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Mergical-Fun Match Island Game

Mergical-Fun Match Island Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Betta Games located at Lindley Ave. Juneau, AK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Okay do here's the deal. The game is hard with regard to events especially the scavenger ones. It pisses me off how hard it is. I want to play this game, heck I wanna give you my money but something needs to be done. The quests for scavenger hunts are too much and I don't have enough gems to even try. Make gems more affordable and maybe even add like little special transactions for more Gems like other games. You want my money that's how you'll get it.
Takes forever to load& when you get to start it loads again.spending more time loading than playing.glitchy will not allow you to choose what suitcase to win.the tutorial is stuck on 5 even though I have been on higher levels.please debug the game.
I like the game. However, I gave it a 4 star because playing the same realms over and over gets boring. What if the realms were based on movies like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or TV shows like Supernatural or maybe even paw Patrol. There are several options to base a realm on. Hopefully you will think about this and consider doing something different. If anyone has ideas, please share. Thank you.
I actually enjoy the game best out of all the merge games. My biggest problems are 1. Everytime I update I have to start over, play through the tutorial until I can sign in and get back my levels. 2. Even though my WiFi working just fine, it's always closing and saying no Internet connection. If these were fixed it would be a great game. One thing, the last time I updated and you give us no choice but to upgrade, the game did not work at all.
If you want dissapointment download this game... Frankly I wasn't expecting too much when I first started but the fact that they lie and say you can upgrade a house is awful. And if that wasn't enough for you the game offers you a tutorial that has unlimited lives once that's over your workers will last around one round of collecting plants before having to rest for 16 minutes. There isn't much too look forward too even the new buildings end in dissapointment.
Great game if you are a whale. Competitions can be easily won if you spend a lot of money. I have been on the leader board a bunch of times only to be pushed down in the rankings in the last hour by someone who spent a bunch of money and moved from 15th place to number 1. Takes the fun out of the competition. Otherwise, a nice game to occupy your time.
Such a fun game, cool twist that there is always a special event happening. Something cool to add is limited number of cheats to pass the levels. I've been stuck on the same level for months... but all and all great game
Running adds that this game pays $$ is not true. Either pay the $$ or remove the add. I've been playing quite a while. I love the game. But either actually pay or remove the add. Oh, and the automated response to problems.
It's like the rest of the merging games, they want your $. 2 things I dislike is every time u merge 5 items you get a pop up egg to purchase an additional item with their special gems (real $)... "every time", it's overkill! 2nd is the A.I in events, it's disguised as a player that puts pressure on u to remain in 1st place, it's a sales tactic to make u purchase higher level items to stay in the lead. I've played enough events to recognize the algorithm. 95% of this game is watching videos.
I love this game but you have to improve some things. First of all it drains all of my battery. This is so annoying.. I can't be charging my phone all day. Maybe you should think about making a pc version as well. Secondly the best things are the events but I think lately they are too difficult. Also I love earning stuff in the events but they don't help in the main game they just take up my space on the map. They should either do something or maybe there should be a different place to put them.
I really like this game, but I wish you had a button in set up to stop the merging at home and let us merge items ourself...otherwise it gets too cluttered. Once you get this feature I will reinstall this game and rate 5 stars...because this is a fantastic merge game. Please consider this option...I'll keep an eye out on this game. Thanks
New player so not much to say yet. They don't explain a lot so you need to know how merge games work. Music's fun with a variety of related character animation. It's ads from other games are a little misleading to call it an earnable reward game. Apparently, they had a reward event in October 2020 but it's now long over. If they do still offer reward points for gift cards and such, they don't indicate itin game. I like it and will continue playing regardless.
The game keeps crashing when items are merged and a message pops up that it is not responding close the app. On restarting the app valuable items and coins spent on purchasing them are lost. This has become very frequent and makes it very irritating
I knew it was a lie when I saw the ad, but I downloaded and played so I could review and let you all know. You cannot make money playing the game. False ads! Also, game is slow and boring. Avoid it. MERGE MANSION is way better. Download it instead.
It is not the worst game but its not the best. Every time it rains it creates puddles you can collect and merge for prizes. Well every time my people collect they collect and nothing shows up and it is sapose to. Game has quite a few glitches and its pretty frustrating.
I really dislike the false advertising that games are using now. The ad shows a totally different game. It's not just this game but others are doing it as well. I'm tired of downloading games to find out they are nothing like the ad.
New player and already stuck at trying to merge creatures. They show me the button to use to merge creatures, but when I am trying to use it the game doesn't function. Well that's a Boomer.
When I tap play ad button to double my prize I get kicked out of the game completely I have been playing this game since it came out I love the game but we need more levels please fix the problem
I have this game on my phone just downloaded it to my tablet.when I go to worker area on my tablet the game freezes.i have in stalled twice and it does the same thing.
Its a fantastic game keeps you busy, but all they want is $$$= no free gems, and opening up new land is ridiculous, how can you have 600 workers and only get 15-25 workers come out, and they don't do anything accept run around and go back an sleep if you don't watch them, and also your three day extended games are not so good, I don't think anybody has ever finished them, are you monetery or entertaining.
Level 82 is insane. Can't beat it and I honestly want to stop at this point. Please update that level or give some sort of hint. It took me an hour to get nowhere
The game is okay and very entertaining and the only thing I have a problem is the chapters or the game that needs energy to play because after level 123 its the end.. 😔 please add more chapters..
Update: 5-7-21 it did it again.... every time I do the map quest it takes away all my stock pile stars... Super pissed right now.... did the update for the game because I love it and wanted to see what's new... havent been having any problems until I looked to where all my stock pile stars use to be... EMPTY!!!! GONE!!!! Nothing there... I lost over 30 star bubbles and all the little watch me add freebies I had saved up over the last few days... I'm really mad right now... fix this please...
I absolutely love this game, the merge factor is basically the same, but it works well and you can earn money in the game!
All the sudden my game is glitching and I can't grab things losing stu Developers are quick to fix errors and reply. This game is so fun. It's basically the only one I play anymore. The advertisement for this game said it pays you actual cash. Even though this game is ridiculously fun and has cute little things in it everything overcharges you to get what seems like necessary items. Finally found a way to make the jewels you at first seem to have to buy. Still no cash like the original add said
Like all games, you can only go so far and in order to go farther you have to pay real cash. Plus for your daily sign on award, when you get to the 45 diamonds, they don't give it to you. It just dissappears and do not go into your diamonds. Big rip off especially for as much money I have spent on this game
Eh. Not horrific and not a gon of ads. If you are playing to gain benefits for another game, it is rar better than most. Far far better. Level upgrades are a bit ow, but the few ads more than compensate.
I will NOT recommend this game, despite the fact that I enjoy it. Why? Because I feel false advertising was used to entice me to play. Specifically, I responded to an ad that promised the ability to earn Amazon gift cards by playing. When I got into the game, it then said I had to earn a certain amount of points within a week to qualify. I did so. Guess what? Zip. Nada. Nothing. I will never trust another game with this enticement, nor will I play or recommend any other games by this company.
Love this game but super frustrated with the fact that I made 2 back to back purchases and never recieved my items and was ignored when i reached out
I f8nd it frustrating and a wzste of time that the game does not save , you get so far then the next time you log in you have redo most of what you have previously done so much so that it is not worth it to spend any money in since it does not save properly
How pieces are merged is forced when you match 3 and not when you merge them together. You have to separate them to match 5 and get the bonus second item. Also frequently running out of space.
The scavenger hunts are impossible to complete unless you are willing to spend a lot of your money. Getting gems to help, keep dreaming.
I love this game, I have 4 because, 1 problem, after my lil people are done they have to rest and resting is like 10 - 15 minutes, and it's harder to make stuff. That's all
The game is fun and entertaining but they are alot of things you have to pay for also you should be able to have more than 6 lives that is just one game if you are at a high level other that it's a great game
Cant play nothing special. Just the main game. It keeps informing me that theres something wrong with my internet connection. It doesnt matter if its my mobile connection or my home internet. But otherwise a decent game.
Characters are cute, theme is adorable. But I feel the idea is too christian leaning. Pushing Easter eggs even saying "for he is risen"... no. Not everyone is Christian
Every time I play the eliminate the tiles game some tiles won't eliminate I've tried merging over them time and time again but nothing since the update. And you can't turn off the music or sounds.
I have been playing this game for awhile. It is a relaxing and enjoyable game that I can spend hours playing. They are always thinking up new fun and interesting special games within the game.
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I love the app! But it makes no sence the fact that you need wifi to claim chests and it also takes a lot of space-
i being play this game now for almost a year , this game would be great if you sort out the promblems that you have everytime i get some where or iam on a high level , this game start all over again from the beinging which is drive me nuts and i lose stuff with tasks can not take a pic cause i play via pc , and everytime time you update things go wrong i have email left a review 7 times now and nothing being done really so please iam asking fix the game so we can all enjoy it , thanks