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miniSweeper - Ad free Minesweeper

miniSweeper - Ad free Minesweeper for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Anton BergÄker located at SalixvÀgen 5 75642 Uppsala Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, by far the best edition of minesweeper out there. Basic controls are easy to learn and the ability to make custom sizes and % of mines is good. The only wish is for the quick clear from the original game, when you double tap a searched tile to search multiple surrounding ones. Again, great and simple take on a classic game.
Love this version of Minesweeper. Is clean, intuitive and love the sound effects. And no ads!! Thank you for this :)
Very clean UI but the one big issue I have with it is the numbers are all the same color. I wish they were the same colors as the original since it's such a visual game.
The flags won't be placed sometimes even though you were holding the squares, the game doesn't accurately recognise the touch sometimes.
Definitely the best modern version of minesweeper. There are absolutely no ads! Awesome! I also love the fact that it keeps track of your high score but I kinda wish it kept history of more than one score and, because I share a phone with my siblings, the option to put my initials. Also, could you please add an option for different layouts, eg. globe, cube, hex tiles, triangle tiles, etc. I would really love it if you added these! P.S. Love your developer bio, sounds like something I would put
Pretty good considering, you know, the whole no ad thing. I would like more themes, but I am a huge fan of the red theme. Thank you for a very popular game, put onto a mobile platform, and with no ads.
A no nonsense Minesweeper game. That's all you need. I don't know if the random pick situations can be toned down, but they come less often in the sizes I play in.
Implementation is good, but the game is bad. I often get into situations where it's not possible to work out the bomb location based on the numbers, at which point the game becomes a game of chance, which is pointless.
I have detected a few cons: 1. Sometimes I end up with a situation that has multiple solutions and therefore I need to guess. 2. I can't delete manually added presets. 3. When setting up a custom game, I'd like to be able to type the width, height and number of mines instead of having to slide my finger multiple times to end up on the correct options.
Can't be solved with logic. There are controversial moments when it is impossible to solve a field using logic. Because of what is added random. But random is not acceptable for this game.
This is a minimalistic, well made, fantastic version of minesweeper, and is more than worthy of 5 stars. Gives you all the features you would expect. I've been searching for something like this for a long time. I cannot recommend miniSweeper enough
Not only is it the best, it's also 100% free and no ads! Exactly as advertised. 10/10 on graphics, controls, and animations. Has dark theme as well. Love it!
Nice sleek UI and minimalist design comes without Ads which cuts the deal for me. Kudos to the developers.
This is the most intuitive and beautiful app I have ever downloaded. Do not listen to the pesky "critics" with broken phones that tried to smear this app. Works perfectly smooth, and the dark theme is just delicious gravy. On top of all that, it is Ad Free AND FREE to download. What more do you want?
6 stars if I could. A great version of minesweeper with 3 preset sizes and the ability to set a custom board. Different themes are available including a night theme, which is a gamechanger when you're playing in a dark area and don't want to get blinded by a white rectangle. The interface is clean and functional, and I haven't found any bugs with the game thus far. No other minesweeper app compares. Just get this one.
I've been a big Minesweeper fan for the majority of my life, however I've been unable to find a good version of the classic game on Android. Most either had too many ads or features that took away from what made Minesweeper so good in the first place. That's not the case with miniSweeper though, as it's ad free and it's just straight up classic Minesweeper gameplay, which is what I've been looking for. I'd love a stat tracking feature, but aside from that this game is perfect! Loving it!
best minesweeper, it has no ads and it has custom boards, but you cant click the numbers to reveal the other stuff
Great app. Better than a lot of paid ones. To the developer, thank you for providing a clean and fun app that is beautifully designed. A great update to the classic. I love that it doesn't ask for crazy permissions which seems to often be the issue with apps.
Good. Only complaint is that you will never hit a mine on your first choice. Example, You can do a 10x10 grid with 99 mines so there is only one safe spot and tap any square and you will instantly win.
Simple. Incredibly pleasing to the eyes. Great UI compatible with full screen gestures in Android 10 and great haptics as well. No. Ads. Literally one of the best applications I've installed this whole year long. A simple question though. Is this game solvable without having to guess? I know Windows classic Minesweeper had scenarios where you had to take a guess, but some newer versions are 100% solvable logically.
Does what it says on the box. It's minesweeper, a few configurations provide ways to tailor difficulty and time to each game. It does get small at higher grid sizes, and rather impossible at higher mine densities. But it's minesweeper, plain and simple. I recommend learning to recognise mine placements without flagging them, as holding your finger on a box invariably increases your time score. Enjoyed on the odd five minute wait. My favourite minesweeper thus far.
The logic to the boards is terrible, started out on a bomb immediately, the next board i got was all 1 no pointed corners either just distasteful and illogical to play
This is great! I've been playing the heck out of this, and the only real criticisms I have are ones that would apply to any random mine placement logic. The sound effects are really satisfying, and the ability to resize the play area or switch to a dark mode are great for accessibility between devices. I haven't tried out the custom mode, but my times aren't getting any better in the default difficulties, so I'll be trying that out soon.
The rng suck there's always a situation where you have to guess I'm very good at minesweeper but this is so hard because of the bad rng
Does what advertised. Would like if we could remove flags by tapping. Would also like if custom wasn't controlled by scrollers but instead by typing. Would like as a bonus to be able to set custom mine count by the % number, this could be a 0-100 slider, that can be fine tuned by tapable arrows at the sides. Hopefully you still have the source for this app.
I really love this app and it's graphics! You can change the theme whether you want red, night, dark etc. You can change how big the playing field should be and how many mines there are (max 200x200 playing field and 9999 mines) the sound effects are really good and the animation is smooth. Overall this is a great minesweeper app for the people who want a more modern look for minesweeper
Pure minesweeper, and nothing else. No ads, and custom level options. There's really just nothing more to be said. It has a nice aesthetic thst is indeed customizable, and the controls are straight forward.
To start with the bad, this version of Minesweeper is prone to solutions impossible to prove by logic. Many games (mostly on hard) have ended this way. However, everything else is amazing. The presentation is beyond great. A lot of love was put into it, with plenty of customizable options from colors to a customizable board. All in an ad free package? It's crazy to think that I didn't have to pay a cent for this. Now, if you're into playing harder variants, you may have to download another app, but for all others this game is beyond exceptional.
A lightweight, customisable, and honest experience which is so rare and hard to find on a store crammed to bursting with money traps and ad laden, barely functional trash. Its minesweeper. It does exactly what it is supposed to, and I love it for that.
Its just a great mobile version of minesweeper, no ads, no in app purchases, no garbage, just a good game.
The perfect minesweeper app. Simple and elegant, great visuals, great sound design, no ads. Sounds too good to be true... But here it is.
A lovely game but there's a bug. A few times the game has declared "you win" before I have found all the mines. The game then won't run until I close and restart it.
Free, lightweight, Ad-free, no dodgy permissions... Even lets you customise the board dimensions and number of mines. This app blows the rest out of the water
This is great. This is the best minesweeper wersion of all. There is just one teensy weensy problem. There aren't any hints. There are points in the game to where there are no more ways to tell which squares have mines or not. So I have to hope I'm lucky and choose the right one. That makes hints a necessity. Otherwise, this is perfect. Especially that it's ad-free :)
Finally, minesweeper with no ads or microtransactions. You can set different kinds of light and dark themes and even custom boards. It's honestly much more than I expected. It even beats a version of MS I played with ads. I feel like that time I spent playing any other MS I was being robbed. Thank you for opening my eyes to a good gaming experience.
Thank you for making it ad-free! Very clean interface and the animation complements the simplicity of the game. Thanks again!
i like the transitions and animations; it makes the game stand out. being able to move the retry/menu box to see your grid is a very good touch to the game. no ads is just awesome! being able to choose your theme is nice too.
This the best of all the Minesweepers. Everything is customizable the themes the grids the mines... awesome and thanx to the developer.
Best experience of minesweeper ever! Absolutely loved the game. Just one thing,,instead of hold,, double tap for putting flag will be faster.
Loving the animations, and gameplay is smooth. An option to control the time needed to hold before placing or removing a flag would be nice, as I feel the current time needed is a little bit long.
Great graphics and controlls. The only unfortunate thing is the computer generated boards often leaves you having to make guesses on your last two or so tiles. So many of my games have come down to a 50/50 chance where either tile could be or not be a mine. A skill based game shouldn't end on essentially flipping a coin.
What can I say, it's minesweeper, complete with scenarios where you have to guess with no way of knowing where the bomb is, just like I remember. Kudos for releasing an app that asks for no unnecessary permissions.
Actually ad free! And a nice variety of light and dark themes, too. Just what it says on the tin. Minesweeper! Love it.
This is fantastic App. I am addicted to it. I only wish there were a few more contols like the long press delay. May be you can think of different contols like swipe? Swipe up to flag/clear, down to dig? Long press is eating up time and messing up best times. Otherwise the game is beautifully modernised in this app. Thank you!
More than one solution. I had two consecutive games where I had only one mine to put on two spots, and either way was correct. This is not acceptable in this game.
Probably the best minesweeper experience on mobile. No ads, no needless accessing of your data, and no obnoxious notifications. The only problem I've had is sometimes when I go to place a flag it trigger ms a mine, but that doesn't really bother me too much. Again great app!
This is probably the best Minesweeper game on Play store that doesn't straight up use old gray graphics style and still looks good, and is easy to control. The only nitpick I'd have is that I'm very much used to having each numbers in different color (this game has all numbers in same color). Cheers :)
One of my favorite Mine Sweeper like games. So glad there are no ads. Wouldn't mind Supporting. Just wished there was a sound for winning.
The way this version generates game boards makes unplayable configurations appear significantly more commonly for the expert player. The game creates a large open space around the spot where the player first taps; this makes the edges of the board way more dense than they should be, meaning sometimes empty spots will be trapped in the middle of a sea of mines. Game changing bug aside, I commend this app for the GUI and visual aesthetic.
For real this is the best version of Minesweeper I have seen yet and the best part no ADS you guys rock thank you so much
Biggest problem with this game is mistaken taps. When zooming in, moving around, or trying to long press to Mark a bomb, you might accidentally set off a bomb. This is what's known as a BS loss. The point of the game is to figure out where all the mines are. If you set off a mine when you were trying to navigate, that shouldn't count, plain and simple. Let us undo moves for those moments. Also, being able to Mark in different colors would be nice so you can trial Mark potential mines.
This is the best minesweeper game available on play store right now and I am not exagerating. The sound matches with the game perfectly and best part it has so many beautiful themes including night theme. And one suggestion it will be more fun if connected with google play games to recieve achievements. Thank u very much :)
This is a really nice minesweeper app. Gameplay is very aesthetic, and there is plenty of customizability. I love the different themes, and the (optional) vibration upon setting a flag is really nice. I also like the time and highscore features. The only thing I would like more would be if you could adjust the time it takes for a long press to became a flag.
By far the best version of minesweeper out there. Modern design with ZERO ads to bother your experience. The one thing I'd really like to be implemented is the ability to increase the speed at which the flag gets dropped when you long press a tile. Sometimes I remove my finger a bit too fast before the flag drops and it triggers the bomb thus losing me the game.
Great update on the standard Minesweeper game. I really like the graphics and ability to change the theme (I use the Dark theme). It's the only Minesweeper version I've seen that allows pinch-to-zoom and it's amazing, I won't be able to play without it anymore! Thank you for adding the ability to switch the controls in game too, it makes pay much easier.
The only issue with this game is you will often find scenarios where logic won't help and rely on luck, as the other reviews say. Other than that, visual and control is very great. Looks and feels good.
Best minesweeper game I've played on a portable device. What I suggest to make it even better is a way to add the question marks to the game and make the numbers in custom more accessible. If I want a really big map and a lot of mines;I'd have to do a lot of swiping. But overall I love the design and I don't feel being pulled back and slowed down like many minesweepers out there.
I've been looking for a really good mine-sweeper Android game for ages, and this is the one. Modernized and customizable without being flashy or a ridiculous storage hog (it's just a mine-sweeper game for crying out loud), but otherwise exactly the same as mine sweeper always has been. And ad-free! Yay!
Excellent minesweeper clone. I like the different themes, and the animations are subtle and fun. My only issues are very minor: I wish there was a "classic" theme like the original Windows game, and using a long tap instead of manually switching is a bit hard to get used to. Highly recommended.
It's great and all, but I don't think I like that the first move always hits a non mine square. I found this out by doing 100 mines with 101 squares and always won.
Hands down the best minesweeper clone on the Play Store. Looks and plays great, with no ads or permissions. The menu sliders are a little funky, but don't take away much.
Easy to use, simple graphics, appriciate the ad free aspect, and i love the customizability, makes it a new challenge every time.. thank you!
GREAT rendition of minesweeper! Controls are snappy, graphics are clean, even the sound effects are awesome. And to top it all off, there are no ads!!! Blows the one that came with my phone out of the water!
Magnum Opus of gaming. Minesweeper is a crowning achievement in the gaming world. Looks geek and nerdy on the surface but it's actually fun. Once you learn the rules of this game you get hooked. MiniSweeper is perfect, the UX/UI is sharp and minimalistic and you don't get stupid pansy advertisements either. It's perfect.
This is probably the most true to form version of minesweeper you can get. Of course there are impossible situations with 100% guesswork, so did the original.