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Message of Stars

Message of Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by The Endless Hills located at Russia, Saint Petersburg. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
ok. I got 3 endings I got the one where we die. the one when mentor dies. the one everyone lives. O O F. cant find the 4th one -w- but it good game :3
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It would be great if you could be a warrior as aswell, but, otherwise, it's a great game, TRY IT!!!!
Fun but not that long it is realy short maybe if it is longer but so far it's not even far it's short...so about a 4 star
Okay so..the story seemed fine but it was rather ..short. it didn't even end with a conclusion to the prophecy. im pretty sure it was snowstorm who was the "snow". I would give it 2 stars but Titfur is a...cool name so yeah
Its a great game but I wish there was more to it, I got all of the endings and achevments in an hour, If there were more choises and more paths there would be more playtime but I do understand that game making can be hard.
hi creator if your hearing this maybe add more endings or storys? and maybe add more features its a good game but needs more stuff so if your reading this please add this and thank you if you will.
I found this game a master piece, just as good as the books. Things really got sad, so sad I wanted to yeet my phone out of exsistans πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
Really loved the game but it was way too short, I really hope this gets expanded some day. The art is good and the story really feels like you're in the world. I feel that there should be a little more player choice and minigames. There's a lot of potential here.
This was really good! Although, I believe there should have been more to the game as it was too short. And what happened to the prophecy? It just ended and we never get to find out what the snow was. Probably Snowkit, but there's many faults within this game. But otherwise it's pretty fun and sad
Tbh this app is amazing 1: not many ads 2: you have a bunch of different options 3: the art is amazing And ugh there's so many things i like about this game I had to google up how to get some achievements but it was hecking good Great job Man
This game Is amazing but it's really hard to get all the achievements but over all its really fun and I love the character designs and I haven't seen any bugs or glitches ever in this game
Please credit the books, Warrior Cats, made by Erin hunter. Or this counts as stealing content. Edit : Thanks for adding "based on the novel series" In about :) . Also, can you make more games like this? I finally finished this game and loved it all, the only thing I dislike is the only other story game wont open for me, the story of red flower just opens, says endless hills and closes on me.
Good app, but.... The story was to short, but I loved it! To be honest I did want to be a warrior instead though. But, I LOVED THE WHOLE STORY!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
OMG! I really love this app. It's so interactive and I love the beginning with the StarClan ancestor. I've been waiting for a Warriors game like this! The only thing, though: It's way too short. And, what about Petalpaw's Med. Cat name? It's not that big of a deal, but, yeah. Overall, I love the art, the concept, everything! Keep up the great work! Edit: I think the prophecy meant Snowstorm and not Snowkit. Because no matter what you choose, Snowstorm's gonna ruin your day XD.
I really like this game but why i give it 4 stars cuz like half way through the game the skreen will just go black and i would have to restart the game over and over its fun tho
This app is amazing. They certainly studied Warriors. So many endings and choices. I love it so much. 144 stars.
I really loved this game and all of its endings! A sequel starring Snowkit/paw would be amazing! Also, maybe add a special ending where Petalpaw decides to become a kittypet with Thomas! Like, maybe extend the everyone lives ending and have the battle scare her so much she decides to choose a life of comfort with him instead?
I really liked this game very much. it was adorable and sad at the same time. the only thing I wish was in the game is that the story is longer because every ending is short. also, I wish the story changes by your desition like if you don't show blueberry pelt the death berries, you can give them to someone throughout the story.
I love the game! But everyone thinks the snow is that white kit. Maybe its Snowstorm? Maybe its snow that will fall when leaf bare arives? Idk, its really fun tho!
I love this and it's like the only I social media based thing on the app store, but I think you could make it better a possibly longer story, getting to the point where snow actually destroys the clan?and seeing how petal paw reacts to it. So if you add this I'll be sure to give you five stars, but for now it's 4 Bc the art is really nice. and the story too. as well as the choices you make and the alternate endings.
I played this game before i read the warriors books and didnt really understand it im happy to say ive read every warrior book and loved the story! This inspired me to write my own stories about warriors. I would love to see a sequel where there warriors and things πŸ±πŸ’–
I really loved it! I would love it it you made another one... possibly a story where you got to start out as an apprentice, become a warrior... and so on! I loved how you did this one, so I look forward to future stories!
If you're going to make a game that is obviously based off of the Warriors book series, at least give the original authors some credit.
I love this app the only reason I didn't put give stars is its way too short and I really want to play more!!! ADD MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this game is great! but i wish it was longer and you could start as a Kit or app/warrior. I would also like it if you had evil choices (give a cat deathberries if you got them and dint tell the med. Other than that its great!
I, personally,really enjoyed it,i just wish the story was longer and had like,60 or so different endings.but overall i enjoyed it very much and is a great place for creative thoughts to begin for all ages of people,and it helped me through my depression,so i appreciate it,keep up the good work!
Oh my gosh! Best. Game. EVER!!!!! So many paths to take! Endless amounts of of drama, sad moments, fun moments. Ugh I don't have much else to say! However... if you can't handle death once or twice... maybe this isn't the game for you.. I like though! In fact I love it!!!! I totally recommend if you've read everything else I said.
Amazing! But can you add hunting and different stories of cats with a joystick in first person, and able to grow and find your place in clan life? Thx!
I fricken love this game!But I do hope they add more ending,make it where you can be evil, different clans,and different roles but overall amazing app!5 stars
I LOVED THIS GAME!!!!!!!1!!!!!! its kinda short but still the charater emotions feel real and the graphics are absolutely stunning!!!! i only got confused in one part and i figured it out quickly after that
When I collected the Juniper I returned to the med cat den but it wouldnt let me continue.. I searched every place on the map aswell but it keeps repeating the same things..
Its a great game, but its replayability is low. I cant get a couple achievements no matter how hard i try, "Goodbye, My Friend", "Gold Medal", "Love", "Thyme and Rosemary", and "All Endings" are so hard for me, despite having played so much. Am i just dumb or are those harder than most???
I would like to say merde to the creator of this game. I haven't finished yet, but I'm ASTOUNDED by the quality of the sound effects, subtly placed music, unique characters and character design as well as a wonderful plot. when I made my first decision and realized what impact I made I had to set my phone down. been a lover of warriors since I was in elementary school! this is a great game.
I loved the Worriors books and comics since I was 8 . The story was so loving and heart warming. Please,please,please make another one . I know this may sound mean but the others are right it must be longer because its soooooooooooooo!!!!!!! GOOD . And yes I did cry at the end.
i loved this game but its wwaaayyy to short!!!uuggghhh!!!!πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ’€ pls its so cunfusing and i dont get it and i dont no how to get brave death or love thing or endings thing.pls help me and i give it second chance! i still love it dont get me wrong!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ’”πŸ’—πŸ’–
I really loved Message of Stars! The storyline was short, but enjoyable. I loved the characters too! Currently, I am trying to find an achievement or ending called "Love" and I am struggling a little. Other than that, finding such a polished Warrior's fan game makes a dedicated fan like me very happy! Great job!
Its well kinda short......and I die by another cat and cant come back ri another episode but other than that....NICE ANIME! I live how u dont forget any details in the fur or the facial expressions:)
It's an really good game I love it I play it every day but I wish they could make more of the stories !!!!!!?!
I love this, warriors holds a special place in my heart. I only wish it were a little longer! make sure to play more than once!
This was a great game especially because I like medicine cats but I think it's silly that if you stay with Thomas blueberrypelt dies and if you don't she lives but you die because an apprentice who hasn't trained to fight would probably be easier to kill than a full grown cat that hasn't learned to fight and that if you protect her you and her would just die, this is the only thing I don't like about this game otherwise it is excellent. Four stars
It's not very good. The art is ok but the names are completely inaccurate. I understand that this is a totally made up story by a fan but they're too off. I think the idea is great. The language isnt right either though. Some of the mimicry is good but overall I dont think it's worth playing. Not unless some things were fixed first
Wonderful and fun but far too short, storyline is good tho, and it hasnt crashed for me so far so thats nice, it would be better if you could design and name your own character(s) but overall the game is great
This game is amazing I really recomend it to people who like games with lots of endings and I had no ads as well , I know people have trouble with time and rosemary achivement, to help some people because I know its hard, you have to give shaggyfur thyme, and give honey and tansy to get the best docter achivement. I hope I helped some people, your welcome if I did. Hope you enjoy the game.
I loved the Worriors books and comics since I was 8 . The story was so loving and heart warming. Please,please,please make another one . I know this may sound mean but the others are right it must be longer because its soooooooooooooo!!!!!!! GOOD . And yes I did cry at the end. I'v played it 10 times already.
This game is fantastic!!! Great adventure, but also kind of sad. But i love how its based off of worrior cats!
Amazing!usic is nice, the sound effects are good, the animations are good too, its just too short, besides that, everything's good!
The game places special emphasis on how important it is to use your items wisely, but you very rarely get to use your items. In fact, I don't think you can at all. The names range from okay to awful, meaning it's hard to remember and be invested in the characters, and the storyline is boring. But, if you like warrior cats, you'll probably like it for a good ten to twenty minutes.
I found this game great, as it was very touching and thoughtful. The graphics we awesome and there wasn't very many ads at all! I loved how you could really change the story around too. Though I would like there to be more stories in it tho.
I love it. Its just short, wish it was longer. I deid at my first time playing. So a played over again. Then a lived
It was a fun game but you could do more like it could be a longer game because it was kinda short. But otherwise it was a fun game.
While installing, I was away for 20 min. I looked, And it was still saying "downloading painting" .And no, I had no other game being downloaded, while I was downlaoding this. It just took forever. I had good internet connection, was litteraly RIGHT next to the rooter. ridiculous. Now, I will rate this a 3 star cause I dont know how the actual gameplay is, so its fair that way.
This is an amazing game and it's so much fun! Despite being so short, (I finished it in two hours) it is a real treat for warriors fans. Well done, endless hills!
I love it, but maybe you should remove the ads because they ruin the look of the game... Great game, though!
I really liked this game. Plz make another one. Like, where she is a warrior and one where she's a medicine cat. I want more on dirtyfurs backround too.
I love the game so much it's based of my favorite book and the art is amazing I figured out that the profecy did come true SnowStorm is what BlueFur mean by snow!
The game is great, but it could be longer and have a few more choices/endings. Like for example, in the start where you learn the controls, there could be an extra part where you can choose which path youd take ( warrior/med cat/clan/rouge etc. ) that would lead to more story posibilities, more endings, more content, and make it much more enjoyable.
I had this when I was younger and was very sad when I completed it. Overall, the game is great. It helped me calm down during car rides. (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)
It was very sad at the end. Although, the art was FANTASTIC! I wanted to cry, but happy tears. I LOVE the game and storyline! It's one of the best games i've came across my ENTIRE LIFE! I can't stress but say THANK YOU for such an AMAZING game! Goodbye for now! Note: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I pay my game RESPECTS to YOU! Okie, goodbye now! Also, EVERYTHING IS GREAT!!
it's a beautiful game with amazing plots and a variety of outcomes. I loved to get to know the characters and there personalities, each of them where so unique. As for the art, I love how each character shows very clear and expressive facial emotions. I would love more games like this, it was a real adventure and I feel sad that I completed it so soon.
I love it, i really liked the Art! I saw the other one "Story Of Redflower" I decided to give it a Shot....But it keeps kicking me off which is disappointing. That is why i gave it a 3/5.
A very nice game, first very fun to give your honest answers and after that to collect all the achivments.
This game was fantastic! I really enjoyed Petalpaw's point of view and her interactions with the other characters were really nice. Although the art isn't the best, it isn't terrible either. I actually quite like it! I loved the various endings you could get. My only complaint is that the story was too short. It left off on a cliffhanger. Bluepelt's prophecy didn't impact the story all that much. I would love a sequel. Anyways, loved the game and cannot wait for later games!
Intriguing, beautiful and simple storyline. I strongly suggest adding to this game, or creating a second app, as there were plenty of unanswered questions. Plus, some of our choices barely mattered, except for leaving/accompanying Thomas. It could use some tweaks, but overall great job!
Lotss of things are spelled wrong. They use words that are in accurate in the warrior life. Traditions are not upheld and bad ones are created. The story is really short. The prophecy never gets closed. You hardly get to do anything.
I do prefer to have you're own self to put down what your going to say, & plus I like making my own kit going though death, I would like more endings though. You know? But besides that it's a really good game.
Game, art, and story are good. But all in all, for me it was too short. If any updates come, making it longer, I would love to play more!
Game was ok, but it doesn't give you enough options to change much, and it's too short. There's a prophecy you receive about snow destroying the forest, then there's a white kit born that's named Snowkit, but nothing ever happens because the game just ends. Also, at one point, you have to get medicine that only grows in twoleg nests, and the characters talk about either going to the farm near WindClan or twolegplace, but the protagonist just decides ON HER OWN to go to twolegplace -_- smh.
this was a great story the only problem was that it did not follow through with the prophecy and it kind of ended suddenly i hope u continue this story :)
Good game , only thing bringing it down is the art work , but this was a enjoyable experience nonetheless :D
I absolutely loved it! Endless hills please hear me out on this comment, i really want you to make a part 2 or a full game of this! if your busy with other projects I'll understand but the game is just so amazing! I can't keep up the good work!
So smooth and beautifully drawn! There is a great storyline and I love the different outcomes and how everyone stays in personality. It took a reinstall after a year for me to finally get all ending but I'm stupid so ya know. I cheated slightly XD I also just noticed the Bluestar's Little Pistol poster in Thomas' house so nice little reference hehee All in all an amazing game that I can definitely recommend! Good job!
I loved the game and was trying to get all the avements and after failing at least 100 times i gave up and wached a walktro when i went back to play the game the place where the walk tro video said wink at stone paw... IT WAS NOT EVEN THERE! i went tro the whole game again and it wasent there!😠 they only put the avements there to keep you playing the game😑..... but over all i do love the world of warrors with all my heart and there for was forcesd to love this game
I loved the stories so much! I cried whenever one of the main characters died. I completed the game and unlocked all endings. I hope you make more games in the future!
It was really fun to see the art, and how what you choose affects the story, About all the herbs the fun exploreing near by areas was cool and a nice touch.
Good, but the story is very short. I finished the whole game in less than 1 day! I recommend making the story longer.
The art was really good, and the story was short but sweet. One thing I found funny was that in English, a character is named Titpaw... not sure if endless hills knows that that means lmao. My one and only complaint is that there is a prophecy that you learn about, but it never goes any farther than that. You just learn it and it doesnt happen. Overall, though, I really enjoyed the game!
The game is okay. The story does seem like it was rushed a bit and the characters didnt have much of a backstory to them. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who wants to have a good time playing a game.
it was fun, i liked the story and the drawings were good, but i thought you could have made the story longer, put some more drama! (bye the way, i just uploaded it today, and finished it!)
Love this!!! But I struggled with getting the different Endings I think it would improve the game a lot if it had a 'help' button? (Like for one of the endings you must give blueberrypelt the herbs in a specific way. I had to watch a video on how to get the other endings it took me an hour 😒)
This is amazing! The artwork the storyline! Just perfect, I say it should be longer. But woooow, I can't stop replaying.
I love the game I just hate the sad endings. Some endings literally made me cry. But I wish you could make one about the adventures of Firestar or of Scourge. I love Warrior Cats if you are a fan of Warriors you should get this, I just don't like how short the story is. Thx for reading.
I cant wait till something is updated! the story is amazing so far. may starclan guide you through your day.
Love the game!id like if it could be maybe made a longer story and see multiple things outside of the forests?
Beautiful graphics and to say I already completed the hole game in one day keep up the amazing work!!
(spoliers so dont read if you havent reached the end yet) I love this game! The art is amazing and everything, but it's really short :( and it's really sad that a cat dies either way if you choose Thomas or your friends. Blueberry pelt dies if you choose Thomas, and Stonepaw dies if you choose your friends. I wish there was more, too. Great fan game!
I LOVE IT My profile pic is JayFeather and i am a fan of warriors ily game shdhoahdusjcjsnxjsndikwiwjx
i would like to see a game like this but your a kitty pet and you have the choose of go in into the forest or going in to the streets and other options along the way like being evil or good... in all this was a good game.
I like it you get to choose your own paths and it's fun what is really like is that you get to play it a little bit more and more choices but other than that I give it 5 stars
I'm five-staring this %100! This game is.... I don't know, but it's awesome. I gave Shaggyfur honey and tansy, first try! I think I'm pretty good at this. I also got Blueberrypelt dead first... This game is SO fun, I really like it!
OMG! I really love this app. It's so interactive and I love the beginning with the StarClan ancestor. I've been waiting for a Warriors game like this! The only thing, though: It's way too short. And, what about Petalpaw's Med. Cat name? It's not that big of a deal, but, yeah. Overall, I love the art, the concept, everything! Keep up the great work!
It's really fun, and I love the book series. I finished all the endings in one day, and I was hoping for more. I wish we saw more of the kitty-pet, and an ending with him would be cool. It's a shame though, your other game doesn't work. I bet it's a great game and good job on the designs and backgrounds. I loved their expressions, especially the main character's mentor.
Im not one to write reviews but this was jut GREAT!!! can never find a good,small and free game to play for a bit. Pawsome job!
This is an amazing game! But it's sooooo short! It ends with you in the forest! Like come on? The medicine cat told me get herbs then I went to the forest and then, boom it was over! Please make it longer!
Love game but could be longer and story should let you play after "your story ends" so you could see if you have kits with stonepaw and then play as them in a new story I just feel it could be longer and slightly more eventful. Thank you!β™‘β™‘β™‘ otherwise love this game.!!!!
This game was very short. also, given the different choices, there is no possible combination unlock the "Love" Achievement. but very good drawings, and I hope to see a new version/game very soon!!!
It's wonderful! I give all five stars expect.. Gameplay. It was short, I would love if it was longer and if I could make my own char and name it would be better! But over all, it is amazing! The graphics and controls are wonderful! But the art, mmm.... IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! <3
It's so short and boring. The options hardly change anything. I think you should be able to edit your character and choose your own name. I hate how it just ends, barely anything happens and it isn't exciting or dramatic.
Absolutely amazing. I got really attached to all the characters and stories. Honestly, I really wish there were more to it. I spent like 2 hours getting all the achievements and endings. No regrets whatsoever. Not to mention the art is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous.
Really good, but I would say maybe a few more storylines to choose from( or maybe unlock one after another) would make it even better.
OMG THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Unlike most warriors games, this one is very good. I have all of the endings complete. It is a bit short, but addicting, and getting all the endings is such a treat! I really like this game. 5 stars Edit: PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!
A, MAY, ZING!!!!!!! im a huge fan of the warrior cats series and i say the same reviews for the other one you guys made
Awesome game! Very relaxing. I just have one suggestion: will u make more of these games plz???? There great and u should get this!
I've managed to get over half the acheivements, still need to get 'All endings', 'Gold medal', 'Love', 'Brave Death' and 'Thyme and Rosemary'. The best thing is you never know whats gonna happen once you choose something and once you relize a mistake you can't go back, just like real life. This is one of the best Warrior Cats games I ever played! I agree its short but if it was too long you'd never get to the endings. Keep up the great work!
I love it! Why not make it longer or make a second stoey? Because you can replay! I recomend it to anyone! Finally an Warriors adventure game!
i love this game! it is best!! even though i have a tablet, i use my dads phone to play this!!! if you can make one for tablets i will give 5 star
This is a great game, but I think 2 more endings should be added. A.) One where you stay with Thomas and become a kittypet, and B.) One where SnowStorm dies in battle.
Wow... this app made me reread the parts warriors series that I have or can get. I love this so much! I replay this game all of the time!
Loved this game so much! It was rly fun and I've been looking for a game like this forever and now I finally found it! Only thoughts are; I wish it was longer (the endings I've acheived so far are very abrupt) and I wish there were more times where you get to make you own decisions. Other than that, thx so much it's so much fun!!!
hello I love the warrior series but this app is ok. You see it only has one story line that is very short and can get boring of reading again if you want to clear all accomplishments. ps:try getting pet alliance 2 I play that game and have a clan.my clan has people who like the warrior series and talk about the book do plays and can even call meeting like in the book. If interested in joining you can get that game also my nickname in the game is Lilia my clans name is star clan.
I loved this game! There is just one problem.. it's too short. We don't even finish the prophecy... overall I love this game! I just wish that you may continue. I have gotten a couple of my friends to play it too!
I love the game I just hate the sad endings. Some endings literally made me cry. I love cats if you like cats you should get this, I just don't like how short the story is. Thx for reading.
Amazing! I've seen apps that show pictures like this but have nothing to do with them, this app however made me crave more after it ended. I would recommend this to all warrior cat fans
the art was cool, but the story was to short. you got me right into the story and then just cut it off. please update this and make it longer. I would also like to see a warriors point of view ??
There are only two problems with this game. 1. There are not enough choices to make 2. The game is too short Other than that, the game is great!!!
I love this game, but my life is really way too short. And how come you don't get to name your character, or customize it? It would also be nice if there were more options. But overall its a good game. Once fixed i will give a 5 star rating. If not it stays at 4.
I love it but I can't get over the way I feel about blueberrypelt dieing or petalpelt dieing or stonepaw dieing or anyone else dieing can you please make a number two or make it longer.
the art was pretty bad and it ruined the entire game. The ad space was terrible, witch was also another reason for the game being un-enjoyable. Also, the story was way too short and kind of boring. You have a proficy about snow will destroy the clan, but it never gets followed through.
First of all its way to short! and second getting the achivments is also fun so i reccomend to make more achivements to make it more difficult and pls make more story or even an extension ill give a 5 star iff you did at least add of these
its a great game!! also, im not giving spoilers, but there is a suprise if you give Blueberrypelt only Juniper and choose to follow your friends. yeah, im not spoiling it too much, am i? hopefully not. but first, i recommend staying with the black and white cat and giving all the herbs except red berries. anyways, nice game guys!!! maybe make one with the lake map instead?? thank you!! i really enjoy youre games so much
I really like this game. It was extremely fun! Just that some parts are a little complicated. Everyone was complaining about the art, but it's not that bad. Also, people are complaining that the profecy didn't come true. The white kit could have symbolized the "snow" that falls down on the clan.