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Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Potato Play located at 2807 Keyun Road 12-1, Tianhe District Guangzhou Guangdong, China. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is really fun. Even my 2 years old niece finds it interesting. I just hope the you have additional charaters.
A pretty good game, but can be a lot better. There are 53 levels of weapon and it gets there pretty fast when you figure out that purposely dying is the fastest and easiest way to get more money and guns. I got to round 301 and have 14 out of 16 spots with lvl 53 weapons and a lvl 52 (completely out of things to do). But I do recommend for a decent amount of fun and do not mind ads when opening things.
I love this Game, but I don't know if we can have more helpers to defeat the monsters, because I have four of them and I'm Wondering if I can get more..
This game is really cool it's one of the fun shooting games that I like to play I like that you can save people from zombies I think that other people should try it
Very addicted to the game, it never gives you adds while you're playing other than just a little box that you can easily get rid of, overall it's a really good game and I really recommend it!
i think it's fun! Though there are ALOT of ads, please fix this! but all though, it's still good, I'll give this a 4 stare because of the ads..
Normally I am brutal. Free to play through advertising is genius. Great time waster if stuck at airport etc. Most advertising has amazing fantasy artwork and are actually enjoyable to watch. TEN 🤩 STARS.
The ads are optional, not forced (but you need a lot of adds to level up) once you reach lvl 53 weapon the rest is a pointless grind. I'm on stage 235 with nothing to buy nor gain. Otherwise not a bad game
This is the best game In the world I love and like this play it it is fun. I can get poeple and fun try it please they work so hard for this game
I like this game, I really do. Its one of the better merging games out there to play of this genre. A couple things that would make it better are as follows: profile to know health, dps (damage per second), does dps (damage per second) stack with different guns you have in merge queue or just the highest gun you have. BATTERY DRAIN: I was at 100% battery life, played 1 hour and I am at 20%, this game heats up your phone so much to drain battery. My phone went from 80° to 113° (please fix) :)
Introduction to the game is broken, I am unable to do anything. The only thing is the screen faded besides one small part that isn't faded.
Love this game. Merge games are good for me but I would give another star...if there wasn't so many ads.just make it so you only get a airdrop daily. And don't make them OP as hell.amazing game just the ads
This is a really good game, but it has a few flaws which are minor bugs. So overall this is a really good game.
Fun to burn some time but it needs a ton of work .. I mean even the ad system is broken and no way to contact the dev's from in game
Pretty bare bones experience with a bunch of ads. They could add things to spice up the gameplay. Things I would add are character customization, stats, skills, weapon customization (make it where you get different results when you merge different weapons like add two guns with big magazines to get a bigger magazine etc), different ammo types (explosive, flaming, poison, etc), etc. The game looks ok but the only input you have is pushing the energy button, using items and merging guns. It's meh.
Fun little time waster, the as for this game is true to the gameplay so you know what you're getting yourself into. Perfect scratch to the itch for any hordes out there.
Great characters. Very satisfying. Beautiful imagery in visuals. And man, you gotta love anime😂😂 good JOB DEVELOPERS!!!!!
I've had pretty minimal play time and I maxed out the weapons merging and filled my inventory with the top level gun, which does nothing now. Needs more content.
It's exactly what the ad made it out to be which is nice it doesn't show ads in your face after every level which is real nice and you can get a lot of stuff just for watching a 20 second ad which is real nice
This game is awesome but it needs to have 100 to 900 stages so you can get more friends and please add like six more friends to be on your team because it'll be easier to destroy zombies so this game is so awesome I hope I can get some more guns and please look at this because this has to be added in the game.
It's fun I can merge a lot of guns to defeat the zombies and get coins buy more guns with the money so it's really fun so I have the game 5 stars
They love this stupid little ad box with the ultra tiny x so you can't close it and half the time at least it opens a page for some stupid thing I DON'T want or to open and never have permission for them to take over my phone to pull that up just because they want clicks and decided to be slimy about handling it to force it. Bad taste. Bad.
Pretty fun time waster, trying to lose is even more fun than beating levels plus you get better rewards.
Nothing too extravagant but it is simple and fun and is quite generous with its premium currency. All in all it does an excellent job of fulfilling its niche.
Fun game, the waves get repetitive after a while and the weapon list ends abruptly but it was fun for a good week whenever I had spare time.
This game is awesome! But I wish the gun are updates in 100 GUN!!! But the waves are (( 64-62 )3- of energy fires battle on the tips,but the list I was boring to see your healer girl.and so I was says the lavas going to be great ( stage 69 ) and so...how much of stage are they? And of course so share some maps for < cave , jungle > that was so nice of maps I get but don't you ask? Waves are great but boring to get more powers and rewards for me...so that I was gets full stars to you okupdatemore
Fun little time waster, losing is actually better rewards then beating levels but it not always so easy to do. The gun are all basically the same no matter what level it is that could be better I think. Be prepared to watch a ton of ads.
This game is perfect for me! I love the mini characters and how it's so easy to earn coins! The monsters you have kill are super cute too! The guns look super cool and I love how it's drawn!
Honestly one of the better merge games I've played. NO forced ads, and the ads they do play for better bonuses are less than 20 sec for the most part. They are also ads that if you accidentally click on them, it's in a video format, so it doesn't force you to the play store, but instead just pauses the ad where it's at. My advice to beginning players, save up your gems until close to 2/3 of the way down the gun list. You upgrade faster with all those saved up gems (especially watching vids)
Free, cute and fun. Just a game to.enjoy, not for those looking for something competitive or seriously in depth.
This game is sooo funnn!!! It doesent even force you to do the ads!!! I love this game and i think you people should try it!!!
Very addictive at first, but once your weapons reach level 53 (rather quickly) they won't merge any further so therefore becomes boring and repetitive.
I mainly love to shoot guns and when I combine the guns those guns are badass I love the game, keep improving it please.
this game is so fun to play but the loot boxes takes too long to open so i want you to make the cooldown to 1mins. instead of 10mins. so ill change my rating to 5 stars.
Fun idle game, but it's way too short. It can be completed (reaching the final gun) in a month. Otherwise, it's very good.
This game is fun No ads And the sounds are great but I think you need to add more character but still i love this game
Horrible game, I can't even heal the other people in this. I can't connect my email to earn the reward. DO NOT PLAY THIS TRASH GAME.
The game is simple u merge guns using money gained overtime. But the amount of "optional" ads is atrocious. Every action you do they will ask if you want to watch an ad, then dangle some pointless benefits that you may have had. No option to pay to stop the ads. These ad-hostage games should be banned. Save your data don't download this game.
Honestly more fun than I expected. I thought it would be kinda dumb (and it is) but you just kind of fall in love with it!
Game just loads into a level and won't take any input. Game appears either broken or is incompatible with my version of Android 10. Too bad the ad for the game worked flawlessly.