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Metro 2033 — Offline tactical turn-based strategy

Metro 2033 — Offline tactical turn-based strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DaSuppaStudios located at Россия, Московская область, Реутов, Лесная 7. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Played this game for a while got to the point where my main character was so OP I decided to take over the majority of the metro and he basically managed to do it by himself using recuites as meatshields and meatbags had an abundance of food and ammo to purchase many soldiers and trained them to what I needed so far my main character died once or twice but he's killed and taken more stations to allocate whatever I've lost
I played the game for one day. I played for several hours then they ,for no reason, banned me for hacking. Only thing I did was play the game. Guessing theres some time limit they dont tell you about
Strangely, this game reminds me a bit of Sins of a Solar Empire. Essentially an expansive network of proxies you have to conquer. It can get a bit repetitive but usually that's something I get tired of after a couple of hours. There's enough to do that 400 turns in and I don't mind it one bit.. The missions are far more important than the constant impending raids you'll be defending against. That's an excellent formula. This game really is a gem.
Great game but the bad side it became laggy when there so so many players and you cant have daily rewards. If only you could play it also as offline cause some players fricking tired of laggy and sooo long at loading the game.
A beautiful game have achieved, you have to pay close attention to what is done and available. It really is strategy.
Really really not the metro you're thinking of. but it's okay i suppose. i haven't played in a while and feel i need to play it again to get a feel for it.
Too much grind/luck is needed to actually do anything. For example, if I had a team, all level 12, facing another team level 12, if I win the battle, but lose most of my team, my game will be over, since the enemy instantly can summon level 12s, while I can't. I could use real money to level my units up...and there is the problem. The game is basically pay to win. Not worth it in the end. Edit: They also lie about the gaming being like Frostpunk, Stalker, and XCOM. It's nothing like those games.
i dont know how else to contact you but i brought 7.99 worth of coins but it didnt give it to me even though it charged my bank other than this I really like the game very interested in bringing back the solo game play to phones
Rip off!!!! I purchased coins twice and haven't add any of them applied to my account. I bought the 5000 and 2000 coin package and haven't got anything. This game is a total scam when it comes to making in game purchase. My advice play it but don't buy anything otherwise you'll be wasting your money. Good thing I didn't spend more money.
The game it self is not bad the graphics are good the story is true to the metro series my biggest problem is the gameplay it's a bit confusing and repetitive I would recommend giving the game a shot but it's not perfect.
I just bought the 10 dollar pack of coins and I haven't gotten my coins from it I didn't know that the game was just gonna take my money otherwise I wouldn't have spent anything on it at all other than that it's a great game I enjoyed it until now
It's a fun game not for all but it does give a grasp of how big the world from the books and games really are
I'll give it 3 with a lot of work this game can be one of the best but need more effort when you fax and update this ill rate it 5 please this game has lot of potential
Another splendid idea crippled-down due to bad mistakes known for decades. Ill-balanced troop strength, overtly pay to win, and pestering with 'rate us'. Wouldn't have hurt to replace the Russian voiceovers with English ones, when it comes to an English version. And we cannot even create or select ourselves a beeping leader... Rest is minor issues, like dozens of clicks to hire some fighters instead of entering a number we wann recruit. Good idea handled very badly.
Very good game. The campaign is not easy and requires some serious strategy in squad composition (or very hard grind). Luckilly the game is full of unlockable "secret" soldiers and can be completed with just one set of random resurgents. And the prequel contains tons of interesting characters, with no further cost than for unlocking the game mode. If you watch 5 adds/day for 2 months to unlock a few resurgents and prequel, then you get a nice, athmospheric strategy game with a really cool story
Its taking more time to load server. Iam uninstalling This is not the only game i play. And i dont have any issue with others. So i dont suppose, its my connection thats the problem here.
Great game, but the customer service is not at the same level. I've made a purchase in the game's store, paid for it, but didn't receive the coins. I emailed to the customer support, but still waiting for the response. Again, the game is great, but the customer service needs improvements.
looks like a solid game got about 18 days (Game time) in and realized its at least a bit PTW. I bought coins because it looks worth a small investment, but they never posted to my account and no response from support. =(
The game not being offline kind of sucks I don't know why they call it a offline game which it isn't.. It needs to be changed
Spelling differs between one screen to another cant tell what city they are talking about in a mission statement when thats not what its called on the map. Game pretty much stalls out and you become weak unless you turn other friendly groups into exp farms.... Then you get punished for that.... What? Ok so all of that aside two weeks in and when i go to load the both servers now say im on the wrong server and the game doesn't work. Nice game guys!
The idea is good and the gameplay is engaging. There are two main problems however: - the difficulty is non-linear - it's super easy at some moment then it becomes very hard a couple of minutes afterwards - the UI is not very intuitive - it took me two "new game" restarts to get most of the things right There is also one technical problem. For some reason it's not possible to accommodate the screen offset on phones with notches. Somehow it's expected that your screen is fully rectangular.
This was almost worth playing then uou get the frustration on rats overpowerin you constantley.i hit one guy over 8 timesand they killed almost everyone.this is at the beginning of the game.if you dont stand to be able to want to break your phone in mad frustratio this g a me has serious potential.due to the unfair odds im never pla y ing this again.rats cant do anything because my entire partes beaten by minor evel monsters.i hate you people
This game is boring, a metro game is ment to run on the story but when I need to grind to beat one level it gets boring fast. Is this even cannon? I doubt it and the ads are plentiful. I'd recommend to skip this one
This game is honestly amazing. Only played through part of the campaign but I think it's great! Gameplay is good. Having progression with every character unlocking new abilities really makes you want to branch out and use them all.
This is an excellent game! I have a problem with not receiving in-game purchases but after contacting support and giving transaction details they sort it out.. but sometimes it takes a long time, currently I've been waiting almost a week so yeah good to know that before you buy into it. Other than that it's a great challenging game and very addictive! I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes the Metro book series a d turn-based strategy games.
Combat on a touch screen is a little awkward, I have a tendency to move my support units instead of using a buff or healing. Otherwise it's a pretty good game. I do not recommend spending money if you downloaded from Google Playstore. I purchased the $5 bundle twice, once each before and after I registered my in-game account just to experiment, and have gotten nothing. It has been a couple months.
The game is not bad its just instead of not telling me where to in a mission and well since I have never read the acctualy novel itself I don't exactly knwo what to do which might sound embarrassing but I just need help please when it comes to missions or atleast make the tutorial longer please. Other than that great game hope this will get updated.
Too much grind/luck is needed to actually do anything. For example, if I had a team, all level 12, facing another team level 12, if I win the battle, but lose most of my team, my game will be over, since the enemy instantly can summon level 12s, while I can't. I could use real money to level my units up...and there is the problem. The game is basically pay to win. Not worth it in the end. Edit: They also lie about the game being like Frostpunk, Stalker, and XCOM. It's nothing like those games.
The game is great, love the metro franchise but I wish you could play as any faction or the choice to do so, that would be great
you should make the damage,effect,and action point lowered and pls make the normal soldiers have more armor to the effect and can you make the flame and toxic heavy units have all the effect protection exept on the bot or other than a.i Still love the game
WHAT THE HELL GOOGLE why is this game allowed on here?? I bought 2, 5000 coin packages, which are 10.99 USD each and I got NO COINS
Do not buy in app purchases in this game. The developer will just steal your money and won't even give you what you bought, they don't even reply to you when you email them to fix the issue and Google Store services won't help with refund either, saying it does not meet their policy! This should not be allowed its literally daylight robbery.
On the main menu asks to select a server but is frozen. Music is playing but does not let me do anything. Reinstalling did not help.. Galaxy Note 10+
so,75 percent chance two shots, miss miss, then 89% attack, also miss. opponent attack, then you're team, them opponent again. round end. new round, opponent attack, then you're team, them opponent again. cool game, way too unfair random generator, weird battle system that permit opponent to take twice as many actions.
The game takes a bit to get used too, but it is a fun strategy game. However, I don't recommend buying coins, 10 ads a day plus 30 coins for sign in, it adds up after awhile. There is arena play as well, which is another way to earn coins.
Bought $10 worth of coins (5,000 coins) they say it's possiblely going to take 24 hours for you to get it. Well it's been 24 hours and I want my money back now.
When i played this game for the first time in my windows phone i can play it offline, why here i cant? I love this game so much pls make it offline.
Had a purchase issue but they quickly resolved it within a day or 2. Great support and game thank yall!
I can't even properly rate anything because it wont leven let me on the game it just freezes when I go on the server fix this TERRIBLE GAME NOW!!!!
Great game but damn near impossible to even get past the first few quests without paying actual money to do so. At least make it easier. Forced to uninstall....
it's a great game if there was any way to add an american server that would kinda be nice the graphics are great I defintaly want to try out the sequel you guys did amazing on the game great graphics and great gameplay
Absolutely love this game. Extremely challenging play and if you move too fast without building up your economy and territory the enemy factions will make short work of you...Well done. This game actually makes me want to purchase coins to get Resurgents...just to support the Devs..now that's a first.
Not without it's faults, but a well made game. On the other hand waiting for a reply from support about a coin purchase and sometimes the videos for free coins are kind of hit or miss. But the story is interesting, the units are fairly made 10/10 would get eaten by mutants again. I did have a little issue with support when my purchase didn't run, but they were super cool about it.
I bought $30 in December and even after several emails and providing all the information they asked for I still have received the coins. I wouldn't waste your time with this game it's has amazing potential but unfortunately a extremely greedy and poorly run company is in control of it so it's HEAVY pay to play.
Paid $50 and never got my coins. I reached out twice to either get a refund or the coins and haven't gotten anything. Dont spend any money. Edit: I did send a email. In fact I sent 2. Hence me saying I reached out.
i know that you can play game offline....i have already played this game.... but didn't get to unlock all the challenges... i download this game again but needs internet now??? im in places that has no wifi or cignal... if your gonna make this game online let it have a choice to play campaign or save it Online... something like that
I paid $30 for coins over 3 days ago now and have sent 3 different emails to the devs and still no response of any sort. Update: They finally responded after a week and asked for proof off purchase and I gave it to them and then 3 days later now still no response or coins. It's been almost 2 weeks since I bought them and I've gotten 1 email and still no coins. Their purchase system is broken I'd recommend NEVER buying coins as it seems you ALWAYS have to contact support to get them.
you should make the damage,effect,and action point lowered and pls make the normal soldiers have more armor to the effect and can you make the flame and toxic heavy units have all the effect protection exept on the bot or other than a.i
I've played this game in the past long ago but it's terrible just as before it's riddle with ads and I can't do anything because they keep popping up
Great game its combined with all my favorite Russian games one of wich I love the most "day r survival" its a great game with potential I hope it goes further than Day R Survival.
Ok so in my previous review they did not respond to my support ticket. Well they have now so I can finally give them the review they deserve. I like the gameplay and while it takes a while to get used to the game and how it works it feels better then being led through by your hand every step of the way. The game also sticks to the Metro feel really well and having read all the Metro books I can confidently say that they did a amazing job.
After installing again about 2 years later, I got a glitch where every thing is just ui_login_(something) I can only sign in but I can't actually get into a game. Little help would be nice.
so I spent $130 USD on 120,000 coins but it says it took my money but I didn't get the coins... please help
The game mechanics are fun and the world building is perfect but the random early-mid game attacks need to be nerfed or at least there should be a alliance mechanic to help with it.
Unsafe app. Automatic 1 star review when an app starts collecting personal information without consent and requests consent to access my photos and media on my device. Scummy app.
spent 20 dollars didn't get the coins that was told I would get but after contacting there support they fixed the problem I experienced quickly!
Good and deep /build strategy game in post apocalypse setting. A plus if you love Russia/Cold War gruff era. 4 hours goes fast into this game... Realistic and compelling story.. Heard it's from a Novel.. Will try yo find the book.
This game is rilly fun to play good graphics and controls it will seem sloe at the start but it picks up the more you go on if you expand to fast youl get rip to pices had an issue with coins but support helped fix that problem within 3-4 days so just give them some time to reply to you and they will help you fix any issue you have thanks again devs/suppot team and keep up the good work
I owned the prequel and the had a good save. I spent money on my squads. It's sad that they didn't add a restoring for facebook
The game is a suber strategy experience. The depth of the story, and the many side quests avaliable make for an immersive playthrough. It is a bit grindy, (concerning player levels) but there are guides avaliable to help. The only downside is the confusing server and login interface. For example, I logged into an account and purchased coins, but never got them. Hopefully the developers make it easier to recieve what you pay for.
Coins purchased never showed up. Emails to developer were not replied. Beware if you're thinking of paying for coins
its a great game but now i have a probelm that no matter what i do when i try to play the game i get stuck in an endless loading screen
Was a solid game, hard but not ridiculous. Only reason it's not 5 star is the translation isn't great. Other than hire a translator, don't change a thing.
Basically pay to win. It is a good game, but their ganancious spoiled the game. The AI throws at you units lvl 15+ while you have at max two to three units lvl7-8 alive but damaged. The game destroys your base with an attack you can't defend without buying the op units with cash. Basically another EA like company here. Don't play this game.
Excellently frustrating. The writing is great. Gameplay is excellent. The payment is frustrating as hell. Having to wait for 24 hours for something you payed for, without shipping is rediculous. Seriously need to speed it up. That is the real flaw with this game.
the game is great, but beware don't purchase coins. i paid for some and they never came. contacted the devs but no reply.
Didn't really like it. The interface was overly complicated, and sometimes I had trouble figuring out what the heck I was supposed to do. Plus there's no character explorable world, it's just a mini map with turn based team battles.
Very nice concept but too much aggression in there begging for money every ten seconds, as well that i paid for the small bundle of coins to do a proper review and my account never recieved the amount, my bank was charged though, would not advise playing this trash unless they update to be more user friendly as well that they make their shop legitinate and not only a mock up scam. 0\10 would rate less.
The game takes a bit to get used too, but it is a fun strategy game. However, I paid for coins and did not receive any for a few days now. Sent in a couple emails, waiting for response from support, until then I'm leaving the rating where it is. So I don't recommend buying the coins cause you might not receive any. The only way to receive any is by watching ads and saving up.
Don't waste your time with this jilted, purposely made unfair pile of trash. It's just another mobile game that tries to get you to spend hundreds of dollars just to not constantly lose. The balance in the game is entirely dependent on how many units with experience you have, of which you'll only have few unless you fork out a good dollar's worth. garbage practices from garbage devs. NYET MOLOTOFF!
Got the game when you had to buy it. Came back turns out it's free to play now? So I spent money for nothing. Edit: funny how you say it was never a paid game, yet I have the receipt for it. So you're either lying or this project has changed hands to a dev team that are just greedy mothers and screwed over people who originally brought it. Was a great game, now run by tools.
I really enjoy this game and have been playing daily plus all the metro console games. 1 major problem tho. in app purchases not working. paid for 2000 coins trying to get a limited time deal. it took my money and didnt give me my coins. i understand that with any game there are bugs so i plan to still play this game daily. can i plz get my coins tho?
Game is stuck on the "choose the server" screen and will not load under any circumstances... egregious. Note 20 ultra 5G, Android 11.
I love the game, works great and is my favourite at the moment, the only problem is that I haven't received the coins that I purchased from the in-game store, I've waited more then 3 days and emailed the Game support and attached the receipt to the email for proof of purchase. Would change to a much higher rating as soon as my coins I payed for are received.
I changed my mind 😌, gotta admit inwas kinda pissed when the enemy unit is op but then, gotta do a few tricks so my unit didnt died as a fool, and great games so far but i stuck in the mission when you need to wait because there's a new mutant attacking the metro, i'm stuck at that mission please help me. Regards
please nerf the polyanka mutants. i can barely attack with my units because of the librarians aura and weaking effect
Don't purchase anything in game!!! They take the money and you won't get the coins. I've sent support 3 emails without any response.
It keeps telling me to use UI_sign_in or something like that and not matter what email I use it password I use it tells me it's incorrect and also it won't let me use the login through Facebook. It'll load then stop.
I don't like paying for a game 4yrs ago and then finding it missing in my play store library. THEN finding it in Google Play with the name changed all stupid. What the h*ll happened here? This game was the jam. We didn't need to be told or compared to xcom, rpg, apocalypse... any of that. We know w t f it is. If we didn't it would be in about this game. GOOGLE! YOU NEED TO INVESTIGATE THIS!!! Gimme my money back or fix this!
Fun game. Only problem is i purchased 2 coin packs and did not recieve them along with emailing support, support got back to me and cleared everything up. Just took a bit
Amazing game fun to play for hours if having purchasing issues try switching servers and reloging into your account
I played this game for a long time an uninstalled it last year to wait for updates and still of all that time that people have been playing this game and leaving reviews and then responding to the reviews but not fixing the game is just appalling if there was an option to give zero Stars it would be an option also customer support for this game is garbage whatever you do do not purchase in game items because most of the time you will not receive them and you'll have to pay again with real money.
It is a scam, I paid for the 2000 coins package but it took my money and the coins were never credited.
I paid $30 for coins over 3 days ago now and have sent 3 different emails to the devs and still no response of any sort. The game is fun but is very heavy on the pay side otherwise it's near impossible to make any substantial progress.
The game is good. But, sometimes it is annoying as the food and ammo generation rate is quite slow. Especially, when I am not paying to winning. The game actually showed the life in the Metro and quite a good game :D. But, please revamp the food and ammo generation system
I play it for so long on my old phone now that I got a new one I'm having problems I'm try to download it. It install then tells me it can't install.if anyone can help me with this.apart from this I would give the game 5stars great fun if I can play it again would give 5 stars
Bought coins and did not receive them. Contacted support and haven't been compensated or reimbursed and it's been over two weeks. Very disappointing being as the game itself is rather good.
Game is unorganized no way of making no gold for to upgrade your units takes too many days for progress to be done
It has a loooot of bugs but i give 4 cuz it's a good game... It's like rome totall war but it needs to improve... Like asking other factions to fight for you etc... And FIX THE BUGS!!! THANKS❤️😂✌🏻
I love it and the concept and story. But the fact that everything is a bit stronger than you at any given point is irritating, and any mistake is so punishing. I sent a team to the wrong place then lost four outposts because of it. Its difficult as hell,but its ok
I was done with this game, the new update promising more features had me more interested because it is a fun game. To get the new campaign you have to pay coins available through iap, the process of getting those can take more than a week with very delayed emails from developer. I cannot give this any more than a 1 star until this changes.
The game is hard but fun, forces you to be tactical don't make it easier, keep updating the game I enjoy it. (edit, ignore my previous edit, it took longer then i thought but i got my coins, if you do buy coins just contact the support instead of comments)
This is one one the best turn based strategy games I've played. kinda reminds me a little of UFO enemy unknwn except in the Post-apocalyptic Moscow subway system. An economy to work, a story as well... great stuff.