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MinuteFrontier for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by moitititi located at Tamanoshi Uno 2-13-17, Okayama, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fantastic little action RPG. Your current job determines your level up stats and at certain levels of jobs you unlock perks that apply to all characters. Each weapon plays differently and has advantages and disadvantages. Super addictive and easy to play but with surprising depth.
great little game for passing the time. ads are fair and un-intrusive, and only show at the very bottom of the screen and when you die. the game mechanics are fun and I love the art style
please add cloud save. i will cry if i lose my character. i love this game i want to buy action figures.
Unlike LogRogue, this game don't really rewards idling play. Still no cloud save and better upgrades/reworks for characters that has unique abilities. However, it is a charm to see how you build up a character with very straightforward mechanic. You level a Job, get stats & unlock abilities, can even inherit Bloodsucker on Sniper Job that used Spear instead. Sadly the dev don't understand what makes MinFrontier more special and charming, and didn't apply on LogRogue, which just blindlessly AFK.
Absolutely amazing except for the fact that it keeps stopping and resets my progress. other then that, its awesome
Waaaaay too many ads. Both ads at bottom of screen that change every few moments AND full screen ads between lives.
Love the game. Great time killer and it's rewarding to push farther then you have before. I have run into a bug that I'm not sure how to get past though.... My game hasn't been saving right and each time I start up the game I've found that I've lost everything I did the time before. >-> Any tips for getting past this? Or am I just stuck?
This little gem really has me reliving the FF5 job system of yesteryear. Truly a magical nostalgia filled experience.
This game could really benefit from potions or maybe an alchemist class who creates potions. Something to keep the ball rolling. Some of the classes are strange but it's still a decent little game.
Thus far the longest lasting game on my phone, got it weeks before Pokemon came to the platform. Still play it a little every week. A good quick time filler with simple controls that works well on these clunky "smart" phones.
The game is good, but there's one thing annoys me: There's an issue on Goblin Lord. When I got killed by it, THE GAME CRASHES!! Please fix this bug pls.
There's a lot going on, and none of it is really clear. Figuring things out is part of what makes this game fun - you never know what's going to unlock next.
Game would be 5 stars except I cant change my player name and it blocks out 2 setting buttons. Please fix this bug and it will be 5 stars instantly! Thanks for the game!
One of the best, quick time killing games I've found. Super fun, and not bombarded with ads like many games.
My favorite iteration so far, it takes the original experience of MinuteQuest and expands the systems and complexity in fun and interesting ways, and will keep you playing for a long time, well worth your attention!
Wishlist: I'd like a way to release pets into the wild WITHOUT having to find a new pet to replace them (an Evict button).
Wow, this Minute Frontier is very good. I think this game is excellent. My favourite part is to go to the right and BOUNCE! You just bounce right off the enemy! BOUNCE! Ha ha ha just like that. You bounce the enemy and eventually you win. I like to think everyone is friends and they like bouncing ha ha ha. Really like this game really satisfying ha ha ha. If anyone else knows a good bouncing game please let me know until then i will play this game and bounce and bounce ha ha ha love2bounce hahah
honestly i love it but it seems that my game has stopped working i can't play anymore it crashes even if i re-download it again it wouldn't work but ohh well but anyways great game 5/5
The best minute series from moititi. I really like that this game have job system and doesn't rely entirely with equipment variation like other minute series.
Love this game; the graphics, sounds, music and gameplay are all nostalgic and a lot of fun! The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I cannot change my characters names, I'm stuck with PLAYER1.
Love it, but HELP!!! I got a new phone and I am currently faced with losing 3 years worth of gameplay, it's only 3 days, 14 hours, and 24 minutes of work but is there any way to transfer the save file? I would happily rate this 5 stars after playing for so long... but if all that effort dies with my last phone... that's a big dealbreaker...
Best game ever! I played this a few years ago, and it really brings back memories. This whole time i was wondering what the game was called. I found it again. Im so happy, this game was my life!
One of those games that I just keep coming back to, after spending 30+ hours into it, I can recommend it to any of you weirdos appreciating endless grinding.
An interesting way to pass the time. Lots and lots of jobs to choose from, with a new job unlocked with each boss defeated. There is a severe lack of balance with jobs and weapon types, however, with certain jobs basically useless and others you're forced to use to make any real progress, and certain weapons are far more useful than others, regardless of class proficiencies or weapon parts obtained. Still. A very fun game, and ads aren't intrusive at all. My only annoyance is the stupid twitter button popping up right in the middle of the main screen every time you're idle for more than a second.
Game keeps crashing now. I can either play for a few minutes then it stops, or it will crash on startup. Might be a problem with the ads at the bottom, but thats just a guess. Please fix it. Its worse when youve invested time in a game and then it stops working than if it never worked to begin with. edit: yep the ads are making it crash. can play it offline just fine
Even after having played for so long, the game is still very enjoyable. After making my first character I went back and made a magic build character for fun. One of the few games out there that's fun and isn't pay to win. Really glad I downloaded this game. From managing stat upgrades and risking hits on enemies praying they won't do critical damage, you will never get bored playing this game.
Update. For some reason I can't change my player name. It's also asking for an update because I have a newer version of Android....😭 Still an awesome game...just wish I could play it....
Honestly the game is super great and I love everything about it, it just upsets me that I can't change my name from PLAYER1
Dear Saint Moti ! Please hear my messagel Give us a way to pay you to turn off the ADVERTISEMENTS the full page forced ads ruin the game. Please sir!
Would be 5 stars if it weren't for several prominent bugs, and the lack of an option to remove ads. I'd be happy to pay a dollar or two to remove ads permanently while still supporting the developer. If you've played minute quest by the same dev, you'll probably enjoy this as well.