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Mini Golf 3D Classic

Mini Golf 3D Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by 5amStudios located at 2210 Tunnel Mill Rd Charlestown, IN, 47111. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't like PGA golf, but I love mini golf. It tests skills of physics and trigonometry. I also play snooker and pool that is similar in objective.😃
DON'T WASTE YOUR MEMORY DOWNLOADING THIS "GAME" Piss poor since you you gain a stroke for an error, played miniature golf in many places & NEVER once received a stroke for an error!!! Graphics are a F'KN JOKE as you're not able to even see the hole therefore you don't have any clue where to aim prior to putting, in all honesty I'd rather play with a rabid animal than the wanna be Mini Golf game!!! Not the least bit thrilled & you (developer) should be ashamed of your "creation"!!! UNINSTALLED
Game sucks. You line up for a shot it's always crooked plus you can't see the hole ahead of you sometimes you can't walk the course to see where you're going and the graphics just really suck in this game.
would've given 5 stars as I used to love this game. what happened with the frame rate? it used to be really smooth and clean. now it seems like 20 fps and jerky. hope its fixed.
It's a little hard but it's okay I can work with that kind of like that that stimulate the brain get my disability am I disabled to but thank you have a lovely day and God bless and Merry Christmas.
Great, because it's really fun and a well made game. But often the Par sign doesn't match with the scorecard.
The way miniature golf is supposed to be. Great graphics and scenery. Love the bird calls - very relaxing
Fun putt putt game. Realistic as far as putting on concrete covered with thin carpet. Easy on power meter...40%is solid hit to start and tap in is little power as possible.
there is no access to each hole layout! so, you're playing " blind ". This major oversight needs attention for a five star rating. other than that it's good fun. sorry, cb3
As far as basic mini-golf games go, this is a decent one, but not quite an Ace or Eagle. To me, there are two major issues. 1) There's no good way to tell how much power is needed on a given shot/hole other than trial and error. the "guide" for the direction of the ball barely covers 1 square of the green. - Note - I do understand you don't want to have the last dot be where the ball should stop, but long putts are virtually impossible to line up. 2) There is no real way to tell the slopes are on the greens, and sometimes the alternate camera views don't help. This is a fun game without a lot of the bells, whistles, and wildness of other mini-golf games... I just wish the aiming were a touch easier. On a side note, more google-play achievements would be nice. They are there for Aces, but birdies, rounds under par, rounds completed, an even max strokes per hole could all also be achievements.
A very nice game. At first look it may not sport the nicest graphics neither has it the most convenient controls (well, they are quite primitive and do not support swiping, only clicking buttons), I love this game for its simplicity, a healthy amount of ads, no bullcrap, no annoying forced multiplayer, only true simple classic Minigolf. Thanks, dev!
not an enjoyable game do to the power button not indicating the distance vs power and the lack of sight for the elevation
This game speaks "real miniature golf". So much fun and relaxing. I am 51 years old and been playing miniature golf for 45 years. Great game
Love this game so much. Control is spot on, holes challenging but not impossible, pretty scenery and birds! 😍 But...is it just me or on Course 3, hole #10, there's no way to get to the hole? If I'm missing it, please let me know, lol!
Like the new X-Ray effect so you can see the ball behind things now. Issue with ads coming back after using points to purchase no ads has been resolved. Thank you.
Just like real minigolf. Judge the distance. Determine how soft or hard you need to hit it. Stroke penalties for going out of bounds. Lots of well designed and challenging courses. And a few fun surprises like being able to hit balls back up tubes onto the upper level green just for fun.
30 second long unskipable adverts? That is a joke, and the poor game that seems to have been designed by a 5 year old is RELLY not worth it... This game is so pathetic its laughable!
Graphics good for low res. Dont like aiming or overpowered power bar. Obsticles are vert difficult to see. Holes have no graphic appeal. This progam has a feature most others dont have. A.full exit.
Of all the golf games I've looked at and there have been many, this one is brilliant. ! Works great. 5 stars. Thanks. Just did the upgrade. it's now hopeless. sound is too quiet and all movements are jerky. Have uninstalled. Preferred the previous version. Have removed 3 stars.
Great game. Wanted a mini golf game I could play by myself offline, and this is great for a free game. Maybe a little lacking in variety, but still a very fun way to pass the time. For everyone complaining about ads, it actually isn't bad at all. Maybe one thirty second ad every 18 hole course. Unless you hit retry hole. But there is a work around for that - - if you want a redo just hit home, save progress, and open the same course. It will bring you to that hole with 0 strokes used.
It just amazes me that the hills just pop up out of nowhere and the power button kicks on all by itself. That and when you hit the ball it defies the law of physics and gravity.
I like it! It's frustrating sometime but, it's challenging. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles which is another reason why I like it.
This is utterly ridiculous. On the very first hole, the hole itself cannot be seen. If there's a way to view it, it wasn't at all obvious. Turned out to be a complete waste of my time.
I played the first course in practice mode and was mortified when my score didn't add up. I took a screenshot where par was 42. I had 32 but the AI counted it as a 46 after the 9th hole. The power is a little on the weak side and camera doesn't have autocorrection when the ball stops moving (which would be helpful.) Other than that, the game is well designed and looks great. A good bonus is it's one of a few that don't require a Facebook login or match play.
Ads were annoying, but now that I've played enough to be able to dispense with them, gorgeous! Course details are nice and the ball physics seems accurate. Great game! 😊
Entertaining, however, the 30 second ads every play gets old quick. There were times when I was hit with two 30 second ads back to back. Oh, and you're rewarded for getting under the course score with.... Another 30 second ad!
The game isn't nearly as enjoyable since the latest "upgrade". The ball goes off the course way too easy or comes out of the cup. I used to play this frequently but now I think I'll remove it. Too bad a fun game was ruined
Good controls. Simple concept, challenging holes. Problem... I scored 25 Aces, but the achievement did not notice.
The game in general is good but I've never played any course that has the ball fall off the course and penalizes you second the graphics need work because there's times where the ball stops and you can't even see the ball on some of these courses
The course is very creative but the way you strike the ball makes it almost impossible to get energy and timing both right. Too frustrating. I'll try a different game.
It's a good first draft. Some holes are marked incorrectly (Par 3 is really Par 2, etc). Needs some better camera options (overhead where you can see the entire hole, a preview, etc). Better incentives for successful play would be nice. It's the same 5 points for finishing a course 18 under par or 50 over par. A hole in one should be 5 points. Birdies 2 points. Par 1 point. And 1 point for your total score under par.
The play is nice and the holes aren't stupid and gimmicky like a lot of other virtual games. These are realistic. although the power level goes up and down a little too fast for people like me to gauge when to hit it again.
Nice game like all the other cool minigolf games. But i dont like it, first of all you have to pay 10$ to buy gold coins and remove adds which i did, but then surprise, to restart the whole you have to watch an add, if you missclick the remove adds you pay extra 500g. Also controls are bad would have.been much better to slide with your fing to rotate or increase decrease power of shot then release and shot.
Literally more ads than actual gameplay. They're all 30 seconds long, they happen after every hole and if you try to restart and you cant skip them.
You're supposed to hit the ball into a tube that feeds right to the hole, but it either bounces out or misses the hole completely.. So 3 stars only..