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Mini War: Pocket Defense

Mini War: Pocket Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by X-Land located at 香港島中環威靈頓街137號. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not loading..didnt get to play...deleted cache and even reinstalled.... Update: 5/3/2021...still not working..updates and still on same screen at loading freezes... Update 5/7/21... Very very unstable...
Not bad for a tower game. Wish it would let you put towers where you want them instead of the game deciding. Merging your towers increases damage like other games.
The app keeps shutting down, it is a good game but if I can't get in to play it I will uninstall it and take my game playing elsewhere. Tried it again, same issues as before, I really like the game but you can't play it.
Made 3 purchases and received one 1 then the game rest and i lost all of it. I've already sent a email with proof before I made my last rating. You will get 5 stars once I get my refunds
This game could be a lot of fun but it is so slow and crashes all the time! I've watched ads to complete my daily tasks, but when I do, the game crashes. I've also had all my progress disappear twice now, even after I've linked my account. So sad because this could be a great game. Would love to play if these problems were fixed
#This game is kind of cool it's kind of easy for me and I was almost done at the 15 level boss and I can play it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours! Like it's free I tried it out and it was free you can download it just right on the play button and you can check on the description of mine so you can see that's true so if you're reading my texts I willprove it to you that it's free and you just have to listen to the directions so you don't like to lose around so it's for free by.
This game is interesting. You do not have to purchase anything to play this game. The ads can be tedious at times, but thats a small price to pay to play freely. If you don't want the auto help or extra rewards, you can play ad free, though thats not advisable.
Ads don't work, they keep restarting the game 90%+ of the time.(edit) The issue was not resolved, when i click on the 'watch ad' button, it restarts the game. And you ask for 5 stars for what exactly?
It's not a bad game, but it clearly shows up how greedy it is from very early on. It will force you to either pay or watch long ads to not get stuck and progress on a decent way. But luckily this being so clear this early plus it not having a real end game, makes me uninstall this quite fast, sad for the few hours I lost on it. Single player games relying on micro transactions are pointless.
Every time I try to upgrade the tiers for my towers it says submit review, leads me here, and then still doesnt let me upgrade them. Other than that pretty fun.
Flooded with adds. Want random free resource? Watch add. Want limited card? Add. Want x2 dmg? Add. How about 2x money? Add. Speed up quest? Add. 5 chests from shop? 5 adds. You dont want to watch adds at all and just wanna do daily quests to get free stuff? Watch 5 ads (no kidding, one of the quests asks for it). And on top of that developer asking players to rate it 5/5 in comments. Amazing, clapping with both my hands and legs. You basically become an Add slave of that developer, he milks you.
I downloaded this just so I could leave a review of your ad. Your ad that takes me to the game's Play store page WITHOUT ME EVER CLICKING ON ANYTHING, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AD. Screw your game and your company.
The game is fun enough. Merge tower defense that has a bit of idle play mixed in. I have the latest Samsung Note phone though and this game crashes like crazy.
This game would've been fun if it didnt have this many crash issues if the game didnt crash this much, it would've been a great game but it crashes almost everytime I log into the app it's like it doesn't want me to play the game. This game needs to fix their crash issues if they want to make a great game.
Game freezes once you open the game and shuts down. There are bugs in the game. No update available. Don't spend your money.
It won't let me go into the tower function unless i write review and I have done so, but it keeps on coming up. I am stuck because of this. fix
This is a great game. However, after getting past round 50, it started lagging so I refreshed the game. When I got back on, all of my progress had disappeared.
It is making me write a review to keep playing. Update I guess when they where trying to fix some bugs they completely broke the game. It is unplayable as it will not load with out crashing. It has been 3 days (May 19) sence I have be able to play. In reality it is a fun game doesn't make you watch ads unless you are getting something. The game play is really fun. And there doesn't seem to be a pay wall at all and I have gotten pretty far in the game.
I do not approve of being forced to rate. So you get 1 star. I can't upgrade because the rate demand pops up every time I try. Even after I've rated. And I'm wasting time that I've watched ads for boosters while I write this. It's bs.
The games good and it has good graphics but you have to review to upgrade your towers card , idk if its just me that has to do it but I have like 20 times but it still won't let me upgrade my tower cards , the developers or developer needs to fix that and it would be a 4 star like im rating but because its a good game set aside from the bug or whatever i will rate it a 4star
Game is actually fun. Problem is the ads and no option to opt out of them by purchasing a subscription/pack. It is not that hard to add a skip option for ads in the shop, which just proofs to me that the devs do not care about their payers. Would have kept playing and probably bought a subscription if ads were skipable. But instead you will have me not paying and not watching ads since I am uninstalling now.
It's fun but after one stage it wouldn't let me upgrade my towers without leaving a review. Edited down to 1 be ause after leaving the review the game was still asking me to leave a review and would not allow me to upgrade my towers. May be a bug, but still...
Keeps crashing when I try to watch the videos. The worst part is they get paid yet I don't get what is promised. The no ads price is ridiculous! I don't pay that much for real online games like FF14 or World of War craft. The game would be far more fun if they adjusted pricing and fixed the issues.
I think this is an okay game but the main reason why I has so low rating is because it is so laggy and it drains so much battery life. I will change my review to 5 stars if these were fix (I think tbis will also apply to others since the complain is somewhat the same) but for now I am sorry it's gonna be 1 star.
Good game. Keep up the nice work dev's. Please move icons overlapping towers/ tower levels as it's had to make out the tower levels underneath those icons. Please unlock levels on towers hero as to know when those items will be available to user or players.
Fun at first then it makes it so you can't continue unless you give then a 5 star review. Seriously, you go to upgrade your cards and it just says 'rate us' with a 5 star review and a submit button. Uninstalled due to shady tactics.
Great game, great service, fast responce , still has some problems but I think this is a great game and I hope this is one of the first comments when you scroll down below because this game gets a lot of hate like 3 or 1 star reviews expliaing so many problems but although it does it still is a great game.
Game won't load most times (just sits on a black screen) and when it does load, it immediately freezes on the first game screen (which appears to be some type of tutorial).
Game is good and too addictive and u love it, but the in-game purchases are illogically toooooo much, I mean other games offer way more stuffs and perks at extremely low price, I would have made some purchases myself if they were reasonable and worthit, but they aren't
I saw a lot of negative reviews because of ads, I only have ads when I activate them. So I'll guess either that's too much for them or they fixed the issue. Loving it 😍
3 stars first the game, I also had a problem with the hero's skill, there was no effect on the opponent, not even damage. "Slow arrow" must be made slower on the opponent. And also your Life is 20 lives, 1 life is not enough. Your game is like Survival. And the weak defense lv10 that all the towers, weak damage. The hero, remove the explosive arrow, it's useless dps. The living opponent is still the same. And also the hero can move to others, even if he attacks the opponent.The account link fail
They want these reviews after 15mins, so they gonna get the short review... This one is decent the tower merge mechanic has been done, they seem to have that figured out. One positive I like is you can shift your towers around during waves. Pretty nice feature for a tower defense game
Good concept. However, the game is flooded with ads. Also, when you receive certain resources (such as 1/3 upgrade materials for building level ups), they don't always count. Also, drop rates for heroes are abysmal.
Fun and rewards come at player pace. If you want to watch ads it's up to you. Game play is visually nice and compelling to keep you attentive.
The only thing missing from this game is afk income. It has afk income but the afk income is horrible. The hub covers up some of the turrets and there isn't enough room sometimes. There's also a real low amount of options for towers. Spent the better part of a day playing and im impressed but I really wish this game would expand on what it has and have a second screen for building. It would also help if you used a second screen because when the match is over, it stops you from doing anything.
Stuck on wave 39. As in I've successfully beaten it at least 10 times in a row and it just keeps resetting instead of going to the next wave. I've restarted the game and it keeps happening. Was pretty fun when I could play it.
It really isn't that good, its really slow, and you get stuck in one spot for so long its not really worth playing. Once you get unstuck, you just get stuck again.
Was a fun game until until 5/13/21. Now it crashes every time I open it. Plus you can't see all your towers when they are offering you a discount chest on the right of the screen it often covers one or two of the towers and it is hard to upgrade or change them due to that. Fix those couple things and will go to a 5 star app.
Game crashes so often its unplayable- constant losing ad benefits and progress. Requests ads be watched for everything- I'd even be happy with a paid option for no ads. Offers a VIP system that has no real advantage but cost at best price, in a yearly package ($99.99) wanting approx $2.00 a week to play for 3 extra cards and some gems- still have to watch videos. Shame cause the game has a lot of potential to be and look so good. Will reinstall and review later.