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Mini Guns - Omega Wars

Mini Guns - Omega Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. located at 1118 Alberni Street, Suite 200, Vancouver, v6e1a5, Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game needs SERIOUS maintenance and development. gane turns HANG now and then after completion of mission. Few units wont/don't upgrade.
Great way to mix the genre battle type of say star wars arena and mix with base vs base(2d) style conquest game. Allows many choices between which cards to use, which to focus and level up and form different strategies even with 1 deck type...definitely worth some input of ur time to see how great it is n show u where it's heading.
This game WAS awesome. Until i played 4 games in a row where the other player was able to toss out 3 tanks immediately. Then i switched to sorry mode, A-ok there...for a min. Then the missions that break your phone start appearing. Dominion has a mission against the republic, the enemy sends a ridiculous amount of infantry at you. Enough to slow my phone, overheat it, then make it Shut down. Supposedly easy mission, let my phone cool off,Then tried again, hour and 15 minutes to come to a stand still, then overheat and crash again. I was going to spend some money on this game, but due to the overheat issue and multiplayer unbalances I'd avoid it.
Tank lady need a nerf Hover truck need a nerf Drones need a max limit capacity to prevent spam Hybrid/fox/and dual tech tank need there multitasking back so they can attack air and land at once like the hover truck Engineer and mechanic need max limit capacity Same fir combat medic
I had all my progress saved and now it's gone, but it keeps saying it's under maintenance and won't let me play please fix
This was childhood i really hope that they continue it even thou the6 said they would shut it down i hope you change your mind please Could you plz unlock every mini and givec it to the players on the last week?
Empire 2-4 is just incomplete, i think you forgot that the empire light tank is garbage, the empire crate is also garbage, and in order to finish this without pay to win is to keep playing multiplayer with empire. But the game is great overall.
Game starts out fun and addictive. But as you progress upwards inevels, the match making is a huge fail. Constantly getting put up against players way way higher than my levels...like they beat me with one tank
For the ZTE Blade Z Max there is this horrible lag or delay when I try to place cards down and also I have to double click the card to move it to the field. Also when a tower is destroyed ill get a heavy lag and it will be frozen for 2 seconds and back to the delays And when I open the app at its starting menu its slow opening boxes.bugs need to be fixed
The game is great in general, but 50% of matches are won by cheese. Like of the opponent cant counter a certain unit. Levels are not a major factor, which is good, unless you face a op high level unit.
Most if the people here that gavenad reviews had no idea how to play. It was a good game I had it from start to finish almost offline e in a few weeks oh well
2 years later; I am back to update my review. (From 3 stars to 2). The match making is one of the worst I've ever seen on any game. I am put against players/units that outlevel me by 20 levels and more. Same as before, HUGE imbalance in the game. At higher ranks you always see the same few combinations of "cookie cutter" units used that are damn near impossible to stop (drone bases and mortar bases--cough*) unless you outlevel your opponent by alot and the game would quickly snowballs
Really excellent design ruined by pay-to-win business model and unbalanced troops. Matchmaking will make you want to break things. Too many times I was pitted against the guy who was seven levels above me. Very frustrating to play against a person who has level 14 troops to my level 2. It is too bad, it looks like there was a lot of effort put into the game design. The story campaign is interesting. Easy is fun, medium provides some challenge, but hard is ridiculous! I bid it is sad farewell.
One of the most challenging and best balanced F2P games. But I think boxes slots limitation is stoping people from playing the same time the slots are full so maybe this could be the reason there are not so many users playing for larger periods of time... By other hand, a 9€ quota for VIP Players seems excessive, expensive comparing to other apps and games prices. I'd consider to pay a 2-3€ a month for a VIP access which means around 30€ a year.
It refuses to work every victory or lose you kick out Edit #1:game devs fail response tto complaints this hade potential but this maybe EA like company Edit #2: after 3 pve 1 fail pvp (game refused to play) 12 crash's this game lose it no play zone and Dev still hath not message me back on if they going fix it so i recommend advoid it
Very nice game tanx have many good times... game really about your intellgnce and help other players in time as team... but i have to ask creatrs about more challenges and events! game really need thease challenge events and new mods for play as team! I play many times Guns Up! at ps4! I looking for a game like that but have online also. this game is that one but need more challengs... if do this how many time play u grow and this awesome... at this dont need that upgrading time what older u!
1 star for 0 service. The developers never respond to contact, you are on your own. Don't bother writing them a ticket, been there done that, they do not respond.
The game pretty fun. But the blue faction have a unit call Hydra and it just too strong to put it in the first chapter in the story mode. Hope that the dev try to balance things out. Otherwise it's a great game
It's a good game, but ever since they switched the leveling of troops to using gold. It takes longer for me to save up the gold then it took me to wait for the time based leveling. Why can't we get both?
I love it but one update hurt the game by a long shot because the transport helicopter summons 7 soldiers but they run when deploy so it's like 1 soldier attacking the bunker but Earler they stayed until all units were deployed and then attacked please fix it
It was a great game right up to the last update. It is to slow in getting gold to upgrade leaving you behind in versus battles. I'm not paying to get a winning army. If you hadn't changed it around like you did I would keep the game. Welcome to the trash heap.
The difference between the difficulty in factions in story mode is horrible. It's ridiculously time consuming to level units without paying. The only thing else to do is pvp... which is sucky with factions where the captain has stalled and most of the units are locked. (Dominion campaign)
downloads game, loads in does tutorial and just as I start loading into the real game I disconnect. I tried to reconnect about 15 times. nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still couldn't connect. I love to play games that I cant load into, this glich or whatever it is, its a joke. just like this game.
The game used to be great; great graphics, easy to control and understand and fun to play. However, as i continued to play and climb ranks, i noticed a HUGE imbalance in the game. At higher rabks you'll alwasy see the same few tanks and combos used that are damn near impossible to stop and the game would quickly snowball into a loss within the first few seconds of the match. Basically, players that paid would win 90% of the time.
not a level playing game...matches are unfair..would be more fun if you played people close to your level
so that was such a really good game but... i can't remember my another game was came from steam that my laptop was broken for long time ago... i think my username on my steam is ubergeneral? since i am higher level in this game
I love this game so much. But the only bad thing about this game is that there is no button for deleting the progress. So, 4stars for you. If you make a button for deleting the progress, 5 stars.and remember, i am a huge fan of mini guns.thank you. And dont forget reply my review.😊😊
Strategy game thats quite fun, people accuse it of pay to win, but if you join a top 50 clan or a clan with 100 perks plus. You get good clan rewards and request bonuses. You level up quite nicely. I have a level 20 common unit verses a level 20 epic or level 10 legendary, i still win most of my matches through strategy, the challenge makes it fun, Every unit has a counter, but may seem unbalanced if you dont know them. (higher ranks make it easier to get into higher clans so rise as you go)
Its hard to win in the medium level. The game is original and cozy to play. But the gameplay became so hard in a sudden. However you re-install the game.
I absolutely love this game I found it by searching for a different game called epic little war game and found this at first I didn't think I would like it much but I tried and now I'm eating my words I love the game great job whoever made this game hope to see more like it Please dont take the game offline I love this game it's one of my favorites
It a good game i love the drop choppers and tank but make the lil figers stronger plz it still a good game tho and when the ppl come out the chopper can u plz make it a lil faster bc when thay go out as soon shot down but good game 😁🙃 have a gn guys u prop wont read but gn guys almost forgot plz add a holday them plz It wood be soooooooo nice if u made drop chopper on red team plz and drop tank plz it wood be so nice
If I could give this game zero Stars I would reason being, you play for 5 minutes and lose faith in the intellect of humanity. This is due to the fact that the majority of players in the top-ranked are pay to play, and it really shows. They couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag by majority! Also why do you let Asia overrun American servers? Finally to respond to your AI generated comment, it's not that I'm lacking units it's you're letting people rank drop n pay 2 play ugh!
This game has such potential, but the payment barriers are pretty huge and use of bots. Overpowered units, no rewards for high end clans? No new maps or modes? Could add much more to justify paying £8.99 a month for your "VIP" which is a joke. But guess yous won't listen to this comment or acknowledge players suggestions 🙄
It won't even launch. Hangs in black screen for half an hour that I waited. Used to play this on Steam and bought subscription too until devs manually singled out skilled players and nerf them, instead of making global changes to their broken game to fix unbalanced features. Here I am years later to see if idiots of a dev team got any wiser to find out that the app doesn't even launch properly on both of my Android devices, which never gave me a black screen in over 40+ other apps. Failures.
Great game but I feel like the dev's make really stupid decisions like 12 wins and 3 losses for a challenge that's impossible some levels the ai summons like 20 insane tanks and is basically unbeatable. All in all I loved the game but this is probably the most mad I've gotten at a video game in like a year
Its fun, but has serioud balancig issues. Specially in campaign. Some vehivles are ridiculously op. Dominion tank for example. Fix the unit balance and strengths. And i'll give jt more stars
Wont be playing this game again. Made it to level 6 then an update happened and it made me start over. The developers wouldnt respond to my emails so I kept playing. Made it to level 14 and it forced me back to the account I lost without any notice. Bad customer response, bad programming and a waste of time.
I would give this a higher rate but the game is so one sided. if you go against elite and your diamond you lose a ton of points if you lose the match, but if you win the match you only get a few points. if you looking for fare play, this may not be the game for you
Mini guns has a great campaign and it is fun to play pvp at first. Once you level up a few times and are in the higher leagues you become pay to win bait and strategy no longer matters as these players have paid to level up their units and bases to such an extent that they can spam a single unit and even if you deploy the exact counter they will still win.
This game is an excellent example of what a free to play game should feel like. Lots of stuff and room for growth. I imagine I will see bigger and better things from this studio and I hope they are proud of what they made.
Overall the game seems enjoyable but I cant find a way to play against or 2v2 with friends which left me disappointed. Correct me if I'm wrong btw and I'll change the rating.
New update sucks. Now they require you to pay gold to upgrade any unit. Then forcing you to accept ALL crates earned during battles. Cancelled my VIP subscription. I'll order VIP again if they revert these options.
Its an amazing game with good graphics and gameplay, it really does make you strategize almost your every move. Definately would recommend this to friends!
it is a fun game, I made alot of progress, I've been on leaderboards for a long time, but now it's all gone since the update, and I cant connect to google play to get my progress back
Yup this game just another pay to win game. For those who rate this higher than 3 star i bet they been paid to do that.
I had alot of gun playing it and when i left the game i tried to play it again and it wont let me play it. It kaaps saying i need to check my wifi
I love this game but the games says we are currently performing server maintaince When I try to play this
complete garbage with how unbalanced the multiplayer is, random difficulty spikes in the campaigns and awful resource gain. only thing the game does right is the rarity gain from the chests and opening more chests at once so overall dont play this garbage unless they fix the awful matchmaking and difficulty spikes
This could easily be 5* but the game is being shut down in January. If they sold it to a company willing to invest some time this game would be phenomenal. It looks good, feels good and plays so well. It's just been neglected in so many ways, it still had a loyal fan base but sadly after all this time and money people have paid, it will no longer exist. Still hoping someone will take it on!
So, I just downloaded the game,and it said "could not connect to server. Please try again." I did, over and over and over. Please fix this.
UPDATE : The system runied the gameplay. Randoming unit was the biggest mistake. Now i dont feel like playing this game. Many gamers have disliked this. Appeal to developers, bring back the old gam
I love the game and its really fun and no im not a bot. It's going through server maintanance and i cant play but i hope to play soon!
Thank you, Mini Guns team, for creating such a wonderful game but its unfortunate that it just has to go away :(
Games concept is genius, its sort of a glorified lane game with cute miniatures and cool little systems. However the execution is alright at best, poor from an honest view. The game has basically no sense of balance, lets begin with the most worthless unit in the game, your standard infantryman. I dont understand the purpose of even putting these in the game, the infantry cannot even soak up bullets because they will die to ANYTHING in one shot, meaning you cant use them for meat shielfs, and theyve got less than half the damage output of a 2 energy unit. The only use to clog your deck possibly forcing you to buy a pack with better units. Thing is, this tends to go for most infantry units in general, their low cost isnt worth it because better units will straight up steamroll them. The game basically becomes a boring "wait for my better units and hold off with my absurdly powerful defensive units meanwhile" chore. The game is great if you want to feel like you are tapping a screen and doing something, not so much if you actually want to play something that requires thinking
I loved this game because of its gameplay until the servers shutdowned But Finally the game is back i thought the server shutdown would be like an eternity or somethin but thankfully this game is back Keep up the good work developers :)
The game is okay but the balancing of the factions is not great. Also, every time you get a chest in the game, you're asked to watch an ad to cut the unlocking time but at least half the time you watch the video and it does nothing. I don't watch ads for no reason so games can make money.
man its all foreign players with bad lag, op p2w troops, and no idea what matchmaking is. hard pass on this bad gimick.
It's fun but the frickin laser tank just makes me so pissed off, it needs to be nerfed. Plus it has so much health, I just leave instantly when I see it. Edit: I used to give this game 4 stars but as I progressed to higher leagues I found that the game is super unbalanced. With people in bronze going against people in silver. And you lose more trophies than you win, I'll win and get maybe 80 trophies then ill lose like 200 it's insane. Also the legendary rate is super unbalanced.
theirs no anti air units that kill air. and I cant win. game sucks. and they really need to fix multiple battle balancing
I love this so much but I have a reason I give 3 start I can't play it anymore if you fix it I'll give you 5 start pls fix it I try it and it's so cool fix it pls thanks
Its good, just the the fact its too hard to get amy coins or gems and that the skill based maych making is broken along with the fact that upgrading minis cost too much
Been a BLAST, huh? Well, bring it back but add a BOSS where the Empire, Dominion, and, the best faction, Republic defeat the boss together. You know, the ULTIMATE TEAM UP!
Great game! Rewarding, skill based deep gamplay, shame they devs are pulling, play before its gone! :(
I absolutely love this game I found it by searching for a different game called epic little war game and found this at first I didn't think I would like it much but I tried and now I'm eating my words I love the game great job whoever made this game hope to see more like it
I would put a 4.5 cuz Dominion 2-7 is broken and impossible to complete since so many Republic RPG and other infantry keep on spawning nonstop. Is that level broken?
Mini guns is a strategy game, you can collect several team members to fight your enemies like soldiers with various weapons, then helicopters, various kinds of war cars and others. Quite a lot of characters that you can combine to make your team, for power up characters is quite difficult, it will be easy if you make a purchase. Then for the gameplay is quite easy, you can call your character sesusi with the energy you have and the main mission is to destroy the enemy base, but it's quite difficult to play this game if you are a free player because the strength of the enemy is too far with your ability. ... to want to see the reviews of other games can check my instagram @ lemon_sugar_076