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Merge Catgirl

Merge Catgirl for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mist game located at Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The patch notes say "reduced ads" but I don't notice a difference. I'm still getting ads every 30 seconds and prompts every 10, and I'm not even exaggerating. This game is the worst I've ever seen; it feels like a barely veiled ad mill. They aren't even optional. You could pay $30 to get rid of them, or you could pay $0 and uninstall the game for free. Your choice.
The Game is alright but lacking in some areas for me no way to keep your progress through an account so if you uninstall the game progress is gone thats a minus and only two ways to get rainbow cans by daily login or quest which why not by watching ads there's already other things that do the same i feel like game is to much of a grind, pacing is slow because of the lack of being unable to get alot of rainbow cans, too hard to get clothes, and too hard to unlock more space for cats.
Love the game but what's with the game trying to feed me ads and deals but still good game if you fix the ad and deal pushing I'll give 5 *
Fun little time passing game to fire up for a few minutes 3 or 4 times a day. Character/cat designes are adorable too. BUT way too ad heavy as of late... I was totally fine with optional ads to get free cats, extra cash, etc... but now it has spontaneous, short, but unskippable ads sprinkled in when transitioning between certain menus and its honestly very annoying.
While I do have fun with this little idle merging game. It's got some glitches. Items on the interface became unclickable and the past three to four days I haven't been able to get the 7 Day Rewards. I've only gotten the first two rewards, that's it. Also, I don't mind ads. What I do have an issue is getting an ad literally every five clicks on the screen. O_o Wat. It's a fun game with cute art, but it needs work and bug testing.
As cute as the art is, the number of ads and their frequency in popping up is annoying. Originally I had thought to defend the game from people mouthing off about the ads, I had thought that their accusations were unfounded, it turns out that all of them were actually spot on.
Too. Many. Ads. I was already angry at the ads that pop up unprompted, but when I get another one within seconds of the last, you have a money-grubbing problem. And with a game as simple as this, ads can have a huge negative impact on enjoyment. A good timekiller wasted by greedy advertising.
There's a bug that makes this game hard to play, way too often I can't merge anything and I have to restart the game Edit: Bug is fixed, all is well
Cute game, but there are ads about every 20seconds. Sure, you can remove the ads, but for $25 for a small mobile game.
Cute little time wasting game. Biggest problem I see is just that the ads are all constant and spontaneous, ending up in situations where I'll be merging cats when an ad pops up, forcing me to open it which causes issues with the game when I tab back into it. Also have had a few problems where the game will "prepare an ad" and end up soft locking me out of the game unless I'm using offline mode, which isn't a large problem in and of itself, but it's still fairly annoying.
Game only loaded once would not open again after that. The force ad while you played was way too often and sporadic from 1 to 5 minutes between ads; occasionally you can choose to watch an ad for extra catgirls, money, or a boost then after watching that ad the force ad can appear within 10 seconds after. Would not recommend game
It was extremely fun and a great time passer for the first few days of playing it. After a while it's become boring and just kind of sits there. I deleted the app because of it.
The idea and character designs are very cute, I enjoy watching them walk around.. There is an issue however. I'm honestly trying so hard to like this game but the amount of ad prompts is suffocating.. I wish they were less frequent and not every 10-20 seconds.. I would give this game a better rating if it was easier to play without accidentally tapping on a golden box or VIP customer constantly... There's a lot of potential for this game but the prompts take the fun out of it.
Solid game with decent mechanics. However, ads and bugs make the game hard to play or very unrewarding. Currently, sometimes you do not earn income while the app is closed wasting my time in game when there is nothing to buy with just more ads. Or sometimes cats come in a different unit then needed to merge and stop progressin and the only way to progress is to remove them even if you dont want to. Also, the daily log it was bugged and it took two weeks to earn all gifts.(bugs after exiting app)
It's an ok idle game, would be nice if the accounts were backed up with Google Play or other means to save progress and outfits. Getting the unique "secret cats" does nothing, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not but they also have 0 production when in the cafe.
In planet master the daily quests don't show up at two they show up at 12 pm central time and can you add the function to ask questions about the girls please.
I love this game. Its very fun and a great way to unwind after a long a day at work. I just wish there was a faster way to unlock more cats. Sometime I spend 2 days trying to unlock a new cat. And the only way Im able to unlock even one single cat in only 2 days is by buying more rainbow cans and or stopping to watch so many ads that Im mostly watching ads instead of playing on a game that Ive already spent my hard earned money on. 😞
Suuuper cute but there's too many ads. The 7 second ads were fine, but 30 seconds is too much in my opinion when the game is designed around constantly serving ads. It doesn't leave much time to enjoy the cute cats. I'd much rather pay a dollar or two for ad free play, but the $25 seems hefty for ad free gameplay.
Daily rewards don't work. Affinity is broken. We can rarely get a chance to buy a dress that isn't available in store and it's usually a dress that we don't want or a dress that is already available in store FOR THE SAME PRICE lol. Sometimes after seeing ads it goes back to the start menu and doesn't reward us. We don't receive the offline earned money if we aren't connected to internet. Edit: I'll give 5 stars if you fix them don't forget about dresses
This game is amazing with fun character designs but there are some things that could be changed, for instance I played this game a lot offline and the the daily reward system doesn't work and now I'm 3 weeks behind where I should be but it refuses to give me my second day reward at all! Also I thought this game would have a system where when you logged off for the day, the game would give you what you could have gotten while you where off.
Okay game, easy to learn and play, more of an idle clicker game then a merge game and as such can become boring, sometimes a forced ad will display halfway through merges or tapping causing links to open up.
I do like this game..but the random constant ads is a bit much. I understand the need for ads, i don't mind watching them for rewards or bonuses, but random ads while playing is disruptive and annoying :c
Editing to update. 1.2 update gets around ad blocking. Good job, made this game completely not fun to play anymore when I get interrupted by a fullscreen ad you can't get rid of. Get rid of these or I'm done with this.
This is a really cute game! It has a cute story to go with it and has a lot of different cats and has a lot of interesting things in the game. Unlike other games it doesn't give you ads everytime you do something. The only thing I don't like about the game is that it forces you to fire a cat at the very begging of the game. Though it gives a very short tutorial on what to do and it doesn't take forever to learn the basics. The game even lets you know when your device is about die!
Is this a good game... YES IT IS!!! Almost no ads, cute art style, and it's a good game to use up a little time, and it ISN'T boring. But I had came across a bug were I couldn't fire any girls and I couldn't keep up with the spawning rate of them causing them to spawn on top of each other.
It is a good idea and I think it has the potential to be a good game but it doesn't work. After a closer look it seams to be my problem as anything install has fraim issues. It is a straing issue as its only happening with newly installed Apps. I will try this app again when I solve the problem.
Simple time waster. Still a few bugs that haven't been patched since day one but overall works fine. No game play other than merging the catgirls. Only way to progress is watching a ton of ads or shelling out some dough. Suggestions for improvement would be to add more ways to interact with the catgirls. Mini games or something to build off the merging mechanics. More variety in the characters. A few are pretty copy paste. Add more catgirls and spaces for merging.
I know this has only been out for a short time, but the amount of ads is comparable to the amount of bread loaves a baker sells weekly. Having ad triggers in both golden boxes and visitors means you have less space to work with merges, and gets annoying when trying to put girls in to work. It's best if ads were put simply as optional as myself and most others feel as if we've unknowingly sat ourselves in a theater for adverts and nothing more.
It's good for something to do in the background, but to progress quickly you need to watch ads. I also think it would be good if there were permanent upgrades, for example, cats shipping faster or pay a large amount to upgrade the level of cat shipped early. Also, there is an issue, about 30% of the time when you exit the AD it'll take you to the home screen and not reward you. It's a bit game breaking, and I hope it's fixed quickly. (I use an LG G7 ThinQ)
i just got the game and i like it quite a bit but i think we should be able to custamize our own characters and have more slots and be able to decorate the cafe as well 😊
Made quite a bit of progress, game crashes everytime I try to open it since the last update. I use an Galaxy S10. Reply to dev: No thank you.
I love this game so much!! I've been playing it since it first cam out!! I totally recommend this app!!! The art is super adorable, and I got 3 of my friends HOOKED on this game!! The art is super adorable! However, I wish there was male cats.. I know the game is called Merge Cat GIRL, but there should be some boys! Thankyou!!!
Great game! Legit! Like it's an amazing pastime. Theres ads, but you get rewarded for it! Just a leading example of a game I like
Previous review deleted so now reduced to 1 star from 3. Run of the mill merge game with added mechanics that don't work. Cat girls don't gain affinity whilst offline defeating object of an idol game. Leveling cat girls (not merging) is not explained either. Would be better if issues fixed.
I have two major issues with this game, though enjoy it for the most part: 1. No guidance. Left it on for an hour with all my cat girls working and no level or affection increase and no idea how to do so. 2. Flow. Ads are fine, but they break the flow of enjoyment when forced too often or when the player is performing a task. (Eg. Due to clicking 2nd Otaku of 8 every round with many otakus needing many clicks). Less ads make longer gameplay.
Well, this game is... AMAZING! but, this is one bug i want you to fix. Sometimes when i merge the cat-girls, like for example, if i put two of the MekongBobtails, it would look like the same cat-girl, but it has the next level up above it. Reloading the game does work on this bug, but can you try to fix it? But, besides that bug, this is a great game. Right amount of adds, never to many. And the graphics and the other stuff is really great. 😊✌
Far, far too many ads so hard to enjoy. It's constant and severely disrupts the gameplay to the point where it's not worth playing.
Could be a decent little game, if it didn't go so overboard with ads. Seriously, cutting out to a full screen ad every minute or so (no exaggeration) with no warning, while you are actively tapping to play, is not ok. It even keeps dropping a 'golden box', in place of a cat box, which demands you watch ads or pay money to get the 'reward'. The core game is ok, but it is drowning under all the excessive monetisation. It's a shame.
It's a really cute game but could maybe add a few features like an biography(calling it, the CATPEDIA! Or the ENCOLYCATPEDIA or something cute like that.) of the cats with interaction with the cats, different scenery, a second floor going upward, and customizable character and with an important feature to add google play log in so progress won't be lost. Aside from that it's a really cute idle cat game. EDIT IN RE: Thanks so much for responding and thank you very much for the consideration.
The game doesn't open anymore... I cannot uninstall and reinstall cause that would delete my progress, I guess I'll wait till the issue gets fixed
The game itself is cute and fine, but I think the other reviews understate how bad the ads are in this game. Sometimes, I get in the game and there are very few ads that pop up with no prompting, other times they are constant. Because there are frequent times where you have to click the screen quickly to get bonus money, you will inevitably click on one of the many ads that pop up with no warning. Some of these ads are malicious! If there was any warnings in place I'd gladly redownload.
This games pretty garbage with the ads. Ads are fine on their own when you only get them when you click on the options to play them for in game rewards, but this game forces you into ads whenever you click too much. If you still want to play this just put your phone on airplane mode while you do.
Theres way to many ads, I understand that there is a need for them but when I see an ad for every action I preform it gets to be pretty frustrating and it feels like the game is the ad and the ads are the game
I love this game so much but the only problem I had was that I was forced to remove a cute wittle cat lady in the biggining lol, poor cat lady 😞
The game is very good game and I think the dev did a good job and hope they continue to update it in the future.
Affinity is still broken after a whole year. It says for every hour a cat spends in the store you should get +1 Affinity. Even with a whole screen of the same cat in the store, you get no affinity even after several hours, even if the app is open the whole time. It's a complete lie.
Amazing game! The graphics are beautiful. Everything is! But there is a merge bug, not overall to much of a problem but when I merge alot, (merge insanity if ya wanna call it that.) it'll come to a point where it won't merge and dupicate (sorry If I spelt it wrong.) the character. The way I fix the problem until it happens again is exit the game and head back in. It's a great app otherwise!
Really fun game, don't get me wrong. I lobe it, it's fun and cute, although, I do have a suggestion. For the costume part of the store, I believe that the random costume should be slightly cheaper than buy a costume outright, not by much, maybe like 300 or somethin. gives it more incentive to buy a random one, as it's now more of a gamble.
It's a good game but there's a bug where it stops keeping track of my points and I have to delete the app and re install it so it can work
WAY too many ads (greedy strategies, too), no offline progression, and painfully slow progress after the first few hours made this a dissapointing offering. Why not recycle these awesome graphics, sprites, and other assets into an actual game? Maybe a catgirl-collecting dungeon crawler or some catgirl-raising sim? There just isn't anything fun to do after you realize the next tier will take 2 or 3 hours of waiting for your money to go up (and again, NO OFFLINE COLLECTION, so tedious..)
(September 6, 2020 12:13pm) After reaching cat number 14 or so you hit a wall where you have to wait a long time to get money to afford more cats. You do get money when you close the app but its a fixed amount making it harder for you to get more cats. This is more of a waiting game than anything else.
Wonderful game. Great time waister if you have nothing better to do and great if you only have a few minutes to play. Though there was a limited time event that made me think you could get some of the paid aspects of the game if you worked hard enough. So that kinda stunk
It would actually be a pretty-ok game if it didn't spam ads. (To be clear, it doesn't spam ads, it spams ad prompts -- "watch an ad and get 999 in-game coins!") The option to remove ads is $27, since it includes $16-worth of in-game currency. I'm only giving a 2nd star because of how the entertaining the first hour and a half is, where the ads aren't horrendous yet.
It's a cute and fun little game. Although there are too many adds and all the costumes cost way too much. I would seggest dropping them down to 200 rainbow cans or maybe 300, or they could go up as you buy them. Or maybe a daily deal on one of them, but not worth that much. Also, if you are giving away rewards for watching 200 ads... There is too many ads, had the game for less than 6 hours and got that reward... And if the app isn't open, then it won't idle. I seggest fix plz.
This is a fun game to waste time with and just have a little fun. Obviously there are a lot of ads but since that is one of their main income sources I can understand (plus it says that it contains ads in the play store). It's basically what id want and expect from a merge game, and this one is anime-ish which gives some favoritism points for me. One suggestion I do have is to maybe add more paid content, so you can then afford to turn the ads down a bit. Overall, great game to have fun with.
So i'm a furry and this game is great but some of the reviews here says something about the ads :/ i say its not true, cuz in this cellphone, the ads show up every 5 minutes not 5 seconds! I'm pretty much sure its just a bug, plus its too easy to take rainbow cans, just level up and you'll get some, or you can even watch ads, the ads dont bother me the the one that bothers me is for the other how others have this 'Advertising bug', please fix thix for the others and i will rate this 5 star (^w^)
When i first heard about this games release i was super excited cause it looked really cute. The only problem i have is that it gets pretty boring after a while and theres too many ads. I wish you can do stuff like cutomize your players gender and style. Maybe a few minnie games would be fun too istead of just watching ads for can food. Other than that i love it from the art style to the variety of cat breeds they have in the game. This game has a lot of potential and is pretty good in general
Look, the game itself is fine, it's a little merge game with no bugs that I've found, reading through all the other reviews will find you the reason it is a 1 Star game despite that. Ads. Unskippable ads that bombard you constantly. You can't play a single minute without seeing an ad after they first start popping up. If it was just the optional ads, it'd be fine. If it was one every 10 minutes or so, that would be okay. There are too many, I'm dropping this game until it gets fixed.
Started cute, but theres random ads triggered where you need to be repeatedly clicking, causing you to accidentally click through an ad and it takes forever to get back to the game from them. I'm sure it's intentional because the ads for rewards are the standard videos
Very cute characters but it seem to have a very repetitive routine. As repetitive as it is, I still like the game.
It's a very good game but there are so many adds that you can barely play the game it's self take 50/100 adds and then the game will be better if u are a cat lover get this game.
No other game has even come close to leaving this big of an impact in my life. Everyday, I wake up with no emotion, wanting to rid myself off the face of this miserable planet. That was the old me, though. This game had single-handedly dragged me out of depression that I have had since the 1st grade. Before I knew about this, I felt as if my life was not complete. Now, I am full of energy, vigor, happiness, and joy because of this game.
Even after the latest update I still can't get the 7 day gifts. I got the first two and it says I can get the third, but no matter how much I click on it nothing happens. Edit : The rewards are working, but now I've noticed that I don't get affinity for cats working, only for levelling up.
I absolutely love your company been a fan since planet masters released and couldnt believe you managed to slip a game past me. So a couple things, first sorry to hear about stella maidens very unfortunate and unfair. Second the ads popping up are only really annoying when I'm trying to spam tap all the otakus because I end up tapping the add when I get one. Third is that there needs to be a little more direction affection says that you can gain some from level ups but I havent found out how.
Love this game but it recently erased all my progress I was up to level 30 and now I'm back at the start Edit: honestly I have no idea, played like normal closed the app and when I went back a few hours later it all my progress was gone
The game itself is alright but a few of the "features" seem flawed. The "Daily Gift" and "Affinity" only work when they want to. I've only been able to claim one "gift" despite logging on everyday, and one of my characters has worked for 24 hours but has only gained 15% "Affinity" despite it claiming they level by one every hour? I want to like this game but I'm afraid if these issues aren't fixed I won't be playing much longer.
I deleted my initial review cuz it was a little harsh and even despite the issues I continued to play the game. The main issue I had was the over abundance of ads. There are ads for 4 different in game things on top of random pop up ones. Another issue is the fact that additonal waiting space is priced obserdly high. Its so high you would never unlock it without paying money. There also seems to be a bug on the level 3ing quests. I have catgirls 9-12 at level 3 but none of the quests completed.
I keep accidentally spending my rainbow catfood due to spamming the customers or buying cats. It would be nice to add a confirmation window to confirm if you want to spend rainbow catfood. Edit: First, accidentally spend the rainbow catfood is easy as it is just a one-tap spend. Most games usually have a confirmation window pop up if you want to spend/buy premium currency. Second, there isn't really much of a tutorial or any tips. I still dont know what the Master's level does after 3 days.
While its a very cute game. I have found that the affinity/ love mechanic not working. Whenever i have a catgirl working in the cafe, the working hours timer dosn't increase. Only the highest number cats progress goes up. It also doesn't help increase the time bar if more then 1 cat of the same type is working.
Game used to be fine, was a good check in every other hour game. Simple concept. Ad amount was fine. Then a new update came in and they went way overboard with the ads. Instead of the occasional box or visitor providing you a reward deal for watching an ad, you now get an ad forced in your face every 2 minutes that you have to wait to skip. Completely puts me off from playing it, can't do anything without ads in my face. Made it to cat 18.
I love this game its very fun and doesn't spam you with ads every 30 seconds i would 100% recommend this
My new favorite game, there's a ton of ads but I still love it. Main catgirls can be obtained without purchase and ads give you higher rewards as you level up. The secret cats, omg I got one by accident and I was so excited. Adorable and I love it. Tapping stuff there while you're waiting for catgirls to earn more money, quests, outfits can also be obtained without purchases, but I'm probably gonna pay for rainbow cans just to show support for this game 😍
When I try to play the game, I can only see and interact with the menu background. I can't do anything else. Also, there should be a warning when you choose to "replay" the game. I clicked it accidentally and lost days of progress. There should be a text box asking if I want to restart or not. And merging cats is glitchy in the newest update. Merging catgirls sometimes won't update what the catgirl looks like. And sometimes the game thinks two merged catgirls are not merged together. Please fix.
It's a game about catgirls . The best way to play it is in the background and let money build up over time. Then enjoy employing and hanging out with your catgirls employees (my favorite catgirl is Ragdoll.)
Whatever this game is, it doesn't matter. You barely play it. The entire game is an ad. This sucker will push three 15-30 second ads in your face within a few seconds of each other. Most of the time just completely randomly, and it's even worse because the game incentivises you to tap multiple times in a row but then randomly pushes an ad on you so you wind up opening the ad completely on accident. It's so egregious, there's even a reward every TWO HUNDRED ads watched. Two stars for cute art.
I really like this game. It's simple, and I also like cat girls, so. It's a nice cute game with clearly a lot of effort put into it. Would absolutely recommend.
Ads every few seconds unless you pay about 20 bucks to get skip ads. Then the game play gets a bit slow
Having the ads popup randomly, especially shortly after finishing an ad I triggered for an unlock, is very frustrating. I dont know if ita possible for the system to check if a player has recently played an ad, but if it could be checked that would help. I watch the ads to get the bonus collections, i watch the ads to get extra cats, with the random ads I spend more time waiting for ads than playing. Putting ads in meaningful places is more important. Make us want to watch them for rewards.
Way too many intrusive ads that make it impossible to enjoy the game itself. I can understand ads for optional rewards, but the random 5 second ads every minute is way too much. Sorry, but your "game" is just a glorified ad loader, and it's beyond horrible.
I hate this game, I download this game cause it looks fun so I did but when I kept playing, my merge cat girl is finished I can't do anything I'm trying so hard how to get to merge more but I can't and don't download this game.👎👎
Pretty fun, but add more gameplay, there's really nothing else to do but merge catgirls. Don't get me wrong, it's cute and fun and all, but it gets boring after a while. Also, suggestion: maybe add prestige? The game is painfully slow. It takes me almost a week to get a new cat, and I'm just at 20
What a wonderful game! I downloaded it as soon as I saw the ad and I like it very much. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the gameplay is pleasantly casual. At first I was worried it didn't have a catgirl log, but then I found out you unlock it later. Each catgirl has unique design, personality, and dialogue, which you unlock more of as their affinity increases. The dresses are cute too. I am also a fan of merge games, so this app is perfect for me!
It's a work in progress but still super cute! I'm looking forward to leveling up my kitties and building the perfect café! I made it to the kitty so far and the 7 second ads don't really bug me. Good work and keep it up Mist! <3 P.S. I encountered a little bug where you open a loot box and there being no cans of tuna inside. xD Just a heads up. Might be a glitch or something but just letting you know!
A few things need to be tweaked, ads are a bit much with 15 taps then another ad, however with that Google Play Games syncing would be a great addition with the ability to play across several devices and so that when a purchase is made it doesn't get lost if you lose the device, especially if you put in a lot of hours. Full review link (placeholder)
The artstyle is cute and it doesn't demand microtransactions to progress, so I don't see anything to complain about. The only thing I'd suggest is giving the various cat girls more character: their life summaries, likes, dislikes, etc. The seem slightly hollow.
A really fun game to kill time with. Gameplay is simple. Cute character design. My only qualm with it is that you can't transfer your save data to another phone. I would give it 5 stars if you could.
I can't even rate the app it's not letting me play. Every time I click it it takes me back to home and I downloaded the app for fun but I can't even play it.
It's a amazing game, but I dont understand how to get the secret cats. It's the best game I've played so far and the cats are super cute. I recommend everyone getting this app.
I like this game, its cute, but I can't figure out how to move my save data from one device to the other! I tried logging into facebook on both devices, nothing. No option to connect to google or anything in the options. Other then that, this game is pretty good. Once i figure out how to move my save data ill give it 5. and edit the review.
Cute game but the ads are quite disruptive. Some of the glowing people you tap on give you instant coins, while others force you to watch a 5 second ad but you can't deal which is which
I get on after charging my phone and I see i have been reset to the beginning. I didnt delete the game and i left the game properly before leaving my phone in sleep mode to charge. Aside from this its super cute, super easy to play, and kinda just a time killer as long as you have cats working. Edit: No because I closed it properly before even putting it on charge. Even while it was charging, it never powered off
Ads automatically pop up every 2 minutes and that's way too often for a game where the gameplay already relies on ads to proceed in the game. The developer(s) need to decide if the ads are passive (where they pop up and the player has no choice) or if the ads are active (where the ads provide something useful in the game that players want/need to proceed.) Right now it's both and it's just not fun. It feels greedy. I seriously wonder if the developer(s) have sat down and played this for an hr.
This game looked interesting at first, and so I decided to install it. I don't know if other people have this problem, or if it's just me, but I tried opening the app like 10 times and it kept closing on me. It wouldn't even let me get to the home screen because it keeps closing on me. If this is a bug, then please fix it I'd really appreciate it and I will also change my rating and even install it again, but if it just my device that's doing it, I sorry, but I'm uninstalling it either way. Srry
There is ALOT of ads...the pop ups telling you to spend rainbow cans and watch ads are WAY too much. Theres even a quest to watch ads..the tame is fun and all but it just feels like the developers were getting a bit greedy....telling you to watch ads and buy stuff every 2 mins instead of letting me enjoy the game.
When I try to merge some girls, it won't. But then say the girl is higher level then she supposed to be. It doesn't make sense. And some of the girls are so glitchy, she is still near the remove box. But it is a cute game. Just please for all of humanity fix the girls merging. Most of the time it doesn't work so please fix that. It would make the game more playable and fun.