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Mini Motor Racing 2 - RC Car

Mini Motor Racing 2 - RC Car for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by SelvasM, Inc. located at 19F, Daerung Techno Town 18, 19, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu Seoul, 08594, South Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Play since oct , started get boring , club battle boring , use back wrt club battle formula in mmr2 , thats way more good and challenging than this club battle , and pls noted not everyone can continuosly playing to check club battle every hour , so pls just limit rematch to 3 times , we all have lives than to check our result to rematch , if someone can rematch in near closing time and we cant thats really not fair , thx
Heavy pay to win.. doing the single races got to 6/12 chapter 2 the difference between your car and the rivals is massive.. compared to the race before it. It is ridiculous..
long ago I searched for a 90s game with 4 lil racecars that I loved when I came across the 1st MiniMotorRacing for android.It had under 500 downloads, only a few reviews & cost like $3.99. The pics looked kool so I took a chance.To me it was way ahead of its time. The Anniversary edition update made it flawless. World Tour is⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ & MMR2 🤔🌠⭐⭐ then. Nintendo Switch's MMRX is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🚀👍😀💖 . If you dont like any of the MMR games then you probably dont have✌🙌(2hands)
A great game and sequel to the first one wrt was full of glitches this one runs fine plenty to do with events and career also online leagues to compete in new courses too love the mini motor racing games great fun
Good job for making a different game. This game somehow remind me of PS1 era, but it has Multiplayer mode online. But the sound when my car is drifting is annoying, please update the sound.
Awesome game easy fun and lots to keep u busy....and for poor folk like me u dont need to dump a load of cash to keep playing. Bad note dont tell me when I've played enough and cut off my rewards..... I'm 38 yrs old
When I open app it says I need to download resources, I tap continue and it takes me to a blank white screen and nothing happens. Is there anything I can do or is it not going to work for me and my device? I am on a Samsung Galaxy Tab aA 8.0 running Android 9 and my model number is SM-T290.
"LIAPP ALERT" A threat has been detected, but no details is displayed. Shame to see such a message with no orientation. Add the exception message to be displayed, please.
The action is slow, the tracks are narrow and they don't let you so much as pick a color you like, but I could deal with all of that if you didn't have to spend ALL YOUR MONEY on the cars just to lose by less! Unbalanced and overexpensive, this game is a grift and it ruins all its own potential being greedy, meanwhile all the good isometric racers like SkidStorm and Kart Fighter disappear... One star because I can't leave NONE!
Great game.... the chat page is still not working right for 1on1 chat. And we are starting to get more & more players using hack mods to get all the cars because they have unlimited money in the mod. You can see who they are they are low level players and have all the cars pretty much upgraded. And the chance there names quite a bit too. Please look into these issues because this will make the game go down the drain fast. Thanks and please look into this problems!
Fun way to pass the time. The cars are cool and the game play is rather smooth. Some may have disconnect issues in live races like me so it may not be possible for some even though service is at full bars
This game brings me a lot of the good old memory of the Choro Q HG series. The major drawback is the camera not changeable. I wish the developers would implement at least a "back of your car POV".
Please give all vehicle like bikes, truck and etc in this game for racing not give only cars.This game is amazing try now. Improve graphic.
Can keep playing all day long if you watch an ad every now and then. But they will cut you off eventually for a mandatory break.
Great!💰ĐawnIaod (WHAFF) App. Make FREE MONEY. Absolutely, love it Cool & genius level game.i am in level o. The reason I am giving a five star is because when you get on the pitch baryou have to watch a video to get it. There aresome games that give you a lot of stuff just for participating. Very relaxing and fun filled game,but there is a lot of fun. You will enjoy it you go to the city to city country to country. Reallyfts great online shopping and gaming app. Its external feature are awesome.I am so happy rewards Team.
A great sequel to the first plenty of events and career too online races are fun you can try and collect cars and upgrade them gameplay and graphics are good all in all loads of hours of fun
This game is soo good but there is one little problem.. the enemy when you hit a missile makes you loose speed when you bump them especially on a tight spaces.. i find it unfair to the race.
So good I love graphics and the stuff but something bugging me that the aren't that much cars Can u make A little more cars please
Worst game ever, i download the update but it can't update and game is running automatically without any movement.
I liked the game , when I eventually got to race but the constant graphic orientated instructions about getting upgrades and winning this course and getting new cars. Just wanna race the game not be bombarded with flashy graphic of a constant reward mechanism loop - very infuriating I just deleted it.
This is not laggy has little to no ads I have no ads without buying them out I have yet to get an ad this game is an awesome racing game so I highly recommend you get it's my favorite game to play you should get It now
To be honest I only started the first race before writing this review. This is a major disappointment compared to the original games from Binary Mill. It uses the original Mini Motor Racing as a basis, but downgrades it. It's as if the game concept was sold to another company that is only interested in monetizing it in the typical annoying ways, with so many more confusing menus, upgrades, and extras. Worse graphics, worse controls, and worse camera view.
Car level, car star level + 4 types of tune ups to maintain for each car = highly complex for nothing. In chapter 2, you need to increase you car level which will cost you 13,000 (+ many, many ads to watch for the upgrades to happen). You spend more time upgrading and tuning your cars than you do racing. Has potential, but they really need to make it more simple.
I was like two games like these table top racers but there are so many and this is like all of the rest of them good but still like all the rest of them go for stars solid
Real cool game, first one better I think. This one has a more childish feel. Also don't like boxes in every single race, this isn't Mario kart.
The game is definitely better than the first, and certainly better than the spin-off, WRT. Although, WRT still won for vehicles selection list. Things I wanna discuss: •)Please add an invincibility frame after being hit by a power-up. All tracks are too small to pass by enemy, it's no use to launch an attack toward enemy if we could gave them a recovery push from stopping. •)The auto turn certainly okay, but I do hope for a manual control complete with a better UI choice for that.
be warned, it needs 250 MB data download in-game. I feel really betrayed that developers haven't mentioned this in game's description
Truth is its really a fun game to play when you have down time. I think you should give it a try 2020.
This is a great game good graphics smooth controls ,only one thing would like to be able to choose tracks like in first game
Congratulations on ruining a classic. Do the right thing give us back WRT. You can't even auto race (farm) in this one. And the camera is zoomed in WAY too much.
This game is rock , but still better if missile feature and something not be there , since mini motor 1 i played all and best game for me , just keep the concept originally would be good , lets us just race with speed n win not with shoot missile feature , hope it could be good tips to considered
The game is great. Glad I could relive my memories of the previous game. I think you can tweak the drifting a little to be a bit smoother, especially in the slowest cars like class 1 C off-road wet car. You could also add more ways to earn gold because accumulating gold is very slow. Overall the game is great. Good job.
Horrible! Users are forced to complete tutorials when the game is self-explanatory and an obvious rip-off of the UX/UI of need for speed. Developers! Give users the option to skip the tutorials and also give users the ability to play this game offline. I think a lot of people are going to give up playing this game.
If I gave a good review, I get in-game money. Take from that what you will when u see 5 star reviews for this game. Edit: needs to be online to play single player. Rubbish daily quests that shouldn't exist to centre stage for unfulfilling grinding. But worst of all, there's a horrendous auto steer that makes it impossible to get the yellow nitro when in police chase. I really liked the original. This is... no
After 1year release this game still has low people playing , wrt has 10times player more than this game in the early days of release , and wrt also still has more player when in their last days of terminated than this mmr2 currently , game getting boring and boring everydays , bad league system , bad clan battle system , bad tuned system , this game will not last longer than wrt if no improvement , bring back wrt playing style , battle and league system
It's a good game and i really enjoy the real time PvP. One thing i would like to see is the option to zoom the camera out a little so we can see more of the track.
Got used too now woth steering update , got difficult time after update , but now i got the point of update , nice job , but pls dont mess us up again lol , and maybe break time can remove too in the future
The game is realy a good game,but most of time I can't open ,it's telling 'the network environment is changed.reconnecting to the game'. Other apps are fine with my network connection.
Atleast remove that steering assist specially on drift, so annoying, or put an option to disable. Your ai is steering the other way. LET ME CONTROL THE WHEEL MYSELF ffs.
Thanks for fixing the handling in the game. Now please fix 1on1 chat. The chat page has not worked right sent I started playing. Thanks
Loved the 1st version of this. This one would be better if they allowed you to change views of racing, then would definitely be 5 stars. Also too much training involved just let me play the game.
FINALLY, I can play mini motor racing 2 for free. The drift mechanic is really helpful. I really can't wait for MMR3!!
Wow what a game . Simple thought but pakka interesting one. Both child and adults could enjoy this game. Creates interest that Matches to asphalt. Creators can allow us to change the color of car and add some stylish cars .
I honestly like it a lot and waited to play this since I couldn't play the first one. So this is such a great game you guys should get it
Super awesome and it really makes me feel like I'm getting addicted on this game but surely, it really balanced the game there's hard and might be easy and I would like to review this as 5 stars!!!
I really like mini racing cars, so i enjoy this game so much. The steering control options are very helpful for those who doesn't like conventional controller.
Good grafics more cars could have more racing opportunities but very good game. this is why it's five stars
not a bad game... could use some camera distance controls and maybe resize the buttons but not bad so far
Great game but it takes too long to upgrade your race car. Should make this at least a little easier to get. Other than that, game is very fun and idle time passer. Thx!
This game is very difficult,I have tried so many times, upgraded my cars to make the police mission easier, but I still can't complete the police mission's when it shows that it is easy
No were near as fun as the first 1 there is so many instructions 2 its harder 3 whats the point of special boxes altho when I finish the first one I will probably play this
Really fun ! I've played a lot of table top racing style games and this one isn't very bad. It's got a lot of value for play, alas it is very hard to progress unless your willing the fork out some real hard earned U.S dollars. As far as initial investment entertainment goes give it a shot, but if you want to get anywhere open your wallet.
Bestest game for racing but I dont no how to play with too many friends with lan wi-fi so tell me please so i enjoy the game
Microtransaction hell Seriously, your car has "fuel" and once it runs out, you have to wait 12 minutes to "refuel" or pay real money. Hell no. I gladly paid $5 for the original, which i suppose ill continue playing instead. Uninstalling immediately. The camera is also zoomed in too far.