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Mermaid Secrets 7– Save Mermaids Mia

Mermaid Secrets 7– Save Mermaids Mia for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by JoyPlus Technology Co., Ltd. located at 9th Floor, Building No.3, No.88, High-tech Zone, P.R.China . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it was cool im now playing the game that she puts him in jail from all the evidenes so yeah i kinda like it it was cool ig but what I didn't like was that there was too many apps that's all I didn't like but yeah I kind of liked it was kind of cool but I'm already in the second one that she puts him in jail so so excited bye I hope you enjoy it
It is the best game but sometime when l go to play it said that to watch add and I go to watch add but it says video clip is not available this I didn't like so that's why I cut one star but it is very nice game. 😊😚☺️
Bad game. There is to many ads. You have to watch at least 10 ads to go through a level. And you also have to watch ads to unlock levels.
Hey I want to say to you that this game is the Best!!!!!!! but i don't care about ads because this is gameThat I like but someone don't like to because they think this is stupid but it not this is the nice game
Less than a star.....too many ads...plus you have to watch videos to unlock...not worth the time . thanks
It was amazing but if you make more like this I am sure you'll get rates and don't forget the end of mia some one kill 🔪 her but after many apps and unlock every thing
hated it you have to watch an advert to unlock the rest of the levels also a lot of grammar mistakes like: "you got new reward"
It is very amazing because of doo many mysteries and I like to solve many mysteries it is fun to solve mysteries.
its a great game but i dont like that there are to many thing u have to unlock but everything else is great
I don't like this game because accept first level every level will be locked but it is still interesting
Why is there a locked item in every level?If you stick with that idea,then why isn't there a currency?!😠I will never install this app ever and you shouldn´t either😠😠😠😠😠😠.
I love this game very fun but there is one fault there is sooooooo many games and apps to donloud 45! Like what the heck i can't donloud every one of them. But this one is my favorite one because it has lots if action and don't keep reading this if you haven't played the 8 or 9 I'm not sure but its one of them beaucause this is spoilares its very cool how the mermaid napper get it ok as I was saying is Alan! The story makes seance wich is good hope this helps bye
Like this game because you can learn to save people and figure out how to find out who's doing what to you is a really good game cuz it can teach you a lot so download the app and it is just amazing you can watch ads so you can unlock other stuff so download the app and you'll have fun if you don't well that's your bad cuz I told you it would be good if you didn't download it and you said you wouldn't like it then that's bad because if you say you like it you will like it love you guys Payton fun
Good game and all but I hate that I had to watch an ad to unlock the next level just give me the flipping thing only watchman ad for hints and stuff
When i played this game at the start i realized that i saw at yt the pallete does not have a lock when mine has a lock so i dont know what to do..
It I not good you only get 6 levels and you have to watch adds to unlock the thing you need to complete the level and you have to watch videos to unlock some levels if I were you I would not get this game but it is up to you I am just saying 😣😞😓😥😢😩😫😖😱💩
Very good app but please unlock all the things and I have no problem with too many ads best game ever😊😊😊
I love this game and mermaids but i hate when you have tou get free stuff by going to the ad and it's getting no my nerves doing that blank point period.
I like big but I did not like that we needed keep going on ads so I can get on the games but I still love the game I can't wait for the next appthank you for letting me play I hope I get to play the next one bye
It's a great game all but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because of all the adds and they lack grammer and spelling for example it says destroied instead of destroyed and they also say my friend had called.But dont get me wrong I love this game every game.
This game is nice but a waste of data it has a lot of ads and its says to go to play store 😠😠😠😠😠😠
This is an lovely gane i love this game very much really this is an super game i ever play i played 1,2,3,4,5,6, also i enjoyed this game very very much
This is cool game to play amazing thinging but i rate it a 5 becoues it is so good graficts as well in it too so you shuld have it and keep it
This should be for 8 or old. Little kid would enjoy this game and have fun. I'm going to try all of the episodes. I like this game because you don't have to pay money. This game us not a waste of your time unless you don't like mermaid games. Please try to play all of the episodes of mermaid secrets.btw this us really long and um only doing a big sentence because I'm bored. Just try to play. By ella
If I try so many times to uninstall it but it is not coming because I like it so much I cannot uninstall it is in my mobile for ever and I can't even uninstall it or updated because it is my favourite game and even the mermaid secrets 16 so much awesome even it is like this mermaid secrets 7 part 16 is more awesome and it is so nice that I like to play it every day every single time of seconds or something like minutes that is so much cool and it is so nice that I like it so much that I can play
Really bad! You have to pay or watch an add for most things I dont reccomend this game unless you want to spend half the game watching ads!!!
SUPER BAD!!! First of all, every level has a locked object so you have to pay or watch an ad to finish a level! Next, Grammer is horrendous! They say, "I know guy who fix things," LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BO LIKE 17!!!! Finally, only like, 6 levels!!! Would never recommend EVER!!
I love this game. 😍🥰🤩The ads are better like real money🤑🤑. And I love ads.😛😜😜🥳🤠
I like this game but I think it needs more fun and destractions . You should make where we can control the people but it should keep the same story because I love your great ideas to the story. I got bored so fast. I think next time you make a game you should take more time on it.:-) in a good way kinda. I'm sorry if this sounds mean but I want to tell you anyway, I'm deleting this game because it almost, kinda, well all the way, STUPID!
Love this game and I have no problem in watching adds and I played from level 1 .... this is the best game ever
this game is superb but the some levels we have to unlock by seeing ads,bt sometimesvthe ads are not coming so we weren't be able to play that level
I think it's a good game and it is very fun to play, but I personally think it needs more levels. Other than that GREAT GAME!
I think this game is amaizing I gave it 5 stars because instead of things staying locked u can just watch ads to unlock them
You 're a climinal,you want to use game to collect people by force.ok l acepted the watching of ads.open the ads,you say no ads untill is real money before you open.you think is only you that is looking for money...?
You cant even play it,you can only do one thing on level one and then you have to pay to do EVERYTHING els.
Good game but some ads came for every level so I don't like that if they can fix it that's very good game
Hmmm this game is very good but I have one problem that is 1 there is so many ad 2 if we need to unlock any thing then we wach ad and it's so boring 😕 but still this game is good 😘🤗 and ha I love mermaid secrets 😍😘😍😘😍😍😘🙂 I love it so much
I like the games a lot but every time I want to play a level I have to watch a video to play it.👍👍
It's amazing and I don't need to download it once either is my choice to download the app and hence I have so many apps so my phone get hang. So I love this app for less storage and then delete it for next part.
I love the 7th one and the only thing I hate about the wedding one you don't get to see the born baby girl but I love it!🙂