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Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game

Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ArgonGames located at Россия, 614000, г.Пермь. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I find this game both relaxing and fun and I think with further development it will be an amazing game if the ads aren't as frequent
The ads are entirely skippable, you can skip them immediately even before the 5 second timer finishes, and they aren't frequent enough to disrupt the game overly poorly (one ad per level). And it lives up to it's name, it's definitely a simple tower defense.
I just love this game so much... The graphics are cute. The gameplay is simple, yet fun and relaxing. The interface and menu are easy to use. This is a perfect game to kill time or if you have never played a tower defense game before and want to learn. The only thing I would like is more towers and enemies but apart from that, an amazing game. Developer, if you're reading then thanks for a fantastic game... Ps. I'm only on level 11 and I'm already addicted
The game is a nice sit on the couch game, or on a road trip. I like that it has a lot of levels and not on over those games that have less than 20. I would recommend to get it. PS. good idea would be to make a sandbox level were you make your on path with the towers. And I think that the people that put a one star review are mean, this games is not boring, I understand the ad thing but the game does not have that many ways to make money so I understand.
Very cool tower defense game. Not that hard. You will not rage quit. :) The rocket defense is my favourite. Could you add more defenses please.
Very well made for an indie developer. Loving the game mechanincs as well as graphics. Touching tiles are a little bit difficult for my big fingers though
Lovely, wish there were more levels. I like the simplicity of this version of the game better than the next versions. The game is tons of fun and has a clean, easy interface. It's kind of perfect and I replay done levels a lot. I also wish I could pay more to get more credits or how to win the tougher level hints
Great simple game. Was looking for a game that didnt beg me for money to enjoy the game, perfect game for simple TD. Was looking for a game like 'canyon tower defense' and this game is noice. Great for laid back time killing. Props to the developer, youre a good person and may you be blessed with wealth for not trying to scam me of my money like other app developers. In fact this man should do a class for other app developers that teaches them how to be good people on regards to app making.
So smooth gameplay with simple mechanics that will surely please the users. I'm still beginning to enjoy the game little by little so I hope that this game lasts longer than expected. Thanks!
Not much to say here but its a great game with decent graphics and the game itself is very fun but i would like a game mode that allows you to play forever but thats all
I am an avid TD player since warcraft days and I must say, this one is pretty neat. Its so simple and refreshing. Albeit due to its simplicity, newbie TD players might not understand the towers and stuff immediately.
The game play is amazing. The controls are slightly finicky as I'd like the purchase menu to disappear when clicking off of the tower. There are ads after every level which is unfortunate but bearable. The simplistic and relaxing gameplay is just what I wanted. I'd give it 4.5 for the ads and the purchase menu but overall a great game.
Enjoyable, kinda relaxing tower defense game. Minimalist graphics and easy controls. Plus they don't ask you to rate their game until pretty far in so you have a chance to really experience the gameplay first, which is a nice change of pace. This was what I was searching for in a game.
It definitely is a TD game Not what your used to seeing But it's fresh, new and music ain't half bad! Try it, you'll like it!
Almost perfect. Almost. Needs a page to see turret specs and upgrade path. Also needs some balancing. The second turrent is faster, has better range and deals more damage than the first. Finally its a bit too easy
I love this game, but after resetting my phone and reinstalling, it has ads again after I paid to have them removed. Not very happy with that. Reply to Dev: I did log in with the same Google account. After communications with dev who cares enough to try to make it right, I will settle on a 4-star review, until they fix the bug, which will regain my 5-star.
I LOVE this game!! The graphics are nice and it is satisfying strategic gameplay. I would LOVE it if you just add more towers. This game is great for passing time in general. great couch and road trip game. Please keep up the great work!
Really loved it. It is worth a 9 star, only if i could give it!! And off course i must mention of the simple gameplay and interface of the play which makes playing it much more fun and relaxing. Wonderful effort bro and wonderful the games you have made and kept in tje new games section. Awesome!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Nice game. Not very challenging but I guess the point is to relax. Very good and fair use of ads. Is there a paid version w/o ads? I'd love to buy it to support you.
It's simple and easy without any mash ... There are some things missed in these games series yet, for example "Achievement"! and regardless of have fun of playing, make non competition of this! Also, there's no hint or Congratulations popup for completing all missions with full 3 stars! Hope to fix these as soon as possible. 👍
The ads only come after you beat a level and are quick to exit out of, as for the rest, its a simple pleasant tower defense game. My only complaint is not having a music volume slider or different tunes and no replay button if you missed out on 3 stars
Graphics are weak, but I play for strategy. I do wish it was harder, but it is challenging enough. The ads are bearable and you do not have to pay to play. Best TD game I've found.
So far so good... 10 maps in, pretty chill, simple and fairly easy if you've already played other tower defense (TD) games before. A good time killer if you like TD games but don't feel like putting a ton of effort; a good TD relaxing time with a lot of maps to play.
Great music, relaxing game play. Fun little tower defense game. No real objective or story elements. Just a chill game.
It's quite fun. I really hope this game gets updated with more variety in both towers and enemies. I only have two major requests that I think would be really cool and fun if the developer is willing to put it in the game. An endless mode, and a way to change the theme in the options. Over all, it's a nice small game to play casually.
Was really enjoying. But after completing level 13, the next level listed in the menu is 26 and that is locked. Where are levels 14 to 25! It is impossible to continue! Do not buy.
I like the game, I love TD games. Just passed level 40, would be nice if there were a few more towers? Maybe the option to attack landscape that is in the way for a monetary reward? One last thing, would be nice if when paused you could still edit towers
This game beats all the others out there! It is absolutely brilliant. The graphics are cool and top quality, the towers, coins and enemies are well balanced and the game system is well made. It's definitely six stars out of five for me, I love it! ( Also very relaxing, as advertised!)
Overall a great game, I love the simplicity in the style and it's not over the top. I just had trouble in Level 1 because the tutorial was very brief but I could always go back and fix my mistakes.
Simple game, easy to learn, entertaining, challenging and the soundtrack is pleasant. Still works, off the net with no ads! Darn, done all the levels with 3 stars. More levels please!
Too many ads. After every level you have to watch an ad. This is too much for a level that only lasts approximately a minute. Throwers are not well labeled, and are limited in choice to 4 types. But the game is fun while you can play it. Would gladly raise stars if ads were not so forced on us.
Got an occasional crash but this game is exactly whst it promises to be: tower defense. Stay true to the genre and delivers exactly what you want from a TD game. Great game with no frills added.
Really fun game and quite addicting! Amount of ads are fine which is not something I usually say as most free games are full of them but these are quite unobtrusive. Great game, thank you.
Nice, relaxing game. Only wish you could see what each tower does before you place it. Other than that great game, and the ads can be skipped after a super short duration, which is excellent.
More games need to follow this game's footsteps; it's simple, UI is minimalistic, the UX is efficient. Too many games have too much excess to them, this game hits the nail on the head; simple and addicting.
Casual gameplay, intuitive, relaxing music and clean art work. Great job distilling the essence of tower defense gameplay and keeping it entertaining.
Very good tower defence game with a very small amount of ads. If you like tower defence games then I would recommend this 100%
Really simple, relaxing, and straight forward tower defense game! Tho it is sad how the second tower is objectively better then the first so there isnt really a dilemma as to what to do... Other then that highly recommend!
TD games should be all about the experience! The strategy, the quick thinking, etc. The fact that this game is so simply designed and yet it's so enjoyable, proves just that!
This game is good, but there definitely needs to be more towers. Here's some suggestions. -tower that puts hazards on the track -tower that has very fast attack speed, but low damage per attack -tower that has a lingering affect -tower has multiple different attacks -tower that makes money -tower that does tick/poison damage. I would also like if some of the upgrades did more than just increase damage. Like increase attack speed or range.
I like how simple the interface and not too difficult gameplay. Could be choice when want to play some TD/strategy game but don't want get too stressed. Хорошо.
It was good, basic but had all the elements of a tower TD have only played first 10 levels so we will see if there is more to it then that. Hope there is more
Damn, I've never seen a mobile game like this. The amount of ads is incredible! Its almost like there aren't any ads! The graphics are abstract, and the sound fx is a good choice too. Totally recommend, well done, ArgonGames.
It's a good game but, that thing about how I'm too lazy to write a review is just annoying man I mean I'm not too lazy to write a review, I just want to play the game not write an entire paragraph about how good the game or bad, the advertisements are not too bad just annoying sometimes. Overall pretty good job very relaxing as in the title and just great other than the lazy thing.
Simple but fun. I really like that it's easy to play but hard to master. Minimal ads and easy navigation to levels, home page, etc.
In the scheme of straightforward tower defense games, this is what I've been looking for for SO LONG. Awesome game. Download it
Loved the first game and it ran smoothly, this game is better but the game keeps lagging and stuttering, would easily be 5 stars if better optimised. I've got good tablet too.
This is an excellent and clean tower defense, the ads are very reasonable and not intrusive at all. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a chill tower defense game.
For a game developed by one person this is amazing. One of (if not) the best tower defense games I've played. It's super easy to understand and every level is incredibly fun. Totally worth your time.
It's a good tower defense game. The graphics aren't the best but it is made up by game play. Please make more levels with enough enemies to really upgrade weapons.
It's an okay game but it's basically only designed to make a game last just long enough so that you can tolerate another ad.
The game isn't bad for what it is. Its definitely a tower defense game. I really wish there was an info screen for each tower. It's not very clear how the towers respond until you place them and see them in action. Would also like to see some different enemies other than red squares. Maybe some blue circles that move quick with low health, or green triangles that move slow but have lots of health. Also more towers would be good
This game is amazingly cool,plus is very simple to play.......but not the game that i im looking for,the game that i im looking for a bit more factoir games.....but again is a nice game really enjoy it...
Great style, great fun and quite challenging game. Good for strategists or people who plan ahead. To get the basis of the game is a little difficult but one you know it is very easy to play
It's done simply, and that's a good thing! Playing is almost intuitive. Easily one of the most pleasant tower defense I've played. The only gripe I've got is ads, but what can you do
Good game, very simple set up and the gameplay is easy to do. Don't expect to be able to unlock and upgrade lots of towers - I'm on lvl35, have 4 towers and no new ones for the last 20 lvls. It's a indie game as far as I know, so expect loads of ads. You can click out of most of them so you don't have to watch all the ad.
Great game. Easy to use interface. Good balance between map, towers, and square enemies. I like that the levels are short and you have the ability to fast forward for quick matches. ❤️
I think that, as a simple, easy-to-play game, and an introduction to Tower Defense ganes, this game is amasing! But, coming from the group that plays typically more challenging and fast-paced games, this is not for me. 100% would recommend to people who are new to the genre, and it definitely deserves the 4.8★ average it has.
Love tower defense games... but some are so complex there not fun. This one on the other hand... simple and streamlined. Relaxing and fun.
Easy and simple tower defense. Though a bit too simple for experienced player. Hope it will have more elements in later levels.
Been looking for a good tower defense game for some time. This is clearly it. Good balance of timing and money and prices. Ads are easily ignorable. Overall a great game, deserves five stars. I wish there was an option to play a game without a predetermined path, so you have to sort of build your own path, and an option for a customizable game (how many waves, map type, how much money you start with), but those are wishes for the future. This game is excellent and very fun.
It's nice and kinda minimalist. The best thing for me is that the stress is cut down in the fact that the towers shoot everything in their range instead of just one thing at a time. Overall just really enjoying it and the steady increase in difficulty.
Great game with an awesome soundtrack from a solo developer! Give it a shot if you like Tower Defense games!
This game is simple and is good for beginners. The ads I will not talk about but when you create a game that is simple it can become complex. For example, chess. Plants VS zombie took some elements from chess and made it more complex. My conclusion here is that the more mechanics you add into a game the more complex it will be. The more you know right?
I like the game in its simplistic design, and I also find the commercials rate fair, which is not taken for granted for these free games. Keep up the good work
Definitely fun :) only played through the first 10 levels but I think would be better if each tower was more balanced. The first tower you start off with isn't really useful once you get any other tower
I've played MANY tower defence games in my life, most being quite stressful trying to accomplish some of the levels. This one on the other hand is quite Relaxing as stated right there in the title. Would definitely recommend to anyone who would like a more laid back yet very enjoyable experience.
Games are meant to be fun and playable. When they r unbeatable w/o paying they become work= NOT FUN. there should be multiple ways to win a level, not one way only ...shame I was looking for some fun not work had to uninstall
This game is relaxing. Although it is simple, it has some potencial. Just add more progress throughout the gameplay and add more unique stuff into it. Overall this game is good for spending ur spare time. (Knowing that the developer makes this game solo, im impressed👏👏👏👌
Liked the first one, this is more of the same. Good, old school TD fun. One suggestion: it would be nice to be able to view the whole board when paused, to make it easier to plan the next move. Currently when paused the resulting buttons obscure a lot of the game.
Great game I had one problem which was that there were not enough levels otherwise There no bugs everything was easy-to-use, really relaxing, and fun. Every tower was balanced out and the cost was also balanced out.
Great concept, original artwork, unique tower builds. Gameplay could benefit from an ability to choose which enemy in line to target i.e. first, last, strongest.
This game is super relaxing. I spent hours on it without closing it for the first time. This is a very nice game, definitely download if you are looking for a time killer. Great job to the dev.
I really enjoyed this one. I have 3 stars from lvl 1-40. The final level(25) from 41 up, I just cannot beat. I have nothing but slow downs and homing missles. And everytime, the last level gets through.
really fun! the ads can get a little annoying but theyre all skippable after a few seconds, so not too bad ps dude you gotta add tower descriptions, i still hardly understand the difference betweeb the first two… :)
Very nice project, wondering how much it took you to make it. If you can expand on this idea that you have here, it would become a really nice full fledged game. Good luck
very nice game, simple gameplay and graphics with a bit of depth of strategy. Not over the top with ads.
Simple, straight forward and good looking, but it feels a like a demo. Needs more content, keep it up dude!
No errors, no hassles, no grinding, no need for cash, ads are like 5 seconds and only between lvls, if your online. It could use a graphical make over, a storyline, etc, but even so, it's perfect as a retro TD game.
This is an solid, back-to-basics, Tower Defense game. Gameplay is simple and engaging the whole way. Difficulty scales smoothly, great for new players. Sound and graphics are smooth and pleasing to look at. The ads are extremely unobtrusive, which is a joy in and of itself.
Very enjoyable and likeable art style, I'd like more towers to defend with but other than that it's a pretty good game.
Pretty chill game but don't shame us if we don't want to give a rating. EDIT: I have decided to give this tower defense game a full review. The graphics are highly stylized in a sleek modern minimalistic tone and the enemies are mostly different shapes. With this minimalist style its easy to see whats going on even if you have multiple towers going on. There aren't many towers to work with. It keeps things simple however more would be welcome. All in all if you're into TD games try this one
Pretty fun tower defense game. Would like to see more types of defensive buildings and enemies, higher building levels, and longer rounds. Overall, I enjoyed playing it.
This game is extremely fun! Try to add a level editor so that you can make your own levels and multi-player for all the games you have made.
Pretty relaxing, nice graphics. Wish it would be a little bit more complex, not the graphics nor the difficulty, just complexity when dealing with gameplay. But perfect game to chill!
The type of tower is limited so after a while it's all about redoing the same level over and over with various combinations of the exact same towers. It gets monotonous very quick.
A very well made game i love it, a minor issue is the slow tower i dont know what its called but it needs a buff when you first get it its pretty good but the more later rounds this slow tower becomes more useless so if the kind devs are reading this please buff it, its underpowered anyways theres not much movement and animation in this game it makes it less satisfying to actually make a proper army if everything looks dead anyways i still love your games and its still a 5 star