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Mini Trucker - 2D offroad truck simulator

Mini Trucker - 2D offroad truck simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FKGames located at Konstantin Igorevich Frolov. Institutskaya, 3. Prokopyevsk. 653039. Russian Federation.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting game ,it is continuously updated so I'm sure we can expect more content,good physics .I like the fact that you have control of the drive train, like all wheel drive and lockable diffs. classic side scroller graphics. definitely give it a try
Awesome game! I have some suggestions though to make it a bit more fun. First is give the city's a fluctuating demand for goods. The longer they go without goods they need the more they will pay for them. Make some goods a must have for the city to funtion. If not that add quests. Also something to spend money on after you have bought all the trucks. Upgrading building is a good idea but maybe make it more gradual so you can add more upgrades. Mixing same goods to haul if you can might be nice.
Could you make loading long cargo diagonally and vertically easier,because I load logs that way just so i can fit all of them and deliever all at once. And also it would be great if we could attach more trailers to use for those light cargos but takes a lot space.
great game i love little games like this. but i dont know if its just me but at the begining of the game i run out of gas alot probably just me. Also you should be able to hook up a semi trailer if you dont have the bucket or flat bed on. Another thing is that you should be able to upgrade the load capacity of trailer and trucks. Also maybe add a military base
Really fun game, its cool how you switch between the truck and cranes to deliver cargo. Realistic mechanics as far as driving a truck as well.
Good game, like the trucks, i feel they take alot of damge from scraping the bumper once but thats ok. I think a manual transmission could be helpful aswell. But the main issue right now is the loading when opening that app. My screen constant ly says, connecting to google play games and nothing else is happening. Starting to annoy me
Can you add couple of trucks fap 1314 add a imt 533 and 539 those are tractors and make the imt 533 without a cab modification and can you please add snow and snow plows also you need to ad a second loading hatch on cisterns and can you add the cat 657 to flatten ofroad trails or add the flak 88 halftrack just remove the gun
Good game, nice concept. Trucks need to be little more powerful though and the app some times freezes the device as soon as you complete the delivery of truck load and accept the payment, which requires hard bootup. After reopening the game, it shows the updated total amount. Edit - I have checked above on regular reward. I installed the game from Google Play. I completed few trips and app hasn't freezed since yesterday.
This game is so small detailed game and this is addicted game enjoyable but its a small glich with my phone when I'm start engine some time later engine sound is off plz fix this my devices is sumsung galaxy grand prime
Amazing little timekiller! And no forced ads! I am buying something in the shop simply to support this little gem. Advanced controls should be explained more clearly though, maybe a little help section in game? It is hard to understand how exactly transmission options work (seems like I figured it out by trial and error though) and what effect disabling ABS has (still no idea).
More ads than gaming ---- RE#1 Oh sorry my mistake, you're right no ads. But my rating remains, the game is too complicated, and it's really boring, I deleted it after about 40 seconds, 30 of which was just a UI tutorial. πŸ€ͺ ---- RE#2 Forgive me my opinion, would have made you happy if I delete this review?
I like this game very much and trucks are awesome .....Very addictive game and road are awesome very slippery ..... U should add that day and night culcularation ...And add more big huge and awesome monster trucks ...
its very addicting not lime the kthed games that are like this one that are super easy to get money quick this one you have go work for and you have to plan your routes to try and same fuel unlike the other ones
Very promising! I was anticipating something like Railroad Tycoon, but the addition of driving the truck instead of just high level route management is cool. First time players will need more guidance for their first load. The only thing available in my starting city was garbage. I loaded the default truck to the max (4.8 tons), took a while to locate the destination that would import trash, but then the drive was very challenging. Maybe too much weight? But I got there after two refuels.
This game its truly perfect for me if you could add more vehicles please and more types of cargo otherwise it based on realistic and it's truly perfect you should make more games related on this one
It's a good game, and also you have to add a drivers, truck is moving without a driver, Some other places you have to add thick forest and tallest trees, buildings besides the road, and we need smoke from exos to show that our trucks got life, I think next update you'll try your best, but the game is good.
Pls add exhaust to every new and old vehicle and a driver so the vehicles doesn't look like it is driving itself and thx you developers for making such a good game
Very nice game. Plz add a new power full vehicle. Add mine items for making cement bricks for building constructiin thanks
Improve JCP for construction, use road construction and make own road improve, the game was very very super.
Quite a fun trucking game. but if you close the game and it gets quit in the background, your truck and everything stays where it is but you lose the cargo you were carrying. unacceptable flaw.
Hello. I finished the game and I want to reload my progress. However it tells me that my sync failed even after clearing Play Games cache and restarting my device. How do I fix this?? EDIT: I've re installed many times and it still didn't work.
Hello overall the game play is fun and distracting my only problem is that when it updated i lost all my progress didn't feel like regrinding to get it all back so i got a microtransation and i haven't gotten the in game money yet if that hasn't happened this would probably of been at least 3 stars probably more
Good trucker game, I like being able to select low & high ratios and lock the diffs etc. A cruise control button would be handy. Previously I couldn't sign into Google play but now that problem seems to be fixed
Great game overall though i have a couple of suggestions i would love to see added to the game I actually only started playing this the other day and just bought the first truck and on every little hole i bump my front or rear end on the ground (only on dirt and sand levels really) and its causing a lot of damage to the truck Id say either move the tires on it further apart or add suspension upgrades Also the ability to sell the trucks back at a slightly reduced price. Love this game keep it up!
There are several flaws I found, first there are small bumps that instantly slows down a vehicle in the road terrain generation, second, some of the most expensive engine are cheap and third, what is the purpose of the Jeep?
I love this game but it could use some more polishing to really make it great. Had a game very similar to this awhile back and it was great too spent hours on it until i had bought everything i cant wait to complete this game as well!
Not bad, but could be better. I've played similar games where the grapple of the crane could be tilted so you could get a bit more creative with your stacking. I'm glad you included a degradation of the value of an item for awhile after delivering the item. It makes the game more interesting.
This Game is amazing, I have been playing for a while and im still having fun! There are no bugs at all!
add more trucks and trailers and the ability to raise and lower the suspension on the go and the ability to tow two trailers at a time and extend the map please
Very fun game, good graphics and solid driving mechanics. Maybe few things I would ask is show elevation and maybe incorporate it into the "Distance Traveled Line" a sort of map of the road you are on. Add more uprades(suspension, performance upgrades like turbochargers/superchargers, exhaust system, intake.... Thanks. still like the game
What a real physics based game! But the annoying thing is the instructions which take upto 5 minutes and you have to see each page there's no option except that please add skip button so you might be getting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from every player
Great way to pass the time. A simple trucking game that runs great on pretty much any device and has very few ads. Progress also saves via google play games which is nice
Absence of silencer Milage is poor Same sound for all truck This is the 3 Default I observed in this game
In a couple days you will unlock all the vehicles and then there is basically not much incentive to play further unless you enjoy repeating the same thing over and over. One tip, buy trailers before newer trucks, that will help you progress faster.
Stupid game!! You collect a load then there is no place to drop it off to collect cash.... Not worth installing....
the game become interesting when we reach destination without stop. and please remove the percentage system of item. The game is very good I like it..
Please allow the engine to rev till redline, it sound much better but redline can be achieved only when going downhill with full throttle in low gear.
this game is well made, but there are many downsides. Firstly, you drive around like a madman looking for jobs, spending all your cash on fuel, then your truck gets stuck in mud 1000 times, you're forced to watch ads to refuel for free. overall this game is not very good and nearly impossible to start off.
Great game and good graphics,however the map is too cramped up, different routes should be placed far apart,there should also be a start up tutorial,and a mini gps map,there terrain is a little to rough,a course route would be ideal,thumbs up for the graphics
Please make more features and many more make more separate trucks separate trailers make more biggest map please reply to my comment New truck Gearbox Bug fix Much more features new show now best trucker 2
Nice.But could you remove the requirement to use a Google play games account.Could you also add a sedan.Thanks.
the game is great could use some more trucks and trailers and a new place to deliver to maybe something up in the snow covered part of the map
Wow! I've had a good many hours of play on this game without having to watch a single advert or pay anything. Worth paying for, IMO. Also, it's fun! The variety of trucks have realistically different characters. Some of the differences are surprising and fascinating. Downhill can be a real challenge! Off-road is a different sort of challenge, more so in the off-road clubs. A recent update fixed a big issue, greatly improved my favourite truck, and freshened up the gameplay all at once! Any negatives? Well, the accelerator pedal is a bit funky and the brake can be fierce. When you've bought and upgraded all the trucks, you have to make your own challenges to some extent, like carrying 90 tons of iron ore off-road or using smaller trucks.Trucks can be more fun to drive without trailers, so don't be greedy like I am. ;) The off-road clubs are interesting, but they're also a bit of an endurance test for the player.
The expensive trucks suck. They are slow and tedious to drive.(update) Had already updated the game before uninstalling. New features were great but the expensive trucks were still slow and tedious.
Installed the game on a second device and it overwrote my existing Google Play save, forcing a complete restart. All vehicles and over 1.5 million, gone. The game should always ask if you want to use local data or Google Play saves when there's a difference.
Can you add steam trains train cars for iron fuel lumer and produse like box cars and you need to deliver coal and water for trains and you can build water and coal towers on the tracks and add snow and add snow plows fo trains and are you ever going to add trains like union Pacific big boy 4014
Perfect 😘. But keep on updating it with new vehicles n trucks Also ,the background should be like cities as in last road intercept
I actually really like this game. However both 5th wheeled trucks traveling on the road surfaces even when slowing down damn near to a dead stop the front bumper still hits the road and gets damaged so thats really annoying. So be sure you have plenty of extra cash before you buy either the light blue or the red 5th wheel trucks because its gonna cost you. Fix the road for those trucks and ill give it 5 stars also the 8 wheeled military truck has more than 3 gears it has 8 as well just sayin.
I like the game mechanics. The tow truck has a drawback because it is very low and it often happens that I hit the road. It would be great if there were more ads to watch for the bonus. Graphics and sound could be improved.
Used to be good... Now itd just ads. I got quite far a year or so ago, then got a new phone and fired it up again. I can't even get through most levels without breaking the truck or running out of fuel, I can't load the truck how I want to. Don't worry, you can make money, fix the truck and get extra fuel if you just watch more and more ads... But theres a limit to how many you can watch anyway. What a waste of time..
good game...please add more truck and add upgrade truck option like add the axle or adjust the high low...also add tonnage at location...also make no limit to carry over limit thing like box or wood...i like to carry high...and add a tow truck service...please make more game like this...add more gauged....tq...waiting next update
more trucks anddestinations and if the trucks didnt break just becuase the bumper touched the ground that would be nice
Can you add steam trains train cars for iron fuel lumer and produse like box cars and you need to deliver coal and water for trains and you can build water and coal towers on the tracks and add snow and add snow plows fo trains and when is the update coming
The coal plant building thingy that you need to keep running ruined the game for me. DON'T PLAY!!!! The energy coal plant thing needs to stay running for the game to work. So when it's outta coal, you need to drop your current job to go get stuff to supplie it. It SUCKS now.
This game is extremely cool and the game mechanics is very detailed. I would love to see a bit more in the game. I suggest have double of all the resources, more cities and being able to change tyres before any route, not only al cities. Also show the vehicle power in the garage screen. Besides that, great game, love it.
Whats up with the map? And the roads? Like from factory to sarton i had to face only hills and cliimed up to reach the city, while going back to the city I should've been facing descent and thus save fuel but i still face upclimb. Probably i am not understanding this. Otherwise, great game.
Add more terrain like snow... And add like a pickup truck (chevy etc...)more offroad vehicle and more to customize the vehicles
Appreciate the fast responses.Liked the feature of trailers weight but for now the trailer seems to not have the correct amount of weight set to them epically for the empty trailer as they should not be that heavy to pull for a high powerd truck.And would also appreciate to have a manual gearbox option please
Wow! I've had a good many hours of play on this game without having to watch a single advert or pay anything. I'm going to send the developers a little something on principle. (I don't like the content of many adverts.) Also, it's fun! The variety of trucks have realistically different characters. I love that the weedy-looking modern truck with the weak-looking specifications has masses of low-end torque, just like it would in real life. This makes it a far better hill-climber than the big tough-looking older trucks. :D The old trucks are fun in their way too. The old tough-looking starter truck can just freewheel downhill, where you have to be very careful with the "weedy-looking" modern truck. Controlling certain trucks (or trailers!) in certain situations is quite an art form, where other trucks are easier. The dirt roads also vary, and varying cargo prices encourages using various routes. I do have one quite severe criticism: losing cargo when the game quits is not fun. I just lost 43 barrels of oil to a slip of the fingers because I'm tired, after spending over 1200 on fuel to get them to the refinery. (You try stacking 43 barrels on an artic!) Overall: 4/6* ;)
I love this game peaceful and relaxing when I am in a car driving really far. This game is very nice I love it I like Trucking he is one of the numbers 1 speed a trucker when he grows up I actually learned or a few things from this.
It work wells now... But, The road are too bumpy for a overloaded 7T truck (It handles 5T) to climb a hill... It also better to start with a better vehicle
brilliant little game. very simple but realy addictive it takes time to earn money which I enjoy and you have to plan your route depending on what you are loaded if loaded with heavy items do you risk going shorter route but off road or go longer way around which is easier but use more fuel? . if your feeling brave you can over load your truck which will make the drive trickier but more rewarding. keep the updates coming :)
Game is awesome and levels also hard & hard to get money and play & se best for low M.B and nice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Thanks developer, I'll edit this one last time with a better review is there a website that says what the best ratio and best way to do each truck? I do actually like the game
Great game it's really in it development which means great potential. But I think it would be cool to have a winter/snow level.
Good game, but Why during load/unload a fuel is consumed? Can I turn off the engine during the process? I'd like to have some signs on the hard roads, like uphill, downhill, rough road, maybe speed limit. I'd like to have auto load/unload option, maybe for extra money, but don't spent time for this, when you need to load ~60 barrels in different trailers. Why I can't load different types of raw material? Like long and medium wood log? Why I can't leave the location with part of my cargo?
Amazing game the best of the 2d trucker games! Just needs more types of terrain and more trucks and trailers. More upgrade options for trucks!
Great time killer. Bugs Gear will get stuck in first when topping off a hill. I usually release the accelerator and press it again, but gotten stuck couple of times because of it. Engine torque and horsepower mechanics doesn't seem to line up. Ex: The 5th truck (yellow) starts with higher values than the 2nd truck with 2nd engine upgrade. Found 5th is more bogged when attach a trailer than 2nd Like to see Ability to load different cargos, include trailer vs truck, ex ore and logs
Awesome game. Ads are unintrusive. Confirming settings without making changes will disable vibration *bug*. Accelerator controls are slightly inaccurate(shouldn't have to max out pedal to shift). Otherwise awesome game! Oh, sign in to Google every session or your achievements won't count. Would be nice if they saved offline and updated when you sign in
#needsUpdate #greatGame Fantastic game, only thing is that I lose the sound of the engine after am sent back to the map to choose directions. I can only get it back if i restart the game, or get in and out of the garage...but it happens all over again. Update please β˜ΊπŸ™Œ
Only played a bit but enjoyed it so far, i like it's not just grindy but some roads are difficult as well.
Fun little game to progress time but has a few things that could use some tweaks. First off, scraping the bumpers is causing too much damage and secondly I encountered a bug which causes you to loose all cargo if you restart the app.
Overall, this is a time killing game. This is really a cool game. I will try to report any bug asap if I ever found one
good game, could use some balancing. for example it is impossible to make money with the 8 wheeler truck.
Awesome since the new update. I know some players may complain about the increase in weight of the cargo, but I welcome the new challenge. Plus the increased pay gives incentive to load as much cargo as possible. It's not easy to haul the big trailer with 370 tons of steel beams in it, but the reward makes it worth it. I made over $150,000 in a single trip.
It's a great way to spend some time. I'd like to see more haulable things like cars and livestock but it's a great game with no ads unless you want them.
I love this game so much. Everything is perfect. Yet I wish you could sell vehicles. For example I got this huge thing for $32000 and i find out that its kinda slow. Maybe set it to half the buying price for selling?
Very Interesting and Addictive Game Ever. I Like this so much. But i want some new features in this game like Weather condition, Night Mode, Night Side Indicator, Main Head Lamp.
I was very pleasantly surprised at the realism of the game. However I would like it if you changed the texture of the tires when you switch from regular/off road/road tires. It would be nice to expand the map as well.
Can you add couple of trucks fap 1314 add a imt 533 and 539 those are tractors and make the imt 533 without a cab modification and can you please add snow and snow plows also you need to ad a second loading hatch on cisterns also when is the update coming
A very fun game, fairly grindy, a fair bit of challenge. I love the aspect of running the country, making sure all the places have all the materials they need to produce their materials. I find it great fun
Great game would love to see a bigger map though you have every thing from a desert area to a forest but the map could use a snowy area as well.Also would love to see a smaller trailer for the two smaller cars other wise there isn't any point to them being there besides getting the longest run on those trails
The game is nice, it gets boring after playing for while... You should add more maps to unlock, special cargo, engine temperature, etc. So the game not get so focused on unlocking new vehicles and transporting the same cargo in the same roads over and over again. Other than that it is a pretty decent game!
I will give it a 4 star because at the start the game is quite boring, instructions are complected and earnings are quite low, this makes the game boring and teadious from early stages. But once you get the system working, the game is quite fun(not gonna lie). For those who are struggling , 1 you should buy better engine for your truck , 2 you should buy trailers for your current truck , finally you should buy new and better trucks. That is the system. Now with it I have got $400k in my account.
Impressed! And please add a tank T80, just for fun, i would even pay for that. Update: tried almost all vehicles. Thay all have different characters. But 8 wheelers need to revise suspension model. Their wheel travel is very short on rebound thus basically making this monster trucks mostly 4X4 or 6X6 at most. Even slighest inclines force wheels to come of the ground. There should be a free roam mode as well with out fuel usage and car damage.
The game doesnt sync the current progress. I had to restart from scratch after a phone reset. Offroad club doesnt get started because it fails to sync data. I have the latest Play Games version and did it twice to see as you told. But the game wont just connect to Google Play Games and sync.
Loving the game, could do with more vehicles and more trailers. Maybe a liquid cargo type? Tankers? Road trains? 😁 Also would like the ability to change the colour of vehicles and trailers but very good as it is
Great and Excellent Game. Though, could you add computor factory and less uphills. I guess I will have to wait a lot for the next update with my advice
Very smart game made by brilliant people. Seems hard at start but once you figure out start to see the potential of the game. Please add engine, transmission, brakes and tire fatigue and consumption. Because it's a game in wich brake allot will add challenge. Add manual transmission for old and cheap vehicles. Add kilometer counter to see engine fatigue. RPM gauge split in 3 parts. Middle with green will add few engine fatigue and last more fatigue. Weight for tires and brakes. Add more vehicles
New problem is now not getting previous save fully restored onto new device as vehicles not fully upgraded & 1 trailer not restored. Been told to log into game on old device which will be difficult as don't have old device.
if you make a good tutorial how to play this game or maybe start your first stage with tutorial stage os its better to understand how to play. i make it 5 star when i feel like it worth 5🌟
I've seen the old 0t/h bug in the coal plant this time. The plant has coal and producing the coal ash.
I like the game but they are some places that are far like from the farm to the iron mine and the fuel finishes quickly
I love the game but have a few issues. After reading through the reviews i have to agree that there is something going on in the "random gen" of the roads. I very consistently get mostly flat easy roads on or off road when empty of cargo, but increasingly difficult roads with. Every attempt at overloading a truck results in a road that is at some point impassable. At first i thought this was by design, but it appears this is not the case. I also find the unpaved roads very unrealistic as well.
The game is good, I just think it can be super if you add weather conditions and day and night also some road signs, tree next to the road, Im really waiting for your next update
I usually dont leave reviews, but I love this game. It reminds me of Hill Climb, but you have objectives to keep it from getting boring. As far as ads go, the developer hit the nail on the head. More games should take a lesson from this. You dont see ads unless you WANT to. If you carry a load and want to make a little more money, watch an ad. Break your truck and dont want to pay to fix it, watch an ad, but theyre never forced on you. I will delete any app after the first forced ad. Thanks!
A really good game. I love the technical details you put into the game. I like how you put more effort into building the mechanics of the game rather than making it beautiful. Keep it up dev!!
Played the game it was nice at first but then it became boring. I don't really know what I'm doing. Please make a YouTube video to show us how to play. Thanks
Great game to keep you busy for hours. You have to think a little ahead to maximise your earnings, just like real life. Would be awesome to be able to carry different types of loads at once. Like small logs on your truck and medium logs on your trailer or boxes on your truck and garbage on the trailer.
I think FK did a great job making this game, I suppose it needs a "Not Designed for Children" disclaimer given all the poor reviews based on merit of an incompetent user. The physics are manageable and require some tricky maneuvering to overcome on some roads. The upgrade path is simple and clear, and I like the simplicity of the commodity system. Being able to manually load and unload cargo is especially fun once I've arrived to a destination, not just a simple 'click to unload or load'.
I really enjoy this game , you did a great job. The only thing I would change is the reverse speed of the semitruck's. Other than that I don't have any problems and please add more city's and factories like a car factory.
I enjoyed this game a lot. It reminds me of older flash-player physics hill climber games. Really like loading cargo. Learned that for some cargo if you're careful you can stack cargo on its side for extra room more cargo. Love the daily challenges right now for extra cash. Haven't tried the off-road club yet for off-road challenges. Currently I would argue that there is room for improvements though. Such as displaying a vehicles rated tonnage before purchase, and while in the garage. Also recommend a way to compare truck stats quicker once you've already bought them. Perhaps showing stats such as; tonnage, transmission, horsepower, and bed size. Granted I've only bought the first 4 trucks so far. My largest complaint is that only the starter truck can seem to off-road at all without taking damage. The rest of the trucks whether its because their front end is too long or because the truck is too low to the ground to off-road without the road itself hitting the truck frame because of a bump or even at the slowest speeds because it'll be too steep for the truck front. Maybe if there were upgrades to enhance ride height, or tire size? That or making off-road courses not as crazy.
Very addicting! Truly is a cross between Tradewinds and Hill Climb. You wont regret downloading/playin this game! *only suggestion, on the import/export screen, be able to click items for a pop up that tells you where to get the item and where to take the item. Been playing for hours and starting to remember where everything is at but would be nice to see a screen that shows who is paying top dollar instead of clicking on every city/stop. Besides that I am a supporter
nice game.. but why the road always change. sometimes constant climbing other time its downhill, its the same road...
It seems like it could be a fun game having a massive map with a bunch of different things to balance which would make it challenging. However it is extremely slow and laggy on older devices. I'm on a Galaxy S5 and I can only pick a way to go and drive once I get to the destination and pick where to go from there the game will crash if it loads the next road at all. I dealt with it far enough to get to the coal mine and once I picked up the coal it would crash before it could even load the map.
Played for half an hour and couldn't understand what is the mission and there are tons of instructions which really creates tons of confusion. Moreover, there are a few spelling mistakes which you might correct.
I can see you might add new cargo trailer in the future. (Cement mixer, Dry bulk) I guess I'll wait and see. Wait, where is crushed stone and limestone is produced?
The recent economy update has made it basically unreasonable to play this game. Now the only products you can get are the hardest to deliver, because they're extremely heavy and have very hard routes with about three times more segments. The economy's solution to "there is no reason to visit almost any of these places" is "now you have to". The core problem now is it's an economy where you are the only customer, you must cause all the business to happen. Its simply too much labor for a game.
Love the game, updates have been awesome. A character for the vehicles or some more vehicles would be perfect.
So much better than similar truck games I've played, this game has trucks and roads that are more realistic which makes it more fun
The truck gets stuck in on road steap slopes I tried high RPM and transmission modes but it falls backwards and also it happens on almost all trucks with a trailer. But could you add the 3rd dimension.
First impressions are good, enjoyable mechanics and interesting gameplay, I like how some roads are better then others and the money managment aspect of it. It's so good, I wish games like this were for PC.
Great game but the 90t trailer needs bigger wheels. Some cool things to add would be day and nights, mud, and even more crazy trucks.
just the road is way too impossible to drive with the bumps make the road less bumpy and more flatten
good game...please add more truck and add upgrade truck option...also add tonnage at location...please make more game like this...but cant log in at play games so i cant save my game....tq
This is one of the best games ive ever played, it has good graphics, good controls, and overall it is extremely realistic in ABS, all wheel drive, low gear, and differential lock. The vehicles get lower and more sluggish as they get heavier. I love not being forced to watch ads and that i can watch ads for bail money when low on money and a small multiplier of extra money when i drop off cargo. This is the kind of game that i would play for a long time. Nice job.
Games are fun in free time, even though it means to be simulator. Controls are not quite good for crane, but the truck's is just fine. I lost my engine sound after 1 road, and the game stutters occasionally.
Another one bites the dust! You get stuck on the road and can't move. Got bored of trying and uninstalled. What a waste.
Addictive but I expect more daily missions. Seems developer is Russian since "Bank" is written only in Russian! Good example of Unity code too.
Its fun and good game to play when you're bored or waiting in queue but the terrain generation has been getting worse ever since i got the european box truck it would always generate these small bumps and when going down hill the part where its supposed to be a connecting point between flat and downhill is very sharp and so no matter what speed im going ill always damage my truck and its getting out of control hope dev fix this quickly btw pls add more locations
Really cool little game. It's like Euro truck ultra lite. Pick up cargo and haul it. Simple, relaxing, fun. And the ads... What ads? Totally optional booster ads, ads with consent. Kudos to the devs, what a joy to have installed!
Awesome realistic manual transmission πŸ‘Œ Please add more trucks. More customisation for trucks And snow weather Use bigger menual transmission button Add muddy roads Add trucks exhaust smoking And improve trucks sound . Please !
Game is a wonderful time waster If you are waiting for something and enjoy little games like this I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of games
I'm actually enjoying the game so far. I like that you have to think about what you pick up and which route you take to ensure you're not wasting the trip when you could transport something
good game, unsure how to make the tools though, the process seems confusing. i need tools to get the iron ore, bit i need iron ore to make tools
This game is exactly what I wanted from a cell phone game. My only complaints are I can't sell a truck and there's no option for manual transmission.
I love the game to bits but I'm done the whole game so could you please make maybe a new map to work in or add more trucks so I can continue this journey with the game and maybe in the future try and make it a multiplayer game so we can play with friends
Fun game, some challenges, takes a long time to make long trips, and you definitely can get overloaded! Only issue I have is that I can't remember what I loaded in my truck, and I can't find anywhere to find out?
its good but it needs damage physics if you guys mind please add some damge physics like broken down bumper and broken down engine something like that.
I love this game and i have a suggestion. I would love to see an m35a2 in this game. I love the truck and it is perfect for this game.
I love this game, great way to pass the time. Other than that it's a great game like I said. Could use some new content.
I need help while driving to make money my truck ran out of fuel when i was driving and had no money to buy fuel so the game ofered to watch an ad to refill the fuel for free which i did but when taping the watch add button it did not show an ad and thus i am not able to refuel and continue on my journey and i was also pretty far in the game (had the green truck with a very long nose) so i did not want to delete my data please fix this edit:my other trucks also had no fuel so no chance of trip
Excellent! Money was slow at first, as it should be, but once you learn how to be more efficient you make money much faster. Better vehicles and upgrades also help you earn money faster, to the point where you can start throwing money around at anything. Rating 5 stars, but I feel like I've now hit "the end" and all that's left to do is play the Offroad tracks; I have no need for money anymore.
I don't understand this game I would like to request the developer to make tasks easy to complete other than roaming the whole map without completing it
awesome game.but there is a bug when your filling the fuel and when your loading using the crane.i have email you guys hope there well be a new update soon ☺
Tutorial was quite complicated, I had to reset it to get a general idea of the game. Fuel consumption is so high you can't even make it to a destination without running out, then the cost of fuel bankrupts you before you ever earn money. While driving you get stuck constantly and the "differential" controls don't even make a difference for getting you out of tight spots.
Not too bad. Real simple controls and a good time Spender. Not giving 5 stars because there are similar Trucking games out there
i love it would like truk that can take the 90 ton loads of iron ore something like peterbult longnose and some mods turbo and something like that please i need more power
Used to be decent now it's descent. Ever hauled a full semitrailer of grain? Well it weighs in at approximately 30 tons, not 10. Also the production times at places is totally stupid and you leave the game for an extended period of time everything resets and nothing stockpiles. I had saved up 130k and bought the white and black 8 wheeler and the big trailer and this update reset all of that just for me. Uninstalling this game I gave it too many chances.
Wow, nice game. But I have one concern what is the use of 'road roller'? I bought it in the game but I dont find it useful, I thought it may be useful for flattning of offroad but it is useless, wastage of money, 32000$ doller. Then I bought 90 Ton Trailer Truck. It is awesome, love it. Kindly add some more fun for the game just like a time period or some thing like that.
This is a fun and challenging game. I enjoy the variety of vehicles and the challenge of the roads. I would love to see a larger map with more cities, industries, natural resources. The city of Sarton needs to have some imports, too. Thanks for a great game!
Good game doesnt try to make you pay for things with real money, some opinions for for updates, have a driver in the seat of the truck to add some realism and maybe tanker type runs too
It's is a great concept but for example road conditions change but you can only switch tyres on cities, right now is the 3rd time I have to delete my progress bc stranded with no money to return after fill up and not even an option to purchase money or watch an ad, other thing is even with the last engine upgrade gren truck struggles to go uphill with extra bed being contious that I was carrying 7t of clothes
Nice game i pretty much have the best trucks and stuff and it gets repetitive after a while, could you please add more trucks would love that!
Very nice game, I have already bought all trucks, hopefully more updates will be added to the game such as 5 axle truck (kamaz atlant and kamaz 7330), giant mining truck(Belaz 75710), Australian Roadtrains, wheel appearance and size options, gearbox options, tandem trailers, truck driver, Day and Night. Or maybe a Truck assembly shop wherein you can assemble your own truck.
I sorry last time that I sayed but make the game too easy and make a unlimited verison on play store I changed my review hey fk games I want to ask you one favor make.other players visible and passing by and add towing opition to tow other players trucks and let others players pull and help you and add a bank for loan so you dont worry buying a new truck make the loan to 1million oh wait add a repair depot on the road too
it's ok bit I'm using my grandma's phone to say this because on my phone it says I'm too young to rate a game and do to that I cant sign in to google play so I cant do the off road clubs so please remove it or make it optional and I'll rate 5 stars(ps I saw one where it said that they couldn't log in and u said to please use more detail and i think they have the same problem)
Overall the game is not bad. The only real complaint I have is the amount of uphill driving I find myself doing if I am loaded full up or just a little over full. it feels like the game is trying to punish me for getting a better engine and hauling more than the amount the truck is rated for. There has been more than a few instances where I have had to refuel twice (paying double the fuel price) simply because I am forced to go up hill in low gear the whole time. I will not remove the game...yet
I really like this game but there few things you can add/balance to make it better. 1. You should balance the reverse gear on the red semi truck it is so slow and eats lots of fuel. 2.add 3 axle semi-trailer 3.add more cargo types such as: sand/gravel/limestone for dump trailer concrete pieces/pipes/metal coils for flatbed trailer. 4.add a european truck like volvo fmx 8x4 tipper or volvo fh 6x4 tractor unit. 5.add few customization options like add a bullbar or aero spoiler kit.
There's a bug. Iron mine says 0t/h which is I know is not true. Iron ore supposed to be mined at 3 t/h without a boost. (It's not supposed to, it did had 68 tons when it was filing up)
Great game except this issue, when it displays the money, you have an option to click an ad, but if (the ad didn't play, i close the application, i recieve a phonecall and the app ran out of ram or something) i lost all the money.. it should give me the money instantly then ask if i want to increase it using an ad, instead of not giving me until i click it
The game is really great, its really easy to manage the truck on uphill road or off road and the graphics is quite good for 2D games, but i would like to add some tuning capable, maybe add some truck names on it (whatever you want to put fake name, but it would be cool) and please add some painting mode on trucks and trailers, because i want the color synchronized and livery that would be cool, but everything is amazingly good and the game is fun (no doubt with that).
Great game to keep you busy for hours. You have to think a little ahead to maximise your earnings, just like real life. Would be awesome to be able to carry different types of loads at once. Like small logs on your truck and medium logs on your trailer or boxes on your truck and garbage on the trailer. Edit: rotating the crane would help at some loadings to put things in different positions so you could maximise space.
Can you add couple of trucks fap 1314 add a imt 533 and 539 those are tractors and can you please add snow and snow plows also you need to ad a second loading hatch on cisterns and can you add the cat 657 to flatten ofroad trails or add the flak 88 halftrack just remove the gun
A good game, fun and simple. However, it would be cool if you put the old terrain thing back in, it was fun when we could just coast down these huge hills without using any fuel every once in a while.