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Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle

Merge Mayor - Match Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by StarBerry Games located at LΓΆwestrasse 25 10249 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Looks like a funn game. Just got to level 2 and when I receive the reward I have no hud and I can't do anything. If I shut down the app and restart it puts me back to before I gained the level. Can't figure out how to get past it....
I still play it as I enjoy the merge aspect but the city building and the quests are impossible. Its very glitchy and tapping on the building you need results in being zapped away to another part if the city so quests cannot be completed. Would be 5 stars if fixed.
I just recently started this game and was really enjoying it. But as of yesterday evening, everytime I open the game it constantly says "Oops! Something went wrong". I wish I could play but can't. Edit: After updating I can finally play!
It's a decent merge game. Ok, I found how to find out the chain of items to the requested one but it's still a bit of a hassle because you have to go to the location, then tap on the location first. Most other games allow you to tap on the request on the panel and it will show the chain. Also there are a lot of requests for plants now and none of my items produce anything related to plants. Did I miss something or is it not part of the game yet? If it's not, why make them as requested items?
Very fun an addicting but it doesn't give you much while you progress. So really, not that worth it. Maybe a social aspect, more customization of your down, or something else could help?
I love the game but energy is way too hard to come by, I feel like I never get to play very long.... if you can make ads to get energy always available, that would help... or even a monthly subscription to get unlimited energy, hope yall can fix it soon cuz I really enjoy the game.
I've played several other games of this style, but I have to say this one beats them all! I love the concept of building the town and upgrading facilities. There are just 2 things, at the moment, that I would like to see added... 1) when you use up all the draws from one of the item producers, I'd like to see a timer for how long it will take for it to reset. And 2) I would like to see an amount of time that the speed up boosters (alarm clocks) take off. Other than that, great game!
It's a decent game, it draws you in in the first hour or two but after that it gets really bland. There maybe 1 or 2 quests that give anything other than experience. This game is only truly playable for maybe 15 to 20 mins a day. If you want to play longer you better have a disposable income.
OK so I quiet enjoy this so far but I really would like another way to get gems and coin this game will drag on for ages if I can't get these things any other way I'm not giving you real money for a basic game
Its OK, just annoying that you only get a couple minutes game time and have to wait hours for boxes to be available
I like the game because it's colorful and entertaining and when you get money and stuff like new earnings you get happy and I love that you can add stuff together and get new things and with those new things you can make that again and add them together as well so that's why I love this game and if this was the only game I'll still be happy to play it
Its really good. Coming along well. Dunno what would make it 5 stars. Maybe having 2 pages to play on?
Gameplay is too slow, it's nice there are no forced ads, but limiting ads isnt very smart, pretty sure most of income from games is ads, why limit them and hold up progression? Basically, keep the same reward bonuses and just remove the limit on ads.
Nice, simple, relaxing game. Player has little control over town building. It was a shame that I didn't get my reward for filling in their 12trait survey. It could not add 100 points to my max total of 100 points after asking me to fill in survey before playing the game!
It was a great game and worked awesome. But now it just keeps giving me an error message. But once fixed and I can load game and play. I'll give 5 stars as long as it works as good or better before it started giving me error message. Thank you.
It's an idle game, play for a couple mins then come back 3-4h later and repeat the cycle. Can't even play for very long when you first play, almost instantly you're faced with multiple "wait or pay" gates.
My review was 5 stars but ever since the new update it takes me 10-20 seconds to move again as it freezes. I am still playing because i love the game but it is getting very frustrating. Please fix and you will be back up to 5 stars
I like the theme of renovating a town and it's very cute themed but so far I've noticed 2 things: 1) If you do a merge that should give xp and you get a bubble from it, you get only the bubble and not any xp. 2) Like other merge games, you should be able to sell items instead of only having the option to trash them.
Progress stalls as soon as you reach a certain stage. Everything you need is from the same item so once you've used up that item there isn't anything else to do without filling your board up. Once you get the item which has taken you several days you get 1 point of experience for your trouble. The rewards are not equal to the time taken to reach them & that is extremely irritating. Compared to other recent merge games I'm finding this too frustrating & no fun to play when progress is so slow.
I enjoy playing this game in my spare time but after last update it started to lag so much for me. I don't want to reinstall it just in case I may loose all the progress I made so far.
Absolutely love this game it fills the time when I'm sat on my break at work. Only down side is since the last update gone very laggy and buggy when tapping item. I play a few others of these by different people and I'm currently preferring them. Please fix the tapping problem its very frustrating
I really like playing this game. The progression is fun to see. I enjoy seeing how much progress I can make in the amount of time before my energy runs out and then playing again when it refills. Great way to get people to come back and keep playing.
You start out with a very few spaces to try to merge. You have to start throwing everything you get away. On top of that all you get is fruit or some wood. There is absolutely no way to progress with only getting fruit or wood with about 5 spaces. The worst merge game that I have ever come across. I don't recommend this this one at all.
This game is really fun! I feel like I'm being productive while I complete tasks. The energy system is basically forces me to do something else so I won't be too addicted to the game.
Overall fun game but it said I can complete a survey for 100 gems and when I finished it I got no gems please fix this, and if you do fix this a will give it 5 stars
Am enjoying the game though don't know how long it will last! there is no incentive to merge anything apart from what is needed as you have to trash the excess
Very chilled out offline game. Offers you extra gems and stuff if you want them by watching ads. I don't usually have an attention span longer than about 15 minutes with new games but this has been on my phone for a few weeks now :)
Absolutely love this game. Only a few days in but truly enjoy it. It's a bit puzzle strategy, a bit idle merger. I do need feel a need to spend in order to excel which is rare these days and so greatly appreciated
The energy system in this is abysmal! Play for 10-15 minutes, and then it's 12+ hours before your energy is fully restored. That's completely unacceptable and just trying to get you to spend money. The game isn't near fun enough to spend money on. I'll just uninstall this garbage first. πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»
UI is quite pleasing to see and the gameplay doesn't force you to watch ads. If you are looking for a casual gameplay, This is worth playing
The game is fine. The only thing that bothers me is that when you have excess items you can only trash it instead of being able to sell it for coin. I play a few of these games by different developers and they all give different amounts of coin for each item. I like the game. But its gonna get a 3 star just because that's a serious design flaw.
Edit: Not running into problems anymore, updated rating. Game will no longer start. Just says "Oops something went wrong""Reloading in 5..4..3..2..1" over and over.
So far this is one of my favorite merging games...and I play quite a few! My only complaints would be that there are not really many ways to purchase more energy except with gems, which increases in price, by doubling with each purchase! Also, your "SALE" packs of items for $12.99 or $19.99...or even just your prices for gems starting at $.99 cents for only 25, are just ridiculously expensive!!! Other than these issues, I really love the concept of the game!
Pay 2 win; Love the game. But I cannot progress without gems. You get 100 energy but goes within a minute. Then they offer gems for 100 energy, or 25 energy for a video. This is offered twice. After that they expect you to pay stupid amount of gems. You buy the 100 gems then the next time It goes up. Any gems you earn are pitiful. 12ish a day. But costs 15 for 200 energy. So it's counter productive. I would love to give more stars but in the current state the game is P2W.
Is there better rewards for the quests in the next update? I havent got a blue tool box in some time! And it sucks spending days on flowers, tree and arches just for 1 experience point :(
It's a fun game, but there should be a hint or greater incentive to keep merging for landscaping, I nearly dropped the game because of this.
Well balanced game with no involuntary ads or banners. Watchable ads seem to be capped at 5 per day, so there's no chance you're gonna slip into that ad frenzie and end up hating it. Cute graphics, good UI, plenty to do with some story/progression and daily perks. There's still potential for tweaks; items in storage should still count towards targets. Maybe storage as a whole new page with same mechanics. Have arrows to cycle through the screens. Space allows for new object families
Too much waiting! Let me watch ads to keep playing. I get like one random ad for 100 energy and then I have to stop playing. I'm not buying gems. Just let me watch ads. It makes angry. Please. Just... The amount of energy is so low I can't even complete one quest in a sitting. Do you understand i lay around for hours and hours listening to audiobooks??? I WANT to play your game. I WANT to give you ad revenue. But y'all are on some bs. This game is good but you might as well be extorting me.
Nice little game for in-between. But it's been super laggy for a couple of days now which takes the fun out of it. It's really annoying when you have to wait 5 seconds before you can do anything. Would be nice if this got fixed
Pointless. This game does not work after the tutorial page and ive deleted and reinstalled it countless times
When I get my chest it just freezes I can't do anything once I open it up I can't do anything I try to merge something it's not working I try to do exit it's not working I don't know what's wrong
Started off great but now it freezes too often. Force stopped, killed the app and reinstalled. Same issue. If it wasn't for that I would keep the game.
Having played this game for a while it started off fine, now game is laggy, and often unresponsive. I have shut down all apps, rebooted phone and still it is the same. Apart from uninstalling the game and losing all progress for reinstall I have no idea what to do. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20FE
Very nicely made. Very chill merging game, just merge and hop off. Could use a little more rewards like chests from completing difficult quests like a very high tier merge item, but seeing the town grow is satisfying. Look forward to see a larger map with more visuals and potentially more things to work on with merging!
Unbearably laggy. It's been a solid merge game up until this point, and it was one of the more responsive games, but now it's so laggy, it's unplayable. Please fix it.
After reaching level 2 the game crashes.All the controls disappear and I can't do anything.It seems like it could be good, but since I can't continue I'd say it needs some work.
Looks cute, but I got to the point in the tutorial where you level up, then I cant do anything after.
I've accidentally wasted gems on energy at least three times now, because I ran out while rapidly tapping an item, so as soon as it came up I tapped without realizing. There should be a confirmation on using gems. I had max batteries in my inventory I could have used instead, and now I have no gems to buy more inventory space or anything! I also can't find anywhere in-game to submit a support ticket. I also dislike that you can't sell excess items like in other games, only trash them.
Enjoyed it up until the new update, now it's just so slow and you can barely do anything on it because it takes ages to earn coins
Edit. 5-12-21 I will finish a task that rewards me with an item like a car or bike, but I never receive it. Its happened like 4 times now. 2 stars. The game is fine. The only thing that bothers me is that when you have excess items you can only trash it instead of being able to sell it for coin. I play a few of these games by different developers and they all give different amounts of coin for each item. I like the game. But its gonna get a 3 star just because that's a serious design flaw.
Was a amazing game but after a while the game goes ops something went wrong and this won't let me into the game it has happened twice I started over and it still happened please fix
I like the game, but there are a few things I think could improve it. It would be nice to know what needs to be merged to make an item. Or something along those lines. I had to Google how to create the plants. I never would have thought a goat. Second, coins are so sparse. I can't even buy them with actual money. It's frustrating. It would be nice to be able to sell items instead of them just being thrown out.
The whole energy thing is awful game idea and the amount of pay to win in this game is insane atleast it's singe player also the chainsaw a lvl 10 item which took so much matching gives the same xp for its quest then a apple really?!?
I've been playing this game for some time now off and on throughout the day and must say its pretty delightful. However it really makes me mad I work really hard to get all five presents and fill up the vault over and over again to just be told I need to find a key. No hint giving no idea where exactly to start looking. Open it up next day all gone gotta start over. Not right at all especially for all my hard work and my long commitment to this game. No I won't stop playing im just disappointed.
Editing my review now we have more missions, the manure production needs a huge buff, one cow gives 5 pieces of manure, I currently have 3 missions that need from that line of items, one being on the end, to just get that one alone you need almost 400 manure to produce, their production rate is far far too low, the game has become a huge grind which takes all the fun away
Since the last update on the game , it seems to have gone very slow and jumpy at times , but great game over all , please fix the buggyness from the last update :) loving the game though :)
Love the game but only 3 stars as it seems to run slow at times. Many times I have to come out of it due to lagging issues. My device runs fine with all other games so not sure what the issue is.
Great game, main issue is the amount of energy you get Vs what you need to progress, the only other issue is gems (they're so hard to come by and collect), the gameplay itself is rather good. The game is something you can play quickly in the morning with a cup of a hot beverage. Overall a good game but with areas to improve upon.
Updated from 3 stars due to latest update. The latest update added daily missions which give crates that can boost the game along and make it more fun. Store items still don't seem worth while for gold, gems, or money. The game is very relaxing and the play style encourages you to take breaks and come back to play a few times a day. I enjoy seeing my little town grow.
The problem is the energy system. Once you run out you have to wait 2 min/energy or watch an ad, But most of the time you cant watch an ad, you have to use gems to get more energy. You can get some gems through playing, but they are few and far between. Forcing people to pay real money to buy the gems to continue playing. It is artificially slows down the game play to force people to spend money to continue. It's just a cash grab. Should always have an option to watch an ad for energy.
Love the game, but I'm having a few issues with the game freezing and it's happening every few seconds/minutes :(
I bought the welcome pack and the game crashed. When I reloaded it I tried to buy it again and again the game crashed. So I checked my bank and I've been charged twice and still haven't received my welcome pack in-game. Can this be looked into please. I'll change my rating once this issue is resolved.
Loving the merge part, it's easy to do. But the graphic for the town it's not my style. So this is it, 4 for now.
I would absolutely give this app 5 stars, but it's more frustrating than relaxing just because of one "feature". It's got one of those archaic Facebook style energy systems and I run out of energy after about 3 minutes of play. It literally makes the game unplayable. I'd happily watch more ads or pay for boosts, buffs, and bonuses, or even a one off payment to permanently turn off the energy, but having to pay repeatedly just to be able to play at all? No.
I've had this game for over a month and honestly, I'm captivated by it. Progression can get slow, but as you level up, it's easy to spend your in game currency to fill your energy bar once or twice a day without concern. I'm absolutely in love with it. Ads aren't forced, but they can help here and there. All around great game. Keep it up ya'll! ❀️
good game but seems to be like all other games of this genre I like it however it doesn't stand out from the others..good job but need some suprises
I love the progression system that feels im actually building towards something. I wish we could get a few more ads for energy since you get about 3 for 25energy and then you are forced to use gems.
For it being in Alpha/Beta, I find this game incredibly good, like it gets updated two to three times a month and I cannot stop playing it! Keep up the work guys, this is a brilliant game!
Fun for about five seconds then you realize that the entire game feels like a poorly made infinitely long tutorial.
Was going to give five star because it really was a fun and addictive game with so much to do. Then the update happened and now all it does is glitch and lag out
This game tries as hard as it can to prevent you from playing it with a ridiculous energy system and cooldowns on everything on top of the energy system. Since when did game design mean actively stopping the player from playing?
A few improvement suggestions; The ability to sell items rather than just putting them in the "trash" One place where you can find what material makes each item, maybe like a book or something. Otherwise great game!!
First I think this game isn't good enough cos if you wanna play this game as regular basis or play as time consuming thing, you will soon be bored... After stage 5 some quests to another stages may need the whole day... But if you understand the game logic, this game makes you funny.
Don't install unless u wanna play for 2 seconds then wait a day for your energy to recharge. Rubbish game always glitching
Some reward items are not dropping (bike frame), and sometimes the game won't let you turn in a mission. I tap on the job and my position in the city moves rather than opening the job request.
The problem is the syncing isn't working well from my phone to tablet vice versa. Other than that I love the game!
When trashing excess items you should get something, preferably gold. Majority of my current quests are for landscaping items. Which I don't have a source for, nor can I find any in game hints as to how to procure these items.
I love the game, but whenever I stop playing and come back to play all of my coins are gone. I don't purchase anything, so they should've be gone.
Nice, simple, relaxing game. Player has little control over town building. Minor problem with one reward not working (the one for the scooter [the bike before wedding gift) was another scooter. This did not appear :( ]
I like the game, but it doesn't make sense to have an energy component in the game to only have the palettes and tool boxes time out so you can't use them for multiple hours. Why have energy then? I have so many batteries I can't use because all the interactive material getting objects are timed out.
This game is wonderful! I'm only giving four stars because it has an energy system AND a cooldown system with the resource generators. I think having both makes this game too restrictive. One or the other would be a great balance in my opinion. If I had to pick one, the cooldown system should stay. It forces you to use different resources and try more things and is quite enjoyable.
Great game just wish instead of just tossing and losing an item we could trade it for coins to make things easier
I really like it, but the dependency on "energy" and having to wait a decent amount of time for it to refill or to buy gems really annoys me. I want to play the game and have fun, not be bogged down by waiting around. Especially since after a certain point you can't watch ads for more energy; therefore you are forced to wait or buy gems with real money.
To me, I feel like this game is a bit of a mess if you dont decide to buy gems. From the energy system that you have to wait 2 minutes for one energy, to the generator tiles, such as the toolbox, that take upwards of 4-5 hours to restock, this game is a pain to play as an active game and even with the long wait times it is a bit of a hassle as an idle game.
I love the graphic and concept but I feel like some of the ratios of game play are off. Your energy is slow to refill and your board fills up quick with things you don't need. Their also isn't a very friendly no pay way to get ahead in the game
I like the game pretty good. Like most here energy is an issue. And, when we have to make room on the board it should let us sell the items and not force us to trash them, even if only 1 coin per item, like most games. It would be helpful to be able to make money on the items. And, completing tasks should be worth more than ONE experience point.
I genuinely enjoy this game it can be very addicting and entertaining but most of all it's just completely frustrating. The energy system is exhausting, tedious and just annoying. I want to play this game but most of the time I'm just waiting to play because I've run out of energy in 10 minutes. The only other way to continue playing, other than waiting, is to pay for more energy. When the resource containers run out it's reasonable that we have to wait for them to restock that should be enough.
I really enjoy playing this game and trying out different strategies for merging! The idea is to play it only every few hours and let the energy recharge. Visuals are cool and it's good seeing things be restored and expanded. I will be critical of one aspect of this game, and that's the key and safe. Where do you find it? The instructions are unclear. I never got any parts from production. Do you get parts through buying crates? It's also very annoying having the rewards reset!
Since my last review was DELETED, it's now a 1 star review because the issues I mentioned before have now become WORSE. The glitching is more frequent now where I have to keep waiting several seconds between merges - meaning I spend more time just looking at the screen and waiting than actually playing. And now, I also have to deal with pieces getting stuck on the screen where they'll "wiggle" to show that they can be merged but I cant merge them until I restart the app. 3X within 5 minutes. BS!
Don't like the latest update... new market? No thanks! I loved boxes! You could get more money and gems.... Soon totally pay to play Edit: its been a few days now and I absolutely hate the new market πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
I really enjoy this game, I just wish there wasn't an energy function. It takes away from the gameplay and i dont want to wait to play my game. If you dont want to remove the function, you can add a purchase where it is just infinite energy, there would be plenty of people who would pay for it.
I leveled up to two and got the chest but now nothing is working. Ive restarted the game and it just starts over with leveling up to 2 and opening the chest. Honestly thinkin of just uninstalling. I thought itd be pretty cool but now its nothin but glitching.
I tried to play the game, but the tutorial made it unplayable because it wouldnt let me do what I needed to do to clear the board.
I was never ever had a chance win or loose. There's no direction to follow in order to play this ridiculous game. This game was a bust.
I like the game. But the energy thing is ridiculous. Waiting 2 minutes for energy and gems doubling is going to make me want to stop playing as soon as the amount gets high. I also think you should be able to sell items on your board for coins or energy. It's a serious flaw to only be able to play for about 5 minutes at a time or less without spending gems or money......I enjoy the game but don't think I will be playing long term if these things aren't fixed.
I love this game but what makes me give 3 stars is the lag. Here lately I've been having lag spikes and my items will float in between the boxes and I have to keep restarting my game to fix it. If this could be fixed that would be amazing.
Fun for the first few levels. But then it runs out of content. I'm only getting one task at a time now, for level 10 or 11 plants which take days to complete.
Pretty fun game but the energy system used in this game (and far too many other games) is dogshit and stops you from really getting into it. I understand that the developer needs to make money but the energy system needs a rework or removal.
I really like this game but for some reason I cannot turn in my objectives all of a sudden. I haven't uninstalled yet in hopes that it will get corrected because it is very enjoyable.
Good game, but I don't like the energy system, I often try to avoid games, that has energy use systems, so unfortunately it game have to go again..
it's a great game but it crashed and won't open. it keeps saying that something went wrong and to reload it but it won't work. this has happened before and I had to delete and reinstall the game before it worked again but it also removed all my progress.
It became to have a huge list of items that I had no idea where to get. Getting coins was very hard and they were needed to improve places to get goods. I'm over it.