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Is a Arcade game developed by Linked Squad located at Страна: Россия, Город: Майкоп, Гиагинский Район, Хутор Прогресс, Улица Полевая 6, Квартира 2, Индес: 385634. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I could only play in short bursts because this game really raises the adrenalin levels. This is the first phone game that's ever made my heart race. The 3D control works really well and the way out made me think hard.
It's a wonderful horror game my heartbeat always become very fast when I play this game ☺️ I rate this game 5 stars
I love this game so much, this is what I was looking for. But there's one thing I want and it is this game enable playing with multiplayer like we can invite our friend playing it so we were playing it teammate, so for the next time you do what I asked I'll rate it 5 stars.
I can't rate 5 star due because of bug in this game whenever i'm being noticed by the creepy maniac i was in the same level again then the stuff like hammer i have to find again but dissappeared and the glass are smashed for no reason even without hammer then no key at all to unlock the lock box worse part is getting a code require ad to unlock it no thanks ruin my filming mood
Amazing! I love this game so thought out, could use those other levels soon tho I wanna keep playing I found both escape ways I need to know what happens and continue to escape please let me test levels
Bro,this game is going to be perfect!❤I love it,those rooms are cool,too!But when I'm playing Emily(Chapter 2) the first time,I didn't know how to beat it.Then,I'm watching Vividplays play it.After I watched it,I beat the game.But it's too hard to press doors to open them because there's no hand icon like Granny,like Mr Meat and more.Can you add hand icon in new update?If you add it,it'd be more easy to open doors.The game is still making me satisfying.👍
Very poor game. Font size of dialog is very small and short time to show. Even can't read them. Unlimited Add on every step. No way to escape from first level. Even hint is not readable. Graphics are average. I wonder why people are giving you 4 or 5 star.
I'd rate it higher if the controls weren't so touchy. Also, in the second level, the player character simply just doesn't move fast enough to avoid the killer.
Amazing game, keeps you fixated in every minute details and using the hints a must. It is indeed a nice puzzle game 👌😊 P.S: Hope to see more of your future content
Really enjoyed this game.. I finally escaped its level 1 . Really awesome game... But it should have more levels.. Without ads....there is sometimes so much glitches.. That should be resolved otherwise its a fabulous horror game.. It has good graphics..
This game was not Ok. But it was not the worst game I played. It was not so scary and not horror. One star was given because of its graphics and the for the puzzles. Yours UV
Great game! But im giving it 4 stars because in 2nd chapter, which is a new chapter, I CAN OPEN A CAGE WHEN CLOWN WAS CHECKING IF ANYTHING'S WRONG? WTH?!
I love this game, it is by far one of the best horror games for mobile that i have seen in a long time. I love the first level and i am super excited for the update when the second level comes. I also love how if you replay a level the locations of items change too, its a fun mechanic.
This game is veery entristing and unique I like it this game and good graphics and veery smod le run this game I like it👍❤❤
The details and ambiance are incredible, and it doesnt even lag. If the character models were a little more detailed, and they added a little bit of shadows or reflections this would be a 10 star game.
I would have never found out the code without 3 of us finding out how to escape and what the password was. Great game for sure and great graphics. I hope to see more soon.
Really good game!!! the fear of being captured and to escape, you can feel it. Nice graphics but update new levels as soon as possible. We are tired of playing the same levels
Awesome game love the graphics and there are 2 chapters now .hope others are in development and come fast
The game is totally fun.you have a feeling like you are really captured and have to escape from the maniac.This is the first horror game that i have played in my life.And this is the first high quality graphic game for android.I just wanted to say to the developers of this game that this game is awesome cant wait for the next update.until then Good bye.♥️♥️♥️♥️
This game is awesome man . this is the best game in the world . the clown and evil santa is awesome and I wish that the metel horror escape name in gueniss book of world record . I think that when we escape this game , we can escape all horror games like slendrina , granny , twins , evil nun etc . But you have to put guns like all horror games like shotgun , pistol and smoker . I am not ordering you but I am giving you an Idea and updating this game and I am giving you Ideas . This game is good
Amazing and thrilling too it makes u think fast to save your lyf and its mind blowing but update frequently And pls update it😥 Yay u updated it I love Emily's part its so breathtaking pls make more updates
Wonderful spooky kind of a game cross between Mist Resident Evil and something else I can't figure out what but I love this game thank you
It was a very well thought out game, my only problem is I guess the anticipation and just hoping to find out what happens after the first level. I've been playing this game since I first saw it on the store. Hope to see what else you guys can come up with.
So...did I miss something? Where are the rest of the levels, I finished the first one but the rest of the levels say "soon" and the fourth is in development. Did I miss something? Or do I have it buy the levels? What? Also I like the game challenging but lack of levels is sad.
This game is soooooo good like the guy who made this need more levels this is a good game get this game now soo cool game and need to have the other people ready
game his very very very very amzing l am enjoy very difficult puzzles but finally finished linked squad team thank you so much you're game Next chapter coming soon please
4 star because Only one level And that Level is also short ....could be fun with more of puzzles or extra locks. Good graphics though.
I say that the game is well made and has an ability to get some type of story into it. The puzzles are a bit easy and I managed to finish within a couple minutes. I wish there was more to the horror part of it, the scene where you get caught by the maniac isn't that frightful and the lighting throws off the spooky effect. Overall well made! On a positive note, love how the controls were easy and that the enemy was aware of the placement of things.
This could be a 5 star game but it only has one level... So developers, how did you expect us to play a single level over and over again without uninstalling it to create space for better games🤔 If you worked upon that then maybe we'd change our minds about the rating But for now it sucks, if you are really gamers you know that too✌🏼
Wow this is an amazing game the traffic's are really cool and though the puzzles aren't hard to figure out it's very exciting!👍
THIS Game is Awesome. Very good Graphics and what a puzzle game. Thank you for making this game. Please make more Horror Games.😍😀🤩👍
Cool game , cool game and cool game !!!!! I love it very much , I finished the game after a long time and also I rescued the girl !!! I like also the music it's very scary ! Thank you developers !! I loved the game so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
It's a amazing game great graphics voice acting etc but when I try to put the elevator thing to turn on the elevator it won't let me so maybe that need to be fixed? Besides that it's a amazing game!
I loved this and thought it was one of the best experiences on a free to play mobile platform but the update has broken it for me on a pixel 4. It opens but when I get to pick the language it force closes. Would love to rate 5 stars when fixed
The level time is stupid take it of an jus let ppl play the game freely if you dont ppl wouldn't play the game anymore to be honest it's a fun game but with the level time it jus making it boring
This game seriously needs some work to do. First of all its too hard to closed the doors then when you finally do what you have to do to go Che k the guy room you have five seconds to check the room before he run out and catch you. This game really sucks
Best horror game for me! I want updates as soon as possible.And i also found some glitches like the Emily's escape while i was going in the room which has steam and that lever the manic suddenly poped up from no where i leteraly didn't make and noise so fix it.
This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃 However I am a bit frustrated with getting that torn bag mask can you change the time limit 7 mins 30 secs because there is no way I am can get past 6mins 45 secs
U have a bug that stops myself from buying the removal of ads and buying the mask I want too aid u guys but not by watching advertising if this is by design all I can say is thank fook I've gotten this game with no ads on my other phone update it's fixed it's let me buy no ads and mask thx guys keep up the great work
I love this horror game is awesome especially with a crazy killer with a clown mask. This game reminds me of some of those horror movies where you have to escape from killers or bizarre places. This game reminds me of the movie Escape Room, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, and any other movie that has horror killers in order to escape from them.
Nice game! I like the graphics, the background story. I struggled with a glitch in the Alan story, at times the hammer wouldn't appear until I restarted the game several times. I'm very curious to know when are the new chapters are to be added!
Love this game ,excellent , Awesome graphics, and spider webs animation is awesome , Please add new chapters , Love This Game ,
It's a very hard game....but if we can do it in time it's very easy but with a terrible horror conclusion .
I wish it was longer i get you still developing the game and all but can you extend the story a bit further and make the game less linear like have the murders house be more extended make the murder roam around other than triggering him when you make a noise and i really wanna play the other characters but make each character go through different experience having them in different parts of the house in a cage but other than that good game no lags as far as i know smooth controls.
Recent update ruined the game. I used to look forward to new content, now I'm going to uninstall. The "what day is it/direction of wind/wall face/number order" puzzle is dogshit. Also, i paid for your lackluster clown mask and there is no restore purchase button. Lame app all around.
It's a fun puzzle game, the only thing that I want to know (and I'm sorry if this was already figured out) is to save that woman at the end of Alan's chapter!
Game has some glitches , after restarting a few times , things like the hammer , the door barrier, and screw start showing up , sometimes they don't spawn , so the room might become very empty resulting in restarting the game . I was about to delete the game until I watched a YouTube video and noticed that there should be more things appearing in a stage , so I figured that it's a glitch . Now as for the riddles and so on , I really enjoyed the game , waiting for the coming chapters
This games hardcore lol even on the first level it requires major brain power. The graphics and controls are amazing im definitely keeping this super fun puzzles galore id definitely recommend playing it
Game is good i like the concept of this game it is similar like granny but a little bit different and some times you need to be very fast but overall this is easy game and also too short clown is scary he won't give you any chance he will kill you in first time but the thing is he only comes when he hear some noise i think you can give him partner like pet he will not let you easily also the house should have been a bit bigger if you do this changes then it will become the best game on android
This game grafics is good but when I saw the maniac gone the door automatically closed in Emily level at first I am scared in Emily level and I saw how to play in YouTube then my fear is gone
Haven't even figured out how to get free of the starting cage yet, and I've already had to sit through three ads. Unclear how to work the controls for basic movements and no help is provided. If someone can offer me some useful tips on how to get started then I might revisit this game, but for now I'm done with it. "Hints" results only in an ad but no hint.
Still early access and it's this good and this polished? Well done compared to some of the other "finished" trash I've seen out there. I can't wait to see how this game ends up when it's finished. For now it's amazing and definitely added to my collection for good. Well done and well made.
I'm really disappointed. The game looked and seemed really cool until the killer's ai started bugging. At first when i broke the glass and he comes in i hid in the cage and he didn't notice me. I make the alarm for the code to off and hide in the cage and close the door way before he comes in and he keeps saying "THINK I WON'T NOTICE AN OPEN CAGE" and he kills me. I don't understand this game at all
It was fun and enjoyable to play.. I already finished the game in 47 minutes after thr 5th game.. I wish there will be another Level..
Just pushed play button and ... BANG! 30 sec comercial video. Got out of the cage, went to the door, guess what, another 30 sec comercial video... How do you think I'm going to pay for a videogame if you anoy me like that from the very beginning ? No thanks. Have a great day.
Excellent, Outstanding creation. I really Impressed with. I have a requested please add more features on it. Lovely concept 💕
Super fun, a great game, but I only played it for 2 hours and beat both chapters, I would give 5 stars if there was more chapters
It is a good game, a best horror game. It could be better by giveing the key to get the girl out in boy level. And adding a cut scene to that *saving the last girl*. But but but but, its a good game. Keep it up 👍
I like the idea of a psychopath keeping you captive, but it's annoying everything that you have to do to escape and all the things you have to undo for the psycho not to notice anything different. And I believe there should be some kind of weapons to defend yourself.
One of my favorite horror game on mobile right now. And i have a suggestion, pls improve the maniac animation and add an animation when doing something or holding an item. Im still waiting for more chapters
Amazing graphics I've completed this game within 8:37 minutes, well please update this game as a full version iam waiting for full version of this game.
I love the new puzzles and the great maknezim and the that part when I lock the killer in the bathroom It was so intense is whas great I am so excited for the 3rd escape I am shor you gays well make it fast all the best
I'm glad to finally play the better version of this game. I beat it in less than 20 minutes. The lacknesses are: still the English voice. Unlike in Russian, there is no spoken voice in the beginning of the game and dialogues in the gameplay are late, e.g. when i take the small key, the reaction of the maniac comes late. The voice of Alan itself still hasn't changed. Second, why did you remove sensitivity from the setting? I hope you developers will fix this and add more level. СПАСИБО!
This is a very good horror game, it is very hard to escape the house, no its not hard its impossible to escape but finally I escaped from that dangerous joker like monster, if you are searching for a very horror and dangerous game to play, I suggest you to download this......
Great thriller game the maniac's voice is just horrifying I just crossed the first level and the first level was also a peak horror thrill for me🔥🔥
I'm mad because I tap my screen to open doors and they don't work so idk if I'm doing it wrong but its annoying because I can't beat it
Pretty awsome game, I had to play through more then once to get to the door in the tunnel but it was awsome. I keep checking to see when the next episode is put up!! Good job!
It was ok, could be better. Tried to pass it multiple times almost deleted it finally passed it 10:33
Amazing graphics and gameplay I've only got one complaint and that's because the game wont allow me to finnish on the first level the elevator lever will not attach to the elevators power box keeping me from finnishing the game if I'm doing something wrong please let me know I've just about tried everything though fix the issue and I'll give it a 5 stars!
it was rage enducing but thanks to my 7 year old brother who beat it on his laptop and my mom I figured out how to beat the boy level. me and my brother are still working on the second level and I hope you finish everyones levels I loved the game
Fix Bugs! This game is very fancy to play, but almost every time i spawn, there are no things i need, for example theres no hammer so i have to restart the game and other, last time there was no Pick A and Arm level so i couldn't complete the game. Fix it pls 🙂
This is great!!!!! The voice acting is great, the gameplay is great. Please support this developer!!!
This game is honestly amazing. This is easiest one of the beat games of it's kind and I can't wait to see what the devs add to it next!
OMG! What the game! Its difficult to escape. I like this type of game 😍. Upgrade this game to the next level and add some jumpscare. THANKYOU
I like the way this game makes me fascinated, well actually, the things do change in position so sometimes, i lose in the game, i couldn't find wherever it was put somewhere, but still, i really like this even it's quite a bit hard.
The game is tough and horror because if we make any small mistake they manic catch it and fill the room with bad smoke and after 2 times we are finnally died and the game is ended. The game is really tough.
Super cool game but the developer takes a lot of time to make another part of the game this is very cool and best of the horror games.
This is such a good game it gets your heart racing and gives you a experience of being kidnapped the only thing is I helped the girl in the first level but then it doesent let me play the level with the girl
This game is pretty fun and horror but there are only problem that there are a every single ad when wifi is on and you need to increase the sensivity of closing door and when opening the door and you must also add some new characters but although the game is pretty fun and it's not horror so much but the game is pretty fun and good
Amazingggg! Graphics are op! Sound, the house, and the killer, all are amazing. I come 😱 at the end. Good job, keep it up. 😎😎
This game is amazing! People say it's not but they are probably 10 years old. This game has potential because the graphics, the quality, and the voices. Perfect!. And the story within it is amazing. It gives you like this vibe that you are in the game and that you NEED to escape. The only problem is that the guy catches you way to quick. I mean with the breaking the glass he will come to you and then in the elevator. And then you need to restart. But this game has potential.
I like the developers idea about to making this game is that, the maniac not chase you all the time but if you try to solve something then, he just try to notice what exactly happened. It's like a psycho kidnapped us and we are trying to escape..anyway good job team. Best luck for more games like this❤
It's not as scary as I hoped the kidnapper is observant and I did have a hard time figuring it out.... and I did escaped the first level but I'll be waiting for more leaves keep up the good work
Great game! Very challenging, but doable. It took me about an hour to figure everything out. I had a great time with this game. KEEP IT UP!
I love this game so much... This is the first game with high quality graphics that I have played on android.. I'm giving 4 stars to this game because there is one thing that have to be changed .. THERE ARE ONLY TWO LEVELS/CHAPTERS. OTHER TWO OR THREE CHARACTERS ARE LOCKED. If there would be more levels unlocked , I would have gave 5 stars ... I HOPE U WILL UNLOCK THE OTHER CHAPTERS.
This game is very 👍👍 good 😎 but one problem the only two levels is unlocked and two and three levels is locked I gave his four stars I hope you unlock the two and three levels I gave his five stars
Seems fun but every other game i restart to redo the hammer doesn't spawn in and after u move the sink after opening the door and unscrew everything I'll hide inside the wall and the ai stands in the restroom and I give it time and he becomes frozen and I was using the hints the help figure it all out. Now I have up thinking alot is bugged. SGNOTE10+
This game is pretty good to be a "HORROR ESCAPE". This game is great to play to have fear and a cool way to escape, and isn't one of those crazy short timers to get back into the have. I loved it.👍
I guess it's the same level, but better? I would have liked to see more levels, and then get back to them, because if you change something, a mechanic or a puzzle(for example, add another step to a task), then it's a new level too! So I play the "unoptimized" one first, give my impressions, and later you update that level, change it up a bit etc. See what I'm getting at? You're catching people with more levels, and then you have money to spend on improving existing levels. Anyway, visuals 10/10.
Its a good game i take 31 mins to finish it it was nice i was scarry from santa but the game was really really fun😛😯 anyway install it
Very good game the Alan chapter is a bit glitchy but the Emily chapter is very scary and intense specially when you have to lock the maniac in bathroom and open the safe before he comes out.
This game just...isn't fun. Due to it basically being a puzzle game strictly. It's all about figuring out what to do in the right order in order to avoid getting caught. It takes a long time cause it's all trial and error and remembering what order to do tasks in. Lameeee.
Lovely game but the problem that I hate is that editors are very slow i want to see two new characters quickly inside the game
It's a great idea when you play this horror game.but as we as players,we want to see and play the coming update ..... This game is wander fall and we want to see better updates soon..thanks and bye😏😊
The Developers are amazing. They did a very good job on this game. The graphics are awesome and controlls are good. Even in the first level you need a high level brain power. But in the last why can't we save her the game ends there. Anyway the game is awesome i will give it 10/10
This is a well thought out game ,I've gotten rid of advertising for just 99 pence, even tho the game isn't swimming in them ,and because the guys who made this game have really done a great job I've purchased the other mask for only 79 pence I look forward to more of your stuff 👍
i love this game, ita very frustrating some times but when you find the solutions it feels like finding happines in life, sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard
Good graphics, loved the dark room theme, levels design & cold snowy exterior, however, level is quite short
Awesome game I would definitely recommend to anyone. Of course its probably way too easy because it takes around 5 minutes for me to complete. But other then that its a game that I really hope will get more characters and more levels. Please get Adele out soon so I can play more. Thank You : John
Everything's perfect about this game I love the controls and I love the graphics it's really good and I love the killer like he actually sounds like a killer unlike some games that I have played and I love that it's kind of also got a little bit of blood here and there and that you can customize the killer too the only thing that makes this better is maybe add a two player mode where you can invite friends to play with but overall still one of the best horror escape games I've ever played
Very nice game with high graphics and a little scaryness. But it have a problem please remove the innopropriate words. Waiting for next part....
Hint the wind comes from the north.... , The brightness on a hdr+ screen is too dark even with full brightness . I played with no wifi and made on my 4th attempt couldn't figure out how to lock the door at first , love how everything doesn't spawn in the same place makes it harder , solid 5 star game simple yet complicated , please make more
This is is Incridible game!!, i know this is an impossible question to do but can devs make 2 player mode pls? :D. Good job with the game and have a nice day
Great game! I was having problems before but now I was just doing it the wrong way my bad! It's a amazing game and really puts pressure on you! 10/10
This Game is a Joke TBH! The leaver for the elevator is nowhere to be seen. Even once you've knocked the wall down it's still not there! What's the point in going through the process of getting that far just to be caught.. it's bloody pointless! Im not wasting my time with this game anymore. Just an absolute Joke!! UNINSTALLED!
I really love this game please make another new chapter as soon as possible really I am waiting a lot but in version 0.102 I can survive in forest I want to survive in forest again in this latest version please do this.
In all honesty this is a great game, in graphics and storyline and the storyline is sweet and simple, I hope you guys get the funding and make a full story on this game or make chapters on it.
I like your game Linked Squad! I give this game 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! I like the Emily Chapter better then the Alan Chapter! I like that you can get secret maniac masks! But I like the Evil Santa Mask better then all the other masks! I am now looking forward to a new chapter! Bye 👋!
Absolute fun with the feeling that your really captured and need to escape. The code to the door never works for me so I just watch an ad but I guess offline your screwed if you don't get the password to work. Other than that I escaped. Maybe have a variety of difficulties and more stages. Overall it was a joy to play . Well desired 4 stars. Keep it up devs!!
It's little scary.. The second one (the girl escape) was pretty difficult. I like this game but need more escapes...
Very good game because it is very scary and last moment to run out of home that was very very hard but I did it in first time