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Mini Market - Сooking Game

Mini Market - Сooking Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Thomas Connor. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fine but the ads for other games are inappropriate for children. The game is rated E for everyone and the ads should reflect that.
I gave it a three star because i only have had this for a day and its just the same thing over and over again
not sure how this even qualifies as a game--there is nothing challenging about it. same concept over and over with no thinking involved on the player's part. multiple times I've had to close the game due to freezing, and found that when I reload it, all my money has been lost. so even if you do watch ads for more currency, it will likely be lost anyway.
Fun concept. The ads just got moire and more consistent and it makes me not want to play. If there were the ability to pay to disable ads, I can honestly say I'd pay for it.
I was saving up my money to buy new ingredients and most of the time when I make ice cream or sweets the next customer won't go up and I can't prepare their meal so I closed the app and went back but when I go back my money keeps going back to 100. The same thing happened to me rn and I just want you to fix this bug. Ty
3 stars good game but to many as lower it done a bit please cause every time we make somthing it gives us a ad and me have to wait 30 seconds
Y'all did have 5 stars from me. Until you updated it. You totally messed that one up in every way. Wish you would just put the game back the way it was when I started playing it. The controls are suddenly completely different and now I hate it. You used to be able to pick up the item and place it where you wanted it. I was brought up being taught "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". That applies here. Please put it back
It is nice and all but on my second try for the game it asked me to rate it so FIX IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
LOTS of glitches!! Especially WAITING for ads! The whole game seems to be WAITING FOR ADS!! Take away the ads, and I'll give it a 5! It REALLY is a cute game!!
The only challenge about this game is putting the damn condiments on the burger. I actually cannot get past day one, its ridiculous.
It's a really good game it's just a little bit laggy when the customer walk off but it's good so far.
I love this game even if the ads show it has all different foods and i love the game and that is why i gave this 5 stars
I like this game because it's and the reason I like it it's just like you can make food for people and they have exciting moods and you can read what they say and you know all of that so I like it.
When I was on level 16 it broke and the screen turned black I had 1406 dollars when I logged back on it was at 100
Every time I closed or minimized the app for a moment, it reset all my money to $100. I saved up for so long because one of the items needed $1,025, but my money reset before I could spend a penny.
The game is ok, the only annoyance Is that I feel like the tasks should be randomized, Once you unlock a task you stay on it until the next one is unlocked. Maybe switch it up like 1st guy wants ice cream while the next wants a burger.
This game is amazing I really liked it I just downloaded it and I'm in love there's barely any ads I gave it five stars because there's nothing wrong with this game but the classics like are not that good but you totally should download this but yeah download it hope this game blow up more than among us
OMG like I love this game so much like glitching got to have a problem with it downloading it worked well and everything
Not bad but as soon as you unlock new "markets" I guess you can only play the newest one you've unlocked making buying the new ingredients pretty much pointless and useless, plus way too many ads.
Just downloaded this today and it already quit working. I was enjoying it until it froze and I had to restart. When I reopened it, I couldn't take the special order because the ad wouldn't load.
Fun, just wish you all lay off the ADs. There are to many, it makes the game frustrating. You shouldn't have to watch a AD, to get a new type of food. You should get it via progress of the game. I hope this little bit of info and the (i gave you 3 stars to many in purpose) 5 stars I gave you help "Make the game better" I expect to see less ADs in the near future. Thank you, sincerely- A mobile app gamer.
Wonderful game, really good for passing the time But change the sauce back Please, i beg of you, watching the way the sauce flowed was the most calming thing on my phone ;-;
Pretty fun takes a while to learn how to control tho I give 4 star bc it's not the funnest but it's fun But it's not the funnest one ever
The fruits are a little buggy, but it's pretty fun! The fruits will sometimes glitch back outside of the baskets or even fly across the screen, which is pretty entertaining sure but a bit annoying too!
It's fun but on day 28 it's glitchy, it still says theres "11 rotten apples" left to be sorted when you've finished it and no matter how hard you try to fix the glitch on your own by re-trying the task its the same thing but the apple crates are in a different place and even though there's that glitch it's still fun
Love but chang the pic it has spiders on ice cream but I'd Def rate this a 10 /10 if could but for now 4/5
I would LOVE this game but going to bed with 600$ waking up to 100$ so I tested it and just got off the game and got right back on it takes ur money when u get off so u nvr have enough to do anything and whats the point making money if its always gonna take it away and put u back on 100. I wish there was a option for 0 stars
I really want to enjoy this game. It's made well and is fun. I expect every free game to have ads and usually don't mind them, but in this game its overkill. An ad after every. Single. Task. I tried finding a way to pay to remove ads but I havent seen one. I understand devs need to make money somehow but the amount of ads isn't worth playing the game. If there's a way to pay for no ads I'd love to know. If there isn't, I definitely wouldn't recommend the game.
I actually enjoyed the 30 seconds of playing this in between the hundreds of ads. It could be a good game if it wasn't so overloaded with ads. Sucks
It's fine. Yes it does have a lot of ads but you can just put your device into airplane mode and play offline. My biggest complaint has to do with the "money". I found that when you quit the game and come back it resets your money to 100 instead of keeping what you earned before you exited.
Good game concept, it's just excessive ads every play, every free item after a few rounds need an ad, every round over there's an ad, the way you move stuff in the game itself is horrible due to the sensitivity because you'll pick up an item and it won't go into the basket without you throwing it from across the screen, and if you don't even if it's in the basket and you drop it, it shoots the item across the screen.
I love the game initially all the little games are fun to play and not too repetitive and there aren't that many ads. The only thing weong with it is every once in a while the game will freeze forcing me to restart it and then all my money resets back to $100. Hopefully this can be fixed soon
The game is not the best it has glitches and sometimes when u make something it comes out as another thing.
It's a very fun game but what would make it even more enjoyable is that if there where even more markets meaning that there would be one for each different or Country making it there are toy just made there or the food made would be like the country's and the building's would be Style as the buildings in that state. It would also give the player some room to play even longer.
It's a nice game just that when ever I do something my phone vibrates. I'd that can be fixed that be nice thank you😊