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Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG

Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A great game, I have spent well over 10 hours straight in this game and it can get a little bit frustrating at times but it is typically still fun to advance farther.
Great graphics I think it would be cool if you could make a beacon/map of where lots of resources you have found and being able to put maps together in a building or home.
The game itself is good. Story is okay. But it has many bugs. Control is really bad. Sometimes you really want to throw your phone cz your control freeze.
I love the game so much I just want a way to buy bars and cut items with a form of in game currency that you could get by selling items or doing a quest otherwise great game I highly recommend it good job
Nice game but I still dont fully understand it the game and what are your objectives should be explained more properly
So i had this when it was free. But i changed devices and when i came to download again. Had to buy it, and start all over. Good waste of time
I've only played for a bad 2 hours And so far I haven't found a map so getting loste is going to be a big issue
I find it super interesting just to find out what's waiting for me at the bottom keeps me playing but fun just to explore
Come on guys stop with the mediocre updates and innovate!!! Bring a new game a new story line or add new things to the game! This game has so much potential and is just being wasted away.
The game would be better with out forced ads Especially for crafting and to honest the contols are junk because it is a floating joystick and it the sane for shooting and the jumping is bs whwn you can see the buttons at all here is my true honest review for you and ads should be used for a reward system
The game is great and fun, but you have to remember to save your game. But I also don't know how to 100% the game I don't know what else is needed.
Wrote you a couple of mails requesting a refund about and order that was charged and the app crashed, about a week ago. The money is gone and no items, and as of today, still no answer.
Great game! It works wonders with my Razer Kishi controller. Would have given it 5 stars but requiring a separate purchase to remove ads rather than having one purchase of any kind remove them is a cheap money grabbing tactic.
I was like "ill be a nice person and rate the game". But then i forgot to hit the save button and i lost a bunch of progress. So just hit the save button before you lose progress.
The controls are so buggy on Xperia ZX1 that it's unplayable. Every second touch of the virtual D-pad (left one) is ignored. Please look into this and reply. Also, it's extremely grindy.
Fun and chill digging and exploring game. You get used to the controls pretty easily, although shooting is a bit janky especially when flying. The graphics and sound design are nice as well and most upgrades feel like a good amount of progress. Free game, no waiting times no necessary IAPs so far. Only 2 things to complain about: the inventory bin feels really small, even on the last update, and the unskipable 30sec ads when clicking a building, nobody's gonna play with wifi on like this.
This game was great. It really was. I played the heck out of it a couple years ago. I just downloaded it again. The past three times I've saved the game and then came back to it all my progress is lost. The game is broken and unplayable because of this. I'm uninstalling and giving one star until it's fixed.
Love the game i wish there were more like I wish there's a thing where I can move robots to the surface or to a easily accessible place
I think it's a very good game but it was a little glitchy for me but I don't know if it'll be so glitchy for you.
game is great but lots of bugs. controls sometimes do not respond immediately. and there's a delay in moving or shooting. screen size doesn't match. can't see the item picked up. I'm using oppo r17 pro, android 10. is ther a map or at least bigger inventory?
I played this before like a year or two ago, and for some reason my purchases are missing and cant be found. I don't know if there is some sort of way to do some sort of online saving or something because I'd love to go back to having the drill and the resources I paid for.
A damn good game. Been looking for a mining game that I can play to kill time. This is probably the best I've played in a long time. Good job, developers.
I would suggest a way to make the graphics better for those who have higher end devices,and maybe a little more help with the storyline. The only major problem is everytime you go into a building you get a ad but its not too bad. But overall this is a very good game and would highly recommend especially if your a person that likes mining games.
Very fun game just gets a little hard to conserve fuel, with how you use the jump it should allow a jump button to jump
i have a complaint about this game. after 1 hour of progress i closed my phone. the next game all my progress was gone! pls help me thank you but so far in my experience this game is good!
I like to get into it, but man the controls just ruin it for me. In the begin there were floating joysticks which were buggy. You even saw the joystick pointing in a direction and the character didnt move at all . Now the floating joysticks are gone, which is a bit better. If i want to shoot; i jump and if i want to jump , i shoot. Hahaha
The only thing I would encourage the developer to add is Google cloud save. Otherwise great game, though the controls take getting used to (on a small screen it can be hard to aim because your fingers get in the way). I reinstalled it recently and have been playing it for a few hours already. The sound effects and music are really nicely done.
The ads are really long, longer than for the rest of the apps on my phone. It gets annoying and makes my close downt the game. Its a cool game tho
Im really enjoying the game, only have very "miner" complaints. The controls are a little sensitive/wonky. If i move my thumb up even just a fraction I start flying and the jump "button" doesn't have a defined area to press. As for story, it's a little slow to start and a little confusing. Plus I think i accidentally ran into some advanced dialog? They started talking about me having spoken with WEAPON and i have no clue what they're talking about. Other than that, its a very fun game 😁
It's fun! I love the game! It could be cool if you add multiplayer.. but still best game ever!! I like how the ads are short and somtimes it's funny seeing your self flying like a fly inside of a house instead your the fly! I hope I can get a free weapon OWO
This game was soooooooooo good..... Apart from the week ending, but still the beginning and the gameplay is so good and it's such a well created game, and it is of course replayable and you can play it as much as you want it's very good and the storyline is also kind of good but a little bit in comprehensible but still good. Nice game
Very good and fun game but when the game is reloaded it doesn't work properly. When viewing the teleport map, it's too much to the right side and so does the jump "button". Make an optimization for Sony Xperia 1, please
Really good game, but the ads are really annoying as well. I don't mind games having ads because it's a way to bring in income, but there should be a choice whether you want want to watch it or not, so you should be able to exit the ads straight away instead of waiting until it finishes. This has spoilt TV he flow off the gameplay for me and It's for this reason why I only play the game when I'm really really bored.
Good mining game except my only issue is that my game did not save and I had to restart. It's probably my fault for exiting but I haven't seen any save options..
Very interesting game, though you need to manually save or it loses your progress, the only problem I've run into so far
Ok after playing the game for a while I have come to realize that it's bad u get dropped in a huge flipping world with no map why it that bad u ask well its a mineing game and when u start to get the rare materials like ruby u are going to find a hell of time getting your way back up what's worse is you also have to watch your fuel if the developers see this make a map please we NEED A MAP PLEASE and dot tell me I can upgrade the jet packs I would run in the same I got lost problem
The game is good but the story is short I finished the game in 1 and a half days because I played non-stop and also please make the auto saving more often because it sucks when you already have a drill then BOOM it's gone
Redundant. A lot of working for nothing back and forth. No mapping. Weak flying ability. Shame. Coulda been a hit
I actually really enjoy how the games story goes and collecting stuff. But everytime I play this game I always forget to save the game and it starts all the way over!!! I was already so far in the game and it brought me all the way to the beginning
The only thing that i dont really like about this game is that it can be repetitive with its mining. There isn't much dialogue in between mining that its easy to lose interest. But if you have some patience, this game can be pretty worth it in the end.
Interesting levels, decent graphics. Just wish I new what I was supposed to do after defeating last boss. Now seem to be invisible! Frustrating!!
Great Job... I've seen this game alot and always just past it up. But I figured I'd try it and I really like it. Wish I would have tried it before now.
Can you please fix the black screen cause I love the game but the black screen keeps coming over and over again so I can't play so please fix that I really love the game
I played this game some time ago. Back before the mandatory ads were so prevalent. Since you don't get a reward for watching the videos, you'd just close the ad right? Sorry, you cannot close the ads. This game forces you to pay to stop the stupidly annoying ads. Uninstalled.
So far it's a very enjoyable game if you are willing to grind, but the controls are unpredictable adding a jump button and maby a button to activate the jetpack would be extremely helpful as it stands you cannot effectively manage your fuel. Great game thus far tho
Honestly this is a pretty good game, the graphics are good. And there's no problems with it. Keep up the great workπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Great game, and very addicting. The story is very interesting, and I like the crafting system. However, I don't like intrusive ads that you can't skip; it's annoying and players likely wouldn't download a game being forced on them. I would suggest adding a coordinate system to keep track of certain places you would want to get back to. The game takes place in the future, so it would make sense for that mechanic to exist. There should simple way to switch between the pick and gun.
I've seen many mobile games like this that show great promise but end up screwing it up with Internet or high performance requirements, but this game delivers. The music is nice, the gameplay is nice, the story is nice too (Sometimes even funny), but overall there are small things that must be worked on. Ive played up to what i can assume was the first boss and from my experience thus far is that the jump mechanic is a lil finicky (End up accidentally exiting the game cause the jump button is so close to the edge of the screen), the story could use more dialogue but that's my opinion (referring to voice acting and journal feature), I feel like more things should be added, while keeping it simple cause the game could turn rather bland very quickly. It's walking on a rope while balancing itself. Right now given my first impression I love the game, it's up to the developers to decide whether this game sinks or rises.
Wacky control, no real objective or quest, keep crashing for no reason, no automatic save This is a good game, and if you could maintenance and develop this would be great I gave you 1 star, because app got crashed 6 times in a row less than 10 minutes!!!
Love this guy, theres literally just one problem, it's a very big open world game and well you can get lost pretty easily while exploring and it's hard to find your way back to the portal without a MAP, please add like a mini map that shows wee the portal back is.
I would give it 5 stars but the controls are kind of sketchy. There should just be a set control spot for movement and shoot rather than a floating area. EDIT. Game is stuck. Cant portal back to surface. Tried for 45 min. I will be uninstalling this game now. Just too many bugs and is currently unplayable. Devs need to do SERIOUS work on this. Very disappointed as it seemed like it was going to be a fun game with a good story line. Shame.
Great game I started playing this game about 3 years ago but haven't been back on it for a bit more than a year so I have missed some updates. IF you want to block the adds just turn your WiFi off. Yeah There were some glitches with the portals on occasion and a few times finding one mineral was difficult because there wasn't enough available to mine but you could get enough at the cauldron up at the top by trading As many times as I played the game it's always different shooting robots is funny
It's a good game with a fun plot and I would definitely play it more often if it worked. Every time I play, there's always some bug that halts gameplay (No respawn after death, Portal doesn't work, joysticks stuck, etc.) Sometimes a simple save & exit and restart fixes the problem, but other times there doesn't seem to be a solution and I'm forced to stop the game and do something else. Please fix this! If the issues are ever resolved please reply to this review so I can change it to 5 stars.
Played this game and beat it a long time ago, decided to pick it up again, I don't know what the devs did but it's a lot more buggy and glitchy than it used to be, teleporters would spawn in the ruins, the most expensive teleporter spawned near the surface right next to another one and the ending sequence failed to properly load and now I'm permanently stuck underground, plus everytime you go into the very essential crafting menu even just to check a recipe you get slapped with an ad every time
Don't get me wrong, this is a great game and it definitely gets addictive over time but you really need to add an autosave feature, problem here is when ever I play a long time without saving and I go into the crafting station I get ads that seem to not progress after completion so it makes me have to close the game and restart it and I lose all that progress so adding a autosave feature can be useful, other than that I do recommend the game I do enjoy the gameplay and story line overall
I like it. It's pretty fun. It's kind of difficult to see some ores like bronze. The bronze blends in with the dirt
This is a well crafted game with obvious care put into the making of it. The only complaint I have is that Opal and iron are so 7 credibly easy to find, but apparently bronze is not. If, in a future update, you can make bronze a more common material to find, I would be very greatful.
Its a pretty well made game. The only real problem I've faced is the number of ads. There are way too many.
Really fun game, loved it all the way through, sometimes it got a bit grindy but it didn't ruin the game. It would be cool if it got multiplayer but still, awsome games.
Good game but really buggy. If you get to main menu and load a save file more than once the controls go haywire. The character won't move properly, multiple floating joysticks appear on screen wherever you touch to move the miner. Gun sometimes don't work while you're hovering and you might face a 20s ad EVERYTIME you enter a building.
Really cool Mars mining game, I played it as a kid and coming back and it's still as fun as I remember, I just wish there was more to browse for in the Crafting building at the building
Definitely a fun game! Just a few things I'd like different is having a map, and the gun details are slightly off screen and it won't let me adjust it.
Love this game , only problem is once you get the best gear ,theres nothing left to do , so you got the best gear and weapons for nothing , no more big enemies to fight and no reason to grind away mining
It's good but I gave it a 3 star review because the keeps freezing and unfreezing for my tablet please fix this
I played it like 4 years ago so I miss it from time ro time, but every single time I play it I leave it for the same reason, its wacky controls. This game is 2D platformer-like in its core, but controls are just too sensitive, if you had just fixed that issue I guarantee that many of bad reviews will turn into 5 stars. Thanks for all of your work you put into it tho, it is still a great game.
One of the best rpg mining games out there. It has a great plot and upgrade system. It has some great progression with no need to spend actual money. I love this game and hope there will be a sequal.
a great time waster. The only bad thing I can see so far is the controls are kind of crappy and the shift from moving to shooting is not smooth nor is flying.
Opening crafting every time you get an ad and sometimes to craft an item that's locked 60 seconds for what waisting my data so you can not update the app.
The game has massive potential. My one real issue is the lack of being able to load progress from a previous device.
So far, it's a really good game. It has a little bit of a Metroid feel. Very visually appealing also.
Very rageous I forgot to save and I played 2 hours straight and lost my all my progress because there's no freakin autosave plz add autosave will help so many people and it's impossible to end the game there's just no end idk why they even show the percentage should just end when players become the protecter