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Mini Golf MatchUp™

Mini Golf MatchUp™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok, so you guys need to get your act in gear on the physics of this game. 3 times in a row my ball took a jump on a flat surface and went out of bounds. Then when I hit it softer, it passes through the wall and goes out of bounds. What even are physics?
It is a great game with lots of potential. It has amazing holes and good graphics. The only problem is that the game keeps crashing after I finish a hole or tormament. Fix this and I will give u guys 5 stars
I decided, after 4 years of BS playing TWD:Road to Survival, to see if scopelys other games were as glitchy and bug ridden as RTS is. All I can say is that this game is typical Scopely. Hadn't played more than 5 minutes and it crashed...4 times in a row. This company is notorious for knowing about glitches and not giving a **** about fixing them....not to mention them skewing the odds in other games and lying about it. My advice...steer as clear as you can from all Scopely games. Uninstalling
This game has so much potential. Please add more stuff. It's the best mini golf game I have played. There is some drawbacks however, mostly the notifications. They don't work at all, not even on my Note 10+. As of September 2020, the game has not been updated yet. This game has soooo much potential but it's slowly gone down to waste...
each turn lasts about a minute, then I have to watch a 30 second advert every time. not any more. a good game totally ruined
I used to love this game, but now it is very glitchy and it force closes almost every single day. Also, it would be really great if you guys regularly updated it with new courses to golf on. The same ones year after year get super boring. I would think that you guys would introduce new courses every few months at the very least.
I had this game years ago and was connected to my facebook. resumed it and it's all still there.. only problem is that i can only access a little portion of all my contacts both phone and facebook. cant get it to change. I've tried resetting everything and still cant get it figured out.
After a few holes the game froze asking me to play a different game, I uninstalled, not impressed with editors choice
Way too many in app players, who are no challange to beat. Boring , names like " Friendly Monkey" ect and no real players who dont dissapear after one game, Totally imposible scores in the tourneys so not a competion at all just more wasted time
I've played 1,000's of this game. Haven't been able to play opponents, even ones I've played for 4yrs!! Don't have clue what's happened and help section is worthless to try and correct problem.
Aesthetically pleasing, addictive and relaxing. However the controls can be problematic: - long shots frequently cannot be aimed properly because the zoom function forces you either to not see where the shot is going or to not be able to bring the shot up to full power. - very small precise shots, i.e. to get around an obstacle, are impossible because the smallest shot possible is still too big, and because the precise power of the shot is so small its hidden by the user's thumb These two problems are particularly annoying on the pirate course. May I suggest dislocating the power and aim controls from each other? Nevertheless, very good.
Used to love this game so much now it's gotten quite boring I wish they come up with more different ways to have different games of golfing give us more scenes give us more coins on different games they really cut that out some make the game like it used to be it was one stop charging us for the league playing each other especially when it's on my game they all want to play me everybody. Is it really that bad to give us more coins in the game your score was 4
The wind and ball bounces are biased to whom the game predetermined it favors to win, you could out shoot and play your opponent but the game will short come you too allow the other player to win. Two players that are equal across the board shoot the same shot in the same conditions get two different ends of the spectrum of results. As well shots you have made in the same conditions on the board in previous games does not have even close to the same behavior, there needs to be some consistency.
I love it and all but the only reason I would give it 5 stars is if there was an offline version. Pls pls pls make an offline version.
If you weren't dizzy before the game you will be after couldn't control the run and kept losing the hole drove me mad
First of all it asked my location number and persanol stuff (I said no) 2 its wouldent go full screen and last but not least when I opened it it said back or settings and i said back and it sent me here and this is why im writing a reveiw btw if yur still reading download fortnite and use code Muselk in the item shop and buy some thing plz
screen needs to be optimizer for curved screens as it seems the game stretches outside of the edges of the screen and looks wrong
Its a very fun game but get easily bored. It would be fun if there can be more courses and i really dont like playing with bots i like a real challenge. it's annoying when the bots keep sending requests.
Good game, but the stupid music continues to play after I come out of the app. Plus, can't stop it in game.
after the tutorial, nothung worked. minimum ui features worked, but there was no way to play anything.
Fun game. I skipped a few star challenges thinking I could come back to them. Is there any way to get them back for more stars? And there isn't enough stars to unlock ALL the courses. But I do enjoy the game.
About a week ago the bot players stopped playing. The real players I played often never finish a game, so the bot players were the only games you could consistently finish.
This game would be so much fun if there was an option to play single matches without having to play with others and have to wait for there turn. Sometimes you just wanna play a game without having to wait on others.
Fun game. But where the heck did the tournaments go?! They've been gone for a few months now! Bring them back!!
Am refuzat sa joc cu un cont de mail sau facebook si a inceput sa o ia rasna acesta este bug ... si inca o problema ... dece va trebuie acces la agenda telefonica ... acess la mesaje si la foarte pulte ... in pula mea de handicapati
I love the game but have had lots of problems with it not showing the players I challenged and waiting for my turn to show up It doesn't show I started a new game with them, but my friends tell me they took their turn and I have 10 turns waiting! I was told to go to application manager to close out of it but don't see that option in there, so will try a hard shut down next. It doesn't let me collect my balls or coins and kicks me out after my turn, but I love the game and play it every day!
Biggest waste of time 4 any golf game. If u actually get past all the BS & play a round it's ok.. but that's few & far between.. I played 4 20min & only hit a ball thrice. Uninstalled & never ever looking back (.) No comment necessary from CS Dept. U guy's know what this z. Don't waste ur time.
When you install a game and it freezes after the first game and won't work again it's really not a great recommendation. Uninstalled.
Why does this app/virus need access to "make and monitor calls...my contacts....location....and storage"??????
You all have some kind of bug in the game. I have to force stop it in app settings after every time I play it cause if I don't it keeps prompting it failed or something
All of a sudden players (bots) aren't taking their turns! Are you all going to fix this or should I just uninstall it??
Constant baiting to get your details. Manage and make phone calls, texts, contacts, media and photos...then sign in with Facebook, your google account, make username...doesn't stop. Uninstalled within 5 minutes.
Asks for a bunch of permissions a stupid mini golf game doesn't need. Have to cancel out of like 5 or 6 screens to play solo. All for a fairly mediocre game.
I'm not sure what the crack is here? Are there CPU bots in this game? I find it extremely easy to win, this is not a brag but the players I play are so terrible I don't know whether they are real people or not. I've played 232 games and only lost 5 giving me a 98% win %. I enjoy the game as I feel as though I've pretty much mastered most of the courses and will often get 2-5 hole in ones per game. Am I just good and others terrible or am I playing CPU controlled bots?
Love it. Download it; fun stuff. There are ads, of course, since it's a free app, but they aren't often, and are of other games, which is better than watching a life insurance ad from Allstate.
Devs stop taking care of the game. There are more and more bugs every time I come back to this game and they haven't changed a thing in a long time. The bots are still always constantly hammering you with game requests and it takes longer and longer to load. Some courses that never used to have certain glitches now do like teleporting balls when they don't go where they are directed to. After all this time just make all the maps free already.
Great fun little golf game, would like more courses for free but can't grumble at the included courses and it's just me being a cheapskate.
Game used to run smoothly on my older phone, however, on my S10+ it now freezes constantly when trying to get into games.
Great game but it has a few issues that while not making it unplayable, do effect the gameplay and satisfaction enough to bring down what would have been a 5 star rating. Firstly, while the tutorial covers the basics, there are a lot of aspects of the game which need even just a brief explanation when you first encounter them before you can play efficiently but don't seem to have an automatic description pop up which means that regularly you find yourself tackling obstacles and challenges by trying to guess blindly what you need to do which causes in me the feeling of inadequacy. Secondly the Facebook friends aspect of the game is permanently left blank so I can't invite or play against any of my Facebook friends which also means I can't complete certain challenges. My third issue with the game is that whenever I try to invite anyone via SMS I receive a message telling me that the game has stopped unexpectedly although it is still running and removes the person I attempted to invite from my list while still not accepting that the SMS invite challenge has been completed. Last of all, while there is no option to change the graphics quality (which I can only assume is the cause of the issue) the game takes quite a while to load every new screen, while some screens (for eg, the end of play screen) don't load fully at all. This issue might be only irritating the first few times but it doesn't take long for it to slowly grind away at my patience and strongly reminds me of attempting to play basic games on windows 98 and having to wait for ages for each screen to load. All in all I would highly recommend this game as it is visually pleasing and entirely playable through each level while always giving the competitive side of you the option to improve on your scores. It is strategic and includes accurate physics. If these issues where addressed I think it would be unrivaled in it's genre.
I would score 5 stars if I didn't have to wait hours for the other person to have their go. How about an arcade option? Single player option that doesn't require playing 20 games or waiting for the other person. This isn't the first time someone has mentioned this
Question(?) Why is there no tournaments any more. Very frustrating. I've updated, uninstalled and installed again, nothing. This has happened before.
Was a great game for old devices. On new phones it constantly crashes and makes it unplayable Edit : with some android permission and process management tweaks I've managed to run the game. Wish it would be like that on default
Game used to be fun. Cant get a hold of anyone from support. They deleted the option to get help from the game maker. Generic help destroyed answers only. So many bugs and bots. Games stay in cue for months and profile pictures wont change. I'll be deleting this game.
Computer bots pretending to be real human players (you can spot them by predictable/generated names like BoldAntelope, ShyOstrich, HappyPanthera, etc.). These bots are too weak/low level. Please make the game more challenging!
This game is more for children because the graogics and wording are more child friendly. The resolution doesn't fit my Pixel 3 screen. You can't read some sentences because they are cut off.
Ok after about a week you all fixed the problem with the "Tourney" part of this game. It worked for one whole day! It is now not working again!!! It says "coming soon" once again. PLEASE fix this. And I will give this game 5 stars again.
fun gane but the app kicks me out every time i have to go back to the home screen and sometimes randomly...but game would be neater if you could earn different balls and maybe put a couple new courses?
I love the game but have had lots of problems with it not showing the players I challenged and waiting for my turn to show up It doesn't show I started a new game with them, but my friends tell me they took their turn and I have 10 turns waiting! I was told to go to application manager to close out of it but don't see that option in there, so will try a hard shut down next. Other than that and freezing up sometimes, I love the game! I play it every day!
Fun game, but limited on courses. Other courses are far too expensive to purchase on their own seperatly and the game continues to crash. Update is half a gigabyte, too much space consumed for a small game.
Seems very buggy lately; missing notifications, games that won't move out of 'your turn' when they're finished, bonus that can't be claimed. Still a fun game with cute graphics though. Some new courses would be a nice addition.