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MinuteQuest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by moitititi located at Tamanoshi Uno 2-13-17, Okayama, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm unable to play due to the game not being up to date with new phones. the 15minutes I was able to play before my phone shot the game, was really fun! please update the game so new phones like the s10e can play it!
Game is great! However recently I have had issues with it closing instantly upon opening. Not sure if the issue is on my end or not.
I love this game. Downloaded it on every one of my last 4 phones. Excellent pixel characters, monster collection, outfits and retro music.
Awesome, so addicting to see your hero level up and destroy everything, even if you die you get a reward, you can tell the king to "Pay up" and get lots of money... Untill he eventually starts throwing poop at you.
Great time killer and also very challenging! Can i suggest to the devs can u add mount system pleaseeeeeee!
Played for the first time in a few months, all updated and everything. Crashed nonstop. Uninstalled/Reinstalled and now I can't even get out of the castle without it crashing. Most likely going to let this game slip away for good
At higher levels the pay up button takes way too long to max out. There needs to be an upgrade to get more coins per click or something. Maybe just make it a single click. Is clicking a bunch on one button even fun?
I'm loving this game. It's a nice retro that you can pick and put down at anytime. Simple game play but really fun if your a fan of old nes games.
Amazingly simple but has many hidden mechanics you will discover the longer you play, I recommend anyone with some time on their hands try this game
I use to play this game all the time on my old phone. On my new phone the game crashes as soon as I open it. I get an error screen that says the game was made for older Android software. So the software just needs to be updated.
I like it. It is addicting, but oh my gosh no matter how high my stats are I "miss" 70% of my attscks, and I completely hate it! Therefore I hate this game.
Enjoyed playing this game but recently returned to it and some of the in game ads try to open a browser page and install an APK file which is more than likely ransomware. As long as these ads are around stay away from this game.
Omg this is such a good time waster when you only have a few minutes. So addictive. Good throwback to the glory dayz of videogames
It's a neat little pixel game that can be played anywhere at anytime and it's just all around great I've been playing it for years
Simple game simple controls and a lot of fun! The graphics are awful and cheesy and to be honest, perfect, lol. If you're looking for a great time killer this is the game that you've come for! This is a one handed game, touch the side of the screen that you want your little guy to go. Get it, you'll enjoy it.
10/10 Pedfect. I was thinking "should I commit suicide or download a mobile game?" And decided the latter. We'll see how we feel tomorrow.
fantastic game, fast paced, easy to understand, very addictive, BUT The game does crash an awful lot and also the ads but those things can be resolved by simply turning on airplane mode before you play,
This was one of those games that I played as a kid and still am now love it so much tell me if anything like this game will be made đź‘Ť
This game does get really really addictive! The only complaint I have is that the Pay Up part after you die takes waaaaay too long at high levels, takes you out of the fun of continuously running, and frankly hurts my hand (arthritis isn't cool, kids). I mean I get the joke, a shower of golden coins that comes directly from the king's crotch and then he starts throwing poop at you instead, it's just tapping 2000+ times on a small button feels really unnecessary for this game.
love this game! there is an updated version of it? my android keeps telling me it is for an older android version
Great simplistic rpg game but please update or remake game. This is your most popular game but feels outdated, so more content should be added to this great game.
Fix the pay up button and make it one click. Its too time consuming for me to click that button sooooooo many times
Great game, the best time-waster. Some people are commenting that the pay up takes too long at higher levels so i worked out a solution... Dont use it, at higher levels pay up becomes a not effective way to earn money. If you are at the point where it takes a lot of taps to earn money through pay up you are also at the point where money obtaining sets are avalible, using these sets are not only a faster way to earn money but a more enjoyable way.
I love how much of a time killer this game is! I also like how every 100 mins (starting at 80 mins) you get a treasure path and can get weapons, armour, or special pets from the treasure path!
Can't stop playing. Great game would rate five stars if there was an shop to but heath potions. Other than that best 2d game I have found.
Brilliant game for killing time, albeit a lot of time. It's a fun little RPG which doesn't require a lot of thinking to get reasonably far but later on you might need to think a little.
My only complaint is a lack of paid ad removal option. (10/01/2018) (Reinstalled 4/20/2020 and still no paid ad removal.)
Love it. But i have a queston...when i attack holding it in automatically attacks...but i can spen the attacking and do like SUPER much. Is the a glitch or completely normal? I dont want to feel like im cheating.
Pretty good and fun But the "Pay Out" button is pretty annoying. Can't it just drop all the "Pay Out" at once? Would be nice
This game to me is what I want more of in most RPG games, its simple, fun, and addicting. This game was a big part of my childhood
Okay you may a lot tougher monsters today what you're doing insane in your games it seems a lot more challenging for you if you play for yourselves
Pls pls pls give this game a multiplayer... atleast LAN so i can play with my brohs... btw really good game so much fun i really enjoy the games mood 4 outta 5 stars! ^-^
Great time killer, very simple system, fun to slow grind or just rush into the depths. No hint of story to me, seems arcade-ish, but fun nonetheless.
This is such a great game! Its addictive, time killing, and really easy to play! The game itself is challenging, with all these retro graghics. And its ad-free!
Great overall..but lack in skill combination info..im became confuse since there a lot of combination but not even a single guide about how to combine it and what their's effect
This game is awesome despite having just made it to Lucifer. I spend a lot of time training. I wish there was an option though to change the Pay Up button into a long press as it takes 5 minutes of constant tapping before he throws poo lol Other than that the game is amazing and I love playing it!
Top tip When fighting, rapidly yap right as you hit at that speed. Now carry a weapon heavier than Earth and hit like flash
Fantastic game! Absolute best way to waste time. With weapons and armor that level up as you do, you'll be taking down massive bosses and making them your pets in no time! All wrapped up in graphics cute enough to give cat videos a run for their money. Go hold right and save the kingdom today!
It's hard in the beginning and in some areas after that. And I believe that the Auto-Level is broken. Other than that it's good. Maybe add a menu tutorial on how to level up and use it effectively. And could you possibly add multiplayer?
Amazing, short and simple. I've been playing for 6 hours straight.... I also forgot to eat dinner...... damn
Good for Wasting your time in a good way, its not recommended for age under 13. Because it will make them addicted. But overall 9 out of 10.
Very good for wasting time, and I don't mean that in a bad way. The game also gets more fun and more strategic as you go on.
It's a simple yet deep and charming game. The fact that it doesn't rely on an internet connection is also a big bonus for me.
It is so addictive and fun can get a bit repetitive but is fun to see asp the different combinations you can get and collecting pets is fun but the bosses get way harder so for the treasure you get every one in a while you s should be able to pick either a pet dungeon,weapon or armour
Its honestly surprisingly fun given how simple the mechanics are, though i think thats what gives it its unique charm. I love the little monster icons, the exp system, and collecting all the monsters and weapons available. Theres a bit of grinding involved but really i think the random treasures have made it something i actually enjoy. Overall great game
Okay, first off, I really like how Minute Quest is one of those bite-sized grind on the go titles. Controls are simple and usually easy to access, as with all of moititi's games (it's the same scheme across the board). The graphics are simple pixel art, a style that he improved on very slightly with Minute Frontier, but they get the point of what you are seeing across. Having gotten my good words out of the way, it's time to move on to the bad, which is why the game is getting three stars overall: The advertisements. I don't mind the banner on the bottom. I don't mind the ad popup when you choose to exit the game through the menu. But the past couple weeks have yielded ads that not only stick out more, but are borderline malware in their behavior. Just today, while on this game, an ad popped up during the onward march across the world, which imitated the Play Store. Whenever I hit back, it would just pick a different app to view instead of closing out. I want to urge the developer to investigate why this problematic hijacking even took place. If it was an issue the moititi themselves​ did, then I hate to say that I'm going to uninstall and not look back. Malicious or aggressive advertising isn't cool. At least present an ad-free unlock if this is going to continue like that.
I like the fact that you can tap quickly to increase attack speed and I love the RPG elements not much bad I can say about the game. Has to be the best f2p game right now
Fun game to pass time. Only downside is no backup available to put on another device. I'm not about to modify my os to transfer a game..