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Merge Quest

Merge Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Potato Play located at 2807 Keyun Road 12-1, Tianhe District Guangzhou Guangdong, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a Dope game shout to the creator of this game love the game i use it every day am a level 25 on the 🗡️ and the Shield
While the game feels like there is potential for it to be a fun time killer, i find it to be incredibly frustrating. It wants you to watch ads for just about everything, which is fine when the ads actually work. But I constantly run into the issue of either the game thinking its going into an ad by cutting the sound off but it not doing so, which leaves me to have to reset by closing the game and going back into it. Or it will straight up tell me that there are no ads available.
Great game only problem I see is geting stuck for many unit lvls u till can farm anuf shards but the amount need got reduced a bit in last update =) was finally able to upgrade more to green quality
It's fun I like the sidekicks and all but it's kinda hard to get coins without adds I'm glad they have adds so is more easy I give it a 4 cause some levels are realllyyyy hard
I just love it. No pressure to play. No need to pay. Cute characters. Great game. My only issue, and it is a tiny one, is that it would be nice to have an explanation of the raids and how they work.
These Quest Are For Steven Universe Characters Have Advanced Weaponry Energy and fight back against Decepticons
Its the best game ever I've been playing all day and I'm at a high level of the sword and the shield 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Its fun and all but theres a glitch for that every like 5-2 mins it has a glitched screen so i hope you can fix it if so then youll have a 5 star from me
I had stuff in Chinese around the game (UK here). Also my phone got really hot within 2 minutes in the game.
I played the game n after I got to lvl 8 of the weapons n sheild I left it for awhile, come back to see it completely started me over from the start
It seems the game will dead without ads.. and the problem connection is more worst.. this is just an idle game, right?! Not a mmorpg or something else.. do i need a strong network connection just to load the game?! Your character development is dump.. and also bugs everywhere.. offline mode (in background) sometimes stuck, so you must go online to make progress in the game.. even if you've reached high level, you need to be online to make your way in your last position after restarting..
It take so long to level up and i keep watchicg add for alot off time and is very anoying and bored so make level to fast and not add pls creator game
Not bad. I do woosah there was a tutorial for the wide variety of stats and combinations that can be used as the items available. Other than that, no real complaints and it's a great tone killer
Way too many ads. I get the use of some, but when you have to depend on them completely to progress and most times they just say no ad available. It makes it more annoying than fun. I've had to watch 3 ads before to merge one weapon. I'm done playing.
i cant play it when i tried to play it it says i think theres something wrong check ur network connection
Its so fun make more fun gams pls this game is so good this game is the best game in the world if this game dosn't get 19m down loads thats bad can you give me 2000 coins and 70 jems pls cuz i will follow you on face book 2000 coins plz
Would consider it great but ads crash game causing players to close the game without collecting reward.
Its fun but after a long time my progress vanished so I uninstalled Please fix this or I'm not coming back
Nothing special, auto save interval will always have you losing progress when you stop playing. No info for anything you have to use your skills several times and hope you figure out what they do, one is a 30 min cooldown. All in all it feels like a game someone didn't finish but they hoped to make a buck off it.
fun to pass time with but still a lot of bugs. Having to switch pets to update damage and half the time the "rest" money doesn't pop up when your offline or you did not advance at all. I like the game but still got lots of kinks to work out. After the update, I like the new mechanics and how upgrading with gems is at set price. However, looks like damage was reduced to 1/5 of what it previously was. Not liking the damage output being lowered at all. If anything it should have been increased.
A very fun game which is pretty supportive of a free to play style, with ads. Although 30s ads tend to be annoying because of its length. One concern I have is with heroes shards, there has been no explanation for the use of excess shards.
The amount of gold you receive is pathetic, the weapons you get are dumb(a plunger for example.), And when you level up minions they don't level up but take your gold anyways. Bad game, don't recommend.
Great game. I tested it's greatness by deleting it and adding it back on. It save everything but the stage weapon and sheald.
It's not a bad freemium game, and it isn't a great freemium game, it's okay. The game doesn't have random pop up ads like most freemium games, which is nice. But unlike other idle games, this game feels like it's constantly forcing you to watch ads to progress at a moderate rate. And another thing is the fact that when I saw the ad for this game in another game I was playing, the rating for it looked like 4.5 stars, imagine my surprise when I discovered the game had a rating of only 2.8 stars.
The need to improve the game drastically, its stalled out and not enjoyable anymore. 09/24/20 Game is dead, devs aren't improving it
Needs improvements, such as raising buy limits for character/pet improvements by 500x, 1k times, etc. It becomes very time consuming raising 50+ toons by 100 when they can go to 2k or more.
I like the game but i just think the amount of money for swords when u get to a high level is rlly dumb and id like it more if it were lowered.
Super fun really addictive in on day I got to a high level you don't need to spend real money you get lots of gems for free and the side kicks are cool
Sadly, I have the same problems with getting no ads. However, if this got fixed I'd give this game 5 stars. I don't know, there's something about the idea of merging equipment for a character that's more satisfying that the usual farming stuff we get. Plus, the graphics are really pretty to look at imo. Maybe it's because there's no European ads but pleeeease devs, fix this. I'd love to play more!!! EDIT: For some reason, JUST after I posted this review, the ads started working! All is well now!
Crashes way too often, and have 0 explanation what half of stuff does or where it actually can be used or even is located!
Randomly deleted my over a year of progress. Before that I'd give it 4 stars, a few spelling/grammar issues here or there but mostly a good simple game. However, I'm mad now that all my progress is gone, so I'm uninstalling.
I am so annoyed that you can only donate 10 side kicks in one day make it better. Also make the power ups go for longer because you get up to stages to earned them and then you'll have to wait about like 20 minutes until they recharge and it only goes for 30 seconds or something 😡🤬 but the overall game is quite easy😊
Weep i kind od like this game so i decided to give it 5stars because it,s Kind of fun...? Right? Welp ._. yes i love This game to much but sorry i didn,t Give this five stars yet...💤💤💤 Ohh...!!! Kay.. cuz it maybs restarted..
i do not reccomend this game.you run out of money so fast which forces you to watch an ad.cant hardly do anything in the game without watching and first.
This game should be named "Ads Quest". You don't need to kill monster. You just need to watch ads to progress. Everything needs ads, literally everything. Daily reward = ads Merging = ads Daily quest = ads
Honestly it could be a good game. it has real potential but it needs some work. there are too many ads to watch compared to similar games. The tutorial isnt really a tutorial. It gives no decent explanation what things are. I feel like if the dev could make some tweaks to the game they could have a best seller. Oh and maybe make the auto merger permanent but maybe function slower
Already the start of the game is insanely grindy if you don't watch any ads or invest money etc, for example 1 chest (watch an AD) gives 100x the amount you get for completing 1 stage (which takes around 20 seconds) and without watching ads you would need to clear around 10 stages just to get a level 2 weapon (which does 0 dmg and is very far away from being any useful to you)
When I always go to other games I lose all my progress I have to start all over again from the beginning that's why I give it one star