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Meridian 157: Prologue

Meridian 157: Prologue for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by NovaSoft Interactive located at 10883 Saskatchewan Drive NW Apartment #1006 Edmonton, AB T6E 4S6. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far so good but both the drawbridge and power box I had to cheat mostly from impatience. And how nice it would be to rotate your view instead of just jumping back and forth-got old fast. But I did grab the other chapters, more for the atmosphere and music than anything. We'll see...
Short but good Fun puzzles, useful hints when stuck (or just impatient). Looking forward to playing the next one.
Very well done. The camera was a great and smart option. Four stars because the game kinda stopped in the middle.
Wow, my kind of escape games, with that spirit of adventure, every thing is well designed, you play with different places in a time so puzzles are related. free & offline, big thanks to the developers.
Enjoyed it up to the point of, "To Be Continued" then I was disappointed because it cost money to finish.
This prologue is a taster for additional chapters, each of which attract a premium price to unlock. Prologue takes about 15 minutes to complete, good quality but short. Chapter 1 costs $AU 3.39 to unlock, don't think I'll bother because of how short the first part was. I'm not sure how many chapters there are in total, but the game seems overpriced to me compared to other comparable point and click games.
Good atmosphere and fairly solid puzzle design. I will be picking up the other chapters. Good for fans of The Room series and Fire Maple titles
An Intriguing story, good graphics and and an overall well made game. Just perfect diificulty neither to hard or easy
To be honest this game literally made me feel like I am on an adventure all alone enjoy with a lot of suspense and thrill, besides the hints are ad free when its easy mode i.e., other apps like this generally have ads for hints and thus your mood makes everything boring, in this app, everything was as smartly functioned as expected and that is what l liked the most. Very excited for part 2 and hopefully more upcoming parts.
A bit short, but great effort for a free game. I'm glad I had the hints turned on, and agree with other comments about the lever puzzle, I think I did brute force that one even with the hint! Graphics are great...good job guys!
Android system controls don't disappear, drawbridge lever clue too obscure, but otherwise great example of the genre.
Very enjoyable although missed a couple of items, so needed clues (they are hard to spot on a phone when ambient light is bright). You don't need to play the games in order but it helps the storyline.
Graphics are OK but no freedom to move randomly. Player stuck in front and back movement. Not much of a game with very little child like puzzles.
Its easy to forget that most of these games are free. This game didn't have on ad! Absolutely amazing game that left me begging for more. Some of these puzzle or escape games are either too difficult or completely un realistic. This was difficult without being overly hard. Really awesome!
I've tried all of the Darkness and Flame, NY Mysterious and The Lost Lands games and they were great. This, isn't. The controls are an arrow button, a magnifying glass for hints, which isn't helpful, and no real way to figure out what is going on. Not only that, if I make it through this, I'd have to buy the following chapters to continue. Not happening. Uninstalling.
its a bunch of still pictures... how people consider a photo album to be "nice graphics" in 2020... thats the mystery.
This game is engrossing and fun, with clever puzzles and pretty (although rather static) imagery throughout. Other reviews are incorrect in claiming that the clue to the solution of the drawbridge levers won't work if you've previously moved the levers from their initial positions -- the clue does not depend on the levers' initial positions when it's applied properly.
good prologue. gives us a good taste of what the game will be. can not wait to see the rest of the story unfold.
Great puzzles, though only a few were a bit difficult to figure out. Looking forward to playing the next 2 installments.
Responses 2 some complaints from a player's pov: too short - it's a prologue (& try before u buy - expect a full game 4 nix?!); strange ending - c previous; too dark - change yr settings on yr device; drawbridge levers - no, the flag is not wrong; base rating on the game, not against another (don't compare unless made by the same cpy); unsolvable puzzles - I solved them all without hints (all 3 chaps so far). Very much lkg 4wd 2 the final one. Cost: LESS THAN $AUS2/chap & ppl r complaining?!
Challenging and logical, for the most part, with only one puzzle that was far too cryptic and silly. Overall, a decent, bug-free production with average graphics, but good, atmospheric sound design. The story is reminiscent of Lost, with mysterious goings on on an abandoned military test island site.
Excellent game. It would benefit from free scrolling, but otherwise, very nice. The sliding block puzzle at the end was wickedly hard. I loved it. Off to plat part 1!
It was okay. Although, I hope they just squeezed all chapters in one app. I kinda wanted more without needing to download another one. I think I finished the whole story in half a day.
After playing the prologue, there is something I just MUST do........play part 1 immediately!!!!! This game is so taking that you simply has to play the rest of the adventure...just too good to miss out . Definitely a big fan !!!! Thank you for bringing us such a gem !!!!
Good game but obviously you have to pay to continue the chapters. Good for free though, had to use the hints more than once and like everyone else was puzzled by the moves on the flag!
I love these games, really keeps the mind active, more more please, it a shame some are paying games though.
Great graphics, especially for a free game! But.... That's just it, it's not going to be free. There's more than one chapter and this, the prologue, is the only thing that's free. It's really just barely long enough to get you hooked and then it wants you to pay to continue the story. It's got good challenges and keeps you thinking, but it's fairly short lived. I'll need to find out how much the rest of the chapters cost to know if I'm willing to pay for them to continue.
Complete waste of time. I got as far as fixing the fuse Box on the beginning level and that was it nothing else worked after that.
I liked it, it's challenging as opposed to the "click around 'til you get lucky" escape games. And the best is that you can listen to music/podcast while playing, and still have the sound effects if you want. That's my favorite feature in any game.
It's a good game but you're going to have to change the handle puzzle for the drop drawbridge .In the end I had to guess and just keep playing around until the light when on. The arrows on the flag are just either wrong or I just didn't get it, but good game. No higher rating as a big fan of the Leonardo Game you know the one. but I also like the Rusty Lake games. So that's why you only get 3 stars because they are exceptional but you're on the right track, about to play the main Game.??
The drawbridge puzzle in the prologue was a disaster. Although I get that it's not dependant on not moving the levers, it's also frustratingly poorly thought out. Very, VERY poor design. Frustrating and pointless.
I really loved it even though I found the game too short. Good graphics, no pesky ads or asking for a 5 star early into the game and it's FREE! Thank you guys!
I loved it challanging but not to hard plenty of good hints . i did have trouble finding the hose & with the drawbridge levers but thanks to the walkthrough i managed . if there was a way to donate cash online i would help out ! GREAT JOB GUYS !!! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY !!!!
Too short. The first chapter of "The Room" was longer and more enjoyable. The drawbridge puzzle made no sense at all and it wasn't intuitive to connect the flag to the levers and their position. Don't know if the chapters are worth purchasing; worried that they don't have enough game time. Graphics are good.
Draw bridge levers made little sense. There should be reset for this. But a short fun puzzle game overall
Apart from the strangely convoluted drawbridge puzzle, a very enjoyable game. Now on to the available chapters...
I really enjoyed this game, definitely buying Chapter 1. The layouts and backgrounds are beautiful, and the gameplay is very logical. The story is intriguing as well.
Came back to this after playing the first two. Still worth it to play, and helps pass the time until chapter 3 comes out!
Challenging puzzles. One or two were pretty non-intuitive and I had to look up the solutions. Overall, more fun than not!
Buggy controls. The drawbridge puzzle doesn't make any sense and is impossible to be solved if you already messed up the levers before seeing the flag clue which doesn't make any sense at all and the hint making it more confusing af. The last puzzle before the elevator have buggy sensors its very hard to move the green block. You hear the sound effect of the block moving but the block is not moving.
I really loved the game! Been searching for good point and click game without hidden objects. Which are very boring to me. Looking forward to next chapters!
While it's no DaVinci or MYST it's neatly put together with enough to keep you interested, especially as an adfree, free to play game.
Fantastic graphics and music create a wonderfully spooky atmosphere worthy of a movie. Just be aware that while the prologue is free, each subsequent chapter is not. Very much worth it though and I love the hint and skip options.
unfortunately, it's a waste of time. if you play, take a photo of initial positions of drawbridge control panel. you will definetly need that position
Strange ending ,im still trying to figure out the elevator at the end, maybe i missed something. The game was a bit short ,made you think a bit but, thats what it is all about.
Decent game, but can be difficult just because it's so dark that you can't see these tiny items you kind of have to pixel hunt for. But if not for that it would be pretty dang easy.
Reminded me of the game Myst. Loved the graphics and the audio! Played it on Easy mode, and only used hints twice. The puzzles weren't too difficult. Great game overall 👍 Will be looking to download the next chapters.
Definitely a well made teaser for the series. The puzzles are nice. Though there was one that was annoying. The story is captivating.
Far too easy. Too predictable. Too dark, probably to hide the poor graphics. No real story line. Just doing things for the sake of doing them. No movement. You can only look at the parts with the clues. No red herrings. If you want a good game try The Room 2, 3 and Old Sins. You get a lot more for your money. And, you get the full game. Sorry, this just doesn't compete with the good games.
Fun and challenging game. Awesome graphics. My favorite games are "The Room" series and this series is in the same class of games. Can't wait for the next one.
Amazing some of the animations were a little blurry but the puzzles and story telling were great looking forward to playing more
I like the adventure and the gameplay is simple, but sad that it is only rhe prologue. You have to buy for the next series.
It was the right amount of hard for the puzzles. The layout was beautiful also. I wish it would have lasted longer tho. Can't wait to play chapter 1! It was scary and fun all in one.
Lack of 360° environment makes everything too flat and uninteresting. That said, the puzzles are engaging if not particularly challenging, and the abrupt end to the prologue was a bit annoying but what can you expect for free.
Game is way to difficult for me . I kept needing a walkthrough. I have up halfway through and uninstalled . Could've been fun otherwise. Just too tricky
Bug free and smooth interface. Great graphics and sounds. Puzzles were challenging but maybe a little obvious. Still really enjoyed the experience.
Short. But considering that this is the prologue, it is understandable. There are two modes you can play it with. It not as difficult as I thought it would be. But I don't mind it. Would grt chapter 1 except it is not available for in my area.
Nice game to relax with. The puzzles are not frustrating and not simple (Just enough to draw my full attention) this allows me to get my mind off stuff. Try it!
Story is dry puzzles are stupid and you've got to be kidding me about length... if the next two are this short it's not worth paying for. It only took me maybe an hr
Although it was short and the drawbridge clue was wayyy too complex and didn't make sense, the game was quite good.
Definatly interesting, great suspence music. Maybe a little too easy to solve some of the problems . i really wanted to keep play more.
A good game overall and the puzzles are easy enough to be entertaining. Ok, maybe a bit too easy. I was also puzzled with the flag, I've used the hint because I've found no sense to it. The game looks good, no bugs and satisfying
Though its short snippet of the game, it immerses you into it. The graphics are smooth and beautifully done, and the music is pleasing and not at all distracting at all. Definitely will be getting the rest of the games.