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Mindustry for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Anuken. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey, just got some new ideas and wanna tell them to you. Heres a new ground unit, just imagine it as a tank. It has a slow-paced splash attack and a rapid-fire from the Rhino onward. Grizzly-Tiger-Rhino-T20-Dreadnought. And make the chat easier to see by allowing fully black chat bubble which would also be changeable from the options. A new tower, Mortar: A long ranged artillery turret, uses lead to attack enemy ground units with AOE damage. And a bug with unlocking the Pneumatic drill.
Outstanding game, strategy combined with defence like component. Materials are mined and produced to build your site. Oddly no adds, and no way to spend $$$.
Best Mobile Factory Strategy Tactics game. It's kind of like Comet Crash, but with a lot more depth. Amazing.
This is a great game one of the few good mobile games in existence. The objective is that you launch to a location and extract resources while you're doing this, enemies spawn in waves. Some maps are a bit different. There is one MASSIVE problem with it though. On the nuclear factory map, the boss is incomprehensibly hard to kill. It is a flying boss with more range than any turret and who never enters the range of your turret. I spent 30 minutes manually firing guns to kill it it needs fixed
Probably the best RTS game I've ever played other than Red Alert, this game is just amazing and very addictive, I've been playing this game for many hours with my brother non-stop, I can't really go through all the details of how amazing this game is, but the best thing that I really love about this game is it has lan multiplayer, you can do Co-op, Pvp, and Sandbox!!
Gosh this game drives me up the wall in anger. It is one of the most complex tower defense games I've ever played and it has a way of pushing so much attention to the mining that the defense can become neglected, leading to an ultimate and costly downfall. That being said, it is also one of the most engaging mobile games I've ever played. There exists a love hate relationship with this game; like the old Warcraft III custom games, times flies while playing this game and it can all come crashing down in an instant. If you love challenging and complicated games that take a lot of thinking to perfect, this is the game for you. (PS > it shouldn't be free)
it have weird control. i must touch back, to go front of. and building my maps is weird too, cuz everything is there really small. Its hard to know, what is what. And why i can't join any NOT-MINE server? i will give 5stars when i will know how to play
It was a perfect game before i downloaded 6 mods from the the new mod workshop and cant play it anymore of that i when every time i get in it crashes . (Its not a phone problem or memory one {i checed} its a game problem , it olso lagged even if you have a good or bad phone {i olso checked this one too} so yeah please fix it or i will have a baby which will be called by many: "second hitler" . Hope you fix it , goodbye!
I'm so excited for 6.0! I have loved Mindustry for a while. Sadly my friends don't. It's so fun, you have to think where to place all of your blocks, how to spread your materials, how to set up defences, and how to fight. The best thing about this game is that it works on Chromebook which made me so happy. 5 stars, and I would give it again. Also you should add a better tutorial. My friend was stuck on it.
Just started playing again, and I can say that it has jumped leaps and bounds since I last played it. I'm pretty far in to the campaign and I'm really enjoying the grind, tech tree, capturing and resecuring territory, etc. Probably the best mobile game I've played. Polished, fun, perfectly complex, and good pacing. I haven't even messed with mods yet. One thing I wish is that resecuring territory came up more. Giving more reason to revisit & upgrade old bases. Perhaps it could be optional?
If your checking the reviews to see if you wanna download this game, definitely do it. It gets updated very frequently without ruining the balance and 30+ controlable units, 20+ turrets and 10+ maps (you can download more) the visual graphics is amazing and polished up to down. It has a very functional online gaming system and a whole modding community. Only 1 out of 10 players are toxic and getting rid of them is easy. They appreciate donations. Cant wait for version 7.0 keep up the good work.
The fact that this game is free with no in app purchases or ads is beyond insane. The game is a chill factory builder where you build and defend your base either online or offline. You can either play on mobile or on PC with steam (cross platform enabled). You can create elaborate automation and share your designs with friends or other players. Pros: • Fun As Hell • Multiplayer • Offline • Growing Community • PC Cross Platform • No Ads & No PTW Cons: • Laggy On Older Devices • Battery Hungry
Super cool, like a free factorio. Some of the servers have griefers, but there are plenty of clean ones. In addition, there is a campaign.
The concept for v6's campaign does sound nice on paper, but doesn't have the arcade -ish pace of v5 (which is what sparked interest in the game for me) But it instead becomes a grindy slugfest that is boring most of the time And the simple unit production? Now it makes any proper base into conveyor spaghetti if you're planning on using powerful units And the fact that now there is no option to just play the older versions instead just makes me want to quit and forget about the game again
Now it super awsome i have been waiting for months for this moment the v6 official release anuken your a legend thank you for sharing this wonderful game with us and for the strategy gamers this is what i recommend for strategy veteran im just at mid so its fine for its not super hard but croser and closer to the it will get harder trust me because you have to mange a lot of sectors by the way this has good graphics.
This is a great game with some really great assets but there is no difficulty level. You will find yourself being destroyed by bosses in areas with no resources to fight them. My suggestion would be... Easy - limit raids to 25 Medium- limit raid to 50 Hard- Limit raid to 100 This is a much more fair way of playing as beginners will struggle without it.
Awesome update made by Anuken, 6.0 features new things and it blew my mind, been playing this game since beta and classic, truly outstanding game. Thank you for making this and stay safe, i guess single devs are better than development team.
100% free on google play. No ads. No DLC. No tricks or traps. I mention this first because everyone says the good stuff about the gameplay, so i want to push that the developer made a great game for everyone to enjoy without trying to sell out. But yes. Factorio lite + tower defense. This game is great!
a nice hybrid of resource gathering and tower defence. graphics are nice, controls are smooth, gameplay is captivating. it's also completely free to play and absolutely free to win, definitely worth trying out. i would advise new players to try singleplayer first before multiplayer and get used to the game. use the pause button when building something, it'll buy a lot of time and allow you to enjoy the game at your own pace. look up schematics on youtube to copy for faster building.
A PHENOMENAL GAME! I played this game during the 5.0 update and the 6.0 update and I have never been displeased with my gameplay. Sure, it is a bit challenging, but it is very fun and well designed. I do wish the enemy base levels were a bit easier however, because fighting troops and strong defenses is a bit too tough. This game takes weeks of practice to become proficient at it, so I suggest at least giving it a try and maybe playing for a few days before uninstalling, because youll like it.
This app is fun, but there should be a way to unlock certain necessary resource extraction things that doesn't require the campaign. weapons, in my mind, should be the main unlock motivations, but the resource extractors shouldnt be.
Super in-depth for a phone game, really interesting and fun. It is hard to figure out how to play, but once I did I reset the game and started over and it was much better since the maps build on each other. I'd definitely suggest improving the tutorial
Free. No in-app purchase. No ads. And despite that once of the best mobile game with an impressive gameplay (TD with factory building). Some may complain that the tutorial is not detailed enough, I would reply this is also part of a sandbox game, just try and see, it ends to be very easy to understand in fact.
This is EASILY the best phone game I've EVER played! Granted, I know it's mostly an Android port of Factorio, but the devs have done an awesome job of creating a game that is just complex enough to be difficult and entertaining, while not being too overly hard to learn. Seriously, I'm currently searching for a way to pay money to the developers for doing such an amazing job!
This game is fantastic. I love figuring out every way to build efficient systems for mining, production, and tower defense. The graphics are easy on the eyes and fit the aesthetic perfectly. The controls are very easy to get a grip on, with inconveniences so minor that they don't take away from the experience. It isn't hard to figure out, and can be super satisfying with the right intuition. If I could show my love for this game more, I would. Damn Google and its 500 character limit!
Its a great game but you could out modern day units like solders,tanks,ships,and planes as the first unites you have and you have to upgrade them to mechs and stuff.
Amazing game. One star for the internal mismanagement. Griefers are practically on every pvp server making it unplayable. The new programmable blocks make it easy to program army units to grief their own base. Idiotic and absolutely toxic griefer community with VPNs and multiple accounts will vote kick you if you stand up to them. And other servers just perma bans you because blind mods just assume you griefed. But alas, griefers just push regular players under the wheels. Mods suck = one star.
A cute little base creation and management game with custom conveyor belts. I convinced my wife to get it and we are able to use the multiplayer feature just fine. Good game to pass the time. We just had a 3 hr session, got so many things unlocked
CRAZY, it's not only good and full of stuff, it has NO ADS! Even took me some time to realise it as I was enjoying the gameplay and figuring out stuff. ♡ I've being playing on my tablet and using the s pen, and it's really good to see everything and put stuff precisely, Idk how it is in the phone, but shouldn't be any worse as there's no lack of zoom in it out.
Amazing! This game cures my itch for RTS Games that cant seem to be done nicely on Mobile. Overall this game is a great mix of resource management and defense/attack tactics. 10/10 would recommend!
Awesome.Brillant.Simply the best game you can get for your Android right now. No ads,no hassle,no premium, just good gameplay.Strongly recommended especially to low-end phones that have limited ROM or RAM. It is a crime that this game isn't more mainstream. L
It's good, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it easier to join multiplayer games easier! Make a game code you have to input or somethimg, instead of port forwarding!!!!
Really fun game but the description of the machines are too complicated (especially the conveyors) for some people who's not too fluent in English (like me) I advise for you to make an in-depth tutorial (explained easily) in YouTube or in the game about how all the machines work
Great game just a little tip for new players: I at first sucked at the game but through consistent playing I learned the basics, dont be afraid the to join the discord since there are alot of friendly people willing to teach you the basics, or play multiplayer where you can test and learn things and steal someones build XD
This game can be hard and when your defenses get disabled and you get through the wave but wait there's more. 20 seconds later another wave that is harder craps on you. You may be able to repair the damage but the next wave will eat every thing... if you get kicked down they show no mercy... but that might just be me and my inability to prepare for large threats... other than that extremely well made. 9/10
The update ruined a wonderful game... i adored it, challenging but fun... and now it's impossible to progress and feel accomplished because you're constantly losing ground to 70 wave attacks of enemies that can't be killed by the type of weapon you can build on that map... it just took the sense of achievement away and made a fun game stressful...
It's a lot of fun, I've almost beaten the campaign, but of course it does have some flaws, like every other game.The Nuclear Production sector IS REALLY hard not the sector itself just the fact that there is 2 Extreme and 2 Eradication sectors you have to kill to keep the nuclear sector. And 2, getting tier 4 units alone is crazy I mean it's like 65,000 plastanium. But it still gets five stars because it's a great game and to solve these problems you just have to get good at the game and grind👍
When Google play recommends me apps, I either hate them or they are too chonky to run on my device. This happens 99% of the time. This app is an exception! I love it. The game play is challanging and fun, and the app is super smooth and well optimized. The game is open source, and has mods and custom maps! The only other game Google recommended me and I liked was among us back in 2018 😆!
Basically Factorio mobile. Only problem being that I generally get to emerssed in this type of game so it doesn't quite work as a quick time burner.
It is a great game! You can build a base by your own and easy to play. I like how the character move! But my problem is why can't i hear the sound even if my sound is full. Plz fix this!
I have only one problem about this game. WHY THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME IS FREE? I played 50 hours on v5 on pc. When v6 released, I decided to buy the game on steam. This game deserves to be paid.
I love the base levels of just defending and recorce gathering, but theres a small request about attacking the ai bases. the theme shifts a wholllle lot during those and i understand that you need to use units and all that but with the difficulty spike AND a shift in gameplay a tutorial or a difficulty tweak would probably help even if it isnt very much, sincerely a tower defence lover (i still love the game and i would love to see more of it.)
Probably the best mobile game ever, it has a bunch of fun and unique game mechanichs. If uve played games like factorio you will feel right at home, the game is tight and responsive, it also poses an actual challenge. With no ads or in app purcheses, and being compleatley free, this is without a doubt, 100% the best mobile game of all time, also its usueful being able to cloud save bettween the steam and monile versions.
The game is getting worse. The tutorial is getting worse I don't even know how the logic processors work! Atleast explain it to the players. This game has the worst tutorial ever.
I stumbled upon this game and oh my gosh I am so glad I did. This game is the perfect combination of reascource collection and tower defense. My only issue is that it can get a tad frustrating. It would also help If they could add an electric overlay that would help a lot. The screen gets easily cluttered.
I like the game, but the recent campaign change really screwed me over. I was about halfway through the campaign, but when the update was released, all the levels I finished it forgot about, but I still had the tech tree unlocked. Also, the level "nuclear production complex" is pretty easy until wave 15-20 then it just instantly gets impossible to beat because all of the sectors near it just all attack at once, I've tried 5 times and I can't get past wave 20. Over than that, good game
Must say this is a fantastic game can be tough at times but thats kinda the point really good controls for mobile ive been playing for a while off and on im really happy with the 6.0 update i see people getting mad about the campain reset but like what are you going to do?? Like most people alreadt beat it but great game recommend it
This game is so good, I thought its ugly at first but fortunately i downloaded it cause my play store wont let go of it, and when i played the game bro its so good! It gives me challenge and one that hooked me is the sandbox editor and multiplayer game, cause one of my hobby is creating a level or a map on my own.... Love It
I would definitely say 5 stars. Yes the new update slammed it with nerfs. But at least you listen to the community. Also love how there are zero ads. Keep it up! Maybe slightly increase build speed. It seems really clunky and inconsistent at times.
Great game, I have no idea why this is free. Easy to get sucked in for hours and the campaign just received a massive update. Seriously great game with deep gameplay and no ads!
It really is a great game, but I wish that you guys gave more of a detailed tutorial, because the tutorial at first is quite vague, and that's why you have no idea on what to do or how you're going to strategize. Tutorials are really crucial and that's what gives the game to be player-friendly. It really is quite frustrating to guess on what to do, plus the controls aren't really practical; frankly, this is more suited to PC, which gives you more keys to press rather than just on your fingertips
Idc that the 6.0 update wiped data, the extra stuff and new challenges that where added are awesome. Although this game is really meant for the high IQ gamers, those who find it difficult should really look up tutorials and extra info about the game before they complain. This game hard and can only be played well through trial and error. If you can't do that then don't play it. Praise Anuke :0
This game is alot more better. I can do more things than the old 5.0, 6.0 would be the best update yet. But they did remove exploitables that is nice. Otherwise this game so polished cant wait to play with friends.
It's the perfect game for my needs well almost it doesn't have the ones that most games don't have but it's still good game another factory based game and also I like the custom stuff on your maps that you can add like storms and sandstorms for storms mist and more
The game bugged out when I started, the tutorial froze. So I saved and came back and the tutorial ended itself. You don't start over a campaign level you just resume where you died so I kept trying to figure out what the goal was, how to build defenses, why they wouldn't shoot, what currency there was, just wasted my time unfortunately with no way to start another tutorial or start over. I got it for the good reviews but eh, not impressed.
You have to expand to gather more resources while fighting off enemies. I love how everything in this game uses resources, so you have to set up an efficient supply of ammo for your turrets, manage your resources so you don't run out of certain types, and so much more.
Saw this in a recommendation, thought not my type of game looks dumb...well gave it a try thought this is dumb, closed it but wanted to understand how it worked tried again......and loved it after figuring out how stuff works. Not really a noob friendly tutorial but does have some information.
This is an absolutely brilliant game, the gameplay is fun, the soundtrack is great, the controls are simple, it has no ads or microtransactions, and it updates semi-regularly.
I love this game absolutely astonishing. The gameplay has you playing for hours on end. This game takes the tower defense mechanism to a whole nother level. It allows you to make creative structure systems to defend and to collect resources. Overall amazing game.
I could spend (and have spent) hours playing this game. It is very satisfying to watch your base expand as if it were an ant colony and then use those resources to upgrade and acquire new units. It is nice that mods can easily be added in, but the potential is wasted because the modding community is so small. This is no fault to the game though as it remains fun without mods. There are some features that can be improved, but I have no doubt it will get there eventually. Overall, great game.
Was a great game until the last update ruined it. "Globe" interface is difficult to locate locations. Lost progress in sectors that I'd already beaten and research that I'd already researched. Used to play for hours at a time, now I'm mad at it in 10 minutes.
Very nice game, had it for YEARS. Back when it was still like mindustry classic. I only have 1 problem now, I just cant figure out the logic system. I tried to get my monos to mine with the micro processor, typed in the x,y cords and selected the factory. I just dont know what else to do. I feel like you guys will lose a lot of your player base for this update, which will be very disheartening. Also, the pace of play seemed to slow down significantly in FFA, because of having to kill CoreToClaim
One of the best games I have played, terribly underrated by other people. V6 maps are incredible compared to V5 visuals, and great addition of better forms of material production. V6 increased in both difficulty and gameplay (scorch nerf). Overall a great sandbox and tower defense and factory game which is truly refined, and a game creator who properly listens to his community, never realized a free game gave so many interactions with others. Thanks for making this game, Anuken.
Honestly overlooked this game several times. Didn't think it would be worth my time. But its soooo well thought out and can hardly ever not be fun or challenging. Super impressed with the work that went into it. I would like to give a big thanks to the developers for creating such a game and for FREE none the less. Many thanks. Recommend👍
This game is very well made. But the difficulty is a little high. There is no tutorial on how to use the parts. You just have to figure it out yourself. The graphics are good and the frame rate is a little low but i have a very old device. The optimization is better than the game it is based on factorio (pc game). This is the best alternative to it. The controls are brilliant. Overall very nicely made.
Very addicting game. I play this every day. Update was good but I felt like it lost some of its unique feel. I got used to the update though the interface is a bit confusing at first. EDIT: I am now a huge fan of version 6 after a while of learning. I can't recommend this game enough.
Minecraft, but 2D. It took the idea of a tower defense game to a whole new level, and the game has been created with love for quite some time. I had the pleasure of playing the Desktop version, and it's fantastic, especially with the easy to use Java based mod SDK. I urge those looking for a higher level of Tower Building to play. With love, Anon.
Amazing little game. Very sharp learning curve and can be brutal at times. Strategy and planning is key with this game. Build and outcomes from one map will affect future maps.
I played the older version of this and damn it hurts when you collected so many resources just to not launch and get ur base destroyed. But I enjoyed that much because I need to think my move and analyze the map. But damn this is better! Whenever my based is destroyed it's okay because my resources is already launched. I can also do research now while in game. This update is very great. The mapping system has change but it is still great. Great update guys!
This is possibly the best mobile game I have ever seen in a long time. Mainly because of the excellent gameplay, a sandbox mode, and no ads/micro transactions. One thing I would love to see is units having slightly smarter AI when defending, because they just sit there grouping together at a single spot at the drop point while the enemies just walk around their detection range, the units should instead surround the drop point. This could be a "Defend" option in the command centre.
Terrible game interface. Stupid tutorial. I play tower defense game, mining resources and strategy upgrades. But this really sucks. The conveyor system is the most in convent at all, it doesn't even recognise where to connect, input, output or junction. Trying to be unique doesn't make the gameplay friendly
This is my dream game. I've always wanted a game where you build your own base, grind your own resources, just to get better resources and a better base. In games like these, there's only a few maps, not this game, this game has a lot. One great thing is that the enemy, which is an AI, can attack back and take over your bases. With how many items, buildings, maps, and enemies, this game will give you entertainment for a long time. It may look overwhelming at first but keep trying it.
It's a fun little time sink, my wishes were granted 🥰 the Devs update for this game brought it back to life, key issues like blocked resource flows have been fixed, new maps, new campaign, so much more to do and explore I look forwards to wasting away many hours on this 😀
This is an excellent game! No ads, no in-app puchases! Mining has never been so fun! I will be buying this on Steam to support the developer.
Probably the only tower defense game that finally eased that itch that i was finding on tower defense games I can't remember how much i played this game would recommend 10/10
Great game overall. The new update made campaign way better, which is nice. If you don't like the first hour thrn don't bother with this game.
Fairy good but every once and in a while it rests all progress which is annoying do need to fix it ASAP I don't know if it affects everyone but good game p.s. dev I have always seen some games with the join deta I have joined temporarily to see what is store (I hope it is ok) so far I'm liking it. hey I just remembered there was transformations is there any chance you could put them back it just the default ship feels a little bit too weak its fine if it is not possible
This will be my judge here. This game is pretty similar at the game Red Alert 2 (by EA games) but I think Its just coincidence because the mechanics of both games are totally different. This is a great and challenging for strategy game. This games is also a action, Tower Defence, RPG which is astonishing great combination for a game. But, There's one problem in this game. The tutorials is not enough for beginners. When I am new to this game, I dont understand any. Hope you guys improve tutorials
A solid little mobile port. The crafting and exploitation of resources make it interesting, almost like Factorio in that regard. After many updates, the tower defense side now feels engaging enough to be interesting but not obnoxiously difficult. This is by far one of the best free games I've played on Android and a must-try for TD fans!
Extremely great game. A nice mix of tower defense and factory games. Although some difficulty lables may be miss leading, the game is fun once you put time into it. HOWEVER, this game is not for everyone, as it's a tower defense/factory hybrid with coding logic, decently powerful and smart enemies, and a confusing tutorial, some people may uninstall due to not understanding.
The open screen takes to long to open the game PLZ fixe it and when am playing ang my phone turn off I open my phone and go back when I go back it's not loaded you need to open the game again and it's take so long not good
This game is incredible! A huge campaign mode where you can spend hours on every area, a tech tree that allows you to produce and defense better progressively, an option to create custom maps to play, a multiplayer feature, even mods and a backup feature to export your saves. The only thing I find problematic is the export/import save feature. I've tried several times to import a save to see if it worked, but every time I try, the game crashes. Update: It looks like it works now!
Free, no (annoying) ads and portrait gameplay is already enough for me to give this 5*. If I like the game I will probably get this on steam too just to support the dev.
Best game I've ever played, it's only four of five stars because of two reasons, 1: there needs to be a help menu somewhere in the game where you can get more info on some buildings. Like the logic group of blocks, and #2: sometimes power connections connect to things you don't want them to, if the devs can make a manual connection system? That's all! Great game but just needs a couple fixes :)
very good game i personally rlly liked the new planetary 3D style for the map i hope it had more planet but the level are good enough for now remmembering i had not completed all of them yet so yea couldnt beg for more when i still got some level uncompleted and i love all the unit type this rlly improve alot and THX GOD LANCER GOT NERFED though i think its still nerdd more nerf but the arc was pretty bad now can buff it a little maybe like only cost 100 energy
Simply amazing. By far the MOST fun mobile game I've seen, along with no ads or micro transactions. Although it does take a while to progress sometimes, or it may seem difficult, but the campaign, editor and custom maps are brilliant. Amazing game!
Community, Modding, Overall Gameplay is Great! Had a good experience in the modding community, i also learned new things in multiplayer, the people are nice and it may seem that they are toxic and seem batshit insane, some are nice and can give you useful information, the game has simple graphics and challenging gameplay which is my favorite type of game, overall this game is great and i hope it lives on until the final update!
This is a great game. But I'm not sure about the new update especially on the campaign part. Back then it's never gets old even if you already "win" the game. Yes the new campaign adds more content in it but it's either 'you are new to the game and you don't know anything then it gets very hard for you' or 'you get bored at playing campaign because almost all of the map are similar so it feels repetitive'(that's why I played on server only). It's still a very good game so I give it a 5*
Not that bad it's fun but the problem is that the mech flatform is gone I work hard for those :note: there actually still there but I still lost my hard work : another note: actually can you put a video every update to know how stuff works
This game is so good, no ads, no pay walls, great factory builder/tower defence experience that's really well optimised for mobile and even has crossplay for multiplayer. Its so good I bought it on steam just to support the developers because they deserve it for making a genuinely good game. In a time of money grubber developers, pay-to-win and "free to try" apps and games, this is a shining beacon of hope. The only thing you lose by trying it is time and a little memory storage - so DO IT.
Wow you know my write changed but really mind blowned when knowing there's something new new turrets new units and other even you can upgrade units into strong into a boss level really cool so much recommend this and look from the campaign you guys need to see this
I did not think a mobile game could be this complete without in ap purchases. It's one of the best phone games I've ever played, the gameplay is good, the music is good too. What more could you ask for ? For me the best part of the game was optimising my base in order for it to look clean and have high production.
TIME KILLER VERY ADDICTIVE MORE THAN DRUGS Honestly before it was good, fairly hard to finish the game but now its impossible. Before, you can store items somewhere but now its all in the core, if its destroyed, *poof* and so all your items. So yeah Impossible considering waves get stronger in 100 it merely takes 1M bullets to take down the boss.
This game is supprizingly everything i like about a "simple" game. And simples the last way to describe it. Got all the way to almost beating it, then bam! They updated it and changed so much. First i was dissapointed. But it still has my attention and is interesting. Great job dev's!
Amazing gameplay, no bugs so far, somewhat incomplete tutorial but it's doable, and best of all NO ADDS OR IN-APP PURCHASES a true free game. Everything that would normally be behind a payment barrier like creative or mods is available from the start, completely free. Plz download, you won't regret it!
Absolutely stunning, for a free game. No ads means less BS bugging you while you play, and the gameplay has me in awe mainly on how simple it is. The only downside is that the creator, Anuke, doesn't get paid for the mobile version. And I hope that this game grows to be bigger than the Triple A games out there. Goodluck Anuke and the others developing Mindustry to what it is!
One of the best games on my phone. It's simple to learn, hard to master, great controls, a pause and continue building system that should really be in all mobile phone strategy games that aren't turn based, it's all about strategy rather than how fast you can tap on your phone. Great depth of play including a huge campaign with plenty of procedurally generated maps and custom built maps, no adverts or pay to win, it even has map editor and campaign building tools if you want make your own maps.
I've worked hard on this game on several occasions to aquire every tower in the game but everytime it updates it takes away most of the towers I earned. Those towers are still available in the game but I have to unlock them again. I love the game but this inability to progress is making it less and less appealing. Not to mention the random difficulty spikes on levels where you don't have the resources required to properly defend against them. Higher level enemies easily decimate hours of work.
This game is so awesome! I love the mix of TD and having your own character that you control. The waves of aliens, the complex resource production/management and the sandbox mode just make it that much better. I am surprised this game is free. Thanks Anuke for this great game, it is perfectly crafted! (The only thing that I would suggest is maybe use arrows pointing at what you should do in the tutorial part to make it a bit easier to understand)
I love this game, the strategies that you can try really test your mind! I was able to play this game on both android and chromebooks, and it works almost perfectly on both, excluding the glitches and if the device your using doesn't have enough RAM to properly use it, other than that this is a great game to pass the time!
Awesome game! Love the gameplay and how it challenges you to design and construct. However, it is very upsetting that after the update all my progress including resources and technology is gone. Starting from scratch after a lot of hardwork is a pain. Was this not thought of before release?
It's a good game, but the campaign is way too hard there is strong enemies every minute and it takes way too long to build things and this doesn't make the game that much fun and the logic system is confusing.
Brought down to 3 stars as the new singleplayer mode is broken. No scores, control of cargo or ability to drop new material on existing maps. This means, for example, that you cannot get coal onto the first map and thus build thermal generators to access the rest of the materials on the map (like scrap n water). The new separator block needs surge but the surge factory needs thorium which the new separator block creates so you need to drop a small amount of either surge or thorium planet side!
Amazing game, engaging, and evolving gameplay as you progress. The new update is absolutely amazing, but slightly hard at some points, and a challenge, the logic system isn't clear to me... But the challenge to it, that allows the player to get better, although I wish some # named maps would allow you to unlock more, it's hard to progress when at certain points...
Great game. FOSS, with good mod support and a lot of user content. Lots of replayability, both working PvE and PvP. Entertaining for days. I'm really trying to come up with a downside, but can't find any. Maybe it's hard because the game tries to do just enough and not more and there's no space to go wrong, maybe it's just that great. Either way, get it now. On here, itch.io, or support the devs through Stream.
i love this game it is so much fun ive been playing it for about 1.5 years now and its great but i restarted after v6 came out and when i was going through frozen forest it was going well but at the end of wave 15 (the last wave) my game crashes no matter what i do and you need to beet frozen forest to get titanium which is a needed matirial but beside that the game is really good and i recomend it
For a free game I'm blown away by this and the quality of the game too. Great game honestly, I can play it for hours without looking up easy and it's the kind of economy building tower defense game I'm always looking for.
This turned into a peice of garbage once the new update came out. It was fine before the update but now its harder to play. If you would please add a 190 mode to mindustry classic or create another mindustry classic and name the original one mindustry classic classic that would br appreciated
Best game EVER!! Not enough words to show how much I love it. No ads, no "pay2win" system and no unnecessary add-ons but just a game!! It reminds me of what a console game was back on the day
Game is perfect for the first 4 hours, after that you need coal for absolutely everything, no exception. The attack maps are also hot garbage, you'll spend hours pushing a single wall, just to get your entire army wiped out by a long range cannon, and to get the entire wall repaired by infinite-recource-robot enemy. Try it, maybe drop it, it's free, if it sticks it sticks hard. If it doesn't you'll have enjoyed the first few hours.
It was far more complex than I first thought and I love games that are both simple and complex at the same time, provided complex doesn't outweigh simple
One of the best mobile games I've played in the last couple years. The controls are a bit hit-or-miss, but thats expected when you play building games on a touch screen.
A quality game. I've downloaded many games from the play store but few are as good as this one. It forces you to be creative, and innovate. Although it may be difficult, it is also extremly entertaining.
Very addictive. I love the strategy and how it is made and how it flows. Here is a tip for when you are fighting an enemy base. Build fast, and make a large army before you get overwhelmed.
It's a great game, but the updates removed a feature I really enjoyed, the personal mech upgrades, they made the game a lot more interesting, but now all you can do is hide, the personal upgrades made gameplay more open and fun, but with that gone I feel like a key point of the game was taken, but overall, that's the only problem I have.
Honestly its on of my favorite mobile games. Like the ability to make your own factorys with your own layouts and strategies it great plus there aren't any ads and there also aren't any micro transactions. And don't even get me started on its compatability with mods. All in all I rate it five stars cause its one of the best mobile games I've played
Update wiped out all my stored materials. Day night done really poorly. Update sad all around. Probably just going to uninstall. Update. Game is to irritating to play. Long zone load times. Pointless wait on intro screen. The devs have added stall blocking and wiped out resourcea to prolong contend.
Love the game as it is, but i *would like* @radius to exist in the "sensor" logic option. "Would like" does not mean "it's apsoultely essencial". Stellar game, hours of thinking, for fun, of what *could*
It is fun and all but it would be more interesting if we could scan the map in the campaign to see what resources there are because I keep on going to maps where there is no Titanium but I think there is. That is all.
Amazing game! This is the most stable game I've ever played, it has only crashed one time in the 1.5 years I've had it and that is better than any game I've ever played.
I give it 4 because i feel the game lacks in a difficulty setting. The waves are way too easy to defend from especially when you unlock Titanium walls, and mend projectors. I also think it lacks in sandbox maps, having very few doesnt really react well to me. Ideas: add more difficulty levels, add/change technology around, maybe even adding more materials before you're able to unlock titanium? And add more world generation for sandbox.
This app is actually a great one for tower defenses or strategy games. It has different mechanics of how all the things work and how to use them. This game is unusual to every other tower defense game where you earn random money/game currency to buy your own turrets.
Hello there anuken, good to see your game, mindustry, to be updated to V6! I love it, but one problem, the mods are not compatible with the game thanks to game ver.120, what's more frustrating is you cannot take the other buildings as your own like part of campaign maps and what's more and more frustrating is you cannot used them, than the old version where it's allowed to be used as others like using the thorium reactor for power in the nuclear production complex, SO NOT COOL, but still loved..
Very nice. gameplay is amazing, graphics is smooth and nice, no ads, and very satisfying campaign, this game has to be one of the best factory-styled tower defense games in the store.
Amazing game if there was a 6 star option I would give this game that there are no ads no in app purchases it's just amazing although it could be nice if you could allow more than one core to be placed
Best game ever!!!! I started playing the game from a few days and i got addicted to it. But it still has some issues....sometimes it does not save my game progress when i just leave the game by clicking the Quit button in the home screen and i am not able to connect to the multiplayer servers at all(I have a good internet connection even tho)plz fix this.
An outstanding game for mobile I won't lie, the controls are simple and easy to learn. Leaving small room for mistake and trial and error, while still having a challenge for more experienced players. Bravo good sir, bravo indeed.
Very satisfying game. You get so much content, not including the huge variety of amazing mods, its hard to get tired of this game. The new update is awesome, and its free. I wish i could give more stars.
A great free to play strategy game without any microtransactions. It's a somewhat tough but rewarding game to learn to play, plus the option to pause and queue up buildings brings me back to Total Annihilation nostalgia.
To say I am addicted to this game may be cliché, but it is actually true. I can not begin to tell you how much it hurts me to say that because the number of times I have seen it used for an ad or in a review for another game/app, usually said in an overly exaggerated way, and thought "yeah, okay". But this game for sure is amazing. The overall gameplay is fun. It is not just another bubble pop game where you set up things and hope it works. Instead, it makes me think about moving forward.
Ministry is easily one of the best mobile games I've ever played. It has a broad selection of turrents, drills, and player mechs along with a wide crafting system and enemies. The campaign isn't even really needed for new players because you can take the time to learn everything on your own in a custom map, I was halfway through campaign and I learned the rest of the game in custom map. And the best part is It's FREE, most games that are this good would at least charge .99¢ and this is for free!
This game is fun, but in campaign mode I cant find a way to restart a sector, which makes it less entertaining for what i like, if they added a restart button for a sector, then I would give it a 5 star rating.
This a great game! I really love the concepts that are being implemented in the V6 update. That being said, the campaign needs some tweaks. This applies at especially to the beginning of the campaign. Those gaurdians at the end of the waves you go against, are way to strong. Ideally, I would love to see those gaurdians at the end of the campaign when the sectors are more difficult to beat.
Awesome game, the tech tree really satisfies me to keep playing and returning to unlock everything. Keep up the good work.
I've played on and off since I first saw an early version on the Play Store, but recently getting back into this I feel either I'm missing something or the campaign got a lot harder. Having finished ground zero, I have a sector with 5 hours of playtime, which is apparently 'low risk', now getting attacked for a second time after barely surviving the first. This began midway through working on another sector, and as attacks can happen simultaneously, I was unable to save the new base. Confused.
I love the concept, but I kept on struggling with getting the tracks to do what I want. I'd have a nice concept for a base layout, and I wouldn't be able to make the tracks do what I had in mind. That could be a me thing tho
Game definitely needs the ability to restart or abandon a sector and reset it to unexplored, as it stands now the only way to do it is to deconstruct everything and let yourself be overrun which can take a long time, this simple feature would make this game so much less stressful
I've only had a taste of Factorio but I wanted to play on mobile. I've tried many, and they have their own charm but this, this game takes the cake. First it's free, and the gameplay is easy to pick up. Very satisfying and on late game, challenging. Thriving community too. Ps. I bought the steam version both to support the author, and to get access to the schematics there.
I absolutely loved this game. The problem is, I spent an hour or two working to get a map going really good, and then in 1 or two minutes, my whole map was ruined. It got nearly impossible to keep the waves held back later in the game. I'm sure there is a perfect strategy for doing it, but me, I enjoy building and defending light enemy way more as I don't have enough time to play games to destroy hours of work in two minutes. This would probably be my fav game.
The tutorial and tips are hard to follow, but once you discover all features, real fun begins, and noone told me that "bosses" well guardians are that hard, and they behave differently: go to the core as fast as possible, and destroy it no metter what. And mending units have a wierd sistem, that they repair building total health percentage instead of hitpoints.
A very good game in my opinion. There's no ads and this game is so addicting. But, the controls are super hard and I want you to remove screen moving when placing blocks and removing the feature to move plans so I dont aciddentally move my conveyor and mess up all of my builds. The PC one is easy to control, the mobile one needs some rework.
Needs a better tutorial. The game kinda thrusts you into the action while showing you how to play, but the instructions are confusing and sometimes don't properly explain how to do something. So while you're trying to figure out how to set up conveyer belts and what the hell this beam that shows up everytime you tap is, you're being attacked wave after wave by God knows what, God knows where. I had no idea what was happening and I was five mins into the game. Way too fast of a start
Great game, just found a bug with the bridge. If you build a bridge next to an existing conveyor line, reverse the direction of the bridge and then delete the the sections of conveyer line next to the bridge but not in its intended line the older conveyor line freezes and/or reverses direction.
It is a really awesome game. But the reason why I'm giving three stars is because one of them was for getting rid of some of the buildings I had researched. The other is because they disabled the buildings that were already there to help you.
this game is AMAZING!!!! it's so much fun to play with friends andjust have fun. i do have one problem randomly my screen will glitch out for a couple seconds and then return to normal btw I play on chromebook
Great work! I discovered a new ore called scrap and I built a high tech base then the was no enemy's left so I just now build a wall from packing China and that's it great game great content
Really good game. The music's great, the concept is a bit like factorio but it's completely different. The game runs really smooth. Would recommend to everyone who likes tower defense and resource collecting games.
Mindustry is excellent and I've some experience from the pc version on steam so that helped a bit. My only issue would be: Getting done quickly is an issue due to my fingers and I'd like a little extra time in between the waves. Could probably just mod that in though.
Dangerously addictive. Until the update came out. Now there's new functions, but absolutely no instructions on how to use them. "Upgrades inputted units." Okay, but how do I input the unit? No instructions to be found anywhere, even on Google. Thankfully, dumb luck exists.
I give 4 stars. Because is pretty nice game but please make a server,more campaign maps. Add resource because is bit easy to get all the resources. December 6 2020 Im a teenager now (15) i replay the game at beta v6 and its so game changing. Thank you for adding logic thats is very useful i love coding stuff Anuke you are the best <3
Double tap a turret to control it. Tap the icon to respawn. Tap and drag to dump manually mined resources. Some kind of list of previously displayed tips would be great, that's the only improvement I can think of. This game is almost too good to be true. Reasonably difficult, but not impossible. Took me a while to figure out how to dump items after I forgot.
This is super fun, but one problem, I have a mod installed and it adds in new ground, naval, and air units, one air unit explodes on enemies, but once it explodes, the game crashes. can you please fix it?
Gotta say.. I thought this was just a simple and boring game to finish off battery. But who would've thought it's quite complicated for new comer. You better read and understand the description. Staying or coming back to previous stages just to setup and collect resources. The enemies scales up HARD. Same enemy higher number. The game is way easier now, or rather much more flexible after the update. Gotta say it seems the research price got increased but that ain't stopping my schematics
The contols are simplistic and easy to pick up. But its hard to set it down. Id recommend this game to my friends. Excellent work. I applaud the teams hard work. The update in the map and the way they made it so you no longer need to extract the core to research. The coding and pathfinding is an example of their dedication.
Mindustry is among the very best truly free mobile games. The campaign gameplay is satisfying, there is challenge to it, and the game even contains multiplayer modes. Nothing more fun than coming up with a solution to a new problem (like making an efficient silicon smelter with limited space, or defending electric towers from bomber attacks).
I really recommend this game. Though it's pretty difficult at first, once you start digging more into item info, it gets really fun. I personally don't usually go for this kind of game but this time I was thorough impressed.
Why would you reset everything? Can't access old campaign, all the resources gone. My daughter and I spent hours playing the old version together, building everything up. Really don't feel like starting over.
Love games without ads and microtransactions. Gameplay is fun, though I haven't spent a lot of time with it. Seems like more of a game for a flight or long wait rather than something to play on the go. Still fun!
This game is by far in the top ten of my favorite mobile games. Its like a shining beacon of hope in an almost endless sea of garbage mobile games. If I could give a higher rating I would. The only change I would make is the ability to use the map editor vertically as well, instead of it being locked horizontally.