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Merge Plants – Monster Defense

Merge Plants – Monster Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Kinda good i like it a lil bit but not gooder than plants vs zombies 2 and 1 and probly better than 1 but far than 2 and simular to part 1 of plants vs zombies 2 and thats all i have to say so it is such a good game so vote it 4 or 5 of you want i am on live so every everybody will see me on live😅
To be honest,This game AMAZING! i played this a few hour's ago and it really fun! So many plant's,I know This is like Plant's vs Zombie's (PvZ2).But diffrent.This game would deserve 10 star's if i can only rate this app 10 star's,By the way! Keep the good work on this amazing game!
Wha... It randomly completely reset to the very start with zero plants, zero gold and zero gems!!??? What the heck??? Are you serious?? This has never happened before with any game to me. Restarting the game over and over, and it is still completely reset???? Omg.... I was at plant 31 or something. Terrible. Guess I need to quit, wow..
Bug when sound is off and you watch an ad and come back sound is on but switches say sound is off. Otherwise not too bad. Feels like the damage does nothing after about 15 stages. Designed to make you pay or watch ads to get any progress in any realistic time frame. I did pay to remove ads however in a gesture of support because I thought the game was worth it. So that sums up my experience. Ymmv
Gameplay is okay, but F2P have to watch adds to continue on the game. Thats not the annoying part, the annoying parts is when either have to watch double add or watched the add but dont receive the benefit. Dropping now and uninstalling
Addicted within the first 30 seconds. Merging plants to fight off zombies, perfect pvz merge spin off.. the ads dont even bother me.
Any game that forces you to watch ads is horrible. Blatant rip off of plants vs zombies as well. Just an absolute waste of time, unless you enjoy watching a minute of ads for a minute of game play. Avoid at all costs.
purchased remove ads for 1 usd but the ads still coming out non stop and need to keep watching, refund it back to me !!
Welcome to the ad watcher 3000... we charge you for ad removal and then you get to watch more ads. PSiI never leave reviews this one is the only one I felt needed one.
Pretty good game the plants are great but there's one problem it's a copy of Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2
This game have beautiful design and nice colour but there is not any bottom for start or pause and store for select. And it have not strat time or end time
My plants were maxed (level 60) before the update. Cute additions but I can't take advantage of them. (Maxed)
I think I stumbled upon an awesome game after years of searching that would keep me hooked to the screen or relieve me from tensions. Not a money making app. Filled with love and support. Thank you dear developers! Hearts ❤️❤️❤️
Love the game but waste of money bought 3 different packs just to get rid of the ads but for some reason I'm still not getting ads
I love this game and it does not give me any ads to me and it is fun and I love the minus on the zombie when you take away it's health
I don't know why but this game is just fun like.. SO fun!! I play it every day to for like.. An HOUR it's just fun!
I started playing this game on my brother's phone when I saw how much fun this game is I downloaded it on my phone and I can't stop playing it. These other people who commented about the update I turned my wifi off and it's perfect.
Great game just wish the upgrades from videos were longer than 30 secs. After watching a 30 sec video.
Disappointed. I purchased the no ads add on, and not only did I not get what I paid for... I can't get any extra bonuses because it doesn't give me the option to! I either pay with gems or I don't get it!
First of all they teach you how to play and then do the best and example: I don't like when zombies escape the city and I don't like when it doesn't give you extra plants well they still teached you how to play so remember that! Love you guys ♡
Kinda fun until level 59. Then you basically have to fill the entire board with the highest level plant. Which is nearly impossible as the board fills. Fun game play up until that point but that gouge for money at the end has me wary of anything else these guys make. Level 60 is the final level so they do it to you right at the end. Not worth it at that point, trust me.
Its not teaching me how to add a plant and everything im so annoyed from that its so broken hope to fix this app
This game is the best like best game I have had since like 4 months ago but the reason I did four star is because ads they are anyoning and bug me but if you fix the ad problem then I will rate it again and put it a five star so besides the ad it is fun many plants many bosses and zombies to battle and of you think time goes slow then download the game it makes time go faster but the creator should add a code to get gems they are hard to get which makes it hard to buy plants that cost gems
Love the game would give 5 stars but just recently got a new device and couldn't carry my saved game data from old device to new one luckily I've never spent money or would have been extremely upsetting never will spend money until this issue is resolved had to start over and I did try helium but didn't work.
Decent game, but I have all level 60 plants, and still can't get passed round 58. iOS got an update with more plants and features, when will we?
At first thought it was just going to be another ghetto pvz clone. Have to say, while in no doubt inspired by pvz, it is it's own thing. A very pleasant time killer.
Fantastic game just make one thing that the higher plants do aton more damage like if a plant did 200 damage maybe upgrade it bye 200 or 100:)
This is a surprisingly good game it starts you off slow and as you progress it becomes a lot more challenging
Omgg what happen to the damn game? Was at stage 56 dude. How come it restarts the whple game and now back to stage one with nothing please fix it before I quit
This game is great. But it needs some optimization, I use note 10 pro and after 10mins of playing my phone starting to get warm, around 20mins it get hot, and 30mins the game lags and the phone is burning. Hopefully you'll fix it. Thanks Edit: I think it's because of the amount of projectiles when have high levels of plants. 0.51 speed X 12 slots. I think it can be taxing on the phone
This is the best game ever! The quality of this game is just astronomical! Would rate 6 stars if I could, wish they will publish 2nd Edition for this game!!!
Good game and easy finished in 12 days)) i have 12 lvl 60 plants but even with them and angry boost its impossible yo complete first wave of lvl 58. We need update to continue playing. Game is completed.
It was fun until the last update. I am trying to complete the achievements but some of them cost to much. I wish there was an option to restart for the achievements.
Tbh, this game doesn't require you to pay to play... but you must watch endless ads. At least that was by choice. However, this game doesn't get a 5 star rating from me because you CAN'T pass stage 77 even with full on LV 80 plants. That's just too disappointing. I honestly wanted see the end of this game. Please update!
Boosts are very expensive and short lived, some stages plants dissappear usually the 2nd highest ranked plant. Highly recommend do not install game. There is also no it support.
Game is so much fun to play but has lot of ads. To complete level succesfully, have to depend on ads.
This game is okay, but a complete rip off of plants vs zombies. The zombie designs are horrible, the plants look worse than the zombies! Do not get this game.
When I have multiple plants that freeze or slow the enemies, I often see that the plants cant hit the enemy at all, and no hp is reduced from the enemy. Its like there is a hit chance for plants to hit an enemy. Is that true? Suggestion: Add the option to save progress using Google Play acccount. Now its limited to just Facebook.
This game is awesome and it gets better the plants are interesting and I love it the bosses got hard for me which is good I know that it's challenging me until I win!!?
Why does the game restart from the beginning every time do I have to be a higher level so it can continue to play?
Fun and a good time waster. I love the many different plants when leveling up. There are many ways to earn extra coins and plants. You just have to be a little patient due to ad breaks. But all in all it's a good game.
This is not a game. To play this game, you set your phone down and attend to it when it needs your attention. Or, to advance you watch countless ads. I was bored by level 5. I was hoping that after level 20 when you go to a new board the game would add something interesting, and I was disappointed to find out nothing but the background was different. This game is a developer's hope to make money on ads and people who will buy their way to beating the next level.
The game is very glitchy. The same achievement keeps popping up every few seconds and interrupting gameplay.
I love merge games & it's def worth the download. I love having the choice to watch ads to get more gems & the daily missions. Only had a problem at L75 I couldn't move certain plants but I could use another plant to make the dodgy plant move elsewhere on the board (swapping places). I can upgrade the dodgy plant but I still can't move it. Edit: problem's fixed. Now at level 76, plants stop upgrading at level 80. Keep some prior plants as the L80 plant isn't the strongest of them all.
Fun enough. The adds are (mostly) optional, however, the board is small, not all flowers can reach all the way around, and they max at level 60. I have 4 level 60 flowers atm and I'm maxed out for space. No way to continue, so I guess I beat the game?
Great game, but Waiting for new plants :( .. I was so bored, i made a full set of lvl 60 lol Ps: there no way to save game data ? No google play games, no social media , nothing ?
This game is a scam. I have reached the "end" twice now. This time, maxed out plants, full time angry and slow and still can't get passed 77. No other things to try, nothing to do better to beat this game, it's just an endless loop. If you are spending money on this game I'm sorry, please stop. This is only an ad generator, full of ticks and glitches, fraud of the plants vs zombies name.
It is not good to notice that in scene 58, due to the low range of fire, I experienced frequent failures, while the plants can only be upgraded to level 60.
It a lot of fun, because of the way the game play was put out and how you levol up and all he cool pots and the fairys realy help a lot in he way this game is played thats why I would give it 5 stars and you should to and if you don't just think about it be for you do give it a low rating but in my apian I think this game is grate and diservs 5 stars!
I love this games so much. I always play it qhen im bored. The graphics is amazing and the designs of the plants and zombies are so cool and the plant level is upto 80 now last time it is just 60. The power ups is just amazing. I love this game so much so i am rating this 5 star and I am recommending you to download this super fun game and have a great day.
It's great it's fun my 11-year-old son and 6 year old son love playing it it's easy for them to do and you have to limit them because it's addictive playing 30 minute increments lol
I really like this game. I unlocked all plants(L-60) and planted on all slots but i still can't get passed stage 58. Please update with some new plants. Thanks...
Way to many ads...with every 2 or 3 clicks to get plants an ad always pops up. Dont get me wrong it's a good game I just dont like the constant ads that was the only reason for a 1 star cause ads frustrate me a good bit
Had to give it 2 stars. Even if your plants are on its max (Lvl 80), you still can't get past stage 77. Angry and slow down didn't help at all
I have 12 plants lv 60 and i can't beat zombi lv 58 even when i make them angry all the time. Need a new update.
Im in 80th level. Still in stage 77. update it faster. Or else will lose interest in playing this game and it will lead to uninstallation of the game.
I honestly love the game😊 specially when it gives you free coins when you're offline🥳👏🏻, but the only thing that annoys me is that you keep on reemerging the plants all over again that'll make you also defeated all over again, and also hard to get diamonds🙄 only 1 or 2 diamond per achievement, I hope you notice this devs, Thanks and God bless💜💜💜
1. The game is fun at first. Later on, it gets dull. 2. I wish the plants would look realistic or something attractive. 3. The level ends at 80. I'm not sure what happens next... uninstall?
I'm a kid so please don't let the cusing go ban it): the game was great but the cusing in the reviews it's bad for kids ():):); but good game I loved it (:
its so cool i got a level 20 plant!!! the moving is the best oh and im axelle some how it showed wrong name ):
I think that it could be a little better with gems and make it where you can remove plants you don't want.
Paid for ad free and there are still ads. I AM TIRED OF YOU GREEDY COMPANIES STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY!!!
It takes inspiration from Plant Vs Zombies Adventures. But they could reduce the ads a little bit. The game is nice combining plant Vs Zombies Adventures and merge games together
good game! easy to develop in the game if you find the trick! you may watch the adds for lucky money, and reach lvl 80 plants fast! But the problem is you get bored after you reach lvl 80 plants! anyway, good to download, and then delete the game after one week play! this is what I'm gonna do now!
Cool game but for more people to play this ad a great plant every Week we join but good game Thx for game make More game's
A very interesting game, I would recommend you install it, I play it when I'm bored, if you suffer from boredom I would recommend this game.
It's super fun I can non stop playing it maybe they should put a very new update to it and I will give it a c....