 5000 levels. Hahaha but seriously this game is just amazing. I love mysterious game but now this is the only one i love. 👍👍👌👌👍👌
Typical money grab $9.99 per WEEK is an obsurd amount of money for a childrens game. I pay less for full production computer games. Do yourself a favor and uninstall this now.
Good graphics. A standard run game. But the ads are ridiculous. It shows an ad every single time you finish ONE stage. Every time you pick up a power up, it makes the game lag so much, you keep hiring into things.
The game is good but l expected something much better l just wish that we could do missions and use ladybug's lucky charm and use cat noir's catatlizim but so far the game is good
$8 a week for "16 characters" (4 locked behind said paywall, others unlockable) is absolutely ridiculous. That is one of the most horrible things I've seen come out of a video game. On top of that, the game pauses itself mid-run rendering it impossible to play, let alone enjoy it. So not only are you selling an unwarranted supscription, but you're doing it for a terrible experience. Whosever decision it was to include this *as well as play ads* is disgustingly greedy. Very shameful.
I like this game too much I have play too many levels and the ladybug coins get 1111 coins and take 3 characters umm this game is costly so I can't not do vipmision sorry and I have too many questions here to tell you hmm I have play this at 6 years later means I have download this game at 6 years later it is too very very very fun and I give you five stars here and I have play this game only 12 levels but tell a important thing about it you can please discont this 23 discoun
I enjoyed it alot, but I finished it really quickly. I loves it so much tho. I though I would hate it cuz oh its another runner game woo hoo, but I thought it was more fun than many runners because you have the choice to do endless running and you have the chance to do the missions, and plus you get to beat the Akuma. I just want more levels to play, thats the only reason why I'm only doing 4 stars.
This game is so cool even new hero's comes or in ladybug the movie they will come out the new heros too is so cool you can tranfrom to ladybug or cat noir is so cool I play this game everyday I always want update because when it have an update it will just be better so please make more updates I like it please rate this 5 starts and this is my 2. Favorite game ever! And I always want more to play this ladybug game so please get more updates again. I like it very much Thanks and rate this app a 5
It was amazing.If you are a miraculous fan so you have to play this game .but there are only 80 i think that you should add some more levels but this is a amazing game i love this game this is really fantastic 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌🐞🐞🐞
Good game, but extremely buggy. I recall more than one occasion where I jumped onto a ledge, only to fall through the floor and die. It also crashed quite frequently. There were other bugs, but those were some of the more prominent ones. Other than that, it's a fun app, and I might give it a better rating once some of the bugs are addressed. Also, this is just a nitpick, but why are Trixx and Wayzz's respective foods so generic in this app compared to everyone else? It honestly kind of bugs me.
I love watching Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! It is such a good show, and I have re-watched it so many times cause I love it so much! I then found this game and was so excited to play! I absolutely love playing this game! I think it's so cool how you can be Ladybug or Marinette or Cat Noir and Adrien and so on. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that while you are playing, there are doors and you don't know which one is going to open. Otherwise, I love the game!
I like the game, but it glitches all the time and it's SUPER laggy. I fail more times than needed because of the lag, and some obstacles you just can't get around due to placement. A lot of the times it won't even read my swipes. The game itself isn't bad, but the lag is awful.
I love this game so much but can you make it so you can buy characters and not buy vip and you should make it so you can skip levels because I have been stuck on level 50 for like a week
Great game but ads disturb me while i am playing when you reach at level 30 it is so diffucult and you need lots of butterflies and coins so i will unlock all the characters then you need to buy kagami and alix
I love the game but it would be so much better with powerups with each character. Like for Cat Noir double tap and his cataclysm breaks an object you bump into for Rena Rouge she takes out items in her way for ladybug she creates something to take her ahead Viperion gets to get a second chance if they bump into something yk? Lol I love the game tho
I love love love love love love this game so much you can play it online even ofline only have two 1. recust make some of the charecters able to buy with butterflys or coins 2. more levels please i hiely recamnd you downloud it well by. :D
Very fun game! Has a bit of adds but they dont take long. Im giving it a 5 star because there are Kwamis that telk you what your goal is and the Kwami will mach with your carictor you have. This game is very fun and interesting! Hope this helped!
I love this game cuase it has your favorites characters but when you have to unloked with money is not fair but the so intresting you will see villian and hard so that is why i am giving them 4 stars they should that you should have to pay real money before you unloked vut this game is intresting you guy should try it
I really appreciate playing this game but there are some problems that needs to be fixed as soon as possible like It takes much time to open Please add more characters Remove VIP mission add more levels Please fix these issues
super cool game! and the best part of this game is ...it's OFFLINE! Yes there are some issues about graphics but overall its a good game. i think they should also include more supervillians (season 2,3) , and other heroes ( ladynoire,misterbug,dragon bug,multimouse). BEST GAME FOR MIRACULOUS LOVERS!
I really like the game it really nice but I give it a four stars cause it's not whay I expected it's really easy and every level is fast also at the photobook the name of them are misplaced and you also need membership to get bunnyx and ryuko and VIP mission but it's an amazing game. Still waiting for the one like on gamer 2.0 if they'll release one, crossing my fingers for yes🤞
Awesome app!but,i finished the game,it gets boring to try and beat your high score,can you pretty please put more levels?and also, can you remove alix ladynoir and kagami and kim from having to pay to play please?maybe ladynoir can be 220 butterflies?alix 340 butterflies?kagami 550 butterflies? And kim maybe 800 or 900 or 1000 butterflies please?thank you!🙂and can you please tell us when you will put out the new levels??thank you,Bug you🐞
The game is reeeeeally good! But it's also very buggy when I'm doing a level. The screen sometimes stops or it doesn't react to my touch and my character runs against something. I also cant watch ads to revive. Can you please fix that?
The game works good for me but I think they should have it with the play games so the game data can be saved through Google. That be better and a stronger chance of saving data and all.
Dis game is great.I hv been playing it 4 sometime now. The graphics n characters r gd but de game's responses r slow.whenever u catch maybe a magnet,the game freezes n makes me fail.For those of us who can't afford de payment 4 de trial,can't dere be another way 4 us 2 get bunnyx n ryuko n get de same advantage as playing de trial? I cannot get pass stage 80...I don't even get it! How am I to beat my high score n unlock de nxt stage wen I hv done dat so many times? Pls regulate dis game. Thanks.
Ok this might be a little judgmental. 1. The characters don't blink. 2. It sometimes glitch. 3. The characters have to have their own powers. Like Cat Noir having cataclysm, Ladybug having her lucky charm, Rena Rouge having her Mirage Tokens. 4. They all sound like Marinette when they bump. Thats all i can say.
It's just so wonderful but sometimes it doesn't not follow the instructions for moving that's why I will give it 4 stars
Well , l think its fun and the animation is fine but if you lose or quite in a level you have to wait five hours to play again
The game is fun. I like the graphics... great time waster... it's a standard run game. No special extras. Just run and try to finish the track without slamming into things. But it's good. Not $32 a week good. Who was the genius that thought that was a good idea? Seriously. Bigger games with more to offer either charge a flat fee or $10 a month on the high end. $32 a month for a run game? No. I would pay $7 a month for access to the VIP characters, but not a month.
It is a great app but the only problem is that I have all of the characters that cost ladybugs and this is my second time getting it so can you add more characters like lady noire, Mr. Bug, king monkey
Love the game. It's very nice but please add more characters like Max+Pegasus😊 and please make the players free and cost game money instead of real money😆. And quite possibly levels where you actually use their super powers instead of collect them😉.
This game is absolutely perfect , but I have a small issues when turn off this game the music keeps on playing . The another issue I faced was that it is said that macaroons as cookies for rena rouge ( fox miraculous ) . But then I installed and re- installed . So this is a amazing app . I like it 😊
This game is the best but i think you shpuld be able to unlock all the characters without paying real money maybe instead when doing the V I P we can just have the special levels and unlock all the characters all together other than that this is the most funnest game i have ever played!!!!
Love it I will love it Awesome It is awesome but it's just that you have to buy VIP in order to get some of the characters So I would really like it if you would sometimes like change that to where like we would still be able to have those characters we would just have to be able to buy them like so that we would be able to play as them without having to buy it because I live with my parents and my device is connected to their email so whatever I buy on the
This app is amazing, especially along with the update of Ladynoir and Misterbug!!! Well, most of the characters are free but some of them cost money...but I understand that you might need to make at least some money from the app. Also, I think the levels are a bit easy at first but I like the way they're not too advanced later on. This is the best miraculous ladybug app on the playstore!!
I love this game. 10/10 would recommend it. But you have to pay money to get some characters like Ladynoir.Its so annoying that they are vip club characters. Thats my only problem. I know you need money,but please,at least make one free. But other than that,I love this game.
Hello, this is a rating from a child. This game is so cool and it has ladybugs to get you new characters and akumas, it's basically like Subway Surfer. You run to complete the level, and jump obstacles. I reccomend this game to any age group it's really addicting and I just love it! Already on level 10 today I just love it. Most characters cost actual money like in a bundle so you can buy stuff on this game too, have a good day 🤗💕
I really enjoyed the game. It's super amazing. Except that it keeps freezing Everytime I get something. And I lose
This game is sooooo Miraculous! I absolutely looooove Miraculous! This game really suites me! Thank you Crazy Labs for making this game! And thank you Zag for making this show! But...it lags very much sometimes when I try to jump over or slide under or go on the other side it doesn't follow my instructions ! It's a great game but please do something about the lags!
Okay, totally a great game but I had two problems with the game, so 1 is that once you get to like level 20 the levels get super hard, like you have to collect 300 ladycoins with a magnet. Half of the level there is no magnet please try to make the levels a little bit easier! Ty for reading c:
Best app ever!!!!! Love it. I would have given a 5 star review but the problem with the app is that it stops responding occasionally when I'm playing and I always crash. I don't know what is the problem with the app and what to do. So if anyone can help me please do so.
I love this game!! To me theres almost no bugs and all and the characters designs are on POINT! thx for making this game!! I love miraculous ladybug!!!! Perfect game!! 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🐾🐾🐾🐞🐞🐞
This game is really addicting! But once I got to 76, the app kept force closing. Every time I tried to report it, it would say that I wasn't connected to any data.. except I was. That night, I gave up and put my phone on the charger. After it was charged, I fell asleep. Woke up 4 hours later, my phone was already dead! I deleted the app and my phone worked just fine after that! But here I am again... watching too many ads, but an $8/weekly subscription is way too overpriced! Please reduce it!
This game is famous and I see it everywhere when I see other people enjoying and playing so I decided to give it a try...I advise you that you should too play the game but if it has any problem with the loading then don't take it seriously it may because that your device isn't working....By the way I am installing it because I played it on my cousin's tab...I enjoyed it greatly.
This game is actually really fun and true to the show! I'm really happy your keeping up to date with the show! I do wish that the characters that are new would become free at some point though! Like eventually I would like to be able to play as kagami! Anyhoo great game do recommend for children and adults alike!
It is the best game I have ever played and I love it so much I Can't Stop playing skin because I love ladybug and cat noir and also adrien and marinette so much did not purchase anything but I love it without purchasing and it is more good is offline mode but then also I loved it as online mode also
I would give a five star review but there are somethings I don't like first the picture of the app is inappropriate second when ur fighting or escapeing a villan u should be able to jump from above their attacks like when ur fighting pharon u should be able to jump from above the rocks he's throwing at u and lastly super heroes can jump above cars but in this game u can't can u tell me why?
The blue,icy place is so alike with frozer...i wish you could add other villains like style queen and queen wasp...at the end ....we can finish of the game by defeating hawkmoth and mayura....hawkmothcould have the power to summon other villains while mayura can create sentimonsters....i agree with Derry Kingston,the bosses are boring....originaly,stormy weather is monstrous and very powerful,in the game she is very weak and nothing compared to what she really is... ANYWAY...LOVE THE GAME 100%
Wow so many ads! They weren't kidding when they said in app purchases and ads. Every time you restart a level or finish a level there are ads. And then they want $7.99 a WEEK for a subscription to get rid of the ads. Cute game, fun and kinda addictive but I'd rather just pay a flat one time fee than a weekly fee cause it ain't that good of a game for 7.99 a week! I'll probably delete it here soon.
This is a fun game to play. I really like seeing the different heroes and villains. The game just needs to keep adding more levels.
This game is so awesome! I love the new characters, but the sad part is that you have to pay $7.99 dollars a week to get 3 characters. I don't mind paying $7.99 a month, but a week! That is an easy way to spend all of your money and then you won't have any left for other things. The graphics are amazing and everything is so smooth, the only thing that needs to change is the price to get the characters.
I played the game but it would just keep on saying that I need more stars to play level 40 I got all the characters accept Chloe Neno Alix and kagami I enjoyed it a little bit it was still a good game I have this game on my other tablet I like the new ice edition and some rounds 😀😀🤗😙😂😗🙃😭😭😭😍🤩
I love the and game and I love the show also and specially I love marinett and Adrien that is why I am giving it five stars and the graphics are awesome I recommend everyone that if you love the show then definitely you should download the game because this game is like the show only
This game is super fun and I think you should download this game because it super fun.I play this game everyday when I am bored! But 1 bad thing about it is that it is sometimes glitches and makes me loose but other then that, this game it fun!😀😀😀😀
the game has gotten better since the last time I have played it but the characters you have to pay a trial just to play most of the characters which I think is just ridiculous when you could easily make them cost butterflies like for Chloe or Nino or just make them cause miraculous tokens such as cat noir and Rena rouge.I think this game would get a lot more play time if you would just release the characters from the paywall. Other than that it's really good.
I like this game because there's a version when they're not superheroes the names of them are marinette do pen chain that's marinette, s forename and his name Adrian agrest and that, s version of them being Superheroes.
I really love the game. But I think you should make a new level, and smth new, with more difficulties. With Miraculous brand and followers you can make a really profitable game but it needs to be real thing. Not just for kids. I like to see something new and more characters like in the cartoon...
I love this game, Actually I have downloaded it atleast 10times in my phone I love the way u decorated it and the characters I'm giving you 4 stars instead of 5 stars because when I used to download it first time(2 years ago) and that time I have cleared all 80 level but till now the level are norlt upgraded we want new level new villians and also twists...
This game is awesome 👌👌but can you improve the stickers I have already got all of them so what can I do ? And improve Marinette face and Adrian's please🙏 oh and please make it simple just atleast on level 68 and others coming on
Yah the game is nice. But why do you need to have this many ads in the game. If you want money you can just make it a trial and then ask people to pay for it we will gladly pay. My daughter has been accessing play store at least 30 times an hour, because each game exit point or time is different. It's seriously not practical and unprofessional thought to beg for money like this. This is the only reason I'm uninstalling this game.
I love this game and the cartoon❤. But sometimes it goes left when I swipe right it's really annoying 😡. But overall the game is nice
This game is amazing!!!!!! Everyday I will at least play it 2 hours. But why didn't you put kim and max in the game too ,they also got the miraculous ,max got the horse 🐴 and kim got the monkey 🐵. Can you also put them in the game, please?🙏