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Microcosmum: survival of cells

Microcosmum: survival of cells for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Satur Entertainment. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Games back up. BUT the new perimeter cellwalls need to be thicker. To often the Organism can get glitched outside the cell walls or even antibodies with no way to recover. Forcing games to be restarted
I beat the whole game, it's really fun, but I CONSTANTLY had issues with touch. I would try and hit fast forward and nothing would happen, I would try and tap on an organism and it wouldn't select it, have to hit it like 4-5 times, I would try and move my camera while fast forwarding and it would try to select a bunch of stuff.
I love this game and looked forward to beating and buying more content, however the controls are super frustrating and hard to deal with. Once you get to a difficult level you really wish the control all anitbodies or all organisms button worked and didnt send them to the left of the screen sometimes out of sight.
The game is nice and relaxing in general, probably thanks to the music, but apparently no playtesting took place because most levels are too easy while several are just impossible to beat (e.g. "hot & cold" 23; on "hard" of course - the game is simply boring on medium difficulty). The difficulty level seems to just make enemies cheat by growing much faster, their AI is always poor. Also, "aliens" is a very tedious campaign. Controls are quite imprecise. Collision detection rarely works.
neat little time-waster. not extremely difficult, killing replay value, but it's fine for what it is: free entertainment. some levels are more unique/memorable than others. i'd suggest giving it a try, just don't be too heartbroken when (not IF) you grow bored of it. it's rendered fairly beautifully, but controls (especially for the camera) can be frustrating.
So far so good! The controls are indeed hard to get used to it, but the game is absolutely playable. Nice, relaxing gameplay, good sounds, challenging, but not too difficult levels. I like it a lot! I've some remarks though. The physics of the game is kinda glitchy. Basically antibodies, and sometimes even organisms can be squeezed through the game border! Also, I recently purchased 'Random levels' and noticed that restart gives a new random level instead of restarting the current level.
This is a great game and at the time of writing ad free which adds to the overall positive experience. I completed all levels in three days over Christmas and only wish there were more levels. In general I do not like gaming but this one gets a five stars from me. Thank you
Interesting game, needs a complete overhaul in the control system, as it stands it feels horrible to use as mistapping is super Easy on the tiny moving targets
Very entertaining! Similar idea to other games, but there's plenty of improvements over them that makes this one unique. I like the art style, and the strategy.
This Game is a very great game. With it's simple idea yet complex gameplay, the controls are unique since you are controlling two types of weapons, the cell itself and the antibodies. I recommend putting ads after the end of each game/round Also make the payable sets of levels unlockable once you have completed the previous one or just purchase it if you don't want to complete the previous sets of levels And my final recommendation, Make more types of cells that can be played by the players.
Horrible, I typically enjoy games like this, however the controls are ridiculous. It sends to the bottom left corner of the square instead of where I tap even after multiple times of retrying the action. The game itself isn't bad, just the dumbass in charge of controls
An amusing and easy game but not fun enough to compel me to buy extra content. Little challenge and no real replay value. Better than a lot of phone games though.
It's a very relaxing and immersive game. It's a simple strategy game and would love to see more levels. The tutorial is a bit hard to read, but once you realize that to pan you press and hold anywhere on the screen it's a lot of fun.
This is a really good idea for a game. I love the visuals and the polished, immersive feel. If they can fix the controls and the ux design, it would be a five-star title. The more complex scenarios are not entirely playable, however, in its current form.
Finicky controls. Love the game but on the more difficult levels we need the controls to respond properly. Could also use touch screen camera control.
The concept is fine but it would be better if there was a little more transparency ao it is morebplausible to strategize. However, what really bites this game are the abhorrent controls. Even if they worked well they would incrediply unintuitive and they hardly work. If i try selecting an organism, it almost never does. The little ring will pop up and then immediately fall. My antibodies might fly off randomly and my selection sometimes change right as im about to move. Not good.
This game is great! Kinda like your typical global domination all time strategy game with 70+ levels. The antibody production rate is just about perfect, and some of the last levels are a bit challenging, but I beat the whole game in 3 hours. I don't feel like paying for more levels 😬.
Good looking, intriguing, it needs to have a way to tell when a cell is at limit, or can grow. Needs an overall speed slider, and the unit movement is difficult, often a cell will not move or moves in an unexpected Direction. The panning and zooming are also awkward & slow
I know this is rating but i want to help people who got stuck trying to open campain. Simple you dont the levels are the cells on the left scrol up,(the button is on the bottom right) and you'll see the first level thats highlighted with a blue color. Your welcome who ever reads this. ~UFCD (i love this game btw)
Àuralux but with movement makes for more mesmerising memories merging mind and matter; meticulously metered, marching minute microbes to make military maneuvers. Mere medals cannot match mental mettle.
May be a bit repetitive, but it is amazing for what it has. It's simple yet with a strategy, has very many levels, is relaxing and above all - it's completely free! This isn't just quite 5 star app, but it is above 4 stars.
No antibodies spawn from my cells, and none of the cells even move. The enemy doesn't move or attempt to attack anything and I can't do anything either. Completely broken game after latest update.
So the game is simplistic, but really complex at the same time. I could figure out multiple strategies on the first day i played this game. So a thumbs up to game mechanics. Some stuff could be added, like some sort of currency and a store to buy more genes Also, a count down before the game starts would be really nice, because the first seconds of the game really matters and i dont want to get caught off-guard. Other than these, this game has a lot of potential. Well done!
3.5, could be a 4 or 5 with more polished features. Right now it seems like a beta release you guys stopped working on. For instance: why is there no way to track hard mode level completions? Why is movement (especially zoomed out) so difficult and 1950s style clunky? This game has solid fundamentals, it is fun, but it could be so much more fun with a little attention to detail 😀 Makes me want to make my own version, actually.
looks nice but it's so boring... maybe it's just me but it's really boring there are other apps that do the same concept better. Truth be told I uninstalled those too but I think they are supposed to be deleted after completion
Good concept but bad execution. This game it's fun but the controls our so glitchy that it's impossible to play. The game only registers half of the commands I gave so I had to give every command twice. The game entertaining enough that I was willing to put up with it at the beginning but as the levels got harder I started losing because of it. Eventually it became unplayable
First few levels were okay but there was never any increase in the difficulty as I continued on. Half way through the game and the enemy AI isn't any different or more challenging...
The controls are perfectly fine for my LG rebel... and there's a tutorial at the start explaining 80% of things. The only thing I noticed is that the level select screen IS the main menu. Just scroll up after a level, yeesh. So many unneeded 2 and 1 stars. It might just be an incompatibilty issue, THAT is what should be mentioned. So, yes, an update may be needed, don't just rant.
Beautiful aesthetics, and a calming game. Would love more detailed evolution tree and tutorial, but really well done
Rip off Auralux game tbh.. too slow, minimal visual selector. blind selection? Swiping and selecting 4% one time but getting 80% the next swipe is aggervating so a visual pre-selection would be nice to have. A speed button or selection should come in handy for those who don't have 50 minutes to sit and play one level. AI and Player should generate the same per size cell. The UI buttons should also scale per resolution and have a min and Max button size for ideal screens. Needs improvements.
Very addictive game, the UI and controls are just fine. After finishing the basic levels, you need to purchase the next levels.
Clunky interface. The joystick and zoom buttons are not effective at all, and would be much more effective as a 2-finger pinch/zoom/move configuration. The gameplay, look, style, and concept are great. I feel like I should really like this game. But the interface is tedious and overshadows the rest when you need to use it.
Really enjoyed this game and I even bought all of the expansions. There are some issues with borders and I'd love to see multiplayer in the future, but a solid fun and addictive game
Non-responsive controls. Later update: I finally managed to get into the game! Surprise, surprise!... The worst control ever. Literally can't be played. The graphics are amazing! The music and the environment are great! But can't be played due to the bad control design.
A really good game.. Such interesting levels.. Only one big problem when you buy new levels you are charged for it but the levels still didnt get activated.. Even restore purchase button doesnt work
While the game is fun, it definitely needs work The UI is crude, and that's being generous. Units often will go completely the opposite direction of where I've tapped, and that's if they respond at all. The buttons are very poorly placed, and the Aliens level pack is basically unplayable. The levels are extremely repetitive. I can't believe they're charging money for this, and I can't believe I paid it.
I was enjoying this game until my stats were maxxing out. So I bought mutations thinking there would be new ways to upgrade, there is not. All it does is add visual changes. For it only being $1.49 I'm not gonna ask for a refund but I'm uninstalling. The new mutations campaign is as easy as normal.
Really boring there is no challenge to the levels as well as no upgrades in levels to make it more interesting later into the game. This shows game will just get more boring and easier the deeper into it you go.
The game is boring. You do the same thing over and over. But for some odd reason, I've been hooked. I thought maybe it got more fun as you played and I wanted to fully upgrade before I quit. Even bought the new levels and it's a little more intense then, but still boring. Also, why is the movement so hard?? I can't pinch to zoom, etc. Also, it took me FOREVER to fully upgrade because it kept giving me the same things over and over that I had already maxed out on. Oddly enough, I was still hooked
Amended Devs offered a refund but I decided they earned it. Good time killer game. ❕4/11/16:➡PENDING CONFLICT RESOLUTION.... THIS DEVELOPER IS WORKING WITH ME TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH PAID VERSION.
I bought Mutations, New life, and Aliens, which was definitely worth the money. Not only are they super fun, but it's definitely a great way to spend your time when your bored. It also has amazing graphics which is really surprising for mobile "games" nowadays. Amazing controls aswell, you just click on your blob, and click somewhere else to move it! The best part though, is that there are NO ADS! Never saw a app without ads before, and the minigames are super cheap.
Good game with no ads. I enjoy the game, but find the CONTROLS as a whole lacking in smoothness. The gameplay itself is smooth, the controls, not so much. Zooming as well as selection of intended cells and bases is difficult and often leads to a feeling near uncontrol. Especially since the bases wonder in directions. Overall, good game, but not quite smooth enough for my liking.
good game. lots of strategy, multiple ways to win. good feel. only negative is a lack of explanation of whatz what, even a brief forced overview. I think there is a tutorial, but even so a really easy game to pick up
Super fun, but also super short. I finished all the free content in two or three days. Good mechanics, good graphics, good sounds. The tutorial could use work, it doesn't quite explain everything and leaves a lot up to trial and error. It took maybe 20 levels before I figured out that cells could be upgraded. There are also a few bugs, antibodies can get stuck outside of maps and sometimes cells can get trapped in more narrow areas of a map.
Can't flip the UX upside down so most of the writing is covered by the notch on my Pocophone. Will not be playing.
Borderline unplayable. Terrible camera. Unable to see what's going on unless zoomed out. Gameplay is a crawl. Painful for an app to be so slow. Would not recommend. Negative fun. Then have the nerve to show an add on a PC version.
Great idea with bad execution. Visuals are great, the idea is great, but the controls are awful. Half of the time the controls don't respond. Developers should really re-do the control system because the existing one is not at all user friendly, and that makes the game unplayable.
Pretty decent time killer. Better than others of the same kind I have played. Beat the campaign and have decided not to pay for the expansions(I might have if they would have had a bulk buy option at a discount). Since there is nothing left to do I will delete this and move on to the next time killer.
Completed it, doesnt have enough replay value though! I like the ad-free mentality and you did a good job on not adding them. The problem is that EVERY mode is dlc! If you made "random level generator"free, ide still be playing and may buy dlcs, but thats not the case. You have to get the right balance of monetisation and replayability, too monetised, people wont stay long, not replayable enough, etc if you overmonetise it, you wont make as much money as you could make by putting players first!
Fun macro strategy game. many different mechanics to leverage to achieve victory in each campaign scenario. so far, there have been no intrusive ads, and no push to spend money on any in-app stuff
Overall great game to tap and move around some dots. It's to bad the note 8 stylus doesn't work on it. Would help with the sticky controls in some periods of the game when you cant grab the cell bodies due to the stack up of anti bodies on it.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Lovely place, quick enough to be enthralling but slow enough to be leisurely. One of my all time favorite mobile games I have ever played. Bravo!
Fun enough game, good to kill time. I paid for the expansion packs which were worth 1.50 a pop. They have an option to play on easy, normal, or hard but no way to tell which you've done on what setting. Once it's passed, they all look the same. Be better to have some sort of difference showing difficulty completions for more playability. Also, be better if you could do more with evolution, or something different? By the time you finish the free pack, you're maxed out on all of them.
I really like the idea, but the controls are... Bad. If the controls were fixed this would be a very entertaining game. Just too frustrating to control as is. I suggest devs talk to some end users on how to make it more intuitive and easier to control.
Ok, but interface kind of glitchy. Sometimes the button to select antibodies would not work. No upgraded antibodies, larger size only makes more. Nice graphics though!
Its a nice game, but it gets stale real quick, and has a lot of bugs (constantly get pushed through the level boundaries and out of the map). After the initial campaign it immediately becomes pay to play.
really enjoying this game. Finally lost first game and left me wanting revenge! lol graphics are great, music is groovy. No issues so far and will update if anything changes. A game I will spend some money on if it keeps me interested after finishing main levels.
Enjoyable "Cell Wars" type game. Level up system could be improved (you have to combine 3 symbols in a triangle on the Evolution screen), but this could be automatic easily. Likewise, powerup symbols get places in the circle pile, this likewise could be automatic. Other than that, pretty good job on this game.
It's fun, but the ai keeps going off the map. It's infuriating to play for 5 min only to have to restart due to the inability of the developer to put boundaries in the game
Good game man but if you want money 💰 with ads , most people don't want to play for that , like you can put ads at the end of a game , to skip a level, to unlock something , also you can put things Ex, game money for evolution .. like I think you get it . . . But I know it will have to change a lot of things like new UI , but it can be something smart .
Needs better descriptions & controls. The abilities you unlock have very little description and it is hard to know what they do. I emailed the company and have not gotten a response. The game is now bugged where no matter what ability I select and I'd displayed in game, it is always freeze. If I had gotten a response, even a 'we're working on it's I would have given them some time. For now, I'm uninstalling the game and seeking a refund through the company or Google play.
Overall a fun game to play. I spent 4 or 5 hours playing it initially. After my phone rebooted because my battery ran out due to a long work day all my games progress was gone. I had completed over 60% of the game. I'm not even remotely interested in playing the game again now. This is a major issue.
Absolutely Wonderful! This game is an absolute beauty! Easy Mechanics, Deep Gameplay, little to no ads, great DLC's its amazing? 5/5 would rate 6/5!
So you've stolen the mechanics of Auralux and the controls of Osmos. Ok, fine. Lots of devs do this, I might an just look at how many flappy bird or cookie clicker knockoffs there are. But what won't fly is the worse implementation. The controls aren't very intuitive, you can't increase game speed, it's not clear at any point what level your microbe is at or what units you have selected, overall this is is just a poor effort in my humble opinion. Undoubtedly the game is beautiful and simplistic, not knocking the devs for that, but the implementation of stolen ideas is very poor indeed.
The control system to move player view around map is awful. Hard to get screen to respond and it moves at a slow pace. Other than that game is awesome. Maybe make a.i. more aggressive
probably the best version of cell/territory combat I have played. brings something different to the table with the rts style mechanics
Okay, the controls in this game as unintuitive as they could possibly be. I just gave up as everything is super unclear. I even had issues finding how to start the game since there was no menu item for it... Even after finding how to start the game, goals and methods to reach them are highly unclear.
The controls suck they don't listen to you at all. Found myself getting frustrated most of the time. Really the only thing that's cool about this game are the visuals and the upgrades
Recent update has made the game unplayable. You can enter a scenario but the game doesnt start and the controls do not correspond to previous experience.
A nice game with some potential, but kinda short, finished it rather quickly I would like a free addition with ads after that point ig I'm not entirely sure how it should be done but it would be nice
It's a little hard to keep them where you want them and you can only zoom into the middle so if i'm not in or close to the center i have a hard time with the controls when everything is so small. On the other hand it is nice to move about the board instead of being fixed to one position.
Beautiful game but all side a bit blunt. It seems to lack content the level no matter how many its just like same old same old. Fun part is when getting boss skills. It lacks sense of progression since it repeats the stages like it's the same. Im removing the game its just to plain nothing to do no sense of progress.
EMENDATION! Deve Started purchasing in app expans... Hoping for some new goals that compliments the old ones. My suggestion 4 develop "advancements" , such as the names of cells, could have a special attribution to an event with cause & effect variables that mimic reality, environments, animal kindgdoms, etc Such themes offer a potential for distinguished education around the world. In time, we'll see🤞👍 ←–·END EMENDMENT! __________________ ORIGINAL Awesome experiance, well made. I WANT MORE 😭
Used to love this game. Spent hours on it hoping it would someday be upgraded. It just doesn't play well. Doesn't work as intended. Antibodies still don't respond and go where told and neither do the cells.
I don't know how they didn't conceive of someone playing a strategy game moving easily to one point on the map. I don't know how they didn't conceive of needing a better way to organize and move your cells. All that being said, those are my only two headaches. The game is good, with great visuals and music.
Needs an option for permanent fast speed. The game feels ridiculously slow without it. Controls are horrible - the mass movement buttons are on the left side of the screen and immediately send units to where you're touching... which is the left side of the screen.
i like this game becaus eits fun anf chalenging to me. at first i was confusef but i got thr hang of it. yall people should get this game
Havent beat all the levels yet but so far i think its a solid game for what it is. Super relaxed gameplay but can get pretty tense depending on what difficulty you play on. Love the styling colors are all nice and contrasting. So far havent gotten confused on which cells were mine vs the others. Sound track is alright. Only real problem i had was with controls they were hit and miss had to repeat the same tap multiple times frequently..... Idk Hope that helps.
I dunno what people call these kind of games. The genre specifically. This one's fine. It's nothing special really. The ai is totally brain dead, losing is really not something you're gonna be in danger of doing. Check it out if you like this kinda stuff, otherwise, pass
Having to move the nodes around while also personally commanding all the troops takes away from both genres of node bases RTSs.
Great game, its just the AI that could be smarter. Its been too easy, as they never prepare to fight and always scatter or throw themselves into your massive cluster of cells. Had a stage where they all killed themselves. Wont stop playing though. It is fun.
I'm leaving five stars because of no ads, beautiful ambience and well-implemented strategic elements. But I'm deleting it because the usability is terrible. I have the impression the the devs ported a non-touchscreen game and added only partial touchscreen support. E.g. no pinch-to-zoom or swipe-to-pan? Seriously? I would love to keep playing, but I just find it much too frustrating.
It is a simple, active, and fun strategy game I only have two issues. The reward system for evolutions is all over the place and doesn't seem to be tied to how well you did in your game. And the evolutions is disappointing. They give good effects there's just no reason to customize because the max is 100 and you have enough space to max out all four slots. I like to play with my upgrades and focus on areas or even them out if I want and this is a perfect system to do so but there is no benefit.
its a nice game but the different modes are behind a pay wall, i thought when you play the whole game you get to play one of the different modes so yeah that didnt happen, but still its a nice little game
Controls can be a bit clunky, and the mechanics are simple, but it's a good-looking game with a ton of levels. And best of all: no ads!
This is a really cool game but the controls are frequently unresponsive (organisms wont move, antibodies dont go where theyre directed, etc). Kinda irritating...
I really enjoy the game. It's a little to easy though, even on hardest difficulty, however the game fun and pretty to look at. Can't wait for the sequel!
Nice game. Got me addicted to it. First night I install can't stop playing until 3 am. Second night I bought the random stages and got another all nighter. Third day I bought the alien package and three nights in a row I didn't get enough sleep. But it was worth it. Loved it so much, nice music/ ambience, nice concept, the artworks feels nostalgic. But there are some bugs that I found that I wish I can consult the decelopers. All in all very addictive game. (I hope they read my email.)
The controls need a little tweaking, should try the random battles free after you beat the game, and should be able to unlock a dlc pack if you beat the game on hard, or a half of a dlc for beating it on normal. Honestly its not a bad game, its easy to play, but i beat it within a day, so my biggest complaint is not having enough levels. EDIT: This really isnt like any other strategy game where it gets way to hard way too quick. Honestly it brought me back to the era of flash games.
This game is sooo, fun! But it needs better tutorials and more things to that's you don't have to pay for. and more ads so that you can get money, without having to make people pay for gameplay. Thanks!
Awesome game. Road to 5 stars: 1. enlarge and improve all controls. 2. game too dim. S20 full brightness and it's still hard to see.
This is the most fun i have had with a mobile game! Sure the controls are a bit awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it after a while. ALSO! NO ADS!!
I enjoyed the game. It's fun, but gets a bit repetitive after 7 or 8 levels. I like the walls idea, why not add more obstacles? And maybe a difficulty setting. I wouldn't be put off by more challenging ai. Oh, possible make it so the player can choose their color? Just a few suggestions. I really do like the game!
Controls/selections are horrible...by the time to select who you want to attack, the enemy has already invaded your cell
Very good, but it is very similar to a game called 'Auralux' also installable from the play store, but faster and with cells. I do not intend to say that ot is a copy, I think it is just similar to it, but this brings back old memoryes.
A quaint time-passer with a promising idea. Various performance and game design issues are somewhat detrimental to it, including significant lag under unnecessarily heavy load, fixed map designs and a finite number of maps, little change in dificulty, a few bugs that damage progress per map (such as being stuck in place) and poor control response time and mechanics.
This game is just like 50 other games(probably more than 50). For some reason, ever since someone had a bright idea to create a real-time tower take-over game, everyone else wants to make the same thing but "with a twist". Neat concept, pathetic lack of originality. Examples? Starlight, tentacle wars, bacterial wars, star colonies, and obviously the game that started this all, can't remember the exact name but something like kingdom rush or clash of clans.
this game is strategic yet relaxing. While being fairly slow moving that eliminates a level of pressure you can find elsewhere if you need an adrenalin kick. Both visually & auditorially pleasing. Like too many games these days, there is a definite lack of instructions. And the "cells" should be larger. Definitely recommend you give this one a go. But God help me if I can ever figure out how to pronounce the name correctly.
Simple game that gets too repetitive over time. The upgrade system is amazing though, I love the combination for better upgrades. Maybe apply it to a different game?
Okay game, but two major issues make it unpleasant to play. The first is map zoom. On most maps, you can NOT see the whole map away the same time and there's no minimap. So while the AI is aware of everything in the map, you have to spend significant time doing random scrolling to ensure there isn't an opponent hiding and building up strength. The second major issue is color scheme. You are forced to use blue and all the levels after really blue. As a result, you can't see your own health bars.
something wrong with the response I keep tapping and it's not responding to what I'm trying to make it do frustrating! would be a good game otherwise
i had been searching for a game called ATOMOS , its really more likened to space invaders as its got falling thingys, and ya must miss astoroids or destructive stuff on the way down...itsbeen so long ago tho... know anyone at natural motion interactive games labs? i shall play your beautiful games anyways...its just a wonderment question kids...
The levels are fun and are difficult in some levels, but it just ends there. The game is plagued with bad AI, path finding, and the glitch walls that usually allows antibodies, and cells to go outside the map. I've finished the 2nd dlc that contained the bosses and the 5 powerups, and the bosses are way too easy due to the bad AI, and it becomes easier when you unlock the "Balloon" skill. This game has some great potential as I'm in the middle of the 3rd dlc, but it still needs some improment.
This is awesome! One of the very few games I'm will to spend money on. This is really the 3rd game I ever spent money on because it is so much fun... simple, but so much fun.
Fun game, campaign is a decent length. Once you finish the campaign there's nothing to do unless you purchase extra campaigns.
The most addictive and best designed game I've seen in 2 years. I finished the free campaign in a DAY. It's so good! The Graphics, the sound, the music! Very good game! I'm even thinking of buying the other campaigns.
NON RESPONSIVE CONTROL (minor) FIX - I have figured out that if you use a nearly feather light touch, the controls will actually respond more frequently than using the standard stab your screen with your index finger. Not saying this is the end all fix for everybody, but it certainly seems to help! Especially since the developers seem to have very little interest in improving their game. Hope this helps everybody! To the development team, FIX YOUR GAME CONTROLS! Seriously...
The controls are awkward, you basically just keep selecting a large area and chasing the opponent around the whole time. There's not really any strategy, or decisions that affect gameplay, except that it is coming closer or farther away. Gave up on level two when I realized I had never been hurt but the opponent's shield came back faster than my spores would regen, lame. Also, the whole game is dark and hard to read the menus. Not worth the download really
The control is soooooooo not convenient how to play when the control needs like 1 sec delay to move? If we control too fast it seem to ignore our commands... it is so annnoying to sellect again and again and again...
Like arualux but way easier. Being able to move cells makes it so ther is only one strategy needed. Run to the first neutral cell you can and capture it. Then upgrade the heck out of your two cells then clober all opponents, or rinse and repeat depending on how long you wanna play before you win.
Great Concept, Fun Gameplay, Horrible Controls. Zoom and camera movement should be automatic. Menu system for upgrading needs drop and snap. Having to directly drop everything on the exact spot you want gets old fast. Outside of that it was a fun game, and fun to customize your cell.
Just started the game and the controls are not responsive at all. Graphics look great and was hoping to enjoy it but unless my next experience is better, it will stay at 2 stars.
This is a great game best I have played so far of these types. No ads for the game and the extra add on expansions are a great price for this. I would recommend to give this a try and the upgrades you earn through gameplay for your cell makes a difference.
Could be a good game but the lack of any AI kills it. Enemies float around and never attack, they literally just bounce around with their motes doing nothing. A shame because it looks and sounds great and is just about different enough to make it not an Auralux clone. Without the AI though it just feels pointless.
Love it very fun not many ads. it is very calming to me. Although it makes you pay for extra game modes the original free mode is very fun as well.9/10 recommend you try. 😊
Awesome game! I downloaded this game like 4 hours ago and already beat it cause its so much fun. There are no ads in the game and great graphics! Also more content is cheap and costs only a few bucks to get hours of gameplay so very fair prices. The controls take getting used to but an awesome game all together.
Excellent game for what it is! No ads really at all. I can sit and play this game for awhile. The art and design of the game is wonderful. The mechanics a bit wonky but not really an issue. If anything the AI in the other cells you face could use a bit of attention though. Nothing bad really to say at all. Well done on this!
Love the concept as well as the graphics and ambiance, however, in 2020 game apps designed for mobile should use pinch to zoom and move around screen rather than the +- on screen buttons to zoom which are just horrible. Add to this the on screen joystick controls to move around and you lost me. Using fingers on screen to move around like in other similar games is much more enjoyable and less restrictive. I would absolutely live to play it if the controlls are changes. Uninstalling for now.
Good fun, the move command of the cells is annoying as balls and the selection of the units is a bit unclear. A circle would be nice. Overall good game. Nicely done, dev
I want to love this game. It graphic are beautiful but the controls and basically non responsive. They don't work well and need to be reworked. If that ever happens I will happily give this app 5 stars
Microcosmum is a pretty good game! I really like it, and its so addicting and the controls were also pretty good and smooth mostly the graphic its the best! And the music is really good too, it takes away your depressed and your mood will become chill. But there is a bug where if you select the anti bodies, sometimes the selector glitched. Still i recommend everyone to download this game.
Really enjoying this game, just a suggestion, don't know if they'd cause conflict with the current controls but implementing gestures for panning and zooming on the screen similar to looking at photos or maps on your phone would help better streamline the gameplay and reduce the on-screen buttons that sometimes do get in the way, but a fun and functional game nonetheless. Also, thank you for asking for a review after a decent amount of time with the game.
I'm not really sure what score to give this because it seems to be an alright game, I agree with some reviews about the color scheme and map view but to me it's just boring as all hell. It's the same thing over and over, the same looking things, the same thing to do, the same samesamejohnnyisagoodboyjohnnyisagoodboyspankmemommyoverandovershebendsoverspankthebadgirldaddywillbeangryifmommydontgetspankins. See what the repetitive nature does to you? Jeez. At least they're updating, that earns 🌟's
It would be really good if it didn't have the absolute worst controls. They incorporated a zoom in/out button and a joy stick. Which does not work for a cell game.
I love the look and music of this game. The controls took a bit to get used to, but after a few levels it becomes intuitive. Like other reviews, I agree with the lack of being able to zoom into specific areas instead of just the center. As for it being similar to other games, who really cares? Its a fun, relaxing game that encourages me to want to buy it on steam. Its a win/win!
This game is beautifully nice, but without the extension packs, you can just finish the game in less than one day on one run if you are trained enough to play this professionally. I won every level except one or two on one run because I already knew how to play this since level 1. Great graphics, smooth performance, and fair difficulties.
Pros: enjoyable strategy based beautiful colors Cons: pay to play other modes (besides campaign - which looks limited) hard to use the select square (might just be a me thing) more explanation into evolution? I figured it out myself, but might frustrate some people
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is one of those elegant little gems. Doesn't require hours of gameplay to enjoy, it's entertaining from the first play, and yet compelling enough to keep you hooked... One of those, "Ok, last round." a few min later, "Really, my very last round!"
The game has wonderful visuals and colors but the controls and difficulty in moving sends me elsewhere. Its hard to keep your pieces in one place and you easily lose control if your trying to things quickly as these types of games usually require
I dont understand everyone's negative reviews. Maybe they play early on when it was released and there were bugs but I have had zero issues and plan to purchase more content. My only thing is it would be nice for the developers to continue adding some base game levels and maybe some new mechanics. I love this game it is very addictive.
Decent game, gets repetitive quickly. The controls aren't my favorite, though. I wouldn't mind playing it on PC though. Phone screen is too small, have to zoom in and scroll around.
Well... it looks like it would be a fun game but it controls terribly. Trying to get your units to do anything is frustratingly janky. Also the evolution is a pretty pointless bit of faff.
Rather easy. Just upgrade your own organism twice then send of your attackers. Upgrade those then repeat. As for the "zooming in the center" problem people seen to complain about. After zooming (pinch screen), long press in a direction to pan the camera. Circle the "attackers" and then double tap your organism to upgrade it. Tap your organism then tap a location to make it move. Rather simple controls. You don't swipe to select your "attackers" you circle them. Don't make that mistake.
Fun game. A little slow-placed, but fun and with more depth than other similar games. My main gripe is the controls are kinda lacking. When I move an organism, it is hard to tell if it is doing what I want right away. Also, they float around too much.
Fun little game. No in app purchases required to have fun instead the developer opted for the DLC approach. There are close to 80 levels that are fun to play and replay when you've beaten them plus dlc. It's nice to see that there are still people out there willing to take some time and create a fun game while not shoving adds, and pay to win type stuff. I'm honestly considering buying the DLC just to support this guy. Plus it's Christmas season.
gorgeous game! The controls take a bit of getting used to, but still a very good game imho. I like the Zen feel of this game. The graphics and sound are beautiful.
Great game,a better tutorial be nice,easy to play.Paid for the extensions it feels to stupid to get rewarded level 3 genes at the end of completing each extension. I was fully upgraded after the first campaign.All the boss abilities are useless except for poison and bubble employing different strats.
Do not recommend. The "tutorial" isn't; instead, a lame series of pictures with minimal captions explains the controls without explaining gameplay. I never thought I'd miss tutorials, but I do now. The interface is fiddly and intricate; it feels like the author does not understand mobile touchscreen controls and conventions. UI is not great, the focus is on being "pretty" while passing over such core visual markers as "which unit is selected?". Taps are frequently not recognized. Just not good.
Seems good but.. the screen doesn't seem to respond almost ever when I try and move units or cells. Maybe its just a bug for the phone I have, not sure. I'm playing on the S20 ultra. Hopefully an update will fix this! The game seems like it would be really fun.
This game is relaxing and very enjoyable to play. The visuals and sound are nice as well. The only thing I can really say are wrong with it is that the cells are rather small and because they move and float around freely zooming doesn't really help, you have to constantly move the camera and track where everyone is or continually adjust and move your cells in order to keep everything in frame.
Downloaded the game. Got to the main menu. Can't click campaign for some reason so I clicked evolution. It took me to another screen with what looked like a stats page but there was nothing to click. Couldn't press start and nothing happened. Pressed back, took me to the main menu and here I am. Hope to see a fix to input a play button lol. Game looks fun but alas I cannot play.
Auralux is one such game. Zooming mechanics are crappy. Can't even move the screen. No meter to judge how much of another organism you've taken control of. Also, spelling errors in tutorial. Like really? You didn't even bother to spellcheck? Seems like a last minute essay, only this time it's a game.
I enjoy how you can move around your cells. The controls were slightly confusing to me, but mostly because I have played so many games like this though did not have as many controls as this does. Good job!