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Minesweeper Pro

Minesweeper Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Mindware Consulting, Inc located at 302 South Kitchell Ave., Suite E Olney, IL 62450. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's ok, there are FREE Versions you can play that have more features, this is pretty basic for a "Pro Version" ...
Great App. I get to play minesweeper without ads. It's fun, it's simple, it's great on battery life. Excellent way to pass time and have fun!
Decent version of the Windows classic. Switching flagged and unknown is a bit cumbersome. Graphics are simple, but does the job. Nothing ground breaking, but it's free and no ads or privacy invasion.
Tile definition is very good unlike other minesweeper games. But would very much like to be able to reset games played to zero and reset scores.
Why on EARTH is this called androidx.multidex.MultiDexApplication by the Android system rather than Minesweeper Pro? To make it more difficult to uninstall? Very sloppy programming at the very least!
The worst verison of Minesweeper I have ever played. Only bought it for the ad free aspect. You can not zoom in, change the number of mines or have a field of play larger than the screen. Extermely limited in the diffuclty of play since you can not change its size, mine numbers or anything really. Would not recommend to anyone
Personally, i think it's great for beginners. Back when i first started played Minesweeper, i was a total noob, but this game helped me get better!
I have no clue why I am addicted to this app, but I am. I'm guessing it's because as a kid I'm sure we all played it, but I could never figure it out, but now I race through them trying to beat my previous scores.
It's minesweeper, plain and simple. You can set difficulty, grid size, and pick classic style or light or dark themes.
Great Game, except No sound, no options to change, and annoying vibration is poor excuse for sound. Glad I downloaded it during sale of $0.00. Waste of money if I bought it.
How about an option to disable full screen? I need to be able to keep my status bar visible while I'm awaiting for various notifications.
Giving 1 star because it says "Connecting to Google play" followed my loading icon making the game unplayable. Once fixed, I'll give it 5 stars.
Its a solid implementation of the classic game. It has mutiple control schemes so you can manually flag mines or long press.
it's fun. The downside is that when you're down to a couple of bombs you can guess where to place mines & if you get it right it will end the game so rather than taking a risk you can keep swapping where you put them until you win
Nice game old but gold ! But the best players are cheaters on the hardest to make 14k point you need to do it in less than 30 seconds so ... I doubt you can find 62 bombs on 13*23 in less than 30 seconds if it's possible i would like to see it with my owns !
The help section would greatly benefit from additional information, strategies on how to win and tips.
Minimum long tap delay of 200 is too slow. Could there be options for 100 and/or 150? Too many times, I have pressed for not quite long enough, which explodes a mine. I would rather a false positive - long tap flag where I mean to reveal (harmless) - than a false negative, which immediately loses the game. In a timed game it makes sense that you want to be as quick as possible. I will up the review score if faster long tap delays are added, as the game is solid and true to the original.
Good, though not sure it's any better than others. After all, there's not much to it. It plays well & it's fast & easy to change settings, though I don't know what the differences between difficulties are; generally, difficulty in Minesweeper is managed by grid size. Achievements were very easy, but it's not stated how you actually get them, & I only got the "win" ones after winning multiple times. Finally, I may be wrong, but it feels like there's more guessing required than in other versions.
A beloved classic puzzle game that's beautiful in it's simplicity yet still thrilling. I feel the sense of danger as I open the tiles, trying to balance logic against time for a good score. Very enjoyable!
First off let me say I am not a fan of Minesweeper. I got this when it was on sale. Anyway, the game is very well designed. Plays well, runs smoothly, and looks much better visually than the PC Windows version. If you like Minesweeper this a great version and I would recommend getting it.
I frowned at having to pay for this, but did it anyway and don't regret a thing. It's exactly what I needed, and the quality explains why it's not free (also doesn't seem to be a freemium, so the 2 dollars up front might be the only income the game makes)
It is what it says it is. Touch controls are ok and allow you to change the hold time which is nice. Still feel unresponsive compared to mouse. it's nice it has a 'dark' mode but it's not dark enough in my opinion. My main complaint about this game is that it is a bit too easy and it would be nice to have an option to make it a bit harder with smaller squares especially on larger devices.
Would enjoy seeing an update where mines are generated after first click as opposed to before to eliminate having to lose on first click every game. Opening a box first click is just a nice QOL change.
works good, a hassle to change between hitting boxes and placing flags, kiddesh celebration noise after winning. wish there were more achievements at least, maybe adding a level section. the achievements dont work, only real reason to play for me, so...
love it, but I wish that there was an explanation on how points are awarded. when I have a sub 3 minute game on expert, with the smallest tiles, I sometimes get fewer points than if I have a 3 minute game on advanced. Also, it seems that no matter how well I do, I can't get over 3.5k points, but the best score is over 9k.
It could be a cool minesweeper game, but it fails in the most fundamental thing: the level generation. In other minesweepers, the level starts after you first search for a mine, in such a way that almost always it is a blank space. In this game, though, more often than not you start with a 1, or a 2, and nothing else, and you just can try to guess until you uncover multiple blanks and can really apply the logic that defines the game. When this is fixed, I'll gladly change the review
A good Mobile Version of the Classic. The Gameplay is smooth & good. It also records your Top scores, for comparison. Google Play Sync is a little Troublesome, requiring you to log in everytime. Achievements are worth a Ton & All easy to earn!! I spent Significant time on this game trying to polish up my skills & to get those achivements. I would appericiate if the Flag tile is customizable (Too boring & old), add a little bit innovation! Try if u like Classics! (Achivements worth playing)!
Worse minesweeper ever, its okay if you play it in tablet, but it suck when u play it on your smartphone. It doesnt have zoom function so the size of your screen determine how far u can play. i'll give it five star if u can fix this.
A game experience very close to the classic Windows game. The app had some bugs - I discovered one myself - but the developer was prompt in fixing them. A very pleasant game for those who miss the old school mind game.
its classic minesweeper with no ads or microtransactions. it runs beautifully and the controls are very simple and easy to use. if you like minesweeper this is a well made version that should be high up your list.
This game is simple, you just play minesweeper. There is different settings, it just looks a bit bad.
Nice graphics but gameplay is far too basic. Not worth the app cost. There are much better versions out there if you don't mind adds. Hopefully someone will create a better add free version soon.
The game is good, but the scoring is off. For instance, I had a time of 2:39 with a score of 2863 and a time 3:31 with a score of 2863. What gives??
Intrusive timer that can't be hidden, bugs you to rate it repeatedly even if you select "never" - which is why it loses 2 stars. Devs need to learn that is not okay. Not a good amount of board sizes available.
It's an interesting game. But I would rather like to have the option to change the number of mines in the field either on the game settings or directly on the numeric field allotted to it. Waiting for the update. Thanks.
No ads, no in-app purchases, no internet connection required. Perfect. The best version of Minesweeper on the Play Store
Plays fine, but the game booster at the bottom blocks the gameplay so I couldn't see the bottom row of tiles. There wasn't any clear way to disable it. Uninstalled.
dont pay for this, there are free alternatives. luckily it was on sale for free and I played a round just to put this review here
A bit too easy and for some reason the cell size is affected by android font size which is irritating. I got the ad free version and it is nice to not get bothered by the ocational blips. edit. still not hard enough
I play between the most difficult and the custom max depending on my mood. The randomization is very well mixed. There are no repetitive combinations to simply learn. Very well done.
I love your custom skill lever and block size. I run and type C OTG witih the wireless mouse. Love Minesweeper Pro
I LOVE this game!! Sometimes you have to take a chance and give it your best guess, but to me this adds an element of chance. I have spent a couple hours playing straight through on my Asus pad. Running great. The game is addictive. It's great!!
It's a great app. No complaints. UI is clean and simple. Unfortunately the game is a bit simple as once you learn the logic it becomes too easy. Still it can be mildly challenging at times.
When you long press a tile, it should "depress" all the surrounding tiles so you can see at a glance the remaining un-flagged tiles. At least that's what the original game did. This one doesn't. Not as pretty a board as the one other minesweeper app I've played, but acceptable.
Gotten very buggy since the update. Whenever you return to the app the map you're playing on and the map the software perceives is different, leading to situations where '1' is adjourning 3 mines, et al. Difficulty has gotten lower as well, with the number of mines in a map decreasing. Frankly speaking, a needless and self-sabotaging update.
Absolutely love this app. The point system is a little strange, but it doesn't hinder the gameplay at all. You can customize the theme, size, and hold-tap timing to fit your personal taste, and no ads!! I was able to get the game for free, but $1.50 is a steal. I very much recommend this app to any minesweeper enthusiast.
Flag button needs to be bigger and further away from game button. Keypress is too slow. Annoying "tap here for help"
Without a doubt one of the best minesweeper games out there. A lot of customization options available to try and test out, definitely worth giving a try.
Good game but there has been a recent bug with the s8+ where when u lock the phone while midgame and reopen the phone, an extra layer would pop up on the bottom and u can uncover the mines without exploding them. Would appreciate a fix.