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Mexican High School Simulator

Mexican High School Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FerAnimaciones located at Francisco Villa 312 Colonia Adolfo Lopez Mateos CP:63021 Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I gave this 4 stars because it's not really Perfect perhaps it's amazing tho-, well in my First content I'm notπŸ’’ saying that this is ugly What I really mean is that πŸ˜‚ the blank Always comes out of nowhere πŸ˜’,, I would Accepted if this app can give more Informations or details and of saying update..yeah make sure to update ❀️
I love the game I just completed it chapter 1 the notes and when you update the game to have chapter 2. Please reply when you are updating with chapter 2.
Its fun,i totaly waiting for chapters also i was thinking about the chapter 2 and 3but i dont know also i think if i make memes i think the whole world will be like...oh no!memes!Do you think its a good idea?Also i think there is some bugs...so my person(in game)isnt moving...i dont know why...but Fer i really want to do the missons after the notes collected oh also i forgot i do not know how to make memes T_T,Also your game is best and cute:3butpittybcyourtheonlydeveloperT_T also iwantchapters
Its kinda creepy to me and i cant find all the stuff for yan-chan looking ghost girl! Ihave been searching for it for a long time
I love this game but the ghost is trying to run away but in the school there was a black gate in the school at the left side she was trying to get away i am scared to get closer my brother tell me to go closer to the ghost but i run away
I love mysteries . I like it when you leave clues for us to find . I love scary things so thrilling , at first thought that was just a bug or something but after I followed the ghost it was actually a mission or mystery . Nice πŸ’—
Ive download this game and seem to like it. Ive found the ghost girl in chapter two but now I dont think the developer updates it anymore... Really sad cause its a good game..
Boo this game needs help its to lagging to much ads and X button dose not work so boo I thought this would be a good game but its not fix the game and I might give you five stars but for now I give you a 1 star fix the game 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
this game has jesus in it, which automatically makes it good. it taught me so many life lessons and truly changed my life in an extremely positive way. i highly recommend this game to everybody. better then yandere simulator 11/10
I would like to say I'm only leaving a review so you guys can improve your game. First I would like to talk about the graphics and how cheap they look. I hope you guys improve your game so it graphics can be better. Second I would like to talk about the controls. The controls are hard to use including the screen turning if you guys could make the controls easier it would make the game more fun but that's all I would like to say besides all that it's a pretty cool game.
OK so the graphics are great but what is there to actually do on here? The people don't move. Or walk anywhere. There's no shops to enter. There's hardly anywhere to go. There are better school simulators that offer more. Maybe you could add more in the next update because as of right now it's really boring
Great game but not being rude but this game is kinda boring can you make it not boring the girl in the bathroom it scares me but great game . πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
An incredible experience. The story contains complex moral dilemmas, the birth and death of nations, and countless relatable characters. The graphics make modern AAA studios look like gameboy in comparison. The sound design was carefully put together by an orchestra consisting of only the best of the best. This game doesnt skip out on the gameplay. It constantly tests your skills and ability with new challenges, and difficult choices to make with your interpersonal encounters. 10/10 perfect game
This game is amazing. But it's also really creepy at once, I remember in about 2017 having an anime game obsession and being very linked to this game. I also got creeped out... 😨
This captivating game is absolutely incredible. The graphics are to die for, and the corn barnacles make my eyeballs protrude from their sockets, due to absolute amazement. The children in my basement now consume their apple segments twelve times faster because of this beautiful underwater masterpiece. DaVinci could not have achieved anything more captivating or artistic. The story mode brings tears to my eyes due to emotions emitted by the characters. The absolute rollercoaster of emotions t
To be honest, there aren't that much features to the game. Also, it is very laggy on my device. Plus, it has too much ads on it which makes it lag even more. Can you like add blood when you kill a student, and you need to add more students. Also, when i find the ghost girl thing, it just shuts me out of the game completely, and i have to start all over again. It is so unfair to me, and i feel like it gives my device a virus. I unnistalled it, and i won't be getting it again.😑
I LOVE IT!!! Its so fun to play! Keep up the good work!!😘THIS IS AMAZING!πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€πŸ’˜
this game was awesome i thought this was girls game.because in the picture it was all girl characters. but we can select our own gender.
its nice but theres a big deal theres a gohst and the guy told me that in the future updates he will sell food
I do not know if it supposed to e in the game or not, But the door keeps closing after the Chapter 1 :Notes cutscene, If it is a bug please fix it, Also the 2 note will not appear after I have found the notebook and note.
This game is super bad.. 1. I can't leave. 2. it super laggy so just don't download it ..😠😑🀬😑😠🀬😠😑🀬😑😠
I would give it 0 star,but I can't,as soon as I click 'chose' the control doesn't work,I installed it for nothing.
Well, the Chapter 2 is still in development but i watch Ads to unlock any hairs, hats, clothes and accessories, Thank you!
l like this app but you can ummm l forgot l forgot this app is best but god is amazing l love god he is my dad l love him
That was good really when the next update will be out but theres a problem on the two and note if you look at the photo and that you go in the place where the photo was taken you can see the are note the same. there a bug when you talk to someone and that you move there will be a bug with the camera so can you make that when we talk to a character we cant move
I really liked the game , the gameplay is interesting and I like the way the story is going. But I only have 1 complaint , I would just like to know when the second part / level is coming out, I've tried going to the website and all, seen your YouTube channel but I can't find when the next part will be released or if there even is one. Please can someone tell me because it's an interesting game it got my hopes up and I would really like to know. Besides from that, the game is pretty enjoyable.
kinda boring the npcs dont do any thing and they just lituerely just stand there 2 what is a school with out teachers what sense does that make 3no shops no more missons no more nothing fix these when you have a chance.
I don't mean to sound mean but the game kinda sucks. I mean like the characters in the game just stand there till u meet to talk to them(Which is really boring). I'm trying really hard to find something to like about the game but there's absolutely nothing... can it have a normal school setting, please. clearly there isn't any activities done outside the school...pls fix that too. And also pls don't give up the game just b'cus of bad comments. It is still good.
Omg I hate this game when I open it the camera is the problem Iwhen I try to face to the other side it doesn't frikin work!!😠😠😠
I think u should make this game be like a university game. The player must have a car, must be able to go to the mall for shopping, and also must also be able to eat and buy food. And the player must have a luxurious house so that the player can go home for a break. And the player must be able to travel with friends. And when u are speaking to the other players there must be a lot of options. And everythimg must be free .If this is done I will highly recommend this app to all my frnds.
I like this game that you should add more accessories and outfits and hats and the hair but I like it it's a really good game so still 5 stars
It's a good game but can u add these features in da game? 1: u can drag students 2: more weapons 3: people react to seeing dead bodies 4: more students 5: more outfits and accessories 6: students can go to class 7: u can costumize students 8: in the settings an add blood feature 9: shops 10: club rooms If u can add those ill rate this 5 star!
I experience on the game was really cool but scary that the ghost is in the bathroom i follow her footprints i cant find her but she was laughing and theres a note witha picture of a boy but her name is Jolie 16 yrs old it was scary i cant see her anywhere i think she was in heaven now.
its kind of fun but the thing is nobodys moving and you dont actully do anything and the other people have CLONES lik ahhahha but you did a great jobπŸ‘πŸ‘
well the game looks awesome but it would be more cool if the character could have a bottom to crouch down and guns and a bottom to shoot too that would be more exiting and this is actually a thought of the things that i want them to be added to the game because looks good and there's no problems and i want the camera angle be more freely to more to see all the way down and the way up on 360 dregrees camera angle with more movement and please keep updating the game with new features or new bottom
its boring but its still in development so thatll happen. id like there to be more to do, like that the students go to class and you can befriend them. i also wish you could date a girl (as a girl)
It is a wonderful games at first it looked useless but when I played chapter 1 it was fun and I cant wait for the next update! Please make it quick I would like some updates too like we can carry pets and customisation range should be wider with separate tops, skirts, trousers, front, rear and back hairs etc. And please make the other chapters quickly I can't wait to play the other chapters I look forward to your update
I don't like it it's kinda boring it's not like the sakura that is like real life sorry no offense:/ And because it's so not cool like not like the other sakura school simulator more cool more like real life and I think your other games are not cool too look at the sakura school simulator it's like real life so do it like that and it will be super duper cool and lit and neat I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings
Not much to do on here, You could've ad least made a drag or carry future on here while you had weapons I do not like this 1 star
I started chapter 1 but I can't find the notebook aside from a clear box on one of the toilet seats that I attempted to grab and the game didn't do anything. I then wrote a review of the game and closed and reopened the game. When I went to the bathroom again, the cutscenes played as normal but I suddenly had two notes, and I used the second to find the backpack (love how the note for the backpack is a separate item to pick up), etc. Crosses into so bad it's good territory. Is this ironic?
This game is good πŸ‘Œ but this game's sensitivity is very very very bad I don't like thatπŸ˜” so please do something with the game sensitivity please fix it
I found all the things for the ghosty girl. After that they showed that there will be an update for Ch 2. I uninstalled it then because I was short on space. This was an year ago. Yesterday I thought I would install the app again for updates since the storyline was interesting. But still no update? Very disappointed.
It's super cool because its like a Japan style by the people and Mexican by the way everything looks keep up the GREAT work!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒβ˜Ί
I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. i play it every day ITS THE BEST chapter 1 was good please make changes to the game thank you
Good game, ok graphic from a small developer, at least if youre super bored you can give this game a try. And more important, more fun than Yandere Simulator
I like the fact that the people who made this have a great expirience with teens and their conversations thats what i love about it
When it comes up it asks about using my camera and stuff when I press "ALLOW" it doesn't do anything. Bottom line, FIX IT, PLEASE.
This game is the only game to ever touch my heart since DOOM. Truly a gaming masterpiece with the best art and graphics I've ever seen. Well done to whomever made it, such a captivating game being free is insane.
This game is fun but it keeps gliching on me i can only play for 20 minutes and it just odamadicly shuts down the game...i think i spelled odamadicly rigjt i think eh wutever
great game I completed it in 15 minutes can't wait for chapter 2 to come out keep up the good work guys ^-^
This game lags a lot and it makes it hard to play. If you have patience then get this game! But if your really impatient then this isn't the game for you.
This game is good but there is a strange strange I play this game at 3 pm but suddenly there is a black figure passing by I was afraid of this game I was forced to delete this game sorry yes I'll give you a 5 star
This game lacks a lot of things. People don't react to murder, and the gameplay is so limited, you can't do much.
It's pretty good? I started chapter on. But that notebook...I found it in the toilet seat. But when I clicked on it nothing happened. I'm confused so please fix that
This game is beautiful, before I started playing I questioned if anything in life was worth living, but this game came and shouted YES in my ear. Never before has something so holy graced my unworthy eyes, I can now say that I have seen everything life has to offer. Thank you, for this masterpiece.
I would rated this 0 star if I can but this game is the MOST WORST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. It's super boring also. The NPC doesn't even do anything. And it's too weird on just kidding random boys. I also kinda like the clothes but still, ITS A WORST GAME. Don't ever download this. It's a waste of your time. Oh and. The ones who is rating 5 stars are just those friends of the developer or they're just a bot or another acc from the developer. Try Sakura school instead. That game is more cooler
This game is the best.I should introduce this game to my friends.Cause it's awesome. Absolutely awesome and I am shocked when I saw the ghost in the girl's bathroom. I have so much to say to this game .I appreciate this. I will look forward to the updates. I want to ask something. Where do I can find the ghost girl in chapter two?Please tell meπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
It has a lot of potential. If you guys update and improve your game, I will give it a higher rating! :) it would be nice to have: - more characters + teachers - a pop-up command for action (example: press b to pick up weapon, press b to speak) - more objectives and things to do - a story even (the ghost is a nice start! But what are you supposed to do after that?) - blood (when you kill people) - reactions (the characters don't react if you kill someone in front of them!!)
I just cam to tell you the graphics game is actually baaad and the control is hard and the kiss is not good for kids the game actually fun but i feel scary when the ghost appeared that what i wanted to tell you bye
It was pretty much fun but sometimes the game would crash for me and that sucked but other then that mostly everything is okay and good! I hope the rest of you can enjoy the game(if you are going to play the game) and feel free and happy to do what you want to. Thanks for listening to my rating! =3 OwO UwU
I really like simulator you has made, have story and mission, walking and talking with other very good but sometimes its bug there i hope in the future add new story/capter and there will usefull facility can be used eat food or study maybe. Thanks
I love this Mexican school simulator but it's kinda glichy at times but i rate you 5 stars for making this game i always wanted to play Mexican games like this because i was hoping that there would be but i found on my iPhone while back when i still have and now i have it on my new phone now i get to play my dream game.
The first time i download it, it was VERY good! But the second wasnt very good it glitched and sometimes it Just exits me out I HOPE you can fix this problem! here i am downloading it the third time!
sorry but sakura school simulator is the best,, this game is boring and i feel so dizzy when i play this iam sorryπŸ€’
This Game is actually next level and should be game of the year 2019. The graphics are just so detailed and high quality. The character customazation screen is also full of options and the gameplay is so immersive. After downloading this game, I was so immersed into the game that I didn't even see the time pass and missed my appointement with the doctor. Honestly, everybody needs to play this high quality educational game. This cultural tresure trove is a masterpiece and deserves 5 stars!
I like the game but one question. Why the girl can't have the fire wings and the boy get's it please answer this.
well the game looks awesome but please fix character ears and front head too because it looks like a elf girl and not a normal girl and this is actually a thought of the things that i want them to be added to the game because looks good and there's no problems and i want the camera angle be more freely to more to see all the way down and the way up on 360 dregrees camera please at least make the camera angle a little more better with all the wat around
I like the game but I didn't finish because I can't get the note from the bookshelf for chapter 2 could you please put it on the kitchen table or something cause I can't get it and I can't continue the game if I can't get. but there is novideo that shows how to get it in the knew update i watched them all
i give it five starts because its a good game and i can't find chapter i have looked in the bathrooms near the bathrooms I can't find chapter.......2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its a good game but it would be better if we could talk and had more things to do but over all its a good game
I am not the person who owns the account I am using. I am using me mothers account and I personally love this game. You can do missions for people, like find Tacos for them and you can actually see a chicken crossing the road! It can be a really cool story as well. You can find ghosts stuff and there are notes to help you out with finding the ghosts belongings. Hint: If you want to activate the finding ghosts backpack, pen, etc, than go to the female bathroom. Definitely worth downloading.
Whoever made this, thank you for making humanoids, I am scared I tracked down a humanoid why can't I fly it is boring, tell me next time when it is walking simulator. The game glitched and an evil spirit killed my character, and that's sad, the game is horrible, I rate this one star! Overall, it is a wonderful masterpiece! There is nothing better! Thank you, dear developers!
Okay OKAY Before Idk how to get chapter 2 then I looked at a VERY VERY CLEVER YOUTUBER-CHAN she get chapter 2 I didn't watch to the end
Not bad but please add some personality to the NPCs.Like have a mean student.And also add a gossip option where you talk about a person that did something bad even when they did absolutely nothing.Also add a bully please.
umm i don't like it when we go to the girls restroom it is creepy so i will delete it i hope you understand
That was good really when the next update will be out but theres a problem on the two and note if you look at the photo and that you go in the place where the photo was taken you can see the are note the sameand there a bug when you talk to someane and that you move there will be a bug with the camera so can you make that when we talk to a character we cant move
I like the game because ur following a story but there should be more charactors and things to do its a bit plain.
it just seems to irritate me it just hangs automatically it is so annoying every time i close it and reopen it has the same problem I agree with you love minions you are right same problem with me too it annoys just fix the problem please I send this feedback because you told you were developing the game and told our feedbacks would help you to improve so i request you to deal with it I gave 2 stars because of the graphics
I mean the school is well made and the outfits and hats are kind of funny and the hairs are normal, but some of the hairs are just too high, so there is a orange spot on your forehead also, when you play on mobile, the movement of the game is really fast so it is hard to control, also the graphics are horrible, also the ghost girl in chapter 2 there is just nothing to do so, like, yeah, don't play this game, guys it's so horrible and bad.
Its really fine its just that its getting boring and there's really nothing to do at all at this point.
this game's quality is very good and it doesn't lag but maybe you should add a crouch button, and be able to kick, attack with bare hands, be able to have a evaluation for the npcs, and be able to kiss them when their evaluation is high, also add things to the bathrooms, be able to interact with the teachers, be able to have test and get grades and also get a website for your game if you don't have already so that way people can share more ideas to the website.
I don't like this gamebecause when I play this game I can't eat anything I can't say hello to everyone I can't take school bag I can't sit in my seat I don't know why is this happening please a fix this bug I request the developer
I love this game so much but I'm still wondering when we can still do that story game but like I said I really love your game the controls good the graphics are good the gameplay is good
Ok so this game is fine and there are some things I want you to add the first thing I want you to add is more features and more outfits and for yourself to pet the pets in the game not just hearing there sounds or noises The second thing I want you to add is more hat's because I don't want to wear a Mexican hat I know the game is about Mexican stuff but I'd just like if you added more hat's and that kind of stuff The third thing I want you to add is that you can change the color of your eyes
This game was horrible it had very little characters and absolutely nothing made sense I could not figure out what to do and the fact that school is empty but 5 people are there (zero teachers) is super off please fix this and make it more realistic.
I like the game but... the people who worked on this are clearly Mexican and you guys clearly don't know English, or speak it. (But that's ok English is hard even tho I speak it... πŸ˜‚) But the controls need some work... the camera controls are stiff when you make your character walk. But I said it's ok, because it's just a beta. Just need some work on the English, and the camera/ walking / running controls.
I love this game I had stage 3 cancer and this game changed mood so much that i beat cancer and paid off my medical debt with my new job as the king of the entire right hemisphere.
I dont understand this game at all.Why can i kiss every boy in the school? Why is there no chapter,no storyline in game.Please make the game map large like stores,salon,etc.Hooe you'll add these features in future.If you did,I will give you 5 stars
Solid experience overall. Would recommend and my only issue is how easy it is to get lost it's enormous world.
I thought this was a happy game Lol but its not. This game is good it really kinda got me Lol. I couldnt even find her backpack and book and pencil. ;-; guess i shouldn't have went to the bathroom XD!
Great Potential! Please add more missions and actually add a conclusion to the ghost girl's story. at least a last note. make the students move around and attend classes, actually add books to the libraray, make it so the player can eat, sleep, sit, etc... If you'd like an example look at the school girls simulator games! also give this game it's own title. I think it deserves one. anyways for what you have so far story wise I say great work! just needs a bit more of an environment is all.
Hello i love this game its creepy but fun at the same time i love it do chapter 2 please i will be very happy the map is very incredible!!!!
This game is brilliant, noone ever would write such an amazing and engaging story, and no one will definitely be able to make something as visually spectacular and wonderful as this game. It's just a wonder in every way- gameplay, technology and story.
First of all the graphics is not that good but it is okay, It needs more improvement like more missions, more people, more students, class sessions, school activities, and more buildings cars and more words included.
I hate this game!!!! The house had no kitchen and no door. Because of that I was not able to go out and explore. Uninstalling with frustration! Oh and one more thing I was not able to even edit my avatar
well the game looks awesome but please fix character ears and front head too because it looks like a elf girl and not a normal girl and this is actually a thought of the things that i want them to be added to the game because looks good and there's no problems and i want the camera angle be more freely to more to see all the way down and the way up on 360 dregrees camera please at least make the camera angle a little more better with all the wat around please update
You no the road at the left side of the school maby you can go down the road to another part of the map and that part could have a pet store and a mall and a few other stuff to I have lots of Ideas. Love your game to
I rate 3 stars because the game was a bit shoppy and it was hard to control where I was looking. I also didn't like how you could kiss all the boys? It felt weird doing it.. it could be my graphics for the screen issue but other than this the game was ok. I would still recommend this game.
It's a very bad game I don't like this game this type of came it is not made or Unity because the house is very small and there was not washroom only School house it's a very bad game I not want to to play this game more again you just don't download this game because all thing are very bad girl clothes have two and boy also two hair styles is good some
I had this game from 2019-2020 now, and im inlove. Whenever Im bored I go on M.S.S (game) and I play alot, especially with the haunted bathroom/ the ghost storyline.I do have idea's for the game i'd like to see in game. 1.You can get killed by a hunter whos trying to kill you then you have 2 options:1. Restart the game and play again, or 2. Replay as a ghost and scare people,haunt,posses etc. 2.You have mission mode, example: you need to kill 7 girls and 11 boys. 3. You have rivals to kill & thx
It's a good game, it does need: options to MAKE a lover (instead of EVERYONE being your lover,) and, there should be class numbers and more classes, and things to use back at the house. I hope this is isnt bothering go you,
I like the app but... the people who worked on this is clearly Mexican and don't know English, but that's ok. And the controls need some work... the controls are wonky and loose when you make your character walk. But I said it's ok, because it's just in beta. Just need some work on the English tho, and the controls.