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Milkman Karlson

Milkman Karlson for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DaniDevStuff. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was a fun game but, Dani, please make it so he stops going in a direction when your finger releases from the joystick. I have to jump in place to keep him from walking off the cars!!
Hi Dani! as a subscriber and a fan. i really love YouTubers have their own developed game. that's why i downloaded one of your games because why not. and also the graphics are nice, the movements are smooth and i love when Karlson jumps. Make more games! God bless you Dani! Keep it up!
Really fun. The parkour kinda hard tho when it's sideways. Please add something in the customization catalogue wher you can buy a gun that you carry all the time but only does 25 damage and has a price of 5000 and skins that cost 500. Please do this dani
Best game ever!!!! 10 out of 10 some levels are hard the infinite enemy mode is so fun! If you can get this get it
The first few levels were fun. They got annoying at times, but they were still fun. But the eighth level was terrible. I understand why people would make a game difficult for the sake of being difficult but this game is difficult for the sake of having funny movement that makes level eight more frustrating than fun. You shouldn't be able to die in a game purely from shooting, but you can in level eight. Never before have I been so mad at a game because of it's physics.
Its very cool to play a game that a popular youtuber created. Its very challenging and funny cuz of the floppy ragdoll animation. All the 1 star reviews are just salty people that can't finish a level.
Perfection materialized perfect music austaounding gameplay. With the best written story and this game makes miricales happen i have won the lottery 999999 times since getting this game and now inwon the universe my name is nova im from year 500069 and this game was the key to saving the world (im not an english speaker sorry if mistake)
The control have problem: when I tap the move pad and release , Karlson continue to move and fall to the ground below. Holding jump button when moving can help but his jump bar will be full and that is dangerous. Please fix
I have a problem, Dani. So first, the movement is good but no, however, if i stop using the thumb stick. He will continue moving to know. So please make him stop moving. I will give you a 5 star rating. Thanks 😊
The game is good it's just he walks like he's drunk and plus on level 10 if you get hit by a one pixel you go launching off the car the character spazzes out and plus on the middle part when I'm crossing the board he always just Falls
Okay, I have beaten all the levels(even level 9 and ten :p). Its a good game! But the controls are wonky, ragdoll physics are okay, but the movement of the character(Karlson) is so wonky! When you don't move its moves at the last time were the joystick looked. I have suggestions:try to make it so its easier to farm money(arena is too slow), have boss battles, and do Multiplayer/Online levels.
The graphics are amazing. Enough said. But, I prefer to go into detail. The storyline is better than any Star Wars movie or any Hunger Games book on the planet. Is more immersive than any VR game could ever be. 10 stars/5
It's a big clunky mess. I like you Dani, but this game failed to impress me. Why do I not like this game? Because the physics and controls. First, let's get onto physics. Oh, my, god. They are some of the CLUNKIEST I have ever seen. Karlsons legs don't stop for a second and sometimes when walking a plank, the "fAnNi mOlKemEn cErLsin" falls off. Now the controls. They, are bad. Really bad. That's literally all I have to say about this mess.
This game does a great job of really making you feel for the characters. The story is unlike one you will see in any other game. The action is top tier. All I can say is wow Dani, that was really cool.
This game is gud. "This game is too hard" okay "Controls are too flimsy" alright "This game makes no sense" fine This game is amazing Lastly, this game is, as a conclusion, brilliant, challenging, and most of all THI[ [
Before getting this game, I was in a rough place. After being abandoned by my family, I was left out on the streets to rot. Then I decided to get this game. I could instantly see the benefits as soon as I downloaded. And after completing a few levels, my family decided to get in contact with me and now I am a multi-billionare, with my brand being a household name. I highly advise you to get this game.
I really liked it. I think it needs an update though and more levels. And to the people that say the controls are bad, well that's the point. It's meant to be hard to move cause that's what makes it fun and hard.
the best game i have played. If YOU Dani would update it with new guns, new levels, more arenas and a MULTIPLAYER this would be the most awesome game ever. Srry for the frustration i gave you reading this but i hope it will happen soon :D
Hey dani, if you're reading this, i got a question. Once i move and the stop touching the joystick it keeps moving in that direction, however by holding in the jump button it only moves when I'm actively moving the joystick. If this is intended, cool it's actually an interesting movement option. However i can't tell if it is intentional or not, so i thought I'd let ya know just in case. (Great and wacky game btw)
I watched the YouTube video and this game is cool and funny I like killing the enemies in arena mode. I really like this game there are only two things I don't like the walking the walking is weird but it's funny and cool also the jumping is funky but as well as the walking it makes it more fun. so overall nothing wrong with the game the game is fun for me and that all that matters. I also really like the youtuber who made this game.
The game itself is amazing i would recommend it to my friends, however the movement is kinda bad, but that doesn't stop me having fun. 🙂
Great game, but it definitely needs fixing.I played through all the levels and finished them, and it took a bit of patience. One of the biggest issues is karlson's wonky stabilization method. During some of the bridges, karlson would trip on air because his legs would decide that he wasn't stabe even when he just walking normally.The recoil on the weapons, even while it's fun and cool at first will get annoying over time, its like the pistols are rpgs. Overall fun game but frustrating sometimes
Well let's start off with the graphics. For me I had to turn it to low cause of the lag but I think it's just my phone. Still looks great though. Now the controls are kinda wack ngl. The touch buttons are far apart from each other so it's kinda hard to control. Cool that I can play the same game on my pc on my phone. I love the game and I watch your videos and they make me laugh.
The game starts off with a promising look, showing the essential part of the game. It has simple mechanics. Maps are rushed and not too many items in the shop. Feels like your character is drunk and the controls are at best awkward. The jumping needs work so that you have better balance after landing. I say 3.5/5
i gave you 3 stars because first there's no tutorial about anything (basic like every game does) i almost think the jump system is terrible but actually you can long-press the jump button for longer jump (because there is no tutorial) and it makes me confused. Maybe you didn't make the tutorial because you demonstrate it in your youtube channel.
Dani did a really good job , this game is cool and sometimes funny but the thing is that it sometimes lags in few level like level 3 and few more and its arms glitches and strech full wherever hits a car hard and covers the screen for few second otherwise it's best game made by dani!!
Very good game 👍👍 I like it but the last is very hard And the clothes are very cost a lot of money
Very good game Dani Bro. But sometimes when i shoot the explosive robot and when it make me fly , the parts of karlson (i e;legs and arms) deform . Please fix this bro. Btw i like this game . Its very fun to play. Thank you.
This game was pretty good as it was made as a joke (or it seems like it) it is a genuine great time waster however, there is one problem with the cars/planks later in the game. They are abnormally difficult like sometimes the planks will just fall with no reason and make you have to jump the gap which you will always miss and the cars are just glitchy and annoying as if you get shot once you're dead despite whether you can control yourself because by the time you've done that, you're shot again
The one level where your on the cars is so damn hard and its lagy on android and for some reason when you start the level you walk foward for no reason and the jump is deylead on android
Great game. I think the game need a camera feature because enemies are off camera shooting me. Also upgrades like longer slomo, or more health would be nice. The shop is way too expensive so I think you should lower the prices, or make it so you can get more money. And one last tip is game purchases, so people can buy costumes with real money or more levels to play or buy coins.
Dani....... You have made a very good game at the same time the movement have a little bit of an error. Plz improve it and plus....... WISHLIST KARLSON IN STEAM GIRLS AND BOYS, HELP DANI TOO MAKE KARLSON THE 1 WISHLIST. #1KARLSON!!!!!!!!!
I'd say this game is very awsome. I installed the game in my Pc which took a while to install but that's no problem cause i'm a patient person, I potentially can't bring my PC to anywhere i go. When i install it into my mobile, the installation was pretty fast on small devices for some reason. And it was kinda of the same but the controls are wanky well thats no big deal i can still play it normally. Thats all i want to say so yeah stay safe and have a nice day
To the people who complain about the controls, It's supposed to be wonky and hard to control so it's more challenging and fun to play, but if you hate losing cause you're a sore loser don't even play this game cause you're just gonna get butt hurt
AMAZING game but make clothes cheaper or the reward for watching ads greater, also put some in an ad between each level i dont mind watching it as long as its not too often
Really great game if you want to pass the time and switch off your mind. It's really addictive and fun. Been recommending it to my friends. The levels isn't that much and the character moves forward without pressing forward.
A very nice game it is fun and difficult but only limited levels. I have completed all the levels now and I am not sure what to do now. Please as new levels.
This is what I wanted I a 12 grade student and I am preparing for my engineering entrance exam and I wanted a game to kill my bordum when I was fed-up of studing and which which doesnt consume a great a amount of time this is perfect I play when I am boored and after 15-20mins I get boored of the game and again start studing this was just the perfect match for me
This game is great. I watched in your YouTube channel how you mad this through twitter. My only problem is that the planks are way narrow making it near impossible to walk on it and there are some glitches like the camera angles and etc. I hope you fix this after making the game karlson on steam.
Nice game, but everybody knows it needs a lot of fixing. My suggestions are to first of all nerf the game. You will reach to a level where it will be impossible. Second of all is the money in the game. You can't earn money without playing levels, even if the levels were possible or nerfed, there is no such way to make a lot of money/enough money to buy stuff from the store. All you can do is watch ads, not playing levels because ads give you more money. Thanks for reading and drink milk!
Very great game! Very challenging and goofy. And to those who say some of the levels in this game is "impossible"... It's not. The levels are possible. They're HARD as most games should be at some difficulty. To challenge the player. You just gotta adapt folks!
This is game is a masterpiece, great story and awesome arena mode! I'd rate it higher if I could, truly the best game I've ever experienced.
One of the best experiences I've ever had I think he should add dlcs to make the game have alot more to do or even add shaders but again it's one of the funniest games and I highly recommend it!
Its a good game buy the controls are really anoying I know that it was ment to be like that but I feel I dont have control over my character, and one more thing there is a bug were when you enter to the shop you will find a big black bar at the right of the screen covering 70% of it and with that you cant see what are you buying, other than that the game is pretty cool and fun.
The game is very fun. But the big problem is that when you don't even move, Karlson slowly moves by himself and that's very annoying. Hopefully you'll fix it!
the mac one did'nt work so i had to get an emulator in order to play which the controls aren't optimal. Also all the other games don't work either so that strange it might be because of permission's i set my setting to allow you game but maybe it did'nt do everything inside. I don't know alot about computers but i downloaded your games before on your website and they did work. maybe i need to do an update. But it is still looks like an awesome game.
Most Amazing, Incredible, and Beautiful game I have ever played. Plot is enriching, and the graphics are amazing. The icon for the game is decieving. It is so beautiful and well done. I absolutely love this game, and I would highly recommend it.
AMAZING GRAPHICS! Along with fun and amazing gameplay, and the controls are as smooth as butter, wish I could give 6 stars!!
Well done Dani, I'm enjoying it(end my suffering). Oh and by the way there is a bug that when you fall off the buildings you stay in the air, like an air floor, you know. But it's great, bravo!
Hey dani. Im a big fan of you and i just wanna say this game is Awesome. It has ragdoll phyics (which is one of my favorite things in games) and easy controls. I just wanted to tell you to pls add more characters. Like karlson's friends. I really play this game often.
This game is good with a couple of flaws. (Get rid of good and replace a couple with a lot and that is what Dani thinks of himself) Stuff like the joystick, and the lag are slightly frustrating, but for being a product on this junkyard, it's pretty good. A couple of tweeks would make this game EPIC but for now, very cool. (Also congrats on 1M Abonners!)
God awful controls. I was on the moving vehicle level, after 10 tries got to the last part. I fell down a foot and died.
THIS GAME WAS AWESOME and stupidly good I loved this game because I could do levels 1-15 and shoot people do backflips. And there an arena mode so you can never stop shooting people needs first person though.
I really like how karlon walks lol but i got a glitch where in when i click play sometimes karlon is invincible and i can't see him so please fix the bug and everthing else is good.
Have to say it is fun for just Twitter ideas. If you dont know, this game was made by ideas from a twitter following. Some people give good criticism about this game as the controls are hellish. But I see some reviews trashing on the developer himself. Why though? I would say this game is a masterpiece for the ideas that were given. But I clap to the people who give 1 star. Time to drink milk.
Fine game. Infuriated by one bug. Once you move the joystick to get Karlson moving in a direction, he won't stop moving when you let go of the joystick. Won't even try to slow down. The only way to reliably get him to stop in place is to fire the gun. But, the gun has recoil, so if it's pointed somewhere, it'll knock Karlson in that direction when he fires. This makes the car level impossible. You have to jump from car to car and stop, but firing the gun knocks you off the ledge and kills you.
Why do you think that this game is weird, i mean it is but, you said it was bad in the yt video. It isn't true its really fun. I think you should make the width of the plank bigger so its easier to cross as i kept falling off. And i also found a bug on accident on the skyscraper arena map. I was jumping about and i fell off the map and expected to die but i didn't, it turns out if you jump off the map and go into the side of a building you will go out of bounds, so you should fix this bye now!
It fine but the falling over if hard because im good at speedrunning game and my arm glitches and i fly 50000 feet in the air and i flung to the ground so yeah dani you need to fix the game and look at the errors
Milkman Karlson is a simple but interesting game. I tried both story mode and arena mode. The character when moving is a bit clunky, but I think thats the whole point of the game, because it makes it more challenging and fun. The gameplay however can sometimes be unfair because of the physics of the characters, objects, etc. The graphics are simple, not too good but not bad, just in the middle. For arena I wish there was more features to it. For example; random events that happen time to time.
I loved it even before playing the game, the game is so intuitive and just a really well designed game over all and its the best waste of time on this Google Play store
When I first saw this on here (which was today), I was really pumped about it and installed it. Well Dani, you have officially FAILED me. Wonky controls (karlson moved on his own) the jumps are wonky, and when you slow-mo, there isn't an effect like the PC version! Oh, speaking of the PC version, just go check that one out instead of this. (Dani update this game and fix everything)
Good game if you want a funny ragdoll time killer game I suggest that you play a lot for coins but the one level I do have a problem with is the second car level probably not a problem but I just think its hard GOOD GAME!!!!
With immersive gameplay, amazing character development, and milk, this game is awesome, I highly reccomend this game since it has changed my life. Not only has it cured my depression, but it has made me realize my true potential and made me strive in life. 10/10
Dani.... you've done it again. This is very cool. The game is fun, wacky, and overall, pleasing to the eye with the simplicity of the art style and the epicness of drinking the milk. A fun little distraction that makes me want to return to the app again and again for its wacky shenanigans. (WISHLIST KARLSON ON STEAM NOW, BONERS.) Score: 10 Chocolate Milks/10
Hello dani,i have a little problem of your game. Problems: the controls if you not move the joystick its still walking,The physics are little bit piercing and glitchy, the body is little bit glitching, the path finding is Bad. Improvements:upgrades, more maps, more guns, also can you make difficulty? So this is the only note i will give it to you. -Jarisauce
Great mobile game. Controls are wacky, and gameplay is fun. And you can't get enough of karlson vibe! I watched the YouTube video and am subscribed to Dani. Overall an amazing game!
Hey Dani. Wanted to say that sometimes the frames drop pretty low on my device even though I have a Snapdragon 855. The game is overall good. This game is a really good idea, but with a good amount of polishing, it can become much better in terms of graphics and playability! Also, if possible please make Karlson 3D available on Android as well. Long live milk.
Dani I am your youtube viewer but I would give it 5 star but I can adjust the camera and make better controls and I need a aim dot and auto shoot Mechanism pls make HD graphics and punch if we don't have guns my character is not stable make the controls stable and first person third person front and back and camera must be fixed I love the concept because its milk and its thiccc pls change the robots into orange juice
This game is different than what I've usually seen, it's sorta like parkour and capture the flag mixed, the fact that karlson(I'm not sure if it's true) is drunk makes it more challenging.20/10 btw I'm milk gang
Dani did an amazing job on this game. This is like the best. The controls are not hard barely easy and so many levels!!!!! Recommend Downloading this game
This game isn't a game it's a masterpiece, if I could rate it higher I would. The story is amazing throughout the whole game The gameplay is so immersive I move in real life in relation to the gameplay. This shows the true potential of the video game industry and the fact that it's free is unbelievable The game is easily worth €60. So ye it's pretty good
Excellent game. Please make this into a platforming game with big exploration based levels. camera controls be cool. The ability to control who you shoot would be nice as well.
Nice game but i wish you add a mutiplayer . Its good idea because i am bored by playing story mode and arena ..SORRY IF I MISTAKED IN LETTERS .. by the way the game is best i played it 23 times and now i am bored so add a mutiplayer missions and mutiplayer fighting
This game exists in an interesting space for me. It doesn't follow any traditional rules of game design, and yet, I still find it enjoyable to play. Part of it is making the movement hard, and enjoyable. This is easily one of the best examples of this I've seen, in addition to Octodad, Dadliest Catch. It doesn't take a lot of thought, just flopping around shooting robots and drinking milk. It's not for everyone, but if physics make you go yes, you should definitely try it.
This is amazing...I played this while drinking milk and the carton turned into the infinity gauntlet...especially with the dual sense controller for the ps69 (nice) Its so immersive and makes me feel like a reel epik gmaer
Game is not good at the moment... There are so many bugs like sometimes my character start moving alone, robots sometimes stop moving, jump and walking system want more work and blood particle is white (and not only for me). If you rework the game it will be so nice. I know its the first version so i can understand that some bugs will appear but walking and jump system made me uninstall the game... thats all! Hope you will fix them!!
This game is perfect, it has an amazing plot that had me in tears, its game play is perfect and the game had me immersed the whole time this game is a gift from God and is so perfect we do not deserve it, Dani the milk God, thank you I give my blood for you, I will drown my offspring in milk as a form of worshipping you for the creation of this perfect game.
5 star but I want you to add this if you like it 1. Editor mode 2. grenade level 3. Diffrent ability 4. More levels These are what I wanna see my favorite is editor mode please add that as a update I want to create my own map please make my wish come true and thank you ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
Incredible.Life changing experience.The character arc,phenomenal.The story,fantastic.This game is a must play for anyone in a mid life crisis.
The game's best game ever and the player is a ragdoll so whoever tells player doesn't move properly needs to understand. And the game's made from weird ideas and suggestions so everyone needs to understand that the game has to be weird.
I am using a Huawei Android 7 Tab. When I opened the game it showed a warning that the device hardware could not support the game. I pressed continue and then it's just a pink screen. Like when I press somewhere I hear gunshots and stuff but I can't see anything other than pink. Dani, can you please fix this? Or is it just that my tab cannot play it?
Delete the tenth level. I actually had a stroke trying to play it. Every time that robot shot me in the 1 out of 10 times Id get that far made me want to shoot myself even more. Why do the cars have giant wooden planks on top of them to knock you off? And if they don't karlson just kills himself and spreads his white juicyness all over the road. Your character should only move when they're touching the joystick not whenever karlson feels like running in a circle. Otherwise 5 stars gg dani
I love this game. But there are some casualties. I cant pass stage 10 and for some reason. The blood is white. And Karlso. Kinda likes to move where ever he wants to. I would like all three of these bugs fixed. But all on all its literally great!
This is the best game I have played its fun, funny, and it has no ad's!! It's a little hard But that's ok because it's fun if I could rate this game a 10 I would I 100% recommend this game. The graphics are good to and more 100/100🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Hey, i have tried your game, by the way i m ur subscribe and want to tell u that there's a glitch or bug when the player land on the edge of any obstacle or bridge and gets stuck there
This may have been made by dani, but this is just unplayable. I cant walk 2 steps without a glitch or ragdolling. In level 4 (I think) theres an exploding Billy and when you shoot him he explodes anyway. If you have a lot of time on your hands and a chunk of patience, give it a go but otherwise dont install.
DANI I was sorta expecting more from this game but the thing is level 2 is impossible as the cars only come out when your in the road, and karlson literally walks in any direction by himself, so since this game wasn't living to what I expected I'm leaving milk gang and leaving this game a one star, so sorry dani this game just sucked and you should really fix it.
I love this game I just want a zombie mode to just make it so epic even more epic than epic it's just extreme epic not even explainable. Btw I saw you make a vid on making this game and the grammar is a fail but it's funny lol I can make so many jokes out of "karlson Is kill"
Its a great game but has a few downsides. For one the controls are awful, but I realise that is intentional, and second there is zero sense of depth.
I love the game the graphics are great and so is the music i love watching you're channel on Youtube and i love how you make the games. So keep up the Great work and i really hope you add new things to this game like: Super milk where you get speed and fully healed!!. Anyway i love you're Karlson series and i hope there's more!!!.
Honestly, the concept is really good, Dani. The controls and movement are complete WACK, though. My Karlsson moves on his own sometimes. It's also super buggy, like my Karlsson's model with stretch, fling and die. I like the wobbly walk, but it's super glitchy. Please fix this issues and this game would be amazing! P.S. I love your videos!
This is the new age of gaming, design is outstanding, ragdoll physics is great, and now I have a great and outstanding life because of this game. New level of difficulty as to which of great powerups to help karlson to get his milk, what more can I say? Game of the year here.
Not gonna lie but this game is pretty THICC! Graphics are outstanding Controls and UI are simple The milk is tasty and good for your eyes unlike orange juice (pfft) And overall has thrilling shooter gameplay. No bugs because there is nothing else that resembles an insect so I recommend downloading milk gang.(ㆁωㆁ)
The controls. Oh my god. You wobble all over the place and take 5 steps north to stand up. I know the bad control is part of the appeal but even gang beasts plays better. The car levels are the hardest too. The cars that you stand on are too small to move properly on and jumping could mean starting again. It's still fun to play but only for 5 minutes. After that you don't want to deal with it for a while. Still a recomendation though.
Good game. Btw I like milk. Oh yeah there are LOTS of bugs. Hey dani, pls fix the leg bug. It occurs for no reason and I almost can't run and I always stumble. And please fix the mobility
Its a good game and I like the levels bit u van add a feature where if u go into focus that u could become more steady and so it can be more usefull because on the planks its hard ro stay on them
People are talking about how the controls are bad, and they are, but they were purposely put there, like getting over it.
This game is phenomenal! Honestly the next biggest thing. I was skeptical at first about playing, after all, it's just about Milk. But it's so much more then that. Karlson is a true Milk loving man. The only downside had to of been the fact I can't play this forever! If you have any doubts about whether to download and play, forget them! Play! Play! Play! They should make a film based of this. It would win Oscars. 10/10
The game is good but there are several issues which stop it from being great. 1) the ragdoll physics for Karlson are cool, but most of the time they're more of a hindrance than helpful, especially on level 13. My suggestion is either fix the controls or add an option to disable ragdoll. 2) the mobile controls aren't that great either, they work but Bluetooth controller compatibility with the game would make it much better. Fixing these issues would make the game much more playable in my opinion.
Awesome game. As we all know, ragdolls make him go "yes". And Karlson is iconic. Oh u don't know what karlson is, it is a game Dani's currently working on. It is the top 18th most wish listed game on steam. Wishlist karlson on steam to help him reach no. 1 spot and break steam.
It is pretty fun but I have some major problems: Karlson moves on its own, the aimlock on bot sometimes delays, Karlson can't jump on edges, the movements of Karlson is like a kid with a syndrome, and can you put a camera angle or can you change the plank to brick? Add more guns and power ups for fun. I love you Dani, but this game is kinda rigged. (No offense)
God teir game control is great and the story is wonderful and the graphics are amazing along with the fact that there is no glitches Milk gang pog
Some bugs: One: you can survive a fall in level 6 by landing on your feet, however the game will istantly kill you within a second of contact. Two: in level 3, there is a bug that if karlson's hand is touching the platforms then his arm will strech out until you hit inevitably the ground.
This game is wonderful! The graphics are smooth and crisp, the gameplay doesn't get boring, and there's a lot of shirts, plants, under shirts, and hats to customize you character with! I do have some problems with this game. The blood is white for some reason. Idk if that's supposed to happen, and sometimes the game can have some lag spikes. But still, this game is a 10/10 rating! 🤩🤩
Reslly good gam, don't know if this happened to anyone else but on Level4, the boards just fall when you are at the end of the board. Best game for Milk Gang right now.
This is an absolutely great game, stop complaining about the game being hard or 'impossible' that's just you get gud I know that there is a glitch where karlson moves by himself but it occurs rarely and its easy to fix, the other complaints are stupid, it's not the game, it's just you or your mobile. Note that its supposed to be a pretty challenging game anyway only supposed to be for the people that are good and are prepared to spend time. And be grateful that there are no ads. Good job, Dani.
I kinda have a problem with this cuz you see the game wont start well the music is there but i just see a pink/purple screen i known this isnt your fault its because of my device but can you plz make this game suitable for my device cuz i really wanna play it and ive seen gameplay of this and it was so cool and its also the reason i gave it 3 star but plz make this suitable for my device if you do i will rate 5 Ps. My device is samsung/android
This game is a 10/10 Graphics: ye, they're looking kinda T H I C C! Controls: JUST LIKE YOUR MOM the fact that this was because of asking Twitter for 5 stupid ideas is amazing, keep up the good work Dani! (also, maybe add Karlson to mobile?
Its a fun little game that i like playing in my free time. Ive finished all of the levels and didnt really notice much bugs. The only bug that ive noticed, is one in the final level that causes you to fall off of the bridge.
The controls are a bit glicthy for example moving the stick and then stopping move it karlson will continue to walk when you're not even moving him making some of the levels hard
Amazing story and character.development, epic gun fights, can you please ad in a level maker and new guns and possibly just maybe a pvp/co op option???? Thanks dani ur the best
It sucked. So most people that really like danny are going to say that this is a troll or im a hater but this game ACTUALLY sucked let me explain why. First the controls are wonky. Second you move on your own without moving. And third you wiggle EVERYWHERE you end up. I know most of you are going to defend danny cause hes a YouTuber and the game was made in a rush but he could atleast update it to make it ACTUALLY playable.
I would like to write this game 4 stars and a half but I don't know how to do that this is why I gave it four star and a half Dani is just for some reason the Carlson when you move on mobile he keeps going that's just I don't like that but still it's a really good a game and there's no ads can you like fix it if it's bag, if it's not and it's a feature remove it