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Mini TD: Classic Tower Defense Game

Mini TD: Classic Tower Defense Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ArgonGames located at Россия, 614000, г.Пермь. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent tower defense game, not perfect but 5 Stars worthy. Playable and pleasing, it's one I regularly come back to. Smooth and simple graphics, good difficult but not too hard gameplay.
Simple TD game. But still fun. Great to kill time with a round or two on my breaks. Also nice that it's an actual tower defense and not one of those dumb squad based defense games that seem really popular for whatever reason. EDIT:Just wanted to add in that I finally beat it and it is incredibly satisfying how fairly made the game is. Trial and error to find the right setup is fun and only could get aggravating if you're going for 3* on all levels. And even then, it's not unfair at all.
Great game apart from a few levels being scaled way too hard compared to others. Relaxing music, stylised block graphics, a joy to play. Very good game from a solo indie dev.
A solid tower defence game that doesn't need flash or gimics to keep you playing. The focus is on what matters most, building different towers to defeat waves of different enemies. The best juxtaposition of calming destruction.
A simple concept. Minimalist visuals and easy interface. Fun made basic for those 2 or 3 free minutes you get here and there.
Exactly what I was looking for, a simple game with simple graphics and simple gameplay. I love this game, unfortunately 40 lvls kept me for only 2 days xd. Perfect game for a tram or bus ride <3
Easy to pick up and fun. I like the simple graphics and the music, though repetitive, is cool. Honestly, I'd have given the fifth star if there had been more tracks.
Best. Game. Ever. Challenging enough to be worth playing, not hard enough to be impossible, does what it says it will and doesn't push you into attempting to buy anything, doesn't have p2w power ups and sincerely is amazing. 11/10, probably the best tower defense in the Play Store. Highly recommend downloading Mini TD 2, Mini TD 3 and Sky TD. Thanks for developing this app! You rock! Keep up the great work!
Classic tower defense game..all you need is strategy...just played it and addicted to it...even tho the graphic is simple..doesnt require single peny to win the game...maybe add fitures like skin to support you in the future...need more developers like you.. :)
Simple, no frills, does exactly what you need for a tower defence game without all the bells and whistles. Difficulty is set about perfect too, needs a good game to get a perfect level.
A simple TD game that doesn't require a lot of complicated strategy. Has the usual amount of angst deciding where to set and how powerful the tower you can afford. Not a lot of 'flash-boom-bang' graphics to suck down the battery, either.
Honestly its a fun game its got that retro feel that everyone loves, i remember when i was younger playing the old tower defense with just the dots as foes and the three elemental towers. This is a great game to pass the time or just play for pure fun, the graphics arent that great but to some degree i guess thats part of its beauty. All in all good game keep doing what you're doing.
I really enjoyed the graphics and the gaimplay and its really fun how the game is so simple and nice and I dont really have anything bad to say exept maybe could use a little bit of explanations for towers and enemy types and having more tower types but everything else is really awsome and I really recommend getting this gane if you like peaceful little games and tower defenses
I'm a sucker for tower defence type games. this one is simple and fun, but so far at level 20 I'm only using the first tower. I like it but hope more strategy with the different towers comes into play. It's a good casual game with simplistic design that lets the game be the game without hectic or draining visuals. placement of ads are nice, when you pause or end a game, and they aren't too long.
Simple and flawless. Indie developers who make games like this really deserve credit, especially with the current pathetic state of the tower defense games market. Great product, well done.
this is the best tower defense game ive found. i love the aesthetics and all of the pieces look like minimalist quilt squares in the best way. the only way i'd improve it is by making different aspects of the towers upgradable for better strategic play.
I've tried a lot of Tower Defense games and this is by far my favorite. The difficulty is just right. The pressure is on, but victory is attainable if you are smart with tower placement.
Finally a game where I can just play without someone trying to sell me something. Love it. The game itself is addictive and fun. (To Developers) You should add a donation option, that way I can support you guys other then simple feed back.
Good and fun game, too many ads and sounds are turned on every single time you restart the game, even if you turn them off (probably a bug)
Note: x2 speed makes it harder! Fun and challenging tower defense, not horrifically difficult, very little-to-no grinding for any type of currency. The income from destroyed enemies is high which is also nice. Extra gameplay mechanics would be cool, however I kind of appreciate the simplicity at the same time. There is a second game which may increase gameplay complexity! Graphics are simple and clean, but that is not a bad thing, and lends itself well the the overall style, and soundtrack.
i love this game. it's a basic game but it is very interesting in regards to it's towers and upgrade system. It's level designs are cool and the levels are challenging yet fair. This game is awesome and great job.
It's a simplified tower defense game, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. The minimalist art style makes it super easy to understand what's going, nothing flashy or distracting about it. Just wholesome pixel-murdering fun.
i love tower games.. specially the old ones without all the fancy graphics... this is what i've been lookin for a while.. simple design.. may be put an on/off button for the music..
Loved all your TDs. Am attempting to get a perfect score for them by trying over and over. Great distraction.
Fun little turret defense with appropriately increasing difficulty. The last few levels certainly take a few tries but the ads are minimal and the gameplay is simple and straightforward. Highly reccomend!
Simple and fun, sort of wish the levels were longer so I could upgrade towers further. Seems to just get exciting and then the level is over.
Fun little game. I like the simplistic style of it and the levels do get harder with time, however, is is not really a challenge to beat them but rather to get the 3 Star rating. I think it could be even better if there were more types of turrets, or maybe different upgrade trees for them but I really like the game as it is.
not pretty which it doesnt need to be. just a very challenging addictive game. i think a few more weapons could do it justice.... dont know why exactly but i prefer this to the second version but unfortunately i have completed this one. will there be anymore levels made??
Really fun TD game. The artwork/design is beautifully done and the levels are challenging, but not so hard that you cant beat them. Would definitely recommend if you're look for a great TD game.
i love this game like i cannot stress how much i love this game bro. anyways the reason i love this game you can grind and you just always wanna get that three star so you can get that next upgrade. but i wish i could say hi to the team or person that made this amazing game!
The game itself is great, but there are constant ads. I understand that you have to make money, but I cant even pause the game without waiting 5 seconds to skip an ad. If you want to put an ad on the pause screen, make the pause screen, and place a still, picture ad on the pause screen. Grow Castle did this and thanks to that when I pause the game instead of suffering 5 to 15 seconds, waiting for the x to appear, and interfering the gameplay, i see a picture that advertises a game - no noise, no wait to be able to play the game again, just a picture, and they still get the money from it. Do that, so we dont have to suffer through endless ads, please. Other than the constant ads, it's ok, although it is a little annoying that I cant turn it over.
Life gets hard after 20's, and so this game and I assume other Mini TD are like these. 3 star for the game, 2 star for the gameplay (at level 21, wave 1 is already unfair). You lack resources and upgrades, at least give a stable in-game income other than killing invaders or an upgrade for a discount for your towers. You may either resort to hacking the game, which is dangerous but giving smooth progress or you would uninstall, safe and secured, but loosing all progress. I'm not enjoying anymore.
An ok but limited tower defense. It's simple and well designed, but the lack of upgrade options and actual choices means that the levels have no replay value. So far my biggest complaint is that the audio on/mute button gets reset every time I open the game, but at least the limited replay options will prevent that from being a problem for long. 4 stars for the game, -1 for waking my wife up with the game audio after disabling it.
Good until level 21. It starts out as a good basic TD game for no brainier passing of time. You are prompted to rate it after level 20. At level 21 it gets way harder and the game is not exciting enough to care about making multiple attempts.
Cool game because it's simple and fun and gets progressively harder and more challenging. Definitely worth the download if you like TD games
Absolutely fantastic! Its a simple, yet complex tower defense. I absolutely enjoy the colors, graphic designs, and simple yet challenging gameplay. I definetely recommend to anyone looking to play a good tower defense. I look forward to any new games! Thanks. 😊
Good game, but been stuck on level 38 for months with coming soon for the rest. When are you updating it? I paid thinking it would unlock the rest but no. Why don't you do open levels for the rest? Where we make our own paths with the towers
Its a good rower defense game. Interface needs to be updated a bit to make numbers bolder and clearer to read as most of the time i cant make out how much $$ i have. Otherwise a great game
Just wish it gave a little info about the tower types and the enemy types. I feel like I am just guessing about 90% of what I am doing.
Fun & time passing game. Very challenging and a great TD (tower defense) game I prefer you that you should download it😊
I enjoy playing this game in my down time because it is a fun tower defense game. Very few towers may seem like a bad thing on paper, but only having 4 towers that do specific tasks are simple and consistent. While yes, this game does seem to have an ad after every level, every single ad that I have had are completely skippable right when they start so kudos to the dev for that one.
Simple, yet enjoyable and relaxing. This is a good simple tower defense game, which is what it's supposed to be. Anyone complaining about graphics missed the point entirely.
I love this game. Its simple - no bells and whistles - just your strategy to win the game. I also appreciate that we get an option to pay a dollar to get rid of the ads. thanks for the game, cheers!
Pretty good, not much gameplay depth or variance though. More different enemy types and turrets would be good. Like adding health types (diferent color enemies, blue enemies take more damage from blue turrets or something) low health large numer group, machine guns are better. Less targets with higher health, snipers and shotguns are better. Right now you can 3 star every level only using the basic turrets everywhere.