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Meowaii - Cute Cat Puppy Town

Meowaii - Cute Cat Puppy Town for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by XBean Game located at 296 Van Tien Dung - Hoa Xuan - Cam Le - Da Nang - Vietnam. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was pretty good but it has a lot of adds and every time you get a cat(once you level up enough) it switches between different cats other than that it's pretty good.
its cute and entertaining :). i enjoy playing it. there are a lot of different cats you can get too which is cool.
Its sooooo cute like totaly and very easy to play....no problem at all for me i guest but its a wonderful game so pls keep going a great job and do some upgrade and stuff...you know what mean hehehe well bye
Super cute game that's pretty addictive. Unfortunately, I can't merge any cats past lv. 30. It's a problem when you need to make it to level 45 and can't.
Good game but 30 seconds ad when you get out of the shop is insane. I cannot play it. There is no incentive but I should watch it. It is really making me stop the game while waiting for 30 seconds. I am a player who is happy to watch ad for small incentive, but this is bad.
I love this game and have put in a ton of hours, but was surprised to find I couldn't merge my level 30 cats. I'm not sure if the devs are still updating the game, but it just sucks to see that I need a level 45 cat to "wake up mom" and I can't get it. Looking forward to more updates, please keep developing this game!
Super cute idle game! Love the design of the cats & their personalities--wish there were little descriptions or story elements about them. Also, not sure if it's a glitch, but i only get the gift offer when I'm not connected to a network.
it looks super cute but it's just another merge game complete with thousands of ads. you can turn off ads but I don't really wanna give them my money. was hoping it would be more relaxing.
a very cute game! All the kitties are exciting to unlock and watch. great for picking up and putting down as well ♡ a perfect little time consumer without being a time stealer.
I should say.. Great game! I love it! when I first played it I was like, "OH MY! THIS GAME IS SO HOLY DAMN FRIKIN' COOL!", so umm... yeah! this game is awsome! keep up the good work! ~Me
The game is Being stupid everytime i try to get the fish instead of getting the fish it moves the cats and i updated it and it was still doing it please fix this bug.
I cant play it and my whole phone is laggy.I deleted all my other games and it did not work. This was not pleasent. :c By a person who really wanted to play this game.
I really love this game but. When I left the game for a night (or more) every thing was OK, but when I came back all my cats were gone! :( Could you try to help me? (or at least make sure this doesn't happen to other people). :((
The app is so cute! its amazing how you can combine cats into one to have a better cat. We're really glad you guys made this app!
Its a nice game and the characters are cute but I don't like the fact that there are many ads I hope u guys can show less ads in the future update:)
I love this game. The kitties are super cute! I'm on level 28. So I havent seen it all. But it's till amazing. My favorite Kitty is the level 26 one ( ╹▽╹ )
Is this game cute? Yes. Is that all it has going for it? Basically. Not a bad time waster but I wish the game had more. After just a few minutes in game, it gets stale.
I seriously LOVE this app! I love how you get to unlock so many kitty's and let them go fish! I would thank the creators so much for making this app! I love it so much!❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜
Your other games look so derp, but this one you did well. If for nothing else, it might just be because it's about cats. My only prayer is that you don't abandon it and that you keep on developing it further so as to make it better than its current state.
I feel happy playing this game. The artwork is colorful and surprisingly cute. Hope it will get an amazing update in next time. ☺
I really love and like this game. It's more different cat. And I wish I had one of this kind of cat. 💚 #CATANDDOGLOVER
this game is so addictive and have great graphics. the cats are all so cute as well. just give a it a tried you might like it 😻
Is it normal that the daily challenges don't update? you can't really title them "daily" if they're not going to refresh every day.
Kawaiiii~cute, hard, and interesting. The ads are also helpful in earning a cat although its a bit annoying but its worth it the wait~😂
its alright but its boring like when you get to seconed room you get to do nothing but the rest is alright but no piont buying it
There is no real gameplay other then "Drag two cats together and get a new one". This endlessly, constantly interrupted by ads. You get out of money to buy new level 1 cats, so you have to watch more ads to get a few seconds of double money rate from the higher level cats. It is an utterly pointless game, only made as a cash grab from ads or diamond buys. Not worth the install.
I love the game. I highly recommend this is coming from a crazy cat lady.😍😍😍💕💕💕💕😻😻😻😻
This game is cute, and I guess fun, but it has way too many adds. Like, I could do barely anything, and an add will pop up. Recently (and I think it's because of the update), it won't let me play it. Please help, or I'll have to uninstall this game!!
I had gotten so far but when I logged in this morning and i was back at the beginning. I am pissed. Won't be playing again. Will uninstall and will not re-download. I can't believe i spent actual money on this.
Amazing game, but I just made it up to the cat 30 (level 30). I have two level 30 cat and I can't merge them. Can you help me with that? I really want to see what happens with the kid's mom
A really adorable game!I love the idea for all the cattos!This is probably my most favorite merging game ever!
Not the most exciting game, but I find it entertaining when you don't want to be over involved in something. I would give it more stars, but when I got to the level 30 cats, they wouldn't merge to move any higher. Very annoying. Hopefully it gets fixed.
😁😁😁😁😁coll cool i love it it's very cute and i love how they merge so that's why i give this a five star
This would be a great app if every time i went to the shop, I wouldnt get an ad everytime I left the shop. That is my only complaint, other wise, this is a great game!
I loved it, until I got to the point the cats are billions of dollars and you get enough for only one after 8 hours. Takes too long to regenerate enough for any length of play, thus becomes boring and easy to uninstall. Not worth opening game to click one button and be done. Nice concept, not so good realization.
It's a great game to past time , just wish matching up cats were fast and didnt have to wait for coins .
Don't show full length non skippable reward ads for normal skippable ad slots, like it even says (back when i got closable ones) somthing like "do you want do skip this ad and not get your reward"
This is the CUTEST game ever!It works really well,even on my old phone that can't support many games.I love cats,so this game is perfect for me!~
These game looks like cute... But, how long do I have to wait for this game to open? And the UI system tells me (Meowaii isn't responding). Game cannot open :'( Phone:Sony Xperia C Model:C2305 RAM:1Gb(976Mb) Processor:Quad-Core 1209MHz Storage app:0.98Gb Storage file:1.21Gb
I will gladly watch ads for reward but not forced watch ads when I just doing nothing. No auto gather the coins when its full too, means this a dedicated tapping games. cute but not my games.
I loved it up until a few months ago it started crashing .. had to delete it due to battery drain ☹
Might be a bug. Coins went down to negative -12000000000 😱 after purchasing the lvl 4 cat discount (origami), pointless saving up for another merge cat.