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MinuteSlash for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by moitititi located at Tamanoshi Uno 2-13-17, Okayama, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great time waster, fun play, none of the features which allow you to use an ad in place of using in-game money work also, nor does the load feature
Cute, simple fun that doesn't try to rake you over the coals with pay-to-win mechanics. More games should be like this.
Phenomenal. 13/10 a good boy. I feel bad for not having played this game sooner. The note in the Terminal/Apology house made me tear up a little bit. In this age where everyone is busy clickbaiting and being money hungry machines, the note is just too sincere. A shoutout to the 3-4 people who left useful builds on Reddit that made it easier to not feel like the game was grinding. I LOVED discovering newer combinations and I'll leave mine on Reddit too if anyone needs them. Game devs. 👏🏼
Thumbs- up for Dev, great gameplay, great graphic, great music, great sfx. Where can i found the ad free version? i really want to support the Dev.
Perfect time-waster game. I love how it's both super simple but also super complex with equipment interactions and skills. Just like the rest of moitititi's games, 5 stars. On a side note, maybe add an option to pay for an adfree version? I don't mind the ads but I'd love to be able to donate to remove them.
It's a cute little game, you hold your finger on the screen and hop and bump into things. An adequate time-waster
New ad banner appeared today, totally distracting, makes me not want to play now...and that hovering twitter button in minute frontier, these are fun games, please clean them up, id pay a couple bucks for no ads
Very enjoyable, nice to play as a time waster. The only thing I would request is an option to auto skip the sp assigning. Because it would be nice to just keep going one direction and not have to focus on the screen when you level up 2/3 times on the way to 100+.
If u like to binge games quickly in short bursts this gams is totally for u slend 3 hours on it for thr first time using it
Ads are mostly optional, non-intrusive, gameplay is simple, tons of items. The one issue I found was that sometimes you die because of jerkiness from ads/effects/other things loading , since it throws off the rhythm of enemy attacks. Good little game tho
I'm tired of killing the same monsters over and over and over and over and over and OVER again. I just wish you'd add villages, more NPCs and maybe a day and night cycle...
This game is really fun. It's not as confusing as it looks and its actually pretty simple. Each boss is unique and cool my only complaint is that the better pets don't look as cute.
I love this game. It is perfectly balanced, and really well executed. Although, I could not, for the life of me, figure out what the items (displayed at the top right) do.
It'd be better if can have multiple effect but it's okay. it was fun. i played it through 7 hours non stop.
Very simple to learn how to play. Fun to play, and I return to play often. Great design, graphics, and sound! Thank you!!
Ads are more intrusive than in previous games and cannot be removed. The ad in the bottom covers part of the game screen, this is really annoying.
very good game its like the upgrade version of minute quest with a lot more content ! thumbs up to the devs! Can i make a suggestion can u add a mout system guys?? i like to ride that angel slime monster 😁
Simple, fun and addictive. The incremental aspect makes you want to get more and more. I wish the devs can give more updates and contents. Including the minute frontier, which I play too.
I love this game I really really love this game I was so sad when I had to backup my tablet and I lost it and I couldn't remember the name of it cuz I had had so much work done on it I finally found it again and I'm playing it again this is one of my favorite games it's offline it's wonderful
Good game is very addictive and very fun to play if you like playing make sure to also rate 5 because it's a very fun game I'm also around lvl 220 it's really good hope this be a positive request to the game
The game is great if you like constant grinding but I would recommend a more neat gui and better user interface, more original character design and, better enviorment.
You have so much combination of all sorts of items. Different outfits, pets, shields, swords and rings to choose from. Equiping similer items give boost to certain status. Which is a very nice feature. 5/5 Great Game
My favorite game by this dev so far! If I could suggest a few things to improve on: more ways to sort pets, gear, etc would be VERY helpful, particularly later in the game when you've built up quite the collection. Most of all though, I would LOVE an option to pay a few dollars to remove ads, and maybe replace the 'view ad' option in houses and warp areas with a 1g fee like when you warp to the castle. I hate ads, but still want to support the dev, so this would be an amazing addition.
This is my favourite of the Minute games. All the mechanics seem deeper and more visually interesting. The only thing I didn't like is that Dr. Gill is now called Dr. Fish. please rename dr fish to dr gill. please call the fish dr gill again. thank you my dear friend. thank you for doing this my friend. please change the name of dr fish to doctore gill. please call the fish dr gill again. tgank you in advace my friethank you for doing this.my friend. edit: thank you motiti mfor changing the name
Great game great RPG and brilliant concept, offline, endless, pressure free, rewarding Pls add cloud save , it is very important for endless RPG
I spend more time watching ads to get back to where I was than actually playing, and there's no paid option to remove ads. Interface makes it hard to build a matching set. Decent idea, poor execution
You slowly work your way across a strange new world collecting gold from the entrails of your enemies. It's a cute game with a lot of customization. And it very simple to play/kill time with. I'd play it while; watching a movie at home, on the toilet at work. Great game.
Great game, excellent time killer and have no ideas to change or better the game. Perfect game to play if one is interested in such games. While I don't have problems with ads on my device, couldn't hurt to have a one time ad killer and you could add incentive bonus like double mimic or jewel bag rate to get people to buy it.
extreeemely fun and addicting, doesnt use that much battery and is really simple in its concept with many things to unlock! i want moooore
Simply awesome. The BGM fades so it breaks the loop but not really a big deal. Could use a paid option to remove ads.
A true work of art! This is what i love about retro RPG's! Complex yet simple and fun. The music is pleasant to listen to and it makes me feel immersed into the world of the game. It will definitely charm its way into your heart. Whether you want a quick time-killer or a full playthrough, if your a fan of RPG's, definitely give it a try! To the developer, Exellent job! There was alot of love put into this game and it shows! Thank you for the experience!
Very simple but yet interesting RPG. Just choose the direction of the character, wait for attack opportunities and find good armour piece synergy. Ads aren't needed, you can use them to save a little bit of in-game money. If you master the game mechanics money is not even close to be a problem. The attack effect option has a weird frame drop problem if turned off here so I left it on.
Probably one of the best free games I've ever played. The ad's are super minimal, and the game itself is very much enjoyable.
Fun little distraction, looks simple at first but has surprising depth with the sheer amount of equipment and enemies.
Very fun and basic game. You get to build your own character and become really powerful in-game just by playing. It's not like those pay-to-win games in other words.
No girl characters but still fun. Played it on my first android phone. Now became an adult, but when I saw this on playstore I downloaded it again. Lots of hearts for the game.
Great game, one of my all time fav mobile games. I just finally beat it 100% after years of playing. If anyone cares here is the build that won it for me: -Death Scythe Lv8683 -Black Robe Lv8524 -Black Shield Lv8466 -Skull Ring Lv 8638 -Blade Horse Lv8641 which gave me these abilities: -Black Saber Lv5 -No Guard -Finish Attack Lv2 My final stats were: Play Time: 55:10:22:15 Kill Num: 3,830,165 Max Distance: 8,684km Sum Distance: 406,982km Collection: 100%
I like this game but i lost my data twice, 2nd time i lost my data, i cleared the cache for all my apps. my data in minute frontier was not lost. please add cloud sync, thanks!
There isn't much to this game, it's linear and frankly boring. I'd play it again but not something I'd invest time in. I get it's supposed to be compact and simple but it has to be better than this. Apologies for being negative it's not bad per-se. There should be more controls to manage equipment and more meaningful gameplay environments. Maybe an option to change equipment, if there already is one it's very hidden.