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Mindustry Classic

Mindustry Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Anuken. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I understand its a classic but my problem is is whats what, its like the inage was burrified on pourouse, i would ratherplay the new one, like i have not even started playing it andits difficult and hard to u dedstand what is what! But its a classic so you are expecting this so instead of one stars i give three because im kind and i have no idea why i made so many errors typing this but im not bothered to edit it
I have played this online on Itch.io on my laptop, then i just eandomly looked it up on google play and im glad i did it. This game is awesome, and its counterpart, Mindustry V6 is also awesome.
Got addicted to this game since i was a kid, now that the new version came i love how you added the old maps into it, i love how you need to manage your resource and at the same time defend your core
it feels wierd to have a game thats pixelated besides minecraft, it still counts as a little bit laggy with pixels but it mever hurts to see nostalgia of the past when games were simple and easy
I played this a while ago and it worked fine but now it lags a lot and its not my phone still playable just annoying. I still love this game even today many years later.
I don't have it downloaded but I've played before and loved it and I have the new mindustry (with some bugs)
This is great, but I think it would be better if you could choose to use the character from the computer game, and actively fight the enemies
For the most part its very different from what we have today. It to me is much more complicated than modern mindudtry and that challenge makes it so fun. The music is also fantastic and i personally wish the modern mindustry had this kind of music
An amazing game, lots of fun! No complaints, nothing! Very few ads, and I get to play with friends! Suggestion- Make a VS mode! Play against friends, as long as your on the same network!
This one always reminds me of time where i played it on my pc. Feels different though (probably because different controls), but still fun to play.
I thank you for making the classic again. I find the controls for the new version quite different and difficult to control. So thank you.
This game is good less items im good with it i keep playing mindustry it is fun I also play the classic for quite some time but the controls are a bit confusing but is alright to me.
I distinctly remember back when this wasn't dubbed as classic I tried this game and didn't think much of it so I threw it in the bin but coming back to it it's an overall average and enjoyable game without counting in the nostalgia, just a tad bit too complex for my startlingly low attention span which is more of a me problem if anything
Man I almost stopped playing ministry all together after the new one came. It isn't bad at all, just not for me. I'm glad you let us have the old one too.
A great game. Graphics are kinda dated, but just go check out the normal Mindustry, and you should be fine
I remember downloading mindustry from when this was the full version. It's updated a lot from then, and I like both versions. Im glad there is still the original game in a playable state.
I, along with everyone else it seems, loves how you kept the classic version even with the overhaul. It helps people who can't figure out the new, more complicated edition to still have a great time playing Mindustry.
Nice game, really glad devs allowed us to go to the older version. The newer ones are quite complicated and since I play this game to pass time mostly, they become too complicated. The music is great as well!
I first found and played Mindustry on itch.io and was immediately addicted and thought this would work great as a mobile game with its simple controls and tower defense gameplay with resource management being the highlight of this game. As a casual player, I really appreciate the pause button to plan out your build before the next wave, and I appreciate that both versions are out retaining their differences but the similar Mindustry experience. Overall a great game that is perfect as is.
I like the game a lot but just add more ores and turrets then it would be more intresting... Just saying
BEST GAME EVER! Have been playing since it was relesed and I love it so much that i cant stop playing I have made crazy farms with 0 lag love so much that omg love it so much
Great game but i want a liquid junction also a liquid-material junction a junction where liquid and materials can go pass each other
This is greater version than the mindustry advanced this mindustry classic was greater the problem is i uninstall this and its like almost boring 2nd problem is songs are making my brain weird
Downloaded this a long time ago and now its back on its throne of everlasting glory and underatedness Fun as usual, interactive as usual, EPIC AS USUAL!!! And yes this review was made by a chils
This game is fun played it most the time and just downloaded it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 yesterday, but THERE'S A BIG PROBLEM I was having the almost best score i have but when i came back i couldn't continue the game i was playing, very disappointing, So this just really need an auto saver when playing it incase if you haven't made a Save yet
This is a masterpiece a game I never see before. I played the mindustry and this and Its kinda hard to control when you master the Mindustry control but when you master it its now okay. But the problem Is when the enemies attack it lags so much. It never happen in the new mindustry. Pleade fix it.
The game is absolutely GREAT! The graphics are retro (yet hard to define), there are stone walls, and the whole nine yards! If you like tower defense and ripping apart your enemies, then I recommend BOTH mindustry editions.
I played this game a while back before the developer moved into the new stage of the game design, and it has never failed to give me some fun out of a quick game. The whole feel is amazing and retro like while being easy to play and get the hang of. With a map designer you can play on your own custom maps and make an overpowered base. Just fun and now a classic in my book, even the newer version is promising and fun to play while having a different feel and look it's definitely very good.
Amazing and addicting. Once you build out your base enough and pass a few waves, the game becomes impossible to put down. It's a great take on tower defense but with a twist. Instead of being constrained to specific tower points, you build to your liking, managing power lines and conveyors at the same time. It's a tower defense like no other ypu can find.
A good game. Been playing Mindustry since 4.0 beta. Both versions are good, so check out the newer version, 6.0
I remember this version. I would play it all day. I was disappointed when it was gone and I'm glad it's here again.
This game is amazing. I used to play it all the time and the game changing update just changed it too much for me so I was very happy to see that the old version was still available. The graphics fit the style, gameplay, and music perfectly. Playing the game is incredibly fun, I find myself coming back to the game after I get an idea. The game also encourages problem solving and critical thinking as you will have to solve many promblems to get everything to work most efficiently.
The game was amazing i played this game when it was first out but it has grown and the second version has so much more but please make it a little better. Thank you😀
This game is AWESOME! I love the way u can almost do anything, but I also like how u have to multitask when fighting waves of enemies. The difficulty of each level is perfect and I like the way the higher level drones (idk what they r ) r smart enough to choose different paths across the map. The only thing I would ask is to make the game a tiny bit more efficient and less laggy.
dont get me wrong this is a great game but compared to the normal game the graphics and the controls are a lot worse but its v4 and the new one is like v102 so only 4 stars if the newer one was like v10-15 then it would be like 2 stars
Looking forward to this. I'm sad there is no shield in the new Mindustry though. It could be used for some sort of defensive strategy for the final stage :)
Crashes for me too. Bug mabye? I am not sure but I hope it is fixed soon because it is a very good game. Very fun.
Okay first of all this is the original mindustry that newer one with all the ships that you're able to use and the better graphics yeah well this is the predecessor to that game this game was the original game and I will not tolerate anyone who says that this is not the original
This game is great its a growing oflline factory with guns! And i mean this is so great but can you please make the enemy a little weaker and add more more more!!!! Machines pls make that like a machin that can multiplye a ore or make a ore that chage that ore like into diamond like in minecraft pls add that 3 but thats just example that i really want too add!!! And you developers can creat whatever machine but i want what i sed in the last i like those machins really much! And good jub dv
A challenging game that pushes your creativity to the limit as you strive towards greater and greater efficiency.
I downloaded this game when it was just named "Mindustry" and changed to the Classic version in a panic the day it lost its original graphics & items. This version has provided me with hours of offline entertainment, even away from screen, since it really does capture the mind if you let it, and can get you thinking of ways of making processes more compact, efficient, or nicer-looking. Some turrets (e.g. the iron-fed bunch) see little to no use, but I guess the updated version may address this.
It is a very well developped and designed game with very simple, but yet, amazing controls that make you constantly make you feel in power. The zoomig thing needs some work tho. Thanks for reading this!
great tower defense game loved it, only issue I have is where did the original mindustry soundtrack go? what happened to that, I loved that music and I find it sad it isn't here
Love this game. Factory based tower defense, you can make your base as complicated and effecient, or as simple and Frankensteined together as you want.
I love how the devs updated the first one into the current version, and then after backlash, they implemented this version for those who didnt like the other version. That shows care for their players, which is awsome.
no hate or nothing to Minecraft but this game might be able to rival Minecraft they do the same thing that Minecraft does they love their players they listen to them I respect that man keep up the good work with your game it's kind of unique it's like a tycoon and also tower defense game this is a good game I've been looking for hours that's how good the game is
Having issues with the game IMMEDIATELY crashing whenever I place down and power any shielded block. The game starts to render the shield, then suddenly freezes and crashes. Otherwise, it is absolutely amazing.
Good Game but I want to get this a little update that has same info in each blocks like in new Mindustry but the base concept like the tools and blocks still the same. I'm glad you still support this even this is my childhood
I love this game. This is the version I started from and made it to well over wave 100 before. I was heavily addicted to it. I enjoy both this version AND the new version. Both are amazing. I highly recommend that anyone that loves tower defense/strategy games to check out Mindustry. Any version. You won't regret it. I've been here since the app was released and I'm STILL playing it.
Good to see there's a classic version of the game. I enjoy the classic a lot more than the latest version.
Better than then the new and updated one. I played the classic about a year ago and did for a couple weeks. It is an awesome game still.
Years ago in the early stages of minedustry , I downloaded the game and loved it. Not so long ago the game updated and research was added , this was a feature that made the game lose its touch. However the fact the classic version has now been added back brings me to when the game was simple. Thanks so much devs.
i have a complain why is my made map saying its corrupted is it because im in level 67 and very easy or you just dont want me to beat the game the name of the map is VERYEASY it has a river on the middle dividing the enemies and the base but theres a walk way for the enemies to destroy the base but first the enemies has to go to a maze thats the map
Thia game is honestly one of really fun and interacrive games. Anuken jeep soing what tou do because everyone loves mindustry classic and the new Mindustry 4.0 buold6/update