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Mighty Battles

Mighty Battles for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
EDIT - Guys any update on the replay share bug ? I prefer 6 stars to this game - BUT lately the battle replays have been quite buggy. - They hang too much in between forcing to quit the app. - Wrong battle replays are shared in clan. Device Mi Max
2/3 of my missions are "complete an offer for gold" screw this money grabbing trash. Also filled with cheaters that the devs completely ignore. No report option for cheaters. The word cheater itself is censored in the game to prevent players from talking about it. INFESTED WITH CHEATERS, AVOID
Great game play, but every treasure box requires so much time to open requiring lots of gold which you have to purchase. Free play sucks in this game, wouldn't recommend it unless you want to spend lots of money in addition to watching ads.
Look this is a GREAT game , you just need to get more players . There is still too long of wait time between battles. Perhaps generate some computer teams ???
fun game,,,,,But ,,,,,,,it seems like some are able to cheat by always running troops and Hydras out. there should be no way to always have Hydras, tanks and choppers out always. that takes qhat fun it could be and tosses that out the window. will probably delete the game.
Boring since it well only search for players to play against for 30 minutes at a time before you get to play each time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the game is good but wenn i joined a battle then it bibint work so then i had to blet the hole game๐Ÿ˜ 
I think this game is amazing! Except the fact that when I have been battling, it has just randomly put my screen black and all I can see is my cards and so I have to click to select one of my cards and then unselect it. Please fix it. Other than that, good.
Delete the game.Minus 10 stars.Never can win ,win 1 lose 10.If you have money to spend go a head..Its bull shร—ร—ร—ร—ร—ร—ร—.What a stupid game money thats what its all about.Please dont play that game dont lose your time
Ive been playing since 2017 and there has been no development whatsoever. A real shame as game could be awesome, it takes an eternity to find an opponent so u sit there doing nothing, useless, you have to get the basics right. Never mind onto the next game:)
Staff seems unresponsive to complaints of the game becoming one sided and fun being taken away. They added a turret that completely ruined the gameplay. You cant use your other characters to their full advantage because you're worried about a long range extremely high damage weapon all the time. If you care about your long term fans please change it. Seriously. Otherwise was a good game.
Game really struggles to find another player to play against and when it does iys unfair match as the other player is a much higher player. Very disappointed with it.
This is an excellent game, but sometimes it just goes koko and I can't buy any unit during battle and I get swarned by the opposite team's units. And the game wonders why I am losing! Kindly fix this glitch.
I'm sorry this game cheats way to bad for me it will not allow you to level up your soldiers and weapons are easily destroyed way faster than your opponents, and you have to cycle through all of your soldiers and weapons before you can deploy, where on the other hand your opponents soldiers and weapons comes out randomly and almost back to back and they are much harder to destroy even if there levels are pretty much to same, and who ever design this game they did where it will always be ahead!!
if your reading this and you made this game just stop it it is horible and it all the time more like evry 5 seaconds so if you want to get it eo not it sucks i cant even get in the game. they just did it for the mony
so tired of waiting so long to get matched up in a battle. same players day after day that are 2 levels above. is there only 100 people that play this. your algorithms SUCK!
worth while until reaching level 7 division 4. combat mapping then is way off. most of the time the algorhythm finds too strong opponents which made lose the fun because you cannot win. i suppose that is when the threshold ends and you need to spend money to enjoy the game. which both i dont.
I have played this game last year and it is fun, especially the free training thingy. No need to worry about losing trophies! But, in fact. I hope that each crate has a higher chance to get Elite cards. I always wanted a Dozer๐Ÿ˜..... So I am looking forward to have more elite cards in the future. I also like to suggest that giving a free card every Sunday like Clash royale. And how about creating a structure that provides coins like Elixir Collector? That would be AWESOME!
Dont waste your time....most people hack the game and it takes away all strategy...was an amazing game. Now just a bunch of cheaters play....too bad.
I cannot log into game, almost 2 days now. They never update. No one plays the events and it takes awhile to get a battle. When you get an actual battle, it is someone ridiculously higher than you are and makes the game not fun. Fix this game or delete it entirely.
Good game but..... it takes forever for a match to load, after a while it gets really annoying. It takes 45min to get a second match going.
I love this game. But plz fix it. It takes way to long to search for someome to battle. If you fix it i will give 5 star. im about to uninstill this game if it aint fix soon.
Why does the price to upgrade items double? $50x20items is no 10,500. The game is making us work to hard upgrade.
laggy it's just way too laggy and before you say "but what if it's your phone" no it's not my phone this is the only game that's laggy and it's very laggy
Takes too long to find matches. I had to reset all the work I put in to upgrading, and building my Clan. Instead of this game being a great game it SUCKS
Overall its a good concept for a game but there are far to many things wrong like the battle matchmaking, the trophy system, even some of the units themselves need for their attack & defense stats needs to be re-evaluated & setup in a better hierarchy.
Really bad job maintaining the app. Went from good to terrible. Slow loading, gets stuck during the battle, blocking all the chat regarding developers or admins. Super slow process unless you spend money.
after this last update I cant even play anyone but a trainer. very disappointed. have been playing a year. this use to be fun until all of the mess ups began happening.
Its good if it works, but developers will not fix or respond, will not load a match.....going to uninstall.....
i really liked this game but it's been completely neglected by the Devs . The problem i have with the game is the matching takes a long time but the Daily league challenge just doesnt seem to find a match at all. Last night i waited almost 10 minutes for a challenger . This stops me playing the league challenge & i see so many others not doing it so maybe having same . I wish more could've done for this game so I'm uninstalling .
Good game. Somewhat relaxed. Usually takes a bit longer to match opponents. It takes a while to upgrade troops.
I really love the game but i really need the game fixed cause the tapjoy gold rewards are bugged i get the reward then if i go to any of the top menu and go back to lobby i get the reward again but it doesnt add the gold its stays the same everytime that i go back to the lobby and also you guys have to really fix the matchmaking time
Good game but waiting time to be connect to another player is too longggg, sometime it can't even connect at all!
LOVE IT ITS SO MUCH FUN. You get too choose what you want to go on the battle field. you get to shoot the base turret and control your side. I have a lot of games I play this one the most
need to fix the sandbaging. a level 13 shouldn't be playing a level 8. change it to levels so if a level 13 wants to sandbag and have 1900 coins they still play a level 13. not a level 8 or 9 trying there best to get better. otherwise it's a fun game. But the sandbaging it terrible absolutely terrible.
This is worst game I've ever played.3 years ago it was perfect but now you have to wait forever to find opponent. I would give it a zero if I could
The game developers have the right name hothead. They don't seem to care about the players . It's not enough if you develop a good game but the gameplay has to be right. 1. You can't find opponents.2. the ratio of losses is high even if you pay real money which I did. 3. The slots can be increased in the squad. 4. You can repeat the same opponent again and again. I have 7 losses in a row inspite of buying good cards. Am not spending anymore and it's just a matter of uninstalling now
very going tyreese agave fibre things are good but I don't think that you should putting putting the time to first put everything in the game and if you get the feeling you lose all that that should be good
don't bother, this game is not worth it. Too many bugs & lagging issues. takes too much time to upgrade and level up. Rigged to get you to pay money to level up. so unless you want to pay A LOT of money or spend a lot of time to advance dont bother playing. Their customer service sucks, they don't fix things, never take responsibility for their crappy work and no matter the issuse they always try to blame it on something else, you, the networks/internet providers or other service.
pretty decent game. just needs more players. the wait time for someone to battle is ridiculous at the moment.
dont bother its not worth it. the game is rigged. too many bugs and lagging issues. takes too much time to upgrade and level up. its rigged to get you to pay more money to level up faster. so unless you want to pay A LOT of money or spend a lot of time to advance dont bother playing. and their customer service sucks!
please developers update the game and add new Troops please long time you not update the game and fix the bug
Game is NOT rigged. Stop crying. Play and have fun. My only issue (outside of that Art. Turret) is connecting. FYI: to beat the art turret shock and bomb!
What's a good strategy game But It takes 10 to 15 minutes For the game to find an opponent It takes way too long
This would be a really good game. The only thing that I don't understand is you lose more medals than you gain. If you win they give you less than the other person who would win against you gets more.
This game sucks i want to name myself but i cant and thus game worst multiplayer game i give this game -1000 stars
I star minus just for broken replay feature. Replay shares wrong ones. We need to restart the game to properly share the replay or else the replay doesnt play well
I just started the game and I got bugs immediately my screen kept getting black otherwise the graphics are good when it's not black.
Another game where you play for 15 minutes and then spend your entire day waiting for chests to open. So over these games!! When ppl download a game it's because they want to play for extended periods of time. It's a shame these money hungry devs implement these features just for the quick cash grab. I would drop serious money on this game but not for opening rewards that I earned. This one tries to give you other things to do but unfortunately it seems to be a dead game. Went to special event and sat there searching for opponent for 15 minutes. I regret spending the 5 dollars I did spend.
Don't understand why the points stop accumulating randomly during game play? It's spoiling the game structure and frustrating that we lose because of the loading algorithm instead of the unit level.. Why do I spend coins to upgrade unit when points don't allow to accumulate unit to deploy?
This game is fine, but the annoying thing is that it gets black every 5 seconds, I dont know if it meant to be like that or it is my Phone that does it, but the whole game is good.
This has got to be the biggest fixed game ever. Get so far brill, then all of a sudden lose lose lose and get no further. Some battles are over in seconds although you are much stronger. ive downloaded this game 3 times over the course of about 18 months and nothing has changed
i really love this game its fantastic animations are good graphics are nice the only complaint i have is when i go go battle 70% of the time the game crashes its frustrating so please fix that.
evey time I try to open the game it keeps telling me the game has closed I cant even open the game after this update!
Descent game when it works connection fails alot always getting hmm something went wrong we're working on it... Population is low half the time you're sitting in que for a battle. Should implement default battles after a certain wait time to keep people playing. Since there's no other option of gameplay.
I have gave 2 star because it takes very much time in match making, more than 3,4 minutes.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ณ
After playing for a week I figured out that this game isn't even fare at times. I just played a game where I couldn't even send a single squad out and got completely annihilated. Fun when you're winning not fun when you can't even participate in a match. Never mind the 10min waiting period to actually get on a game.
hello Andrew here just want to say overall game is pretty awesome however I think there might be some cheating going on how was it possible for your opponent to freeze my counter till they come over and wipe me out and I never got a chance to send out one guy how was this possible
Fun game if enough people played. LONG wait time to find someone to battle. Glitches when you try and watch a replay.
This game has a potential but needs several fixes : 1- add option to play with AI when there is no match found instead of waiting 15 minutes!! , players shouldn't be punished for choosing your game 2-Add more daily rewards to attract more players and increase reduction time of chests on watching videos please 3- add different viewing angle while playing match 4- troop movement needs optimization it looks abit laggy Other than that very well done developers ๐Ÿ‘
Game is good but whenever we want to play any game it is always showing searching for the opponent in the menu. Like it will search forever. Do something for it oresle this game gonna end soon.
Game good my only problem is takes to long for a battle and the events battles are even worse could uninstall soon no one joins clans either good game could be uninstalled soon oh well life and games go on.
The last update has removed any joy. I've continued playing hoping a further update will be released to rebalance the game again. When 90% of the matches are played against players with artillery turret or fire drone, the game is repetitive and boring
games running great couple months ago videos wernt lowering time but i believe they fixed that issue....this is great game meet lots nice people in here...
No friends list, no global chat. Matches take forever to find. Needs real campaign. Mismatches in pvp happen. Fun gameplay though.
Its simple the graphics are very nice, user friendly system and the gameplay its outstainding but only if the game manages to find you a match, what good is this game if you can't even play, invest on a decent server because the more people download the game, the harder will be for the server to find anyone a decent match.
Potential to be an awesome game but not very balanced, takes forever to search for an opponent which just does your head in after a while. not quite sure what they were thinking with latest update, its ruined the game really.
why is it every time I download this game I lose my progress from the previous game this is happen freaking twice and you guys are rip-off and I'm contacting Google.
Seems like a great game! The only draw back is as soon as you start your battle the screen goes black. It still shows you the battle coin troops you can aim at well it shows the coin anyway...but you cannot see anything else except your "hand of cards" and the yellow arrows to deploy your cards. I really feel like the game would be a 5 star game if you could actually see the battles.
This game is not responding and your customer support online is not available or responding. Ive played this game for 2 years and spent lots of money. I get an internal error message. Whats the problem i dont want to have to delete.
This game is so good! this game you can have different kinds of squads, powerful tanks, and you can come from the air and surprise your opponent!!!!!โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ
jdufhgtdth I am going to be the best of the best (it's not bad )AWSOME! !!!!!!!!!!! I'M WINNING A LOT OF THE BATTLES
There's just too less players in the game so matchmaking could take forever and the matchmaking is also pretty broken. Not only that, there're just too less cards in the game so there're less choices for new decks. I also found out that unlocking new elite (and maybe rare) cards could be very difficult.
the game is too hard to play they are doing more soldiers because we send more grunts make us 9 sec 1 grunt or else I will never play the game
Delite the game.Minus 10 stars.Never can win ,win 1 lose 10.If you have money to spend go a head..Its bull shร—ร—ร—ร—ร—ร—ร—.
i really like this game , its the best one of this genre of game. the graphics are great and so are all the troops and weapons . Even down to the little quotes when you win a new one. The ONLY problem i have with the game is the matching takes a long time sometimes but the Daily league challenge just doesnt seem to find a match at all. Last night i waited almost 10 minutes for a challenger . This stops me playing the league challenge & i see so many others not doing it so maybe having same .
This game cheats a lot. If you arent spending money it will eventually shut down. You will have to start over. It is not a coincidence that it won't let you play unless you spend gold i.e money. You play the same gamers over and over. Im trying to get it to come up once again after starting over twice. I will not be starting over again.
It's just an okay game, game play and graphics are OK but not to many online players and load times for the next weapon is way to long making it really hard to win. Good time killer but nothing to exciting with this game! ๐Ÿ˜‰
The game is really fun to play. My problem is having to wait so long for my next battle. Is this the same for everyone. At least give drone battles if there is nobody to battle. I can't finish an event set because after 1 or 2 battles i can't get any more. So i just end up leaving the game. Would be a really awesome game if these issues were fixed.
Takes too long to get match ups, also the PIG must go, it is always in the way and the pop up is annoying, otherwise when it finally matches you up, it's fun.
This would be a really good game. The only thing that I don't understand is why you have to be at a disadvantage almost every time you fight. I'm a level 4 going against a level 9 an so on. they always put someone three to four times your level. I can understand one maybe two levels higher but anything more than that is ridiculous.