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Merge Plus

Merge Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Wakeapp Games located at εŒ—δΊ¬. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game, aside from the thoroughly underwhelming leveling experience, but it's been crashing a lot lately and it's getting worse. I can't even open it anymore. 2/21/19: I tried reinstalling thinking the download just got corrupted, but no dice and I haven't heard anything about them working on it, so I uninstalled for good this time. Don't bother.
l absolutely loved this game at firat but after a while the game doesnt give you new tiles when you make a merge so there is absolutely no way to continue. That is unless you spend money. side note: the hammer thing does not bother me at all. im facg im happy for it. its easy to close and continue your game and can come in handy
I think it's time PLAYSTORE starts monitoring the use (and overuse) of ads. If I have to sit through one more cheesy ad where the background music turns off MY music to shove their cheesy low graphic basic thought game I'm going to lose it. 6 ads in 10 min is excessive and redundant.
This game is very different I like the way the numbers go up and down with the numbers that you give us give me so thank you it's another game that I will keep and keep playing thank you
Not impressed. The game is very flat since you cannot have something different. The dynamics of the game makes it monotonous and dull. Maybe if I had the chance to advance in levels or find different boards that pose a challenge. Getting to 10 or 20 was extremely easy and repetitive... sorry guys,, I actually played the game for no more than 10 minutes when I got bored... you can do way better than this πŸ˜‰
Wasn't for me. I love dice merge games but this one was very full. No challenge at all. And I never saw anything like the ads where I had to save grandma. Never saw grandma.
App won't stay open beyond a tap or two on the screen. Issue was initially reported a week ago and it's still not fixed, I'm uninstalling, it's a worthless waste of phone-space if it won't even open. I love the concept and would like to play it but it doesn't work.
The game is actually a lot of fun. But, there is one major factor keeping from giving it 5 stars. My main mechanic gripe, how is it that you get one block per match? But if the chain goes over the number of spots available - I just lose that possible additional block? Thats not fair. If i start a chain that ends in 7 matches? I SHOULD HAVE 7 NEW NUMBERS TO WORK WITH. Its seriously irritating to make these calculated moves for multiple matches, only to get credit for five.
Fun game, will not stop crashing. I'll get a bit of gameplay (5-10 minutes) and then the game quits. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I've tried restarting my phone, completely shutting down and re-powering on, and uninstalling the game and reinstalling. Nothing has worked. It's too bad, as i really enjoy this game and would've gotten the paid version, but I'm not going to pay for something that doesn't work.
too many political ads - simple nice little game, boring, but that's ok sometimes - lots of ads but you expect that; they just made it to make money. Uninstalled it when political ads appeared. Wrong place and time for me. Game isn't that good to put up with political garbage. There are a lot of better ones out there.
Just because I gave this three stars, its NOT a bad app. The game is really good, don't get me wrong. Gameplay is great, but at random times, an ad pops up. It's also hard to get the in-game currency unless you... you guess it! WATCH ADS. The game is fun and addicting, but gets boring very quick. Overall the game is really good but it should be a little easier to get the in-game currency and delete some of the ads that pop up while playing the game.
Generally a nice game. You can earn gems by merging combo's, and then watching ads. When you have enough you can get the gems - IF YOU PAY!! What?!! The whole point of ads is the game is free. In this game you have to watch ads for gems - that you earn by playing well - AND pay for them. No one with half a brain would pay! Kind of sucks. Possibly being too generous with 3 stars because of this.
The game is addictive and challenging and I really enjoy it. However, the ads are the reason for this rating. There are plenty of games that offer no ad play without putting ads in your face at every turn. I'm more inclined to purchase if I feel relaxed about the experience. These ads are obnoxious. Change that and I will give a 5 star rating. And likely a purchase. 😊
The game is relaxing and challenging at the same time, I love the gentle music and play this game while I chill. But had to uninstall, the ads are soooo disruptive, half the the time there's no mute button, it's always the most obnoxious and loudest ones. Totally kills the nice mood. You need to use ads that are either as calm as the game itself or at least not jarring and noisy. Or volume optional. Still, great game.
This game has been a go to for me for a number of years and once upon a time I recommend it to anyone looking for a game to pass the time. But I've had to uninstall it because the game has kept crashing. I have cleared my cache, reinstalled, and even went as far as to do a factory reset on my phone. None of these solved the problem. I'd love to have this game back, as it helped with my panic attacks by giving me something to focus on that wasn't stressful. I hope that it gets fixed soon.
great game. was able to play for the first week after installing now I can't even open the app to play. seems to be happening a quite a bit to other players from what I have read. I hope this gets fixed as it's a fun game to help pass the time. on a galaxy s10.
I'm getting frustrated at the frequency it suggests I use some hammer thing when I wanna figure out my next move. It makes me mad each time, and pops up by the time I've calmed down. I was enjoying the game till that point. There's no option like "don't show me this again" or "show less often". Don't think I'll keep it much longer, it's too annoyingly freemium.
I kinda like the ads cause it give stones almost everytime for those who think there are to many ads that is. but the only thing that bothers me is the piggy bank. I know that I have collected well over 200 gems to get the 160 diamonds but it never gives me them. so if someone would kindly answer that for me that would be great
You have too unlock themes with ridiculous amount of gems and you don't get that many gems too start with. Very unhappy.
I loved this app. i dont mind ads with a free game. however when you start placing said ads on top of buttons required for the game... that is when I'm done. Do not place ads on my play button when I will volunteer to watch them, or not complain about them inbetween games. i did uninstall.
This game wakes up my brain, challenges it, clears out the cobwebs and helps me start my day or get out of a funk. I find it easy to pick up or put down as needed. It is not addictive nor is it boring. it was also easy to learn. To the Devs: I would like to see another option for clearing the board when stuck, such as a 4 or 6 square bomb. Otherwise love it, keep up the great work.
This game is ad-dicting. Want to get to 20? Be prepared to watch a lot of ads, many each day, in order to build up enough gems to play on. Ads are at least 30 seconds long, and some maddeningly follow up with anothet 15 seconds of the ad. Pay (with your time) to play. Fun until you're sick of running your battery down while it plays ads longer than the 3 moves per day you can make.
a fun concept, but far too many ads. you get an ad if you pause, whenever you level up, if you switch to another app and return, and random other times too, as well as the one time per game when you need more numbers. that is extremely annoying.
Absolutly most Addicting game EVER! I can't thank you enough for creating a game that is not like every other game! They're fun in the beginning but now so boring! Almost made me just want to quit games all together! This game has been addicting since the moment I started playing it! After a few hours of playing, my eyeballs do begin to hurt...The screen kinda blurs at times, haha. I think that that would be my fault not yours, so that tells me also, id add another star for clearly liking it.
It's dreadfully dull, so much so that watching paint dry and waiting for the grass to grow would be far more productive than playing this.
i love the game. So addicting. too many ads. in the middle of placing a number some where it will go into an ad. ads after every big move and no way to earn extra gold bars for power ups like the hammer. i can deal with the ads but NOT in the middle of a game. it's a bit too much. fix that and i will increase the stars
Enjoyable and relaxing. There seems to be a glitch in how it merges cells once 6+ numerals are on the board - I'm unable to get it to merge where I want based on where I drop a +n tile. Otherwise, good game. Would like to see the addition of +3 tiles to aid in progression once double digits are on the board, and also fewer low single digits added as fillers at that point.
The Most Entertaining Malware Ever. Everything was fine for a week or so. Then all of a sudden, with my phone on do not disturb and the sound off, the frequent ads still managed to unmute it and get me busted at work, wake up my girlfriend, and annoy people on the train. When they're done, the sound on my phone has been turned on. This is unfortunate because it's the first game that's captured my attention in a while. Uninstalling. Developer, help! LG v30 Verizon
I used to love this game besides all the ads constantly... then, seemingly out of nowhere it stopped working. I'm talking complete crash before the splash screen even disappears. every now and again it'll let me get so far as to play, but after two or three moves, it crashes. so disappointed.
I loved this game for a minute, challenging & cerebral + no time pressures. Loved. But the developer obviously watches players closely to pinpoint choke points to force players to make in-app purchases such that each update recently has made it more difficult to play without spending $$ regularly. I'm on a fixed income: if watching the ads on the app isn't sufficient I'll go play some other app & watch their ads.
I'm just starting with this game and so far so good it makes you think,I'm glad the bugs are fixed it screwed up my addiction.LOL man this game is great I'll play forever if I lookup and see the time OMG.what a good way to take your mind off the bad stuff happening in the world today
So far great. May even load this one on my pad at home. That means me like a lot😁😁😁😁😁😁
Fine, except the ads keep knocking off my other apps. My audiobook keeps turning off because the ads keep popping up. Switching back to the Merge Plus app from the library app after turning my audiobook back on, activated another ad which knocks the sound off again. It's just a stupid cycle. I'll be patient with the ads if they don't interfere with what I'm listening to. I would be happy to rate higher once this is fixed.
I like the concept, however when your trying to decide where to place you number, it constantly suggests you watch an add to knock one out instead. it covers the board so you can't see. sometimes you just want to think and find a solution rather than taking the short cut. 😠 very frustrating.
this game is awesome and addicting but the ads are really annoying, anytime you level up or your phone goes dark there's an ad. My phone goes dark every 10 seconds if I'm not touching it (can't change it) so I literally have an ad constantly popping up when I'm thinking about my next move. Other then that it's a great game to kill time and make you think!
I use to love this app then they changed it. when you take more than 20 secs to make a decision it will try to make you use a pay choice to complete... maybe I just need a little bit longer to make a decision...truly thought about deleting it... that is so annoying
update: 6/18/19 - I was getting used to all the ads but now not only can they no longer be muted while they are playing which kind of limits you from playing this game in public since the ads are loud, but the ads for the games they advertise are false advertising. None of those games advertised remotely resemble the actual games. kj I was loving this game until I paid for no ads then had ro reset my phone and now there doesn't seem to be a way to get back my level or to get rid if the ads.
This game has ads present on the bottom of the screen as well as ads that pop up randomly during game play. The app also wants file storage, phone call, and location access when there is no need for you to give it those permissions. The shady permissions and way to many ads get in the way of a slightly entertaining idea of a game.
love the game but the challenges are very hard and I'd like to have the instructions on just how to complete them because I don't really understand or I'm definitely doing it wrong. I'd give it five stars on being addictive cause I love the game, It just needs to start with easier challenges or better instructions on how to complete them. so far I can't get past merging to 12. please help me understand and I'll change my rating
i read the other reviews and decided to get this game anyway. this game is super easy to understand and it's also addictive. my 10 year old got it without any explanation. yes, there are a lot of ads, but no more than other games I've played. actually, there are less ads than done other games I've played. overall, good game
This game starts out fun enough. It is actually quite fun till you get higher tiles. At tile 10 it still drops number 1 tiles which makes the game impossible without the aid of spending money on dianonds. Basically the game becomes 0.01$/50-100 points. No real challenge just the luck of the draw with what falls. Add to that the fact that you cant collect the diamonds you earn without spending money (yup you gotta pay to collect diamonds you earn in game). Oh, and the pop up adds are ridiculous!
I like the game, but was frustrated with the continual ads. I went to purchase the "remove ads" and instead of processing once, it processed 3 times before giving me a confirmation that it went through. The "remove ads" button should not show up anymore if it has already been processed.
First off, I love this game. It is simple, but still challenging. I probably killed almost 2 hours after downloading it, but I had to give it up and four stars because of the ads. There is just too many and $3 to go ad free is too much for such a simple game. I don't mind ads, but there is an ad every 5 mins and it really breaks up the gameplay. Great job on the game.
The game was alright, but the ads were very annoying. Long and unskippable. The mechanics also seemed to hinge often on items that you would end up having to pay for. Plus while playing, if you just stop to look at the board, it prompts you frequently to watch an ad. Too intrusive and money hungry IMO. I uninstalled.
$4 to remove ads that only removes the banner ads at the bottom of the screen during game play. It does not remove any of the video ads. That's a complete scam! 🀬
The game is fun and a bit too easy I got to 20 on my first try with no problems. The biggest problem is that the game drains your battery really bad I played for 10 minutes and my phone drop 22%. I have a galaxy s9 and have had no problems with battery on other games and apps.