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Metal Wings: Elite Force

Metal Wings: Elite Force for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good gameplay with nice graphics. However any upgrades done to weapons don't work. This should be fixed as no matter how well you play the enemies become too overpowered for the weak weapons that you have due to not actually upgrading when you purchase the upgrade. You will just waste your coins and gems until this bug is fixed.
Realy good until about the fourth leveland then got stuck in the corner facing the wrong way and wouldnt move,then died and game wanted dosh to reviver her,WHAT JUST ONE LIFE,to upgrade her weapons ect real money would be needed as you cant earn enough,4 stars for the game andplayability but loses two through greediness,uninstalled after 15 minutes
Alot of ads. Alot of grinding to get anything good. Good gameplay, and potential. But ruined by very weak progression.
Okay I love Metal Slug, but this is wow! This is the game I was looking for. Thank you so much for making this kind of game. ๐Ÿ‘
Horribly unbalanced gameplay, and way to many ads. The weapon upgrade system is a total joke, and totally wasted my time.
Gameplay is good . But this game need lot of improvements . It has many bugs . I can't finish 1-5 stage on hard . I kill the boss then when I go to finish line the mision had not completed . Pls fix this .
I love this game but why igive only 4 star is because the last mode is still not unlocked please fixed this one
Please try to keep high Gun power in every live... For example like Metal Squad Game... And good Graphics..
its a good game if the bugs are fixed. Like i cant even upgrade my weapons and character....Everytime i refresh the game to see if it will work.....No nothing, it reads as of i didnt even upgrade them at all.
Old school style game play. With a little patience you don't have to spend money. Fun and a bit frustrating at times but really hard to put down.
it has multiple bug issues, some are game breaking. needs a patch quick. till then, I've uninstalled.
Its so very fun and challenging too game and its free too play too offline and the controles grapics is good Good Job Creators and Dev too Create this wonderfull offline game create more offline game like this God Bless you all thank you
quality s in the grafics and animation attractive game ๐ŸŽฎis to hard and Dengious stage Manage and interesting to playing and enjoying. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
I put a lot of time into this game, I even sat through a lot of video advertisements. I did this to unlock and upgade a weapon; now all of a sudden the gun will not load out and I am given the worst gun in its place. Yikes.
*Please inform everyone that if it starts raining,the wifi network will probably not connect,turned off or shut down.There will some difficulties with this,like I had playing games on my phone,the Xbox 360,computer and wifi. ๐Ÿ˜Š*
I loved the game. If instead of right left arrow keys had the joy stick kind of controls were given then it would have been easier to control
just new playing this game but feel like going to complete the whole chapters,nice control and lots of drops coins and gems easy to get,try it you'll not regret it.
This is a great game but should still be in alpha development. The mechanics are laggy and in alot of cases dont work at all. The ads and micro-marketing put a Giant dent it the would be awesomeness of this game (consider a paid no nonsence version). The first chapter boss is impossible to beat with sticky touch controlls. Need options to scale button size and sensitivity. ammo up grade on heave machine gun dosnt work. The videos don't load, the scrpits loading and unloading from memory cleary need to be reworked and simplified. The replay button on act 1 boss dosnt load. The beam attack on the act one boss needs to end a lil bit faster in order to dodge it. Dubble tap to dash or run would be great. There are alot of spelling and grammar errors. Could use a good story line and multiplay like๏ผˆmetal assault) I love the animation and colors, the toons are cute and likeable, overall ill give it 3 stars due to its cleary still in alpha development.
sucks, everytime i upgrade weapon or char,after 1 stage pass it comes back to when i haven't upgraded, just wasting the gold, fix it
i love this game it's very good but sometimes it keeps shooting by itself at different target that i aimed for..
Nice Cool Jumboo Amazing Good graphic the most important and beautiful thing in that game is tough compitition and big enemy Very nice game good graphics and compitator
i can't give more star due to the frequent advertisement that keep popping up. why forced to watch. I'll gladly watch to get extra spins or rewards. just dont force the advertisement on me. and there's something weird about the gameplay. im not sure whether it's the glitch or bugs. but there's jerk in frame rate and there seems to be clipping especially when jumping. other than that, i love the gameplay and the mechanics. plus the graphic suits everything the game has to offer.
a few bugs need to be worked out... made it to lvl 1.5 on easy couldn't get past it no Matter what,.. it pretty much froze up. Wasted a lot of time here just to be stranded??? other than that the game wasn't bad at all. Also had difficulty with upgrades, after installing I would try to use and they would not be there,so had to upgrade all over again??? like I said still a few bugs to work out and it'll be a decent lil game..
The game is great. But any upgrade you do, any items you buy are not delivered to you. So the gameplay is nice, but all the efforts you do will not lead to anything. Due to this, completing later levels becomes impossible. The developers probably built it to mint money by selling items for cash and by video ads
I've been playing only a few days but so far so good. I love it. Now that I've been to all 3 chapters, I got one ?!. Where's the rest of the game?!!! How do you unlock Sai. when will the other levels be added
This game is good but the problem is when you upgrade your hp for example turn to 18 bars and you play it at first round. And the second round your hp turn to 10 bars. I'm very confused what's going on. Pls fix this problem.
It's a very nice side scroll shooter, I give it five out of five stars. I just wish that there were more levels. It says coming soon, but never coming.
This game has too much hard bosses on the other hand weapons are too much weak. Need to reestablish boss characters. Repetitive, boring background and stages. One character is still unplayable though I have finished the game. At one point I have thought last boss character won't be dead. It requires almost 10 to 15 min to kill last boss though last boss character is available @ previous stages as well.
Best game,but it's hard to buy weapon.if you lower the price,and add more weapon,this game will be more fun
The game is fun and very reminiscent of contra, but the ads are just too much. You pause the game there's an ad, in pause, and, go into the menu and, it's like it want to annoy you to the point you just pay to remove them. I get ads are needed for free to play but this is just annoying.
The graphic is nice and the gamplay itself is okay. However, I can only give 4* for now because lack of variety for the arsenal, too many ads and need some tweaking for auto aiming. EDIT: After several days playing this game, I have to drop 1* because of one particular bug that prevent me to switch main gun and ads that always show whenever I open pause menu.
Every time I pause, die there is an ad waiting for me. What the hell you want. This is non sense, why anybody give yoy 5 star? Because of this you do not deserve even 4 star.
Pretty darn COOLIO game!!! It helps 2 have ca$h.... but it's not necessary!!! ๐Ÿธ It's fun spinning the dial to see what's gonna be yours! Cool guns, bad guys, & main char. make tthis def. 1 of the funner games out there! Maybe a directional joystick, O'wise, this game is GANGSTER............ ๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿค›๐Ÿ’ฉ
Very cool and the controls are very good but the problem is that it is very hard but l can kill all the bosses
Nice game But its hard when u die u cant revive with video its not working And need some sound effects for dying damage jump and...
Game is good add more arena but control bad add customize option and player size is small fix it big size player
I like this game, its challenging, I enjoy playing this, I've just cleared 3-3 through 3-5 hell, I'm hoping to see other characters and other chapters.