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MinuteDungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by moitititi located at Tamanoshi Uno 2-13-17, Okayama, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Deep dungeon delving with the MinuteQuest Universe, fun and interesting with lots of replayability, a welcome addition to your game library on mobile!
Awesome for what it is. I quickly grow tired of incremental games and roguelike, but I'm always looking for ones that have something a bit different or, ideally, ones that continue being fun. Minute Dungeon brings a lot to the table for such a simple design. I enjoy figuring out the various abilities that come from weapon/armor combinations and utilizing them strategically. I also very much enjoy the intuitive nature of the controls. They allow quick traversal of dungeon floors and keep you engaged in fun. While the game is still a bit too iterative for long-term enjoyment, it held me transfixed and loving it for a number of hours. I even found myself humming the tunes for a while. For what it is, Minute Dungeon is something pretty original and great.
An interesting and ingenuitive little pixel art rpg. Basically grind away going levels deeper into castle dumgeons. The armor and weapon combination system is interesting, check it out.
This game is simple but addictive. You've heard that a lot, but this game is the embodiment of that description. Would GLADLY pay money to remove ads, the only hinderince of an otherwise perfect game. One thing I would suggest would be to add a consumables shop, healing items aren't as common as they should be. Would give 6 stars if possible!
My favorite game but can you change the light on a weapon to the weighing system from minute quest? You don't have to but it would be Cool!!! So far played for about 350 minutes!
If you're going to have ads then at least provide a way for us to pay to remove them... Clicking the ad at the bottom is extremely annoying and it was much better prior to their implementation. The game itself however is fantastic. Great rogue style, retro RPG to kill time and grind out. Will edit this review when ads are less of a game play inhibitor.
This is probably one of the best games I've ever played! Right up there with Mario kart 8, Mario Maker, and Jar Jar's Jar Jar Jar. So many dungeons to explore with so many levels in each one, and nothing beats going to a previous dungeon and kicking the crap out of everyone. It really feels like a Famicom RPG. 10/10. 100/100 IGN
Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this game. No bullshit IAPs to deal with. No interrupting full screen ads (unless you choose to watch them voluntarily for a free health refill- awesome concept!). The game itself is very fun and kept me entertained for hours.
so far so good 👍 but I would like a discreption on how the levelling system works in the next's update and a official step video
Update please! This is a great game, and I used to play it in the past. I switched phones and played this again, but there are no more updates, it seems? That's a bummer. Please continue the hard work dev's. 😁
I have to honestly say this is the best dungeon crawler RPG. It's simplicity is what makes it the best. Only thing missing is permanent character skin color scheme. Even without it for a retro style game still is the best.
Already 2 hours played on my night shift monitoring the halls! Cute retro graphics. Tons of equipment and I love how you aren't forced into anything since gear has levels. Plus, I can have a ponytail and be a girl! Game doesn't use a lot of battery seems like I can get another 2 hours in before a charge. So far so fun.
I adored minutequest, burning about 4800 minutes thus far. I think that this rpg dungeon crawler approach helped keep the game more interesting. I love the variations of armour and weapons - though I wish there was a way to save sets, perhaps in the smithy or a different office all together. After power clicking through minutequest I wish the menu button was somewhere slightly more out of the way, as with rapid clicking I find myself frequently clicking it on accident. Ready to play more right now!!
I'm confused. Whether you win/lose a dungeon you are set back to level 1? Why? It takes the fun out of it, there is no consequence of dying if both means comes to resulting as level 1 again? I struggle to see the challenge now...
I have been looking for something like this for a while. It is fun, funny and not too complicated. The retro look is clean and fitting. The gameplay is simple yet engaging.
The gameplay's very simple and it can get a bit repetitive, but this game has many combinations of weapons, armors and monsters to collect, and the Skill button adds a lot to the gameplay. But I wish there was a Menu button on the main screen, and a Sell button while the Bin's open, for convenience.
Great game. Though it would be great if the smithy could carry at least 1 of every armor/weapon. Right now I have 80 weapons and 75 armor, running short of space :/
Amazing and addicting game, I've been playing it since the day it came out on over 4 profiles and 3 phones. You will never get bored of this game!
Cute and fun game for short forays, but began crashing for no reason so all I could do was uninstall.
I once played this game on my old device. Working perfectly fine but on this newer device, some items name, description and hero stats only shown blank boxes. No text at all also game interface seems off, game screen placed too high because it's not like that on my old device. Please fix this dev. Really addicted to this game...
Fun little game to waste time on. Tons of loot with many attributes to mess with. Finding the right combo of weapon, armor, and can change the game immensely
A really fun game that i always seem to come back too. Recently tho I've noticed that the music no longer works, is there a fix for this?
A very simple and very unique dungeon crawler game. Very fun to play. I can be a little boring since the controls are so easy to use, making the game feel easy to play but is still a fun game nevertheless.
It is my everything!!!! I love your game man!! And I also like minute quest, I love it!!! 😁😁😁👌
No major complaints here besides the lack of background music. (There's a BGM volume option but there's no music for me for some reason. Perhaps it's a bug, but still...) Simple enough to be fun, but challenging enough to keep me coming back to try beating dungeons that keep getting tougher. Great game indeed.
What a fantastic game. And for free, I don't say this lightly but I would happily pay for this app. (Especially to remove those annoying adds) Great game guys, keep up the great work.
If you've enjoyed the weapon combinations and gear upgrade of Minute Quest but tire of the long treks from start to finish, you'll find Minute Dungeon a great time, with its great pick-up gameplay and vast variety in weapons, armor and enemies, it will certainly be a good time for many.
Really wish the smithy inventory would get expanded so I can at least store one of each weapon and armor type. Great game otherwise. Can't really knock a free product.
It's simplistic in nature but super fun. No in game fees, no adds, this is the true definition of a free game. Doesn't even have any requirements like access to your phone or anything from what I remember. If you like dungeon crawlers get this game, it's fun and you got nothing to lose but a bit of hard disk space.
This is a great game to me because its so simple to understand and learn, other game's in this type of genre are so complex that its hard to understand what to do but with this game its addictive, just goes to show a complex game doesn't always mean a good one sometimes its fun to be simple!
Pretty good gameplay. I hope there's an item shop in the future, tho the game is good as it is right now. I don't want to have to sell weaker equipment just to upgrade my newer ones bit, that's where this game is rn.
You guys sure know how to make a great game!. Why don't you make a minute game where we the players make our dungeons with our own enemies and bosses?
Sadly it's not being updated. It crashes upon opening. Hopeful it will be updated again in the near future.
Offline abilities. Engaging graphics gameplay and controls. Tons of stuff to earn upgrade and collect. Boss battles and lots of them. All I want is more of these wonderfully made games. Thank you!
Am I doing something wrong? Dungeon 1 is far from easy peasy. It's fun and has cute graphics but it's very difficult right away
Hundreds of dungeons to conquer. Tons of weapon and armor combinations. A perfect little time waster. Play as much or as little as you want. Only gripe is I don't fell the sale price of items don't reflect the amounts they should.
This game is the most fun I've had in a little while it's not too easy it's not too hard. As the levels increase the difficulty increases and I love that it's not a stale old game, it's refreshing and fun and even challenging. From what I understand there are hundreds of levels to conquer I'm only on level 7 of the first dungeon and I look forward to the rest of the game. I only wish that I had found it sooner.
Everything this developer makes is like a nostalgic addictive dream. Seriously entertaining and inspiring! So far venom slime is my favorite... Hopefully Lucifer would be a good pet <3
I've played this before and I loved it but I left for a while and redownloaded it today and it keeps closing itself, I habe never had this problem before
Great game and project, but it must be dead and unsupported because it keeps crashing after saying it was built for an older version of droid. If you can still play it on you device, it's a unique rpg that you will enjoy! I'll miss it. Ive had it installed for years across several phones. It used to work on S9+, but no longer does.
Lots of depth from equipment combos, leveling stats, and mob weaknesses. Or you can just tap tap tap tap.... Either way it's pretty fun.
This game is great, and worked almost flawlessly on my moto X (2014) but I recently upgraded to the Nexus 6P and the game drops frames constantly, making it almost unplayable. Not sure if its an issue with the Adreno 430 or what, but please try to fix this.
The only gripe I have would be the ads. A way to remove them in-game would've been nice, either via gold tribute to the king or promo at the smithy. Other than that, it's a delightfully evil little roguelike.
amazing just a lot of grind Finally beat the game after 1000+ hours the dungeon layout got pretty repedative after a while.