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Mini Block Craft

Mini Block Craft for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Build Block Studio located at 200 W Ward St, Springfield, OH 45504. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is good but i want the author to add more guns like laser gun, sniper, pistol and machine gun i also want you to add moving vechicles which is cars and more. I also want you to remove when your in the clouds, it says come back! I was annoyed because i am curious whats in space and i want the app to have more people
I like it, its good but too many ads. I suggest playing offline cuz there are no ads and its much more enjoyable. =)
I really like the game! But I have some good ideas! And things you can fix? So everytime I press something over an ad. Can you fix that? And also can you make a survival mode and multiplayer mode??? It would be AMAZING!! Thanks!!
LOVE THIS GAME! I wish u could add more things tho, like food for horses and stuff BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: can u plz add things like sleeping? It is a shame that we cant! I LOVE THE FURNITURE! Great job, but still needs improvment!
Nice game πŸ‘ but It need some improve like , online and offline feature in mobile in this game , we can make our server and any one can join without any code or sign in, we can play with our friends so many maps like city, village, desert as your choise . This improvement will be good please do this improvement As your choice Please do this game more nice and we can type and speak also =mic in online. Thanks 😊
It's great I play that game was exelent and they can build houses greater game in the whole world not scary. Add a mode???? I kick the Bears and there attacking me. I Don 't have coins or bills on the gcash the minecraft I din 't install that. In the minicraft I said what is that I found a villagers have a house but so many villagers it is pause resume pause resume. My mom have a many coins and bills in the gcash. I am eating in the canteen the Bears get my food and I kill him. 🐷pigman.
It's a good game but i don't know how to put it on survival and it have some bugs you have to fix,when I'm in flying mode the floor turns blue or black and can you please add some more stuffs in the chest? And i hope it can play music cause when i open some music app it will eventually stop. Other than that it's so great and awesome. The big city is amazing! I didn't even know ypu can build something like that. So Five Stars! And please fix the bugs!
This game could be fun, I don't really know! The reason I gave a 1 star rating is because THE GAME NEVER STOPS LOADING! I can't give it any higher because I haven't even gotten to play the game!😑 If you can fix that one thing, then maybe my rating will go up...
This is scary but I was in the forest flying around, and there was just a random hole with spikes inside.Then, I found just another empty hole.They weren't like a mine, they were like a evenly dug hole. I don't think I'm getting this game again because I'm deleting it. Hope this gets fixed!! I ALSO DID NOT BUILD THE HOLE!!!! Other than that the game itself is great.
Great alternative to Minecraft and I use it on my pc with an emulator (like NoxPlayer). AND A LITTLE TRICK FOR ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS, THE GAME DOESN'T RUN ON INTERNET, SO IF YOU TURN YOUR WI-FI OFF ON YOUR DEVICE, YOU'LL LOSE THE ADS !! Only thing, you claim in the description a survival mode, where do you activate it ? And how do you put clothes on ? Maybe it would be better if you added a fly up and fly down button instead of having to face upwards to fly up… But apart from that, GREAT GAME !
Amazing πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ† but one thing I didn't like was when in the big city I passed a sign that says go at your own risk I went further than there and i had the beautiful furnitures in the chest but sadly I went into a hole with lava on both sides and I fell in the lava and lost all my furniture and couldn't get it back 😭😒so now I have deleted it and I'm downloading it back to see if it would work if it works I'll try not to go there again 🌞
This was a good game and I like it. But i give only 4 stars because in this game, there will be a lot of ads appear. And also it's an big city and it is impossible to live alone in the big city. So the next updates, you want to bring a human spawner. I wish you can do it. But also it is not boring game. It is a very very good game that I have ever seen. In Mini block craft We can make new new houses, buildings, furnitures, and new new modern things and home. this is a copy of minecraft.
😎 ❀️ I have to say that I love the graffics of this game. The buildings are incomplete and you will have to fix it yourself to complete. Everything about this game is so awesome that you would like to try. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†β€οΈβ€οΈBut there is one thing if you are using a Bmobile goodluck with the networkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜±
Worst, It is just copy of Survivalcraft. Nothing is there in this game No NPCs, No Portal, No survival mode, no multiplayer, We can't ride horses,we can't do fishing, can't do farming, we can't even sleep also. Just have to build, build and build nothing else. Its my suggestion, guys don't download this game.This game is fake Minecraft. And creator also doesn't respect our opinion and also doesn't add anything in updates.The creator is very rude.The game should be removed from play store.
It would be better if it added the spawning of humans and animals in it, because the city looks too quiet. At least , this is a good game and I like it. Thanks.
This is not the coolest thing I've ever played because 1. You can't sleep 2. WE'RE IS THE CATTT 3. you can't have a pet because the wolf.. when the moon comes wolf into wired wolf that stands SOOO when you go home at the night your pet has become a wolf that is... there is some wolf that can't stand. but in minecraft is more coolest than this 4. the windows 5. Your lonely in that game...
Good game. One thing. There should be multiplayer. In the night, I get scared because there's no person around me. It feels like something in the game is watching the player(Walter). You should add a mode where players can join your games and you can join theirs. That's the full explanation of why I'm requesting you to add multiplayer. 9/10! It's a copy of minecraft, but you'll still like it. Have a great time playing it, reader of this message!
I LOVE THIS COPY OF MINECRAFT its so easy to skip ads and there is furniture!But it could use an improvement instead of just having furniture in the world "Big city" it should be in all of the worlds.Also I want multi player option.Thats why I rated 4/5 stars.Anyways I love the game, I would love to see these updates soon
Very nice game It's amazing if u ask me D graphics are dope and so re d animals I'm yet to discover how to use a cloth tho And more dan half d furnitures re gone Also I would really appreciate it if yu could add a wheel or something, so we can be able to make carts and cars And we also need other humans too Apart from d problems listed above The game is parrrfect❣️✨
Not a bad one! I've been testing "fake" mincraft apps and this is the best one so far!! The controls are hard but other than that! good game tbh!!
I love the game so much very much I have so much fun on the game and I'm sure it's not the game I think I have a problem but it shouldn't have too many ads for the yin I think that it will help to keep your hair dry in a strong way as it can help to reduce your pain in your body as you are not sure how much it will affect you if your skin has been damaged and you can get a lot more of your weight and it is important that your skin can get better if it will not heal the skin or your game.
Everything is good with this game. Ads no problem. Just off your connection. But there is one thing. A Villager spawns are the only lacking thing. Of course it's a big city, it's too lonely to live there alone, without other people. It's so much better if there are villager around the city. Please if you'll be able to see this, I just want one thing for this game to be better, A VILLAGER SPAWN. Thank you.
i see some whales when i was treviling the sea but when i open my inventory no whales in my inventory i can see many rare creatures or mobs in the sea and fow of them in land but i cant spwn them -_- this makes the game very boaring . When i say boring i think you should add multyplayer mode so we can play it with friends anyways i would give you 5 stars but because of this reason -_-
I love this game ,but like pls add people It's really impossible to be alone And there is to many ads But other wise it's a great game kills the boredom and makes u creative This game can actual help u built ur own [real life] house .
This app is most i like of them all I'm addicted already.infact I'm giving 20 minute's to 4 grand children who are highschool already so that i can go back play without interaction.anyway i have 1 powerfully grandchild that can stop me and replace me as always....by the way there is one sudjestion? but not a demand. that why i always try finding updates of this game so that may be they will add more.. .(..reach high...wide clear area...)
Amazing game I love you guys so I gave you five stars and please don't judge me because I have a complain-the world big city you know I lost the city but i still have the world. Can you please fix it? I don't care about the ads. Your games are awesome byeπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.
I love the game OMG it has ad's it's annoying but i just turn of my wifi and BAM!!,it stops the add plus it's slightly better than minecraft because it uas additional things such as: sink,toilet,etc.β€πŸ˜‰,everyday i play this game for only 2 hours after my online classes so i do love this game.too bad people can't play with you but it's ok.πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜Š.
I thank the creator of this game it is just so amazing but my only problem with it is the is no population they are No mobs to fight against even the forest is not dangerous and please make us capable of wearing clothes driving airplanes and having working ships and please add population especially In big city please if these possible changes are done I will surely draw two more stars near the fived star πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
This game is nice and interesting, but it is scary, you just be hearing all manners of wild animals voices at night like wolf and bear. And it a one character game with out multiplayer. And the bear scares me alot like climbing the house am building and i just take the Game back because am afraid it will attack me.
i hate this game because one day when i went to all my words they had no names so i clicked on one and i went to my house and it was gone because mini block craft crach. so read this befor you get the game.this game has a lot of ads and its so slow thats why im giveing it a one star. :(
Just awesome game,that's like minecraft but in single player and no monsters attack you.Also you can build a house anywhere.But the animals have a problem is :when you click on them they start to attack you,and that's funny.Thanks egg-cellent game
This was a very good game. Avoid those bad comments for this game. It was an very very good game. In this game you can make your own house and building and more. This game is more better than minecraft. First time i also think it was an bad game and now I realize that it was an good game. In this game you can build modern house, furniture and more. But only one problem in this game there will be a lot of ad.
This game is REALLY good.the only bad things is all the ads but if you turn off your internet there is no ads.The best thing about it is the world id SO big!!!!I LOVE IT
Sense I can't play Minecraft cause my tablet doesn't have the right version than I found this game like 2 years ago and it was the best and it still is. Could you also stop the ads it so much I cant even click x when it shows an ad. I would have to leave the game and reset it and than it happens again.
This is really scary. You can abuse animal in mistake. But the problem is the the animals abuse me again. Dont install this game. It actually good but scary. And th e furniture will be all gone. And animals even fight and one dies and the murderer eats the meat. I hate this game....
It is a fun game I can build anything I want I gave it 1 star because there is a huge bug one time I exited a game and opened it again when I got in the world I saw only black could move build or break I only saw a black screen and I have been building on that world for 4 weeks. I made a new one a few days later build in it for 2 weeks then exited about 2 hours past I enter the world again and same thing couldn't move build thow people mch break nothing please help me with this bug.
Yes, this is a really fun game but, Every time i get out the the inventory (or Item picker thing?) An ad apears instantly after or a few seconds after which is very annoying, but even so; it's a great game.
It's the best copy of Minecraft, I think is better than Minecraft. I have an answer for you Finn Gumball, First you can desactivate internet and mobile data for no ads. The last 2 problems, first, yes is bad that you only have 2 characters and last, you can only have a pet in a little room, and another in an another room. Anurag Sharma, first, the game is offline. The only solution is that the developers make a mode of only player and a mode of multiplayer.
I had no experience😭 because the freaking loading is taking forever! please fix the loading there's a bug in the loading part please fix it. (Sorry for saying freaking I just got carried away btw I gave it 1 star cuz of the bug😑)
This game is good graphic. I can craft a house. I can catch the animal for my house. And this game is offline. But I can't get more world. I only get two world. Zyblocky and Bigcity. And i only give four star. Thank you πŸ€—
This game is so cool! But it's not that good..1 if we could wear clothes and change our Avatar..2 if there could be people around us and we can meet them online...3 there should be no annoying voice of that wolf or whatever...4 please add some realistic features like if we click the chair so we could sit on it and so on.... Otherwise good πŸ‘πŸ»
It is really fun!!I like the way you can make furniture and build houses but can you add more furniture and like we can meet our friends there cause it's kind of odd staying in such a huge city with no one there but you. Can you also put clothes on because the clothes section is kind of useless because we are not even able to use it but its a good game though thank youβ™‘
Good but too many ads. Examples: Play a world, BOOM! An ad to the face! Open then close the creative interface, BOOM! Another ad! Pause the game two times in a row, BOOM! Yet another ad! I doubt this'll ever be fixed, because as another person said about a different game, game developers are just greedy ad loving morons. And apparently you're one of them.
The game is nice to play but the problem is that there are no one to talk with the player and move in city or stay in houses there is only animals which harms us and can not be stay in our build houses .so I think that game should be develop or update by the new peoples like more men and women so they may move to houses and stay in houses .
This game is super fantastic! I love it!β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ And for the ads who don't want to have ads in the game just turn off Wi-fi or Mobile data and you haven't more ads in Mini Block Craft 3d!
The best of my part is only on your game! Mini Block Craft is amazing by seeing it i got happy but when I didn't know its name I got sad and then I found a game like this one and its pictures are like the game you makeed I also got its name and I send the Google "mini block craft" and it came 5th picture and I got your sweetest game!!!!!
Why is it lagging when I put 100 bomb and explode it???? And there is all lot of glitch why do you not fix the errors By: Zenzen Paradewa Tanggal: Feb 14 Fix all
It was actually a really good game. But the only problem for me is that there were no orange color blocks. I hope that you guys could put more colors but it's actually a really good game. It is similar to Minecraft but you can do less things in it. I built my own attack on Titan World in there too. Great experience!
Omg i love it you have everything better than block craft but i think block craft is fun too oh but the problem is when ever i close inventory in mini block craft there is always an ad please fix it but it is nbd which is no big deal if you can't fix the problem it's nbd but otherwise i think it is the best game EVER i will give this a 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ i love it . i also like the animal sponer lol πŸ˜‚
This game is good. But it have a little problem. When we go in treasure option. But it has no furniture. Please add some furniture and some new gadgets. That is why I am giving only 2 star.
Wow, it's so cool, you can make or build houses and it is so relaxing, the controls and more is really good, thank you for making this game for us. I really recommend this game, and... It's free! You don't needed to connect to a Wifi to play this game! Thank you so much again.😊
This game is a good but the only thing wrong is the ads like I have to play offline if I want to play without ads it needs to be updated but good game
Hello there you see it is a cool game but make a creative and a survival option. Also make a place where we change our cloths add more furnitures and another world. Hope the game creator fixes it but anyways cool game! Anyway add blocks also like minecraft lantern and also a command block. Make a multiplayer mod too. Also this is type of creepypasta. I just generated a random world called bear park. And the world looked weird trees were cut and there were gigantic holes with spikes.
I would give this 5 stars but there isn't any option whatsoever for a survival game mode. There isn't even any options or settings menu they I can find. So unless I'm missing something it seems to be creative mode only... Anyway this game is still very fun and has some cool features that even minecraft can't compete with. Add a survival mode and this game would be amazing
It's a great game in all but the adds are annoying. I just finished my house and an add came up and it wouldn't let me press 'close'. if u could get rid of some adds it would be a better game . Please take this review and update the game with less adds. (ΰΉ‘`βœͺΜ€β—‘βœͺΜ€)β—žαƒ¦Τ΅Υ°Ι‘Υ²Ζ˜Υαƒ¦ ❀
This app is great on my tablet but freezes and closes on my laptop with is really weird. It also saves progress but not to the very last second prob up to the last 3 mins. Anything you did in that very instant it freeze try to remember progress if this is your problem.
The heck when I played it looked nice but when I flied I saw the sky was like glitch then I started to realize that NO no glitch the game is ruin when I went a little higher I saw the floor being glitchy and then the world crashed this is a awful game don't download this game
I rated this game a one star because when i open the app, nothing happens. It's just the loading page. I downloaded this game a long time ago and had that same issue as now. I'll keep trying to see if it works and hopefully it will.
It takes forever to load. I was sitting there for 20 minutes. My wi-fi is perfect and It keeps on saying Loading. . . So Im gonna see if it actually works. -,-
This app is amazing from the graphics to the offline mode!!! The only time issue is the ads but just turn off your Wi-Fi for no ads. For the people who made this game awesome job keep making more games. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
It does not have survival if we break or throw a item/block we don't get it back and no monsters we can't even where armor/clothes but the game is fun pls update and no people/villagers and we can't join others game and! there is no portal to make and no pets
I didn't even get to play the game! I was on the loading screen for about an hour! I would give this game a better rating, if I could've played the game. I'm disappointed because the games that this company makes are usually great, or at least accessible.
I would give it 5 stars but there are some bad things. First off the controls are hard to control a bit. Second, the timing of noon,night,dusk echt. are Abit off. And the materials are hard to know cause they have no names a bit hard to differentiate. But on the other side, the game is good. The graphics are good but it can only be creative not survival. I hope the creators fix some of these problems.
Great game but the controls are such a pain , love how much eggs there are but I can't spawn any animals also my avatar is very creepy I've only downloaded the game today and I love the furniture also if you can add villagers please :-) other than that , great game! Also the other thing was I was really creeped out that it asked for my location if I get kidnapped it's BCS of this game 😫
I love this game alot its like the reall minicraft, but I got β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… stars because there are some eggs for animals, but there is no egg for human in the game so im sad about that but its still fun, but if you guys fix that problem every boudy will be so happy- and thanks β™‘β™‘β™‘ γ€ŠΒ€:/:)》
So when I was building my house i was looking for furniture and when i found it no Furniture appeared so i left the app and tried again but the furniture still didn't show up Please fix my problem I would rate 5 stars if that didnt happenπŸ™
Its just the only building game suited for this phone i guess... But it is pretty cool. You have the mobs that almost do not bother when you are building. There are also a lot of things that we can build with. That is all I can think lol.
This app is really cool! there are so many options and resources, that the possibilities are virtually endless! the graphics are very good, and the game runs very smoothly, at least on my device. there are so many different blocks in this game too, which gives you plenty of options. my only complaint: controlling where you go is rather difficult in enclosed spaces, like buildings. over all, awesome game! Also, if you are having trouble with pop-up adds, just turn off the Wi-Fi!
It's a good game i love it you can do all things:) but there are so much ad and you can't have a pet and you please add pets and more animals and if you put water you can't erase it please repair this problem and make a new update and make another citys and make big city more big and make the big bridge πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š
This game is so cool. But it so pretty boring to the only one in the city so when the people who created this game I have requests 1. Please can there be other people in the city 2. Can we choose a car just like the boat but it should change or it could be both 3. Can we please have a map 4. Can there be roads 5. Can there be people when you want to get an apartment
i love this game. my mom wouldn't let me buy minecraft and minecraft trial is just a bad game. things you should change: 1. after we die we don't lose our furniture(after you die you lose your furniture) 2. after we delete the game and redownload the game is restarted.(after i accidentaly bomb big city, i redownload it and guess what, the big city is still under bomb). maybe you can make an update hope we will like itοΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½
I like the game but I give you four stars because you don't add modes like survival mode and you don't add monsters too like zombie that comes at night while you are in survival mode AMD skeleton but not shoot arrows because it will be a huge rip-off of Minecraft just make skeleton damage and please add more animals like fox and add giant spiders (it's not important too add giant spiders)
Very very good game fix the bugs and put in villager spawner please because your using animal as a villager and make it so you can play with real players it will be super cool if you add that in the game please and I think it will take years for me to make this kinda game please put a villager spawn egg and make the game so you can talk and play with real guys please this is the first my favourite game and it is still my favourite game